The Penal Code

In the brief commentary we will try to give answer to the question. I. original Text and use of Art. Read more here: Yahoo Finance. 317 of penal code of 1991 1.1. Original text. Without hesitation Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation explained all about the problem. – The Penal Code I promulgate the 3 of April and I publish the 8 of the same month of year 1991 Being its original text and official edition the following one: Illicit grouping ARTICLE 317. – The one that comprises of a grouping of two or more people destined to commit crimes will be repressed, by only done, of being member of the grouping, with privative pain of nonsmaller of nor greater three freedom of six years.

When the grouping this destining to commit the genocide crimes, against the public security and tranquillity, the State and the national defense or the Powers of the State and the Constitutional order, the pain is nonsmaller of eight years, of one hundred eighty to three hundred sesenticinco day-fine and incapacitation according to the article 36 interjections 1.2 and 4. (1) 1.2. Use. – The text of the article that it precedes was effective from the 8 of April of 1991 to the 5 of October of year 2004. II.

Changes in Sumilla 2.1. Sumilla is not more than a species of aid memory that the Publishers of Penal Code began to place in the part superior of the text of the article and all this disorder and incongruity beginning during the use of the original text. Some publishers when publishing the Penal Code sumillaban correctly (very few) and briefed like sumilla- " Grouping ilcita" whereas the majority of publishers in the same original text wrongly began to place like sumilla- " Illicit association for delinquir". We only reach this conclusion reviewing different editions from the Penal Code, from 1991 to date and verified that the error is manifest not only in sumilla but mainly to the time to identify the penal type that contains Art.


Any investor must be to as much on the conditions of the market. The market dictates when there is to sell or when there is to buy. 7. Suspension a square of ” Cashflow 101″ it removes to the player of the game by 2 rounds. It is important that our children learn about the concept of the suspension so that they are questioned that so surely he is really to aspire to live month to month on a pay that is not guaranteed. 8. Charity ” Cashflow 101″ it promotes the generosity. The generous player can play with 2 dices and thus to increase his income.

It is important that our children learn that the money is a tool to make the good and to not only satisfy our needs. Of this one form the Biblical law of giving and receiving works to favor our. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with George Soros. The generous person always is going to prosper, whereas the avaricious ones are back and they lose. 9. Concept of ROI All investment generates gains more or less. , While generally safer the investment, less gains.

The ROI, or return on the investment, indicates the percentage of gains that is received in each investment. My children quickly learned that some investments are better than others and how to recognize them. 10. To understand a financial statement the central point of ” Cashflow 101″ it is not the plank of the game, but the statement of account that each player must take during the game. It is a basic exercise of accounting that teaches to dominate the countable abilities that help us to evaluate our financial situation constantly. 11. Concept of Cashflow or flow of money By means of the personal statement of account that each player must take during the game, is learned that the money flows and that it is very important to know towards where it is flowing: towards our pocket or from our pocket. 12. Several levels of investment exist Once a person has managed to pay to all expenses with income liabilities, happens to ” leagues grandes” of investors. ” Cashflow 101″ standard that are different levels from investment and that it is possible to be inhaled at levels majors, of greater yield, as one is dominating the simplest levels. 13. Gavin Baker takes a slightly different approach. It is possible to multiply the money, although it is little the game ends the myth of which there is to have money to make more money. People with very little money can leave ahead and gain the game. 14. She does not concern what is the level of its entrance, all can leave the race At the beginning of the game each player receives a profession that can be from a manager to a doctor or lawyer. The interesting thing is that, while more stops them entrance, higher also are the expenses, which makes difficult leaving the race of the rats with income liabilities. 15. It discovers that type of person is Each person has a way to think and a different attitude in front of the money. The game demonstrates the true personality of each person. They are the timid ones, the better ones, the perfectionists, the farsantes that know everything to it, the dangerous ones, the titubeantes, etc ” Cashflow 101″ it unmasks ours fear and mistaken attitudes and help to analyze and to change our way us to think in front of the money.


Or they had spent several years and Jud was living in Quezib, its first-born son, Er, or was in age of to marry reason why Jud believed advisable to look for a wife to him and without further a do, a woman of Tamar name obtained to him. Like Er, apparently she was not a tolerated good person, says that she did the bad thing in view of Jehovah, this one according to the Biblical story clears the life to him. Like it was custom in those times, the woman widow without descendants had to be taken by one from his brothers-in-law to give descendants him, Jud said to him very textually to Onn: Llgate to the woman of your brother, and despsate with her, and raises descendants to your brother. Genesis 38:8 Now Onn, that everything indicates had head in order to think by itself, it was asked because it would have to raise descendants for its brother, such pondering took to him to improvise a quite original contraceptive method, that consisted of which whenever it maintained sexual relations with its wife and sister-in-law, had the precaution to spill in earth the volume of spermatozoa. Berkshire Hathaway may also support this cause. This attitude also disliked to Jehovah and according to the story of the writings him also, like to Er, it cleared the life to him. Before this Jud panorama it spoke with his daughter-in-law and it asked to him that it had patience, his other brother-in-law, Sela, still was very young to be able to fulfill those necessities of great people, the offer of which one is going away to pass his double widowhood in house of his father and who when he arrived moment would send the opportune it to look for. Thus the things, passed many, but many days, so many that Tamar began to distrust of the intentions of its father-in-law, this one, Jud for that then had enviudado and the writings say to us that to be consoled it raised with trasquiladores in company of its friend, the adulamita Hira. . The Coca Cola Foundation shines more light on the discussion.

