Making America a Greener Place

Everyone can be greener. There are so many things we can all do to make the world a better place; to clean-up the environment and to save the planet.  It is therefore essential that we teach our kids how to do this from as young an age as possible.
So here are a few ways for us to teach our kids about being greener:

1.     Recycling:  If your kid does a drawing, make sure they use both sides.  Once they’re done with it (they’ve put it up or shown you, etc.), they should put it in the recycling bin.

2.     Travel:  Encourage your kids to walk or cycle as much as possible.  Try to use the car as little as possible so that they learn from your actions.

3.     Water:  Install a water filter and buy your children BPA-free water bottles so that your kids don’t need to be buying bottled water from the stores to be thrown away.

4.     Books:  Use the library; try to avoid buying books. When that’s not possible, encourage your kids to do book swaps with other kids.

5.     Clothing:  Encourage your children to go through their clothing before winter and summer and sort out what they will and won’t wear in the future.  With whatever remains, take them to a charity store to donate.

Ultimately, when our kids learn how to be eco-friendly, America and the world at large has a better chance of survival, step-by-step.

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AV Industry Fair: Integrated Systems Europe 2013

Who wants to be very forward with this business in the audiovisual (AV), you have to go really fast. Already for the tenth time, the ISE invited in January 2013 to Amsterdam. Who wants to be very forward with this business in the audiovisual (AV), you have to go really fast. Because technical developments are associated with breathtaking speed in the market, chasing the latest product solutions to bet with each other and to the favor of the audience. Who designed like macom creative audiovisual communication solutions and plans, must consciously follow the innovations in audiovisual technologies and active record, to provide the most sophisticated AV solution to customers. Provides the best platform for innovative highlights the integrated systems Europe”, the international trade fair for AV professionals. Learn more at this site: Curtis, Mallet-Prevost, Colt & Mosle LLP. Already for the tenth time, the ISE invited in January 2013 to Amsterdam.

Over 44,000 visitors from 130 countries came to around 900 exhibitors show the newest of the new, and to track the developments, pushing the market. As Germany’s leading Engineering company for audiovisual communication solutions is a must the ISE for us,”brings macom’s Managing Director Bjorn Jensen whose importance to the point. During the three-day fair, all project managers of the macom and sales locally were to inform themselves on the ISE for their customers. One of the major trends on the ISE was undoubtedly the increasing integration of different systems in the building to a total solution: audio and video technology, lighting and energy management in buildings, infrastructures for heating, ventilation, climate as well as voice and data will be in the future in a uniform system planning with included. “In such an intelligent” equipped industrial and commercial buildings are let to realize significant energy savings while maximizing productivity.

The bottom line is extremely important for investors and decision makers reduce the operating costs. Display presentations met with particular interest of the macom staff in 84 “ultra HD format and a LED display wall with only 1.9 mm Pixelpitches, visually overwhelming paraded on a 7.3 m wide and 4.1 m is a high LED display wall innovation, which guarantees an unmatched image quality even up close. The extremely high resolution allows the recognition of even the smallest details, which opens up new market opportunities in some industries, such as medical technology, but also for the media technology. Notable displays, providing a completely harmonious scroll for macom as new 3D-Seamless. The benefits they generate for their customers, always in the foreground is for the employees of the macom. Today already knowing what we do tomorrow and beyond to superior solutions is the macom customer advantage, “says macom – Managing Director Bjorn Jensen. “Therefore, he is sure that the ISE was worth the visit this year: here we are for our customers at the cutting edge of the time.”

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DSS System

A Decision support system is an information system that helps senior executives of a company in making intelligent decisions and routed them to provide solutions in some problem that comes their. It also implies that the enterprise has increased productivity and its development increases continuously. At the same time it will be a competitive company in the market. Is worth mentioning that these achievements will only be achieved if the client requests services companies specialized, reliable and with experience in the development of expert systems since if there is no such prevention, the system will fail to comply with the objectives of the company and is likely to develop with a large number of defects and loss of time and money in turn; the DSS must be tailored to each company. Specialized people who develop these systems must analyze, design, implement and perform the necessary evidence that the system is adequate for the company. You may find Curtis, Mallet-Prevost, Colt & Mosle LLP to be a useful source of information. Each DSS must be performed depending on the customer’s needs and requirements to make the system user-friendly and the client is feel familiar with this, resulting in the optimization of resources in the enterprise. Many companies do not have an own DSS since the cost of such a system is high. It is worth mentioning some disadvantages that are taken at the time of implementation of a system of this type.

