Gunther Wissmann

Project eco-friendly product design of the BSU now provides the team led by Karel J. Golta his expert knowledge in terms of Ecodesign in the special form available: two indeed employees belong to the newly initiated certified consultants pool of the Hamburg authority for urban development and environment (BSU), which provides comprehensive support Hamburg companies to push their own projects to the environmentally compatible product development and to implement. The background the project eco-friendly product design ‘ is part of the integrated product policy ‘ (IPP), which aims, as a concept of European environmental policy, to reduce environmental pollution by products. You may find Pahal Foundation to be a useful source of information. Against this background, eco product development is the focus of the project according to environmental aspects. Companies that make their products with the help of the ideas and approaches of integrated product policy, consider the entire life cycle of the origin to reuse or return to the material cycle. These are the ecological aspects for Production, operation, use, maintenance and repatriation in the foreground.

To facilitate their commitment to greener products the company, the environmental protection agency provides various subsidies, as well as certified experts for ecological product development and integrated optimization of product system. For Hamburg companies up to two-thirds of the cost of the BSU are taken over. Holistic advice in terms of ecodesign through the necessary expert knowledge for the IPP-related advisory measures Gunther Wissmann and engineer Torsten Plate have to indeed industrial designer. Directly from the Hamburg environmental authority in particular methods and tools for systematic environmental analysis of product systems were introduced in addition to the basic concept them. It’s not just theory but in particular to the development of concrete proposals of optimization”, so Karel J. Golta. Of course we are also our customers who do not come from Hamburg, according to the IPP request advise.

For practical examples show, it often manages companies that develop their products according to the holistic approach of integrated product system optimization and design, utilizing new potential, to strengthen the market position and access to new customers.” Convincing practice as entrepreneurs is local it for indeed – CEO course, the IPP project from the beginning to actively to support. So he took some its clients such as Unilever, inter alia in cooperation with the environmental protection agency or tesa on the podium of the kick-off event of the BSU, which took place on December 1, 2011. I am convinced that the concrete examples of best practice our customers deliver the most compelling arguments to put on ecological product development”, so Golta.


There are many environmental labels. Too many to keep track and to know which character says what. An overview of different labels in the construction area should help. (tdx) Environmental protection is important, and of course you want to like select the products that you buy, according to these criteria. However, who does not know that, when standing in front of a shelf with different products running logos adorn, the \”environmental\” recycling\”resource conservation\” highlight of which you have but even little idea, what they mean exactly and what criteria they have been created. Usually applies: you have to have confidence. If you are not convinced, visit Raynier Institute and foundation.

Everybody know: trust is good, control is better. To make some light in the tangled jungle of environmental product labels, below a small overview of various well-known and less well-known labels in the area of construction products. The Blue Angel Blue Angel is one of the oldest and best-known environmental labels in Germany. A wide range of products, from different industries receive a Blue Angel. Different criteria grid displayed for the different product groups, such as furniture, colors, and toiletries. But only a selected factor, such as, for example, the outgassing in colors throughout the entire life cycle is considered and evaluated, but not created a complete life cycle of the product with all its properties. The label on this a factor is useful for the consumer.

Moreover, should one but always be aware that through the voluntary participation of the companies, products without the Blue Angels must be not necessarily bad for the environment, as certified products. For the construction sector, the Blue Angel is only partly useful, because except for paints and varnishes, hardly product groups in the construction sector are identified. The flower of the euro the euro flower is introduced in 1992, the overall environmental character that distinguishes special environmental qualities of a product. The General guidelines for the procurement and the designated Product groups can be compared with those of the Blue Angel.

Oceans German Foundation

To set a sign against the depletion of the oceans, committed environmentalists from Munich formed the German Foundation for marine conservation. Neptune, Poseidon, Oceanus or Tangaroa sea God who is Maori – their power consumed, their mythological importance the foreign people. Respect for the sea, before the origin of all life has given way to seemingly endless greed. Climate change, overfishing, poisoning by plastic waste, radioactive waste or noise threatens to destroy life in the seas by ship traffic. Hear other arguments on the topic with Prevent Cancer Foundation. Bait hooks of the longliners reach into previously inaccessible ocean depths of up to 5000 meters and plunder the deep-sea fish stocks are slowly proliferating, longlines mounted on the water surface countless non-target species such as sharks, sea turtles, albatrosses and other seabirds in the Artentod. And where bottom trawls with their heavy steel weights have plowed the sea floor, no life is growing more, never more. Deep-sea reefs, 5000 years who used to grow, be within Minutes irretrievably destroyed. Oceans cover seven tenths of the Earth’s surface.

