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Institute Pablo Freire

With feelings, with the emotions, the desires, the fears, the doubts, the passion and also with the critical reason. Never with this only. She is necessary to dare stops to never dichotomize the cognitivo of the emotional one (FREIRE, 1993, … Continue reading

Devastating Earthquake

The 8.8 Quake on the Richter scale which struck our country in an extension of more than 450 kilometers in length, has denuded not only its soil, shores and thrown its buildings, also has left exposed the dark side of … Continue reading


4000-10. m or more, 70% of food goods, on which is the main circulation, 30% – related; defined pricing policy. Giperstory and hypermarkets are usually situated outside the city limits. The third format – a supermarket, that is, City store, … Continue reading

Irene Muravyova

Here are five mistakes that make single women (and men) during the initial phase of dating and relationships. If something sounds familiar – let's try to fix it! 1. If you think you are unworthy of love, it never will … Continue reading

Early Journalistic

When I was studying at the College, journalism was not considered him a serious profession, in the sense of activity that had some social prestige and a sufficiently decent remuneration. It did not attend any college career to exercise it; … Continue reading

Bernes Comedy

Dreamy and romantic young man imagines himself a knight cloak and sword, for him the war is not serious. Yes, it is, then, shells exploding, there officers and soldiers – but all this is somehow close. Nearby, but not realistic. … Continue reading


Bus departs at 9:30 am Saturday. The bus company usually planned to supply the bus 15 minutes before departure time. Organizer of the meeting was to worry when the bus did not come at 9:20. He rang bus company manager. … Continue reading

The Affairs Of The Country

The lower Austrian Parliament had to adopt in the context of the assigned land Affairs Land Act agricultural legislation in 1861 in lower Austria in detail. The country’s culture was in addition to the public buildings, which were denied by … Continue reading

Development Studio

Players can win 1,000,000 million. Start with big TV campaign on Sat1 Hamburg, March 29, 2011 the Hamburg-based game publisher INTENIUM launches on the occasion of a million game revenue per hour a large TV and online campaign. In March, … Continue reading

Nectar Education

R. 2010, p. 144). Our true identity is spirit and not dependent on wealth or poverty, because it does not depend on our social position, since they can exist individuals who manage large capital and driving in a simple way, … Continue reading