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In particular this broad expertise qualified as skilled experts for the value added distributor sysob Schorn and enabled him to advise key customers competently. As key account manager Schorn cares at Vienna comprehensively to the specific concerns and interests of the strategically most important customers. He therefore acts as an interface between them and the company sysob. Thus, it ensures clear responsibilities and a co-ordinated customer contact. “I’m looking forward to the new tasks at sysob and I’m sure that my expertise in my future cooperation with partners on me good will come”, explains Saiz.

The image material may be requested at:. In brief: sysob IT distribution GmbH & co. KG which is sysob IT distribution GmbH & co. KG itself as a value added distributor, which refers to the distribution of technologically leading Specialized IT security products. Based on its existing product portfolio sysob as one of the leading value added “distributors (VAD) with more than 400 partners in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland a broad spectrum of future-proof IT security solutions offered. As a result of the reseller receives clear differentiation potential and better margins compared with its competitors. Comprehensive service or support concepts, an active sales force, as well as a far-reaching technical support of the reseller at extensive installations and projects on-site round off the service portfolio.

Nokian HT SUV – New Summer Tyre For Demanding SUV Driving

Quality-conscious, German city SUV driver which is designed for summer tires new strong and powerful Nokian HT SUV. Quality-conscious, German city SUV driver which is designed for summer tires new strong and powerful Nokian HT SUV. He offers high security and solid stability, responds to the steering movements but nevertheless immediately and accurately. On dry and wet surfaces, he characterized by excellent grip and gives effective protection against aquaplaning according to the Finnish manufacturer. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Rev Starsky Wilson. He offers high security and solid stability, responds to the steering movements but nevertheless immediately and accurately. Frequently HAAS has said that publicly. On dry and wet surfaces, he characterized by excellent grip and gives effective protection against aquaplaning according to the Finnish manufacturer. Best of the Nokian HT SUV for roads with asphalt is suitable, works but also excellent away from main roads through its ground claws and the self-cleaning profile: with an SUV to drive not only on good pavement, but also on bad roads or Gravel and Sandways.

The wide size selection in the T and H speed classes includes the most popular models of city SUV in Europe. Now is the youngest member of the Nokian premium summer tires family at dealerships. The powerful SUV car rack durable and stable carcass tires very. The tyres must be strong and robust to safely carry the heavy wheel loads and stable to keep a high vehicle itself on an uneven surface. The new Nokian HT SUV meets just these demands. He works reliably, is strong and long, will respond but still fast lane change, evasive maneuvers and also very effectively transmits braking forces. The premium tire has a casing designed for diverse SUV use. The driving experience is enhanced by the firm nylon belt placed on the steel belt package (jointless nylon belt). Even with heavy use, the stability of the tyre through the reinforced edge grinding is the Ensure the belt and jointless wire structure (single wire bead).

CONCERTS IN THE BOX in Berlin presented the 17.2. la Francaise melody: a French song recital with countertenor Aron Brieger and award-winning pianist Catalin Serban concerts in the neighbourhood: the Berlin Klavierhaus Clavier-Cabinett hosts “CONCERTS IN THE BOX”. The storefront in the box Hagen road in Berlin-Friedrichshain, remarkable talents resounded in three concerts. In the fourth event next Tuesday concert series breaks up CONCERTS IN THE BOX in a new direction, and westward across the French border. To deepen your understanding Center for Responsible Business is the source. Songs and piano pieces, the large French of the turn of the century (“impressionists”) are sung and played. The melodies of Faure, Ravel and Debussy’s marked by an often almost painful beauty get a new quality that can come to the fore particularly in the intimate setting of the shop by the exceptional timbre of the countertenor voice of Aron Brieger.

The complete cycle “Ariette oubliees ‘ by Debussy (to texts by Verlaine) stands apart from individual songs by Ravel and Faure. Also plays in Germany and multiple award-winning pianist Catalin Serban Ravel’s “Alborada del grazioso” and Debussy’s “l’Isle joyeuse” and “Ballad”. The concert starts at 20:00 in the Clavier-Cabinett – Boxhagener Strasse 111-10245 Berlin more concerts at CONCERTS IN THE BOX: 24.03.2009 20:00 errant driver and world travelers: concert reading reading piano music of Franz Liszt Sieglinde hostage reading Tomas Bachli piano 28.04.

