Life Color

It knows to find the happiness in the daily things of the life, at the same time as to deepen in the really important aspects. When the color ndigo is not the predominant one, it will indicate a state of total happiness and tranquillity, with forces to confront any possible disadvantage. Just as it happens with the blue color, the person with the color dawn ndigo owns excellent qualities to exert like good advisor. But in the negative aspect of the color dawn ndigo, this can represent quite the opposite of the positive aspects, that is to say, the person could appear like manipulator, and arrive at the frustration, would take which it to one serious depression and distresses. VIOLET The person whose color of the predominant dawn is the violet, owns the quality of being highly spiritual.

This color is the one that will be able to be observed in people whose intention in the life is the spiritual growth, being in background all that with the material. They are excellent channelers towards all the spiritual, where, if they are preparations, can obtain surprising results between the spiritual and the material, being this color of the very common dawn enters the people dedicated professionally to the world of the esoteric thing. When the violet color of we found it the dawn in background, it will be indicating that one has entered a stage of encounter with the inner being, where the intimate experiences acquire a transcendental importance. In the negative aspect of the dawn of violet color, it would indicate to us that the person has entered a phase of spiritual isolation, to consider superior to all the worldly one, which really becomes against its own intention of spiritual growth, arriving itself at the end to totally be disconnected of the world. ROSE the person whose predominant color of the dawn is the rose, will show a sensible and sentimental special character.

The Habit

The State yergue, not only like guarantor, but like " padre" that it orders and it commands. The essential principles have been trastocados and no longer we worked deriving from them, now we acted on the parameters of the regime. So that if we transferred to policy terms present the word " colaboracionistas" , they are it what doubts fits those that have adopted the habits and behaviors of those who their adversaries consider. That is to say, in this lamentable country of today the social body copied the signs of the invader born from its own sine. It is possible to change the human subjectivity, for or or evil, and to change it towards some values than it has been the venezolanidad, the more the sum of cease of the egoism, of the implantation of social solidarity and of the abandonment of old theories like of trasnochadas theories, the multiplication of the voice of intelligence today induced sleep and thrown in a hammock is necessary. For example, the habit of the growth has been changed by the habit of the survival. The habit of the tolerance has been changed by the habit of the aggression.

The habit of not surrendering has been changed by the habit to orate offensive words and to announce violence. It is obvious that the conformation of habits and behaviors depends as much on the outside as of the interior. We know it to the outside in all tares, but the interior is shown a deep psychological fragility to us, a lack of densidad, a total vulnerability, an impressive lack of consistency in the Venezuelan prototype. Without a propitious inner world not internalizara the despicable outer world. Nor one would take place east circle of people with the new habits and behaviors constituting itself in the devaluated society. Consequently, it is necessary to explain and to introduce a new idea.