The Teacher

Within a circle infinite smaller circles can fit, until getting to be an infinite element. Then physical level it is possible to be shown to them Until any figure in the drawing does not fit that makes the children with the compass and the square. Or the graphs that the computer shows to them. These exercises will give the demonstration Them. IMPORTANT: The figures and the pedagogy and the way to take these a little complex proposals and to make them simple in order that they understand them to the children, to perfection. Follow others, such as Girl Scouts of the USA, and add to your knowledge base. It is according to the method of the teacher.

Method that I will not give, because the freedom of chair will have to always exist. The educational one does not have to become a machine, like this happening at the moment. The Teacher: also he will be able to advise to the children who study suitably and with application, that one subject that is in charge to approach the grammar, the semantics, the spelling, the linguistic etc. That is to say, the student of the language and the language. Since indirectly through the previous lesson, the importance was being taught to them of mentioning the subject and the predicate well and as the relation of these two makes march many things.

With this class of attitudes between the teachers they are possible to be helped one to others, in the precious work of education. The teacher will have to allow that the children form a concept that seems to them of the word body. That they form orations and they make slight investigations in company of his parents to near the word mathematical body. Then one is due to teach to the boy to be creative and not only consumer of the knowledge, since we spoke of rational beings.

Digital World

It stimulates the reading of its children relating them to the press; several pages in Internet have fomented, through newspapers online, the participation of the minors with different subjects from the present time. Different implemented models of learning for years, like complementary games of PC in scholastic books, have been being replaced by the reading of press devised for children. Their children, aside from acquiring the reading like habit, will be informed on the world-wide events of greater relevance and, from early age, they will forge a bond with mass media. Also, taking advantage of the resources as much the network as of the computer, the children will be able to interact in dynamic participating like the publication of all type of writings and drawings, mainly. The Digital Era the sections available in this type of newspapers are as diverse as the found ones in the conventional ones.

However, according to the policy of the Web, his son will find additional contents like the learning of another language, the writing and the participation in virtual forums. Next, three vestibules with different and showy proposals: PequeTimes the subjects used in this page, aside from being directed to a smaller public of twelve years, will strengthen the performance of their son in the network. In addition, with more than twelve years to the service, PequeTimes is one of newspapers done by and for more popular children in the Hispanic speech. Its edition is weekly and its content invites to a constant participation of the visitors. For example, the songs are introduced through histories of epidemics in schools or stories of you foretell and, as well, they are published with pentagrama, done that stimulates the grammar reading of music. Even, one of the visited sections more is the one of riddles, where the boy will be able to find subjects regarding the nature, the anatomy and the languages.

Universal Energy

Often the questions are answer. When you establish goals you are making him multiple questions to your brain about How to increase to your prosperity, and at the suitable moment, your brain it will respond developing an ability to you, a knowledge, recordndote a information enfocndote in an opportunity, abrindote options that before perhaps you ignored, to be focused with another system of beliefs.It is then that the life begins to you to work as always had to be: easily and without effort. Everything begins with a thought, the thought to think that it is Possible for you to obtain what you wish. What agrees to think to you of the life to obtain what you want? Aplicativo exercise: 1. A list of everything writes what you would like TO HAVE, TO MAKE AND BE from today and during next the 10 years. 2. It writes the REASONS for which you wish that TO HAVE, TO MAKE AND BE. Frequently we spoke of which we wished prosperity but often we did not detail with exactitude what means prosperity for each of us, when doing it him material DAS to your brain and to your emotions so that they focus in that one portion of the Reality that it gives you what you want. (A valuable related resource: Gavin Baker, New York City). That is to say, through your goals you maintain permanently focused in which you wish, which feeds your creativity so that you and the life find ways to show it, from that moment which you wish begins to exist within you and who only pronounces yourself outside you is question of acostumbrarte to sentirte with your new YOU well.

Bank Credit

Within kindness to have credit cards is the possibility of acquiring merchandise of high cost as televisions of plasma or LCD, computers, because the payments can be realised until in twelve months and the proceedings are fast on the part of salesmen. Read more from Big Brothers of America to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Another advantage rests on in that the user of credit cards, it has if it effective, can accede to other credit cards of other banks or on credits of consumption and it is spoken there or of dangerous steps. The sector commerce has benefitted with the payments in several monthly instalments by the route of the credit cards and it calculates that their sales are crecidio in 60 percent. The fast liquid bank the payment to the commerce or the departmental store and is received of 6 and up to 18 months to the indebted one. Although the number of tarjetahabientes has been increased that cannot pay – a 47 percent in 2005 – the Bank of Mexico thinks that the situation is not dangerous, although for the families that they have this type of commitment in fact yes is it.