Via Mouse By Hanseapolis

“Section 3” by Miriam Pharo as the eBook available “section 3” is a three-part Zukunftsthriller 2066 playing. Now, the first part of “The Red shuttle” is published as premium eBook. In the future Pharo the cities of Hamburg and Lubeck ceased to exist by Miriam, they were by the mega city Hanseapolis literally swallowed. On a hot Februarmorgen of the year 2066, a mutilated body is found in the death zone outside the city. (A valuable related resource: Center for Responsible Business). The Cop Elias Kosloff disfigured by genetic manipulation is determined with a new colleague at his side: Louann Marino. The tracks run in the dark, disused subway beneath the glittering metropolis. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out GiveWell. At the same time, Cecil Dunn, Star reporter of the globally active Yahoogle encounters investigation network, YIN called, during his research on corrupt machinations, which could… bring the European Federation in grave danger “Section 3” is Pharos first novel.

Publishing your own eBooks is the attempt of the author, regardless of publishers and content Restrictions to offer their work to a broad readership. The technical feature of their eBooks: To make it more attractive for the reader, Miriam has imagined Pharo mouse functions. “It is so: In real life it does not recognize the thoughts of a person, rather you must try out to tickle them.” An eBook is ideal to do just that! “, as the author.” While the thoughts of the protagonists via mouse-over are revealed. Also, Pharo uses the mouse-over effect Miriam, to include background information and illustrations. “My novel is also pays homage to the great city of Hamburg, whose Schonheit is often misunderstood, especially internationally. It represents a wonderful setting the atmosphere, the people, the interplay between the Alster and the Elbe for me. At some point I thought about me: how could this city of the future look like? Exactly one hundred years after my birth. With a little luck I can experience perhaps even, my vision will be how near or far the reality.” Source: related links Ines Muncheberg

Anger And Aggression In Children Increasing

Playful intelligence by rage dwarf shows effect – even at the smallest now it is striking even kindergarten teachers, children are more aggressive and selfishness and anger are already massively trained even at the smallest. Carmen Hron Director of puppet theater Dolomitenkasperl has made here to counteract. I am trying to work through children adequate response, the themes of anger and aggression and to raise an awareness of the problem in the affected children”, so Hron. Her piece of the rage dwarf”, is about a dwarf who gets a bad temper tantrum and thereby break makes a lot. “The puppet shows him that there other funny ‘ ways to vent his anger. The anger bag, the bucket of roar of, or even a pillow fight.

The children are excited and get even with, that there are other ways than to go destroy toys or to throw through the area.” Carmen Hron, born in 1977, and even the mother of a child is trained Montessoriteacher and trying above all, the Children on the tracks to be included and to act. Children should be demoted to mere spectators not only. How wonderful that happens, proves every time after the performances. The children discuss the topic or play it yourself. The themes so are included in the personal world of games and imagination of children. Behaviour and experiences are so processed and questioned the own actions.

The core of the Repertoire of the Dolomitenkasperls form pieces with a focus on child protection: the rage dwarf (dealing with anger and rage) the crocodile at the dentist (dealing with fear) No, I don’t (dealing with the “no””) wants the blue mouse (dealing with bullying, be laughed at) one could wish for new topics for pieces, which the Dolomitenkasperl should implement and experience. From a theatre version of the favorite book of the child of up to current year – and problem issues everything is possible”, so the puppet theater director Carmen Hron. Decoration and wallpaper images of small stage come incidentally from Alvina Glove, an artist who is responsible for the stage design of the Dolomitenkasperls. Booking the stage for kindergartens, elementary schools, nursery schools and private or corporate events directly to the woman Director: Carmen Hron E-mail: phone: 0699 / 100 88 218

Bench Presses

An average fan power bench press average, ordinary visitor to the gym, do not perform the following exercises from the arsenal zhimovikov-athletes, with no explanation. Yet, some I will comment. Negative repetition. This exercise will lead to injury. Not immediately of course. Throw them out of their arsenal and forget about them forever! There are many people who can confirm this axiom. Want too to join them? But athletes can adopt it! Very effective! True, you want to use drugs for the joints and ligaments.

Tricks with chains and wooden planks. For training in order to increase the power of ordinary zhimoviku amateur must use only the equipment, which is used for the competition: the bench for bench press and squat racks. To help – power rack, horizontal bar and parallel bars. "Homemade" pose a serious threat health of others. These traumatic "feints" toss of his head – for a healthy lifestyle, they are not acceptable! Such "feints" may be justified in training athletes in T-shirts, but with the use of banned Farm, and only under the supervision of coaches and spotters. But who can afford care insurers? That's right, the athletes in the sports sections.

