Economic Contraction

Summary the work considers a boarding between the Fleuriet Model that explains topics of management based on the Capital of Turn of the organizations and the reality of the companies in a period of time of 2008 and 2009. The companies search sources to finance its accounts in the Circulating one that many times can be ' ' cortadas' ' in a period of national or world-wide economic crisis and to block this turn of operations if will not be managed with quality in agreement the French professor Michael Fleuriet. In its considered Model it reclassifies the accounts of the Patrimonial Rocking, approaches topics as: Liquid liquid capital (CCL), Necessity of Capital of Giro (NCG), Balance of Treasure-house (t), Capital of Giro (CDG) and the Effect Shears or ' ' Overtrading' ' as well as it is known. These boarded topics with the extracted data of the Central banking will give to the confirmation of the defense of the considered model and the affirmation that the companies compromise its financial health in contraction times and me the management of its Liquid capital. Word-key: Dynamic analysis of the Capital of Turn; Effect Shears; Credit facilities; Economic contraction; Balance of Treasure-house.

Economic Education

Evaluation between Education and Work Evaluating the scene of the decade of 80 we perceive that from this period we have world-wide changes; new ideas and one another economic model and politician appear, neoliberalismo becomes hegemonic and comes the mundializao of the capital with a new project of economic development; the industries leave to be national to be changedded into transnational, aiming at proper benefits these industries if they install where to have better conditions to reach greaters profits. The economic agent leaves of Being been and starts to be market, the privatizations, the competitiveness, the technology and the production in mass starts to be words of order. The idea becomes current of that the private initiative more is enabled to decide the social problems. The public administration if has associated with a synonymous negative, while the private one is had as positive. The public sectors are being to the few eradicated of the society, and the negative effect of this fact can be verified in the deprivation of rights democratic politicians and.

The ruin of the public is positive fact for a society governed under the laws of the market. So longed for development it blunts in this context of the mundializao of the capital and together with all the new technology and easinesses that this advance presents it appears the unemployment, therefore with the hand of workmanship substituted for the robotizao if they had lost the work ranks significadamente. The analysis of this question of the empregabilidade together with the question of the education brings to tona the quarrel of the factor ‘ ‘ education so that? ‘ ‘. Of beginning the education had a character integrator and was understood as essential factor in the formation of workmanship hand. The crisis of the Seventies marks deeply this promise integrator of the school, that the economic contribution of the escolaridade was not refused and yes if affirmed the change in the direction of the education.

Social Economy

Many information, values and procedures are transmitted the child, will have to be translated and enclosed the works of the school, to contribute in the formation of apt conscientious citizens to decide and to act in the partner-ambient reality, with knowledge of values that they express by means of artistic and cultural behaviors, techniques and manifestations, making possible the interference in the analysis searching solutions of the identified problems. The ambient education can help to become more excellent the general education, to start for basic education developing new way to live without destroying the environment, in a new style of life. Boy Scouts of America is actively involved in the matter. Therefore it must invest in a mentality change, acquiring knowledge the human groups ahead to adopt new points of view and new positions of the quandaries and the made constataes, applying more sustainable forms each time of interaction partner-nature and solutions for the ambient problems. The alone ambient education is not enough to change the routes of the planet, but certainly it is necessary condition for in such a way. She is necessary to rescue the taste and the pleasure in the education, bringing to the ambient educators the challenge to actively participate of the debates and initiatives around the importance of the diversity of beings livings creature.

The ambient education involves all the culture human being: the social economy, politics, resolutions, the arts, etc. Favoring the survival of the future generations gifts and of the species human being and all the species of the planet, more joust, healthful and pleasant that the current one. Any work must take to the action the practical one, in an ample project, that of the o pupil the environment vision, where it constructs knowledge to understand and to interpret the world and to act on it. The scale is a privileged place for the ambient education, with operating citizens who with democracy live the practical one of its values. The understanding of the complex characteristics in the environment is to interpret the interdependence between the diverse elements that form the beings livings creature using rationally the natural resources satisfying material and spiritual the society in the gift and the future. The ambient education must enable to the full exercise of the citizenship through the formation, enclosing techniques capable to make possible sustainable developments and to create bases for the understanding of the reality. She is necessary also that the professor has some familiarity with the language spent in the social movement in the movement of defense of the environment.

