World Economic Forum

27, 2008 Many people were waiting for answers to the question "what should be done" in the speech of Vladimir Putin at the World Economic Forum in Davos, it is obvious that the problems of the global crisis should addressed at the global level. In his speech, Putin acknowledged Russia's weakness' crisis, of course, touched us, and the most serious way he has exposed the problems – excessive raw material orientation of exports, the economy Overall, as well as' weak financial market. " "Another serious problem of development of basic market institutions, above all, the competitive environment", – said Putin, noting that the accumulated financial reserves, however, expand opportunities for Russia to go through a period of world crisis. At the same time Vladimir Putin announced that Russia does not need help from the West. 'We do not need help. We do not have disabilities. For more specific information, check out Eliot Lauer. We must help the poor, people with disabilities opportunities for pensioners.

Need to help developing countries, not just giving out money and generating a new round of poverty. We need to change the conditions of world trade ", – said Putin. According to him, for this reason stopped negotiations on the wto. Why a crisis and what to do. Russian Prime Minister, advising the world how to get out of the crisis, spoke out against isolationism and protectionism, and excessive intervention state in the economy amid the global crisis. Russian Prime Minister is convinced that 'the first thing that must be taken in the near future – is in its broadest sense to draw a line under the past'.