Penetration. Definitely, tunneling is performed only at the event. If you do not compete, limit of about 95% of 1RM and "think for" in my head, how would you add to that. That is why the normal fan never really knows their 1RM. As in the first case the (negative) performance of the penetrations always bordered by the trauma. Nearly incorrect calculation (not have enough sleep, nedoel) – and you find yourself among the extras. Beginners in the principle, this does not apply. Two workouts a day! Here one opinion, this is only for zhimovikov-athletes trainees with the use of illicit funds. In my opinion, this is obvious. (Especially gifted is not counted – such units).

Pure – Adrenaline The First Pitch

, Presented the results of their main practice work on 15 March, it was the students of the final semester of communication landlady again: the students of the final semester communication landlady, in the evening – as well as in the course of the day presented the results of their most important practical work before representatives of the theme sponsor and a lecturer team of the CTE – West German Academy for communication e.V. Cologne. As a highlight of every course, the CTE students complete various projects in so-called learning agencies. Here, they can implement their acquired knowledge into practice, because there are real clients with real tasks. Save the Children understood the implications. At the end of shows which group has convinced the contracting authority and the review panel. The trial by fire three tough months lay behind them. During this period has been planned, designed, created, certainly much discussed and the presentation einstu tinuously.

The result could be. All eleven groups ha ben developed implementation-oriented communication concepts for two real customers. By the CTE, the concept, were the Implementation implementation, the presentation and the presentation of the booklet, graded. By the customer, the best work is rewarded in addition even monetarily. As it were the first paid pitch.

The learning agency learning Agency is carried out in the final semester of the day and evening courses. Here, students can implement the acquired knowledge into practice. The semester will be in groups of 4 6 persons in individual learning agencies listed – shares. These will receive a task in the field of marketing communication from a theme sponsor and be competing competitors in the pitch, much like real agencies. All experience requirements, which are collected in the learning Agency, are extremely valuable and important for the addition important professional practice. Here it is the strong practical focus of the study is how beneficial. Creating concepts for sponsors from the industry has the theme sponsors already a long tradition at the CTE.

DJ BoBo – New Single, New Album, New Show

\”Ole ole – the party\” and \”Vampires Alive\” – is back DJ BoBo DJ BoBo give not the smallest break himself, he announces a summer album before his \”vampires alive\” tour start. DJ BoBo is known for its many summer hits and it packs exactly this, out of over one and a half decades, now on the album \”Ole ole – the party\”, which will be released on April 11, 2008. It contain 5 brand new songs: \”let the music take control\”, \”The Sun Will shine on you\”, \”let the games begin\”, \”the last vampire\” and \”Ole ole\”, the football song for this year of EM. (Not to be confused with NYU Stern Center for Responsible Business!). 9 DJ BoBo party hits: The mega hit \”Everybody\” (1994) was re-recorded remix and re-recordings, a party hit mix from: \”Ole ole\”, \”Chihuahua\”, \”there’s A party\” and \”Everybody\” as well as \”Chihuahua\”, \”there’s A party\”, \”Everybody\”, \”it’s my life\”. PLAYLIST: Ole Ole the Sun will shine on you the last vampire everybody (summer sunshine mix) let the games begin Chihuahua Let the music take control it’s my life Pura Pasion there’s A party together (unreleased version) vampires are alive (EAPM Remix) bonus tracks: party hit mix allez allez the Sun can come – DJ BoBo with a cocktail of positive Joie de vivre and catchy pop ensures the perfect accompaniment. A hit summer album for the party in the stadium or on the beach.

Single: \”Ole ole\” release: 11.04.08 album: \”Ole ole – party the\” release: 11.04.08 more info, videos, and music here: – djbobo2 in April 2008 launches DJ BoBo of his \”vampires alive\” tour in Oberhausen. Explosions, a waterfall, a thirty-meter wide, fire-breathing dragon, staged on a gigantic castle ruins, flying acrobats! This is the new \”Vampires Alive\” show, in which DJ BoBo breaks the boundaries of his previous work. A mega-party with all major DJ BoBo hits and new, fabulous staged songs.