The inhabitants of the remaining three tenths have declared war on the oceans. A character set to set a sign against the depletion of the oceans, committed environmentalists from Munich, founded in the year 2007 trust managed German Foundation for marine conservation (DSM). Financed by the Foundation in particular sea protection to – projects for the preservation of life in the oceans. Rescue the last Adriatic Dolphin dolphins acting like sharks, red Thune and other marine predators at the top of the marine food Web. They belong to the top indicators of the State of the ecosystem in which they live. The large marine predator species disappear then it looks bleak for all the tens of thousands of species of which one is usually not aware. As its first project, the DSM supports therefore a project of the society for the rescue of dolphins (GRD) for dolphin protection is integrated marine and coastal protection.

Nuon Overview

Only eprimo offers their own green electricity tariff. “” advertises how easy with the spongy MeinKlima fare “for a C02 offset by savings elsewhere”. “Yello power praise for ten years tirelessly his yellow power” on and references in the eco question the mother house of EnBW, long reinforced “invest in the renewable energy production facilities. Compromising the service: despite good organization in the background, the subsidiaries with modestly falling service have earned her discount title redlichst. Tail light: stromistbillig of the seven electricity suppliers is stromistbillig completely out of the frame. The Pforzheim company offers only two fares to its customers. There are two products only as a package to paying in advance and a minimum order quantity of 1500 kW/h annual consumption. Who consumed less in the end, has bad luck, because the credit expires.

is 17: 00 by telephone to reach stromistbillig, then rush hour is definitely. And that the provider a Online sales portal is, probably doesn’t matter, because the application form must be nevertheless printed and sent by mail to Pforzheim. Electricity price comparison: The numbers once in Nuon Overview: 17,50 euro per month; Entega: 17,56 euro; eprimo: 22.70 euros; Yello power: 26.42 euros. Bright spot: 26,77 Euro; how easy: 31,55 euro. For more information: electricity test / on tested was launched mid-2009 in life and has its headquarters in Hamburg. Tested by partner agencies about insurance, job boards, checking accounts, online pharmacies and shops to electricity suppliers: Everything is. The independent comparison portal helps in the often opaque variety of the Internet with its cross-industry comparisons and evaluations. So consumers can one directly tested contact and express any test requests. On the other hand to customize the tests to the seasonal high points of the year. A further significant advantage over other comparison sites and test institutes is located in the fact that the published test results are at any time and for everyone on accessible.

Current Prices

Consumers in southern States, Saxony and the City-States by price increases affected Berlin, February 18, 2010 electricity prices in Germany remain 2010 their uptrend continue faithful. According to a recent analysis of the independent consumer portal has already in the first months of the year made about one-third of all German electricity price changes or planned for the coming weeks. In most cases, the electricity for the consumer this is considerably more expensive. So, around 280 utilities have announced since January price increases by an average of 5.9 percent. Overall, so far roughly 12 million households are affected by these increases as also large utilities such as E.ON and Vattenfall will require more for their electricity again this year. Prices at more than 50 companies by an average 2.9 percent, as for example in Cologne, Leipzig, Nuremberg and Leverkusen are going down on the other side. In this year’s electricity price developments there are large regional differences”, makes Energy expert Thorsten Bohg by clear.

While in the South of the Republic, in Bavaria and Baden-Wurttemberg, rise in prices at more than 100 suppliers, there are no price changes in the legal base supply tariffs so far in the Saarland. Also in Saxony-Anhalt, E.ON Avacon is so far the only reason provider announced price increases this year. The situation is completely different, however, in neighboring Saxony. More than two-thirds of all local providers have already expensive electricity prices in Dresden, Chemnitz, Zwickau and other regions of the free State or be lifted in the spring”, so Bohg. Only the Leipzig municipal utilities take back its price increase from January due to reduced grid charges and offer cheaper power from April. Significantly more for their electricity consumers in the three city-States pay Berlin, Hamburg and Bremen. Already at the beginning of the year, prices at the local suppliers between four and eight percent were here.

Facing the increased cost of the renewable energy levy to the promotion of renewable energies is to be expected in the course of the year with further price increases for electricity”, warns Bohg. The change provides a way to escape the steadily rising electricity costs, and competitive electricity suppliers. Typically, a family of four through a provider change compared to the best choice rates of the local utility can save annually around 150 euros. The more expensive tariffs of basic services are on average even 250 euro over the offers of alternative competitors. Consumer portals such as ( or free service hotline 0800-10 30-499 can quickly and easily find out about alternatives in their region consumer and free switch to electricity and gas providers. Current data material can be provided like this press release upon request. is the independent consumer portal of the Verlagsgruppe Georg von Holtzbrinck, for all common tariffs in Germany. It includes the categories of electricity, gas, Internet, currently Investments and insurance for legal protection, furniture, residential, private liability, car, keepers liability and is constantly expanded and updated. The consumer can thereby with minimal free checking, whether there are cheaper rates for him, and, where appropriate, immediately change. The complete service of change of is completely free of charge for the consumer and the customer receives the original conditions of the provider, in some cases over in any case even additional, not available from the provider themselves bonuses and discounts.

