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Human Development

Thus, they had conceived the consisting human development of that only innate and it is not only molded by the environment. In this manner they had arrived at a interacionista conception of the development. Vygitsky defended the idea of that … Continue reading

Relationship Crisis Instead Of Looking Forward To Christmas?

With the Christmas feast, we combine a time of peace and harmony. According to a study from the year 2011, couples in the advent time arguing on average four times a day. Throughout December they live on 124 dispute. More … Continue reading

Flight Delays – Claims For Compensation

It comes to a long flight delay, it is entitled to compensation. The journey into the holidays bring above all rest and relaxation from everyday life. But even if the trip is carefully planned and organized, it has no real … Continue reading

Dog Ownership In Hungary

Animal husbandry and animal welfare at Lake Balaton in Hungary who hears Hungary / Balaton, think of carefree holiday. World-renowned festivals, wine, good food, surfing, bathing and hiking. But the economic crisis has not only the States in the grip, … Continue reading