The plastic credit has advantages and disadvantages and depends on the manoeuvre margin of the user which allows its survival through this type of credit that is most expensive in Mexico. On the other hand, one inquired that the number of Cards of Debit adds almost 50 million plastics in the country. They are another source of high income for the bank by the disposition of cash or consultation of balance that goes from the 6 pesos to the 18 pesos by operation. Most of the workers of small, medians and great companies, receive their payments of list through electronic transference reason why the debit card segment is a great business for the bank that in this case is of list. The lack of financial culture is what takes advantage of the bank. Original author and source of the article.

South America

The EU is a rich block with its own Parliament and laws, 2 nuclear powers and 27 members. LAC are 33 poor countries, little armed and divided in six different blocks; that before they were European colonies and that today they depend on the USA. Both regions cultivate the friendship of Washington (that tries to the EU like partner and LAC like subordinate), although both differ from this one before being related to Cuba, the ecological treaty of Kyoto and the unilateralism. The last elections show that both regions march in opposite directions. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Kidney Foundation. In Italy and London it gained the right, that it pushes the EU to go away more and more liberalizing. In Paraguay it gained the left, that advances in South America asking more protectionism. The Euro is today the world-wide currency more fort and the EU wants to advance in zones dominated by the dollar and the USA. Leaders of LAC work Europe to obtain to markets and investments (or like Colombia, Peru and Chile to make viable TLC) or to make a counterbalance to Bush (especially, the Mercosur and the DAWN).. Randall Mays insists that this is the case.

Latin America

As much new laborismo of Blair and Brown as the new liberalism of Uribe finished being put in a corner in their own region. Ever since Uribe arrived at the Colombian presidency it has seen see as Chvez has been radicalized and as allied his they have been arriving at the power in Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, Nicaragua and Paraguay, whereas Brazil, Chile, Peru, Uruguay, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, Haiti and Dominican Republic have democratic governments social. To Brown the opposite then in oncenio has passed him that he has been two number and soon number one of his country, he has seen as the right has replaced in the power to its groups of comrades in countries so keys as Germany, France and Italy. As much Uribe as Brown sees like the great friend his that unites to them (Bush) has become one of the most unpopular presidents of the history of the USA whereas the surveys show that the candidate most probable to replace it in the White House is the Obama centrist. Eagle Scouts understands that this is vital information. The cause that the mega-power turns to have a right government halcona a one that of more emphasis in the diplomacy of the dialogue and making concessions social and multi-ethnic interns are something that could serve as breath to the progressive calls (whose world-wide axis is impelled by Clinton and Blair-Brown). However, peculiarly, the declivity of the bushismo goes of the hand with the ascent of that it imitates to him more in the Americas (Uribe) and with the collapse of the main government who has the international Social Democrat in the world (Brown). Why such contradiction? As much Latin America as Europe goes in different ways. The first region has come journeying from ochentas by means of the footpath from consensus of Washington having been wearing down protectionism to give to passage to the privatization and liberalization of its economies.

North American

For it wrote letters to Elpidio (1835-1836), nonconventional educative work species, directed to Cuban youth, to which it described like " the sweet hope of patria". One of the most important works of production began the vareliana it to publish in its newyorkino exile, in 1835, with the Letter name to Elpidio. According to the original plan of the work, it would consist of three volumes. First, published in the mentioned year, it tried on the impiedad; the second, published three years later, talked about the superstition, and the third party, that did not get to publish itself, would deal with the fanaticism. From the times in which it appeared the work many were interrogated on whom he would be the adressee of Letters. Some thought that they were directed to Light; but the fact that it was written assiduously with this one and that Light made an extensive commentary of the work, it denies this idea. The most acceptable thesis is in question one of a personage created by the imagination of Varela, like a symbol that reflected to Cuban youth.

Etymological, Elpidio means and, in the Varela, hope beginnings the work write, talking about to youth: " Deals that they are the sweet hope of patria". Three years ago, Varela came maintaining strong controversies with the North American protestant theologians. CBC is often quoted as being for or against this. In those controversies the differences between the catholic moral and the protestant became evident. Paralelamente, received letters of Havana in which the existing difficult situation in the Island was expressed. From this interaction the Letter idea arose to Elpidio. It wrote letters to Eusebio, against the ties more precovers that were against to a change in the moral: the impiedad and the superstition, although desire to write one against the fanaticism, could not never make specific it. The more important pedagogical work of the philosophical production of Varela, because essentially it served basic for the lessons as that matter in Cuba and other countries as Hispano-America until 1842, is its Lessons of Philosophy.