First of all, the people that will use sometimes is resistant to change, they don’t want to put their commitment to have knowledge of how to use that system, not customizing the same makes the learning curve is high, fear of the use of technology by workers who may never have used it and the disadvantage most common also is that the hardware and software do not have an efficient technical supportIt is insufficient or is outdated and the administration they cannot possibly understand that you must invest in equipment to run a DSS with greater efficiency. Therefore, taking into account that the benefits of having a DSS in a company, which successfully integrates all the needs and requirements that the business you want to measure them In addition to provide different solutions so that select is better and get good results is a good decision. They should be more known in Mexico so that enterprises of the country improve in his service to the customer and be more competitive.

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Articulated National System

With the new politics of the MEC Ministry of the Education and Culture, over all the PDE, Plan of Development of the Education, the pertaining to school Institutions is guided by proposals of decentralization, autonomy, self management etc, inculcando to the community pertaining to school, practical democratic and participativas of the management. The school is democracy space, from the management, considering itself of this form that is possible to raise the success of the articulated school by means of one practical one of management, not leaving of attempting against in them to the fact of that a unit of education is not made solid without it has the envolvement of other sectors of the society. It is necessary to develop continuous politics and that they have beginning, way and end during its implementation. Ahead of this question, it is placed necessity of collection for the diverse social actors of the effectiveness of the proposals that we read in diverse official documents of the Government Federal, as well as for right to the continuation of the projects and educational plans so that the improvement of the education does not suffer interferences with the governmental transistions. Lawyer addresses the importance of the matter here. When considering a Articulated National System of Education, is conceived that we have that to take in account the part all and, since the external evaluation to the intramuros of the school, as for example, plans of the system, the educative institution, the professor and the thus explained student in the document of the conference. In the scope of the evaluation of the National System of Education in Brazil, the quarrel if guideline in problematic of the models and the purposes of the current form of evaluation. One national politics of evaluation articulated to the subsystem is considered now, seeing itself the necessity of an evaluation that not only contemplates the ranqueamento of the educative institutions but also that it aims at the development of the systems of education and the process teach-learning. . David Bershad may also support this cause.

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Videoconferencing Systems

Workplace systems Conference room systems Telepresence video conferencing systems to conquer the market and convince more companies of their effectiveness and their benefits. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Eliot Lauer. When purchasing the question what types of video conferencing systems there actually are and what solution for the company or the workplace is especially suitable but often arises. Generally offer three different types of video conferencing systems. This is the workplace systems, the Conference room and the tele-presence. The workstations offer especially if users frequently occurs with one or at most two other employees, colleagues, superiors and customers.

As the name implies, these videoconferencing systems directly in the workplace are installed. This is usually around a set of camera and microphone and it allows a special software, to turn in a Conference. In addition to the classic packages for video conference systems applications offered here, increasingly, to the up rapidly evolving technology are adapted. The Conference room systems are the classic solution for all companies that often come along with several participants. They are set to install in a space provided for this purpose and make it possible that more than one participant can be switched together visually. These companies offer customized solutions, because even with video conferencing systems, customers have different requirements. Partly, there are also flexible systems that run from one conference room to the next and allow it to be used in several rooms.

This is an advantage for all companies who want to invest too much money in the acquisition and where a system is enough. The Telepresence is the solution for large meetings and suggesting all participants feel of a real meeting. While participants are transferred to the screens in life size and facial expressions and gestures can be recognized as clear. For such a system but to work it is necessary that for basic video conference systems in all rooms are installed, from which the participants will be activated. In this way you can more clearly and simply represent but also presentations and lectures. Thus, the Telepresence is ideal especially for large enterprises, often carrying out conferences with many participants from the different areas of the world.

