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With the ability to print digital photos on canvas, each can give rein to his imagination and because each one wants to feel good at home, it is necessary to be able to individualize the home decor. The situation is … Continue reading


My simple, modest comments in relation to the miners rescued in Chile is as follows: for me this event beyond that if the Chileans did, or another country – is the reflex live of what can make the species human … Continue reading


With this agreement the group of Guetu theater of the UnirG looked for to show some controversies on questions on the negligenciamento of the cultural identification of the Tocantins, of breaking divulges of intelligent form, musical authors and its workmanships … Continue reading

Eternal Divine

It’s much more wonderful to know the unique intimacy of God’s life whose temporal and eternal witness is the son of God made man talking with his father and promising the coming of the comforter, spirit of personal love of … Continue reading

Federal Government

The Federal Government of Brazil, the past years em comes picking through a sustainable environmental policy decrease the negative indexes of capitalism in the region, governorate to these problems requires time and much discussion, as it is known, that in … Continue reading

Europe Fever

Under construction is unleashed an epidemic of fever and pallor, but appears a second phase of the same disease: warts. This baffled the doctors, because it thought it was another disease – unlike the well-known La Oroya fever – insofar … Continue reading


The so-called focus to infinity should also be checked. So ideally, you focus an object of straight silhouette (an antenna or pole is ideal) and check the result: in a certain quality binoculars will be a sharp image, in a … Continue reading