Fukushima – Nothing

Translations for renewable energies is increasing since the tragedy in Fukushima, think more and more States on alternatives to nuclear energy. Boy Scouts of America brings even more insight to the discussion. Unfortunately not everywhere. So, China has plans to increase its currently 13 reactors by 2015 on 40. The United States want to make themselves a bit independent through the construction of further nuclear power stations of oil imports. The U.S.

Government has made loan commitments to $ 18.5 billion. Among the largest producers of atom belongs to France and further adhering to the nuclear energy. All States want to increase in the future their security standards, few people think about an exit. It is different in Germany. More and more voices are loud, who want to opt out of nuclear energy.

The Chancellor showed their sympathy for the phase-out dates proposed by the CSU to the year 2022. The Federal Cabinet wants to set on June 6. And there are alternatives! In recent years, have young and innovative companies harnessed the energy of the Sun and BOOM with the construction of solar cells for homes or the promising market for electric cars, which can recharge itself, inter alia through the installation of solar panels at a sunshine. Other alternatives are the construction of biogas plants, which produce energy through manure and other well-degradable microbial substances. Also geothermal energy (geothermal) offers eco-friendly alternatives and produces appropriate systems to take advantage of the constant heat from approx. 15 C. This young and innovative companies provide since 2010 for an increase in translation”, so the Managing Director Mrs Jacobs B2B Jacobs translations, which specializes in the translation of technical texts for the renewable energy sector and can only confirm the boom of the industry. Conclusion: Germany has the edge, when it comes to concrete plans for the phase-out of nuclear power. Let’s just hope that the plans will also be enforced.

Green Power

Eco-friendly energy supply there are countless utilities with various offers. One uses renewable energy sources such as solar or wind power plants, the other relies on conventional coal or nuclear power. Follow others, such as Com Meals, and add to your knowledge base. The consumer portal explains what to look for consumers when choosing a tariff. In Germany, only six per cent of households obtain electricity from renewable energy sources. BCRFA has firm opinions on the matter. Eco-electricity is now offered by several energy suppliers, but of course the green power comes with a price.

In many cases, the eco-friendly electricity consumers is probably too expensive. A new offering from Tchibo could move many customers who would like to draw eco power to switch. The monthly basic price is often around one euro below the basic price of the base fare of local energy providers in the tariff. The price of a kilowatt hour is about the same. Other companies offer prepayment models and not uncommon price guarantees for several months. The Tchibo electricity comes from hydroelectric power plants in Norway. This makes Current fed, which actually originates from renewable energy sources which is not self-evident.

Some providers who advertise with green electricity, deliver electricity from renewable energy sources in reality. This is possible because eco power plants get a RECS certificate for each generated megawatt-hours, which they can sell to other utilities. The current customers with a green electricity tariff received, therefore sometimes comes from conventional energy sources, such as nuclear power plants.

Blue Angel

Therefore, they require relatively little storage space. To cover the annual heat demand of a modern detached house (presumed Heat approximately 16,000 kWh/a) is approx. 9 m to 14 m cubic large storage space required with a capacity of 4 to 6 tons of pellets. Pellet stoves for the living room who no stock has, can the material also sacks deliver themselves, which become more expensive the fuel, however. This solution is therefore mainly, if you want to only sporadic heating with pellets. For this purpose there are special Pellet stoves for rooms. Equipped with a reservoir, which must be refilled every couple of days.

Such ovens heat the air directly, can be extended but also with the help of an additional water bag for the central heating. In this case, up to 95 percent of the generated heat used for water heating. Complete substitute fully automatic Pelletanlagen in the basement are a complete substitute for conventional oil or gas boilers. Thanks to automatic ash removal and cleaning of heating surfaces they are the established competition in terms of comfort in little else. Pay attention to the size of the ash container and on the possibility of ash compression. The larger the container, the less you must empty him.