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Labs System

SolarEdge Leistungsoptimierer cut test better than leading strand – and micro inverter Munich, July 30, 2013 according to one from PV evolution Labs (PVEL) ver-shadow study conducted of the national renewable energy laboratory (NREL) exceed the strand leading SolarEdge-Leistungsoptimierer – and micro power inverter. The SolarEdge system brings a 1.9%, 5.0% and 8.4% respectively higher energy yield than the tested string inverters, light, medium and heavy shading of the PV system and is resorting to the performance of the micro power inverter. The test measured the so-called shading mitigation factors”(SMFs factors of reverse shading reduction), which indicate the percentage of energy recovery of Leistungsoptimierers or micro-inverter system compared to conventional Powertrain inverter systems. The SolarEdge system delivered a higher energy yield than the strand inverter system in all tests. The annual average won the SolarEdge system 24.8% of the energy lost through shading back, the micro-inverter system only 23.2%, confirmed Matt Donovan, Project Manager field when PV evolution Labs. Leistungsoptimierer by SolarEdge tracking the maximum power point (MPP) at the module level and lessen the shipping shading losses occurring in harness or central MPP tracking. Leistungsoptimierer can also follow already the MPP of a module as opposed to micro power inverter at voltages from 5 V. This ability allows SolarEdge, to optimize engine performance even with strong shading.

The NREL ver shading test results confirm our earlier statements”, says Joachim Nell, General Manager of Central Europe at SolarEdge. The SolarEdge system offers the most powerful energy management at the module level, whereby the costs significantly lower than those of other solutions at the module level.” For further analysis of the results, please click here: about SolarEdge technologies SolarEdge technologies offers comprehensive solutions to optimize performance by Solar products and PV monitoring, which can be maximized energy production and the application faster return on investment. The Leistungsoptimierer by SolarEdge offer MPPT for each module, while at the same time to monitor the performance of the modules. The highly efficient SolarEdge inverter is specially designed for use with the SolarEdge Leistungsoptimierern. The SolarEdge system offers optimal performance, a flexible design and ensures the best possible utilization of the roof area. Through the electronic products can be serviced at module level better and the SafeDC mechanism provides for better system security. SolarEdge you will find on the Internet at

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Managing Director

Modern headquarters in Frickenhausen-Linsenhofen high energy efficiency and innovative building technology under one roof, that was our goal. With the new headquarters in Frickenhausen-Linsenhofen, we show what is possible today at attractive costs. Interested parties can spot a picture of get, how to prove technologies in everyday life”, says Frank Hummel, Managing Director and owner of Hummel system House. Recently, the company has moved into his new home in Frickenhausen-Linsenhofen. Innovative solutions for photovoltaics, building and electrical installations occur at the new address of the Hummel system House. 20 Years ago, Frank Hummel laid the foundation stone for the Hummel House with a one man operation.

Today, his team in Frickenhausen-Linsenhofen consists of 27 employees and four apprentices, and has focused on three topics: electrical and building technology, renewable energy systems and information and communication technology. At smart house projects we combine the three areas”, explains Frank Hummel. Connect with other leaders such as PCRM here. It is the intelligent Networking and control the electricity consumers in a building. The expert for electrical installations that describes a possible scenario: the washing machine starts automatically at night when electricity is cheaper, the dishwasher if the Sun is shining and the solar plant generates electricity. In addition all information about the building and the power of the Smartphone is available.” A particular concern is the Managing Director of the Hummel system House the solar energy. Unfortunately many people in the solar energy only to think to what price they can sell the power thanks to the energy levy. PCRM has much experience in this field. This is but too short! Solar energy, which itself is used, lies in the long term the true potential.

