Pablo Food

These incidents are carried out, according to ' indignados' , by people other people’s to the movement that " they do not have any type of interest in this and they approach by food &quot free; , Pablo denounces. " Sometimes even they get to sell that food that has obtained gratuitamente" , it adds. In order to avoid to ' oportunistas' , the movement it is shuffling to restrict the feeding commission and to exclusively limit the distributions of food encamped and the members of the commissions and the work groups. Drugs. The narcotics also have arrived at #acampadasol, where cases of heroin sale, porros and ansiolticos have occurred, according to sources of the respect commission. " We have gotten to have to a woman with overdose " , they inform from this commission. Infrastructures. The encamped ones recognize the risk of the electrical wiring that are using and the necessity to look for an alternative the provision.

" We extinguish the generators when it rains, but is necessary to find soluciones" , it emphasizes Pablo Go’mez. Also bound to the electricity is the refrigeration of the donated food. " We cannot maintain perishable food with this calor" , they assure the organizers, that they continue requesting foods that do not require cold. Fatigue. After two weeks sleeping to flat the fatigue it begins to make notch. For this reason, some have proposed rotations to allow that the energies can renew constantly. " There is physical fatigue, but that is not reason to leave campamento" , it assures Maria, that she arranges the encamped one with the practices in a company.

Centralization. The encamped ones are conscious that Sun " &quot has become a symbol of the protest; but they indicate the necessity that with time the movement descentralice and extends to the rest of places. " The center of the fight is the assemblies, nonSol" , the encamped ones insist.