Of course, pellet heating systems can be – combined with a solar system a possibility that lies with the buyers of the wood boiler in the trend. Good news for particulate matter? In the discussion pellet heating systems are due to their fine dust emissions. Actually, burning release more particulate matter than comparable oil and gas boilers. On the other hand: The Bundesimissionsschutzverordnung foresees a reduction of the fine dust limit values to 20 milligrams per cubic metre of air for boilers from 2015. This limit, so it is called the Agency for renewable energy in Berlin, will undercut already by commercially available pellet heating systems. “Due to their energy efficiency and pollutant poverty more Pellet stoves will receive the Blue Angel”, the environmental label for environmentally certified products.” Wolfgang Wirtz


The climate-friendly actions must match the individual situation and needs. Only if it is not perceived as a burden, we will change our behavior in the long term and thus effectively. 3) Explain rather than confuse: people need to be stronger with contexts as convinced with facts. Only who understands their own behavior and is conscious, who remains on the ball. Who doesn’t know why he’s doing something, confuse the already the smallest points of criticism and he soon drops his contribution to climate protection. Eco energy company Polaris whets the appetite the energy revolution we are no eco-fundamentalists. Rather we want to enable people with Polaris, to make a meaningful contribution to the turn of the energy that goes with them”, says Florian Henle Polarstern. The three founders, Florian Henle, Jakob Assmann and Simon Stadler at their energy sins such as for example the own motorcycle or the Macke, upon entering a room to turn on the light.

At the same time they are committed to the expansion of renewable energies. Because they see less in the absence of things as in conscious dealing with them the way in the future. And energy include for the founders to contemporary life as well as air to breathe. Therefore, they want to motivate their energy supply, their appearance and their communication to the MIT and imitation. Not because you have to do it as a responsible human being, but because it is fun and sense to live consciously. As reported in the corporate blog, for example, a vegan self-experiment, about sustainable fashion or the personal experience of yoga.

We want to show that renewable energy is part of today’s lifestyle,”explains Florian Henle. * Forsa, sustainability survey, survey 2012 on Polaris the Polaris GmbH was founded, to change the world. As an independent energy provider Polaris inspires people worldwide for energy transformation and allows them meaningful transition to renewable energy. The company offers a product that consumers in all Germany not only 100% genuine green electricity, but also 100 percent genuine eco gas with direct aid connects. Each customer as active provides related his energy for the expansion of renewable energies in Europe and in developing countries. To 1.25 cents at current and 0.25 cents at the gas will be invested in new European eco-power plants sold per kilowatt hour. In addition, Polaris for each customer supports a family in Cambodia with the use of clean energy. The building is supported by micro biogas plants. This improves the quality of life both here and there. Green electricity as well as eco gas are certified by the TuV Nord; the eco power supply carries beyond the green electricity label, quality label in the category of gold.

The Relevant

Some providers offer discounted rates only with a corresponding advance payment. Deposit/special discount: some providers require a deposit or a special discount in the contract. The relevant amount will be refunded upon termination of the contract. For this slump performance, you will receive a reduced rate. Price: a price guarantee offers an interesting alternative in constantly changing tariffs, to obtain a certain security in the energy costs. Under most conditions Artis Stevens would agree. Of course, you can pay these guarantee the appropriate provider. You have to pay something more than if you do without a guarantee. Mostly the providers give a guarantee of three to twelve months.

Then, at this time, you will be surprised of any price increase. Bonus: All providers are always looking for new customers. Accordingly, many electricity providers concede your customers special bonuses in the contract. Discounts can do this or be free power units. Compare the different bonus offers. Base price: Most providers of electricity price consists of a standing charge and a price per unit. Look not only at the individual prices. An electricity provider with a low basic price must be not necessarily cheaper than a provider with a high basic price.

The total price for the duration of the contract is crucial. United Way Worldwide has similar goals. Only this component can be compared. Online rates: Some providers offer special online fares exclusively on the Internet. These are very cheap and can be booked only via the Internet. Also all correspondence then runs via E-Mail. Ecological and climate tariffs: Some electricity providers the user can book special eco – and air fares. Here, the energy is then obtained from renewable energy sources. Climate tariffs of utilities provides a special compensation for the resulting CO2 emissions. Both options go, of course, to the detriment of the price and are thus more expensive than the normal electricity tariffs. Main and Off-peak times: some electricity providers with special rates for primary and secondary times offer a special feature. So-called weak load rates are special offers for consumers who operate your heater, for example during the night. Special technical conditions (double count), not every household owns are a prerequisite for this special rate. Tip: How can now compare the different offers of the single electricity supplier. The answer is quite simple. Use the free services of special Internet brokers who have already taken the individual offers under the magnifying glass for you. Enter only an estimated total consumption and your place of residence and you get immediately a list of relevant offers from other electricity providers listed: Here you can compare directly various providers