Per moments we do not want to know don’t mention it nor of anybody. At other moments, they appear to us destructive thoughts and we really passed it very, very, very badly the experience becomes heartrendering withdraws the life to us, the soul and the entrails Is difficult to establish the recovery time of the process, depends on each member of the pair, the conditions of the rupture and the significant thing of the relation. Nevertheless, always it is possible to leave there, yes we include/understand that it is a process and that we required to live very intense feelings, very deep and that nothing or nobody can live them by us Is really possible a recovery? The recovery is possible, but I raise again that is necessary to happen through the diverse parts of the process, otherwise, we will remain in an unfinished duel hoping that someday the things change. To heal the wounds has been time, in addition that yes exist children of by means, i by force we required to continue seeing our ex- pair, we likes or no. Details can be found by clicking CBC or emailing the administrator. There are some here tips proven to become the process lighter, I did not say to skip it, but it does not give in its wounds and it continues with its life, in spite of everything: It realises a taking of brings back to consciousness of the history of the pair.It is important to recognize that in spite of all the undergone feelings, the confusion and the paralysis are normal.

It is necessary to assume that we also participated in this rupture, who we are not victims, pro the opposite, we have our part of responsibility in the process. Surely the relation already was toxic, desamorada, dysfunctional, maltratadora, abusive and full of experiences of malaise more than of well-being. Where all have suffered, and when I say all, they are all the members of the pair, the children and their families.