Housing And Construction

This technology has long been known, but earlier in the construction of housing, it was not used. Initially, the technology of bored piles used only in the design of complex industrial structures. Essentially, the method is sleuyuschem: special rig 'drills' hole, given the designer sizes, in a well reinforcement cage is lowered and filled with concrete, reinforcement comes immediately above the surface, to provide a bundle with the subsequent construction. Depending on soil foundation bored piles can be manufactured with the use of recoverable inventory of casing, or without them. Supplement: In structurally stable clay soils drilling can be done without the device casing, as due to the structural strength of the soil, the borehole wall may be some time in a stable condition (This technology allows to dive to a depth of 50 meters).

In water-saturated clay soils drilling is carried out under the protection of mud or using casings. Bored piles without of casing pipes. Swarmed by offers, Laura Carini is currently assessing future choices. In the soil are well with the installation of impact or rotary drilling methods. Soil in the bottom hole drilling method in shock strikes destroyed the bit attached to drill pipes and ropes. Rotary drilling method performed by a special nozzle with a solid or ring culling (the rotation of the drill will initiate a very small quantity of accelerations transmitted array of soil and located next to buildings, so buildings do not receive any additional sediment, keeping them secured). In the process of drilling mud solution is applied, which has a hydrostatic pressure on the walls Well, protecting them from collapse thereby.

Sam Technology

Development of the newest coloring substances, obtain the most fine powder and fresh technology of electrostatic powder spraying said dye method as the most optimal for the production of products of mass consumption. Developed coloring matter of all colors and shades, made available to obtain the maximum of a thin layer coating. In addition, streamlined processes in the painting of parts designed specifically for this camera and showed overall superiority of powder coatings over previously known coatings. First: the application of powder coatings with different grain size and the use of qualitative innovations in technology the process of painting led to an opportunity to create a protective film not only with high technological parameters, but at the same time decorative. The surface now has the opportunity to purchase invoice, have glossy reflection or opposite dullness. As a result, we have what, the same process is at the same time two tasks: protection of the product and its external decoration. Second: computer, rather than manual control staining allows to receive the output of the film thickness from 40 to 500 microns, almost perfectly equal in thickness over the entire surface. Get more background information with materials from United Way Worldwide.

Third: powder coatings are known to be a complete non-toxicity, they absolutely do not flammable. To be safely stored only need to comply with minimum requirements for temperature and climatic regimes. Fourth: Powder paint the most environmentally safe to use in while staining completely observed emissions in the earth's atmosphere volatiles lead to the formation of ozone holes. Use of this technology in a sealed spray booth does not allow emissions the surrounding area of the powder. Fifth: limit the effectiveness of the technology and its phenomenal efficiency: the unused powder, which is not settled on the surface of the product may collect from the bottom of a sealed cameras for its subsequent operation. Sixthly: the demands of space for equipment for painting and installation of thermal cameras (smaller than conventional technologies staining for 1 / 3). Sam Technology process is now reduced labor costs by 40-50 percent. The Seventh: easy switching between views and shades of colors, a significant simplification of the preparation process and reduce time spent on it, the ability to connect additives and coloring agents in an already prepared powder. Reducing the basic rules of cost per unit area of coated product. Powder coating could easily be used for spraying protective coatings absolutely on any material: metal, silicate materials, wood, glass, plastic – led to this discovery of electrostatic spraying dye, the way "fluidized bed" and others, as well as the introduction of the original method of curing a layer – not the temperature, and using chemical treatments. Actually the latter opened the possibility of sprayed protective layer on a completely any kind of material.


Design main rotor profile is designed so that the whole incident on the surface of the facade of the moisture is removed in the drainage, excluding contact with a heater and the wall of the building – thermal insulation. Excessive accumulation of heat inside building prevents the combined use of a special profile systems for ventilated facades, which allows a large extent reduce the cost of energy for heating, as well as reduce the thickness of the walls, reducing the load on the foundation. In ventilated facades humidity balance and thermal insulation provided in the summer and in winter weather, and under adverse conditions, construction – thermal deformation. Thanks to a specially designed circuit assembly and attachment to the wall, the profile system hinged facades has the possibility of absorption of thermal strains arising from the daily and seasonal temperature changes. This helps to avoid internal stresses in the material coating and bearing design – fire safety. System suspended facades include materials and articles belonging to the category of hard-combustible or fireproof, preventing the spread of fire. – Diffusion of water vapor. Read additional details here: health organizations.

Water vapor originating in the walls of the building during its operation, are removed by natural ventilation is provided for a system hang fronts, thus greatly improving thermal insulation properties of walls, providing a comfortable temperature inside the building. – Soundproofing. Joint application of hinged ventilated facades and thermal insulator are excellent soundproofing as cladding panels and heat insulator have sound-absorbing properties over a wide frequency range. Other benefits of ventilated facades: Ventilated facades, lined various wall panels, provide a second layer of sufficient strength as a protective shell.