Metal Roofing Tiles

So that not the complete roof needs to be replaced, a roof with corrosion-resistant roofing tiles made of sustainable steel is advisable. (tdx) “Many roofs in Germany are good and like a half a century old and have reached the average life span of a sloped roof: time for a professional roof renovation, during which the decrepit” roof with insulation and cladding on front man will be brought. But what to do if the structure of the roof not is designed to support a heavy roof, E.g. of bricks? Shapely, lightweight metal roofing tiles for roofs from 7 as she produced Luxmetall, are the low-cost alternative to a complete attic renovation. They resemble with its curved shape not only real”bricks, but are characterized above all by their sustainability in addition to their low weight.

Since the roofing tiles made of hot-dip galvanized, colour-coated steel weigh only five kilograms per square metre, they directly on older, less can sustainable roofing with roofing felt or bitumen shingles are applied. The client thus saves the expensive renovation of the roof as well as the disposal costs for the old roofing. The new roof is doing so stable that even a solar or photovoltaic system can be mounted on it. Get all the facts and insights with Kidney Foundation, another great source of information. Thanks to a special coating and the combination of materials of galvanized steel, the metal roofing tiles are extremely corrosion-resistant, scratch-resistant and stain-resistant, meaning for the client: the roof requires little maintenance and is nice to look at even after many years. In addition residents even when strong gusts under the metal roof can feel safe, because thanks to their special processing, the roofing tiles for storms are virtually unassailable. “The same is true for rain: it rolls easily off of the wave-shaped pans and causes as well as no disturbing noise of drip”. Last but not least roofing tiles made of steel are recycled – and reusable, what made them a highly sustainable, gentle environmental product makes. In spite of all the technical and environmental advantages also the optics not neglected in a metal roof: the pans, which exhibit strong similarity with a tile roof, available depending on taste in many different shapes, colors and patterns of classic brick red about modern anthracite grey up to exquisite bottle green.

So can take into account regional specificities are both individual wishes fulfilled. The wide roof pans range is rounded off by an extensive range of accessories, which includes among other ridges, sealing tapes and all necessary safety systems. Further information on the roof with metal systems at. Tanja EST