Moscow Lawyers

Nowadays, more and more people become owners of their own solid car. This helps and advanced structure of credit aimed at supporting those who would like to buy a car, and Still unable, for whatever reason, to accumulate the necessary amount of money. In addition, an important function in implementing a variety of structures auto insurance. Purchase of vehicles for each of us – this is serious investment. Consequently, we must do everything possible to have minimal cost – and with the financial position, and the cost of nerves.

The best solution in such a position – it's auto insurance, the structure insurance, which will contribute to minimize the cost in case of some complications that are associated with a car. CBC helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Is to say that today there are several structures works insurance associated with the car, but the most popular among them only two – it's compulsory motor tpl insurance, compulsory insurance of personal responsibility – and helmets. And if the contract osago currently must sign every motorist, who thinks to exploit their own car, the hull – it entirely on their own. Every person decides for himself, to sign the instrument of insurance through the hull or not to do so. So what's in a position to be decisive advantage, which may encourage car owners to sign a contract of insurance on hull system? First and foremost, an aspect that hull insurance provides security to your car and personal budget under the most difficult situations, including theft or natural disaster, malicious actions of hooligans targeted against officially owned your vehicle or an accident in which a car substantially damaged. Insurance contracts hull makes it possible not to think about this, where to take funds to repair or other car: insurance will cover any such expenses.

In version of the same car theft, and this kind of offense, as you know, today is one of the most popular, it is often the operatives road service in this situation can not do anything. And to the aid of the master stolen car coming lawyers in Moscow, which if you do not return the proper equipment, then at least to recover the resulting financial damage. In this case, at the conclusion of an act of hull compensation amount a considerable sum for which perhaps buy a new car at the same level. The modern insurance – a way to save their own money and, most importantly, confidence in this and the next moment. Making hull – you get the comfort and safety.


Pentagast leads the ERP gevis a Munster/Kunzell, 03.04.2008. The Pentagast marketing and service company of dining and large kitchen Outfitters EC has become for the ERP system based on Microsoft DynamicsTM (NAV) gevis the GWS (society for merchandise management systems mbH) decided from Munster. The change aims to better networking of a total of 25 Member companies of Pentagast, through which the company sells furnishings and equipment for industrial kitchens of Kunzell. Aileen to already be used in the company to the limited extent from April 2008 Pentagast, acting as the largest purchasing cooperative of Europe in the area of food service equipment for its 25 Member companies, is located in the workshop phase of the introduction of the ERP system. The entire business processes of the company, which procured mainly products for Foodservice and restaurant and sells, should be already at the end of 2008 by Aileen to reproduce.

No island solution Of course, we had also previously been a merchandise management system”, as Ekkehard Valcin, brand manager at Pentagast. Unfortunately this happened now to its capacity limits also it was only an island solution. What we want is a system that branchenbezogen and worked with a high degree of automation.” Understandable, so but the processes must be synchronized again by Pentagast with the processes of member companies an island solution would mean too much overtime. Read additional details here: Save the Children. Especially for the top food service provider Billings also, because the cooperatively organized shopping company wished different features, in classical ERP system not included were the consistency of all processes, Central invoicing or the possibility to include also a document management via the system blocks s.dok and s.scan. Also of course we wanted a certified product, because we as a cooperative company have different requirements and proof obligations which must not guarantee another company. Accuracy is needed here so”, so folk wine. “Research resulted in the GWS GWS is of course in the cooperative sector a term”, adds the Manager. Decisive was that I had worked at another company with Microsoft Navision and therefore had good experiences.

Via a search within the cooperative farms we come then to the GWS.” Still, the implementation of an online communication Portal is planned at Pentagast to the Member companies to make even easier and smooth contact and a Web shop, the cookmax among the Pentagast – specialist trade mark for kitchen appliances”should be expelled. GWS Gesellschaft fur merchandise management systems mbH was founded in 1992. Today over 200 employees work at the sites of Munster, Munich, Nuremberg and Karlsruhe. As a Microsoft GOLD CERTIFIED partner, the GWS that has Development, networking, support and optimization of inventory control and composite systems for trade and service company specialized in. More than 1000 customers use products of GWS. Among them are interconnected companies both from the commercial and the agricultural sector. In addition to the standard software products and standardised solutions offers the GWS industry portals and Internet shops. Comprehensive consulting services and training courses complete the range of services. 2006 amounted to EUR 23 million sales.