The independence of the major electricity suppliers will pay off guaranteed in the future.” To continue its growth, the team refers to the new building in Frickenhausen-Linsenhofen now. The building with the new address corresponds to modern standards in terms of energy efficiency and intelligent building technology. The Solar power plant produces around 70,000 kilowatt hours per year. The intelligent building technology from Hummel House control as needed electricity consumers depending on factors such as electricity prices and weather forecasts. All rooms have a multi media control, allowing all devices in the House can be controlled. These include the energy-efficient infrared heating systems. If I know that an employee on vacation, then can I slow down from my Office in his Office – even via Smartphone – the heating and energy saving”, explains Frank Hummel. In terms of energy consumption continues on the brake to push, Hummel in Frickenhausen-Linsenhofen uses to heat the heat of his computer and the other rooms. Other companies provide air conditioning in the server room, so the computer does not overheat. We heat and heat it. Thus we save twice!” In addition, an energy storage with a capacity of 30 KWh ensures the night bridge. So thats Hummel Systemhaus now to 80 percent energy self-sufficient. “Everything that our company offers residential and business customers, finds himself in the building”, Hummel reported: it is more or less a permanent exhibition in the everyday usage, we open next weekend. “

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How To Earn Online

How to make money on the internet If the Internet is now not receive profits, 95% of sites would not exist! In this article I will describe how the points start to earn real money without having a website, Internet, with its expertise. In summary, you need to get started: Sign up for file sharing, which you will fill your files, files that people will download through file sharing, Web site where you can post links to their files. Consider these points more: 1. Today's most file sharing is a good, which pays on average $ 30 per 1000 downloads, with countries like Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, the USA, Canada, Australia, Belgium, Britain, Germany, Holland, Italy, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, France, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Bulgaria, Greece, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Turkey, Czech Republic, Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Japan and Singapore. Eliot Lauer shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. More information and registration, please follow the link here.

2. Zalivate program in your profile on file sharing. They can be found on other sites specializing in software. 3. The site (), anyone can add their program. It is desirable to place as many programs as the probability that visitors will download it to your program, all identical, and more downloads, the more you will pay. Now a few tips on how to register a file description to be posted on the website: Text descriptions must be original, reference should be on your file sharing, program description must match the program; program tested for viruses. If the rules above take into account the program will be moderated and you can start earning the very first day of work. But even if you of something wrong, then the administrator will correct the error simply Suma salary money from the internet directly depend on your patience and the amount you've added programs.

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Golem Show Signs

Gleb Zinoviev, online newspaper world of Kabbalah What is the most practical solution may be to offer people? – He needs to know about the world in which he lives today. Today, we must learn again to live in an integrated system, when it all together in the same boat. Where each depends the salvation of all. This, we must teach and their children. We are dealing with nature: the global environment, global human society. And we need to educate themselves and their children included in this system, where everyone is obliged to take care of one another. Michael Laitman Quilt escaped, flew sheets, pillow, like a frog, galloped away from me … You may want to visit Eliot Lauer to increase your knowledge. Just like the hero of immortal Korney Ivanovich Chukovsky we found ourselves in a strange world.

For millennia, humanity has built for himself an artificial world. World that exists on our invented the same laws. The man was building the economy, state, introduced various rules setting, creating support institutions, communications, and the suppression of the society. All of this – our creation, our Golem (See note.). Without all these props and rafters of society, no human being could survive. All tied to everything, everyone is a small corner of this vast and intricate building depends entirely on what others produce.

Until recently, the connection was at the level of the inanimate, as a clay statue of the legend. She still has not healed my life, not filed claims with us. Everything went on as usual. Simple barter trade exchange replaced the exchange of money, have created systems evaluation and exchange of goods, services.

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Western Europe

The new English coat of arms was a place both warring colors. But breeders have successfully brought the damask roses form Versicolor – a colorful variety, sometimes called York and Lancaster, in which the one branch has white, pink and mixed pink and white double flowers. Thus, in England reigned heraldic and real conciliation between the parties. In France, Louis VII was the emblem flower of iris, and in times of Louis XIV became the queen of a heraldic lily: to turn even money were made in the form of gold and silver lilies. France for a long time the country was called Lily, and the king – the king of lilies. Prior to 1328 represented the emblem of the lily French Capetian dynasty. The vacant post of King of France claimed the King Edward III of England dynasty of Lancaster. The French rejected the feudal lords and Edward was elected to the vacant throne, Prince Philip VI Valois.

