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International Foundation

arising from the application of a positivist model, which has privileged methods in the hard sciences. He has also participated in this matter that productive trend where only requested empirical results, measurable, and useful for company (public or private) or … Continue reading

Security Service Bank

Banks say that the accuracy of the estimate – it's just a matter of time. 'The larger the volume of statistical data used to develop scorecards – said a senior vice president and director of the department of risk analysis … Continue reading

TOCANDO: Brand SSL Certificate For The First Time Below 15 Euro / Year

The Suddeutsche Internet company TOCANDO offers SSL certificates at the probably currently best prices of the German-speaking area immediately powerful ‘RapidSSL’ and ‘Thawte’. Ammerthal, October 2009. Good news for all shop owners and webmasters: With TOCANDO finally gone are the … Continue reading

Charity SMS

‘Online Marketing Lounge’ supports abused children Berlin, 03/06/10. June 10, 2010 at 20:00 meet the actors of the Berlin Internet scene for the umpteenth time. The online marketing lounge is a get-together and the informal exchange of knowledge, new ideas, … Continue reading

Digital Value Through Mobile Customer Service Solution

ASS_Mobile service improves customer service quality and increases sales competition and cost-consciousness not only is an issue since the current economic crisis. And although business process optimization via ERP is granted in many areas, the customer service is here often … Continue reading


Semantic barriers are a consequence of that the same phenomenon, the statement has a different meaning for the communicants. Mismatch meanings of statements (requests, orders, etc.) constitutes an obstacle to mutual understanding between the partners. Same mechanism psychological barriers is … Continue reading

Beauty Tip Foundation Secrets

1. For a natural look your foundation must match the skin tone. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Vida Vacations. Trial basis along his jaw. You know the best color because it will disappear into your skin. 2. … Continue reading

Don Pablos

The Buscon is a true testament to the terms of an aristocratic in relation to structural changes of the seventeenth-century Spanish society. For Quevedo this new society is presented as a system in which the cunning and money replace the … Continue reading

Eduardo Miranda

If people see your interest in them, if you respond via the comments of your blog and the content that you create, you let’s we begin to be seen as a credible person, authority in your niche. Click Neiman Foundation … Continue reading

Lepsien Art Foundation

We are pleased that so more talented young artists get the chance of sustainable development. We will systematically develop the work of the Lepsien Art Foundation and strengthen collaborations and partnerships in the core model. The funding year 2010/11 showed … Continue reading