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Detaching still the contribution of Pablo in the opening of new evangelsticos works and the importance of the structure of small groups as an exit in times of unscrupulous persecution on the part of the Roman Empire, in a period … Continue reading

Foundation Ovido Teixeira

To work with hipertenso was a sufficiently enriquecedora experience. They are anxious; they load a dense load very; they are worried excessively with everything and all, and very little with them. The group, then, had the possibility to learn to … Continue reading

World Market Specialized

China's share of the market sales and production machinery in our day all the time increases. And if today it is about 15%, the projected professionals by 2010 it could reach almost 50%. Chinese Politics authorities, aimed at increasing the … Continue reading

10 Pretexts To Know English

English language is required more often. By submitting a resume to the employer and indicating good knowledge of English, you get a competitive advantage over other applicants. Scanning the Internet, and having in its arsenal knowledge English, you get much … Continue reading

Roman Frum

Jerusalem always was a city surrounded for walls since its foundation, part of the walls had been demolidos by reasons of the attacks of the invaders that had occupied the city, the walls, houses and building had been always constructed … Continue reading