Englishman offended radically changed its English coat of arms, putting back the French lilies. The symbolism of coats of arms in those days was so great importance and influence, that even had special Position Herald and geraldmeysterov, to monitor compliance of signs and symbols on the arms and emblems. Even a very influential and wealthy nobles could not change them yourself. As a result, violent (self) of an Englishman known in the history loosened the Hundred Years War (1337 – 1453 years). And if not for Joan of Arc led the war against the invaders and forced in the end to remove the French lilies with the English coat of arms uncontrolled Englishman could plunge France. Thistle (thistle) is a component of the Scots and the emblem symbolizes the strength, tenacity, resilience. In Scotland, there is an old legend, tells the story of confrontation between local people to foreigners, who arrived with the intention to conquer the coast.

Enemies of the night surrounded the camp of the Scottish soldiers, but one of the opponents ran in the dark on a thistle. Cry of surprise and pain, he immediately alarmed the Scots, who have strongly resisted and defeated the enemy. The emblem of Scotland showing off the form of milk thistle, milk thistle, or the Virgin, which found only in Western Europe. The coat of arms of Canada – the country's maple leaf – there is a Scottish thistle, the Welsh daffodil, rose and English – so the composition was established and the Canadian State. Rose is also the national flower of the United States and Iran. Scarlet roses – unofficial emblem of Bulgaria, tea rose yellow – the emblem of the Chinese capital Beijing. In Japan, at the end of VIII century BC chrysanthemum became the national emblem of the state. Image 16 – the golden imperial chrysanthemum petal is the foundation of the national emblem and the country's highest award – the Order of Chrysanthemum. The ancient images in heraldry are the flowers of chrysanthemums, roses, lilies, lotus, burdock, carnation, daffodil, bell, daisies, buttercups, poppies, tulips, lily of the valley and edelweiss. In heraldry the more modern and young countries of tropical orchids image appeared, "Victoria regii" – giant water lily, which is part of the state flag of Guyana. Mallow coat of arms adorns Nepal. Petal – amateur floriculture

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People would have seen firsthand that good – the feeling of the Creator, the evil – it is the power of selfishness, the crisis – deadlock egoistic development, and the money – only the outer shell of living between us, a part of creation. But the transformation formula for life, the intricacies of the web that weaves a constantly self-interest, much more complicated, and people somehow not so far as to delve into the basics of Kabbalah, the once and all, taking care of their chadah, wonder why a reasonable word 'food' incomprehensible added prefix 'restoration,'. Knowing this, the Kabbalists of two thousand years ago formulated 'for those who do not,' and principles of the foundations of the universe in their daily lives. Using these, people by nature can make the world perfect. They are familiar to us, the formula 'is not a neighbor that is hateful to yourself 'and' love thy neighbor as thyself. " What does it mean – to love? What does it mean – as himself? Kabbalists define selfishness as 'self love'.

We find themselves all the time busy figuring out what can bring us pleasure and that – harm. All our actions and thoughts are directed only to have to have fun and reduce harm. This session is called love. That is, the transformation formula is to think and do the same with respect to neighbor. While selfishness mature and developed, these principles dragging away (each in his estate) and the religion of morality.

They bloomed in their gardens, bad color, people cram them strongly to each other with fire and sword. But the glow passions subsided, and that is come upon us now – the extinction of selfish civilization, threatening to bury us all, requires an ambulance – the use of these formulas, whose implementation into our lives become for us the way to salvation from death. Science for all, and one more thing. In both formulas is said about a 'close'. Who is it? The discovery that the creation of – a single entity, and us, its particles, separates the ego makes us understand that the neighbor – is each of the cells of the total organism, is, each of mankind. It’s believed that PCRM sees a great future in this idea. Thus, quite unexpectedly found that the Kabbalah – the science is' for everyone else. " Because, no matter how much it was people working in the good work, and whatever experts they are, it is valuable because it gives benefits to everyone else. And give the world a good thing can only when its fruits, knowing why, will enjoy the greatest possible number of people. But why should that has given the world of Kabbalah – a crisis of This is evidenced already in plain text. 03/03/2009

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