This is one of the data of the formation of the professor in ambient education that can propitiate at the same time the integral development of the pupils to the practical exercise of the citizenship. The professor must work to form citizens capable to assume its responsibilities ambient and ethical partners, diversifying the procedures to guarantee a rich situation, stimulant and challenger for the pupils. It does not exist you formulate ready and magical &#039 is necessary; ' to learn in the reality and of realidade' '. Baltazar juraszek Specializing Terezinha Saint

Successful Economy

Credit relations have become part of our lives and are already an integral feature. At present it is difficult to imagine a situation in which we would not really offer any credit offers from banks. Even in under the most acute phase of the recent financial crisis, financial institutions offering loan funds, of course, the very stringent conditions, but nonetheless. But in this situation do not blame any party, here market dictates the rules of the game. And in that market forces other conditions could not be. Why credit is so popular? To answer this question, let's use some terms of economics, namely, basic element of the market – supply and demand. These two concepts determines the value and cost of something. Now let's apply them to our topic of discussion.

The demand for borrowed funds have been and will be. It is a fact. And this huge demand. Credits enjoyed by all – business people, government, and even the banking institutions. After all, credit product – this is a special commodity. You could even say that the loan – a tool for each subject of his own, to achieve specific purpose of this subject.

Thus, borrowing – is more than just a product or service. This is a stronghold of a successful economy and, accordingly, each individual of its subject. For its part, supply of loan funds is based, of course, on demand, because, like last time, and determines the first. The logic is simple – if the borrowed funds are not wanted, then offer them no one will. We have already discussed the value of demand for credit. So, this value provides a broad, even very broad, business opportunities, that is to make money. And those possibilities have created serious competition in the debt capital markets, creating an incredible number of offers of bank loan products. As a result, satisfied and borrowers (the competition generates a reduction in interest rates and a large selection), and the banks (since the bulk of banking income – it is a credit activities). And all this thanks to the market mechanism.

Economic System

But one another reflection is imposed here. When if it speaks in social organization one is speaking in collective, one is thinking about a contingent of people who share the same conditions of life, of a economic and cultural perspective. They are the known social classrooms that exist in countries whose economic system answers for the capitalism name. It is not in our plans, in this chance, to enveredarmos for the question of the fights of classrooms. This is an old history that, however, always is in evidence, but runs away to the object from our reflection, at this moment. Observing the dynamics of the daily one of the people, it comes me to the mind a in such a way curious thing one.

It sees if I am certain or not. For a coherence that if seats in the social scope, economic and cultural, it is of if to imagine that an individual, that comes of the seio of a poor family, longs for to improve of life. There he appears one enters two ways to follow: if it is one of those mentioned, that he looks for to apprehend the meaning of its reality, that if makes conscientious of its fenomnico world, where has supplied people, above accumulative of good, each time in bigger amount, where has injustices, inaqualities of chances and a strong oppressing system, it, of ownership of these information, goes to look for to enter into an alliance itself and to organize its pairs together with, to the search to form a force politics that has minimum condition effective to make front to its executioners, because it understands that alone it cannot take to the front none social transformation exactly that either, because, as if it knows, transformation exactly that it interests a dispossessed nation is social transformation and not individual transfomao. However, if it is of those mentally ill ones, that he never seated to reflect the reality of its life, if never account was given of that an established order exists that feeds this status oppressing quo, that it discriminates, excludes and determines that many must be and remain poor, while others, much few, if compared with the first ones, must be and continue rich, then what it goes to make it is to validate the order effective, exactly without knowing (but nor always), and stopping a solitary, individual fight, in the great majority of the times inglria.

Macroeconomic Theory

Of this form, the suppliers are made use to vender, the made use consumers to buy and it offers if it equals to the demand for one determined price. In few words this is the base of all the Economic Theory. Let us examine the example of the Bar Tavern that produces its proper chope? the Mimus. It imagines that you are one () drinking () of chope of the Skol, but the Tavern is charging a special price of R$ 1,50 for caneco of Mimus. The owner of the bar possesss ten (10) barrels in supply, but it finds that he had himself that to charge the price habitual of 2,80 R$ caneco, perhaps alone obtained to vender one two barrels. You like Skol, but for R$ 1,50 she decides to try the mark cheapest. Here, in this bar, ' ' hand invisvel' ' of the economy it is in action, therefore to the certain price, it has a demand for the ten barrels. Structures of Market In a competitive market exist forces that act moving offer, the demand and the proper prices.

Therefore, how much bigger it will be the competition in one determined market, more sensible it is the market price, in relation to the changes in it offers and the demand. Therefore, we will see below, three types of market structures: pure qMonoplio: it is characterized for to have only one salesman of definitive product (or service) without similars in the market. Example: company LIGHT in the city of the R.J withholds the monopoly of the supply of the electric energy and the TELEMAR, withholds the monopoly of the exploration of the fixed service of telephony in the State of the qOligoplio RIO DE JANEIRO: It is characterized for having one few suppliers of one determined product (or service), for which few substitutes or similars exist. If the sector will be competitive, the monopoly is beneficial for the consumer. (Example: the sector of mobile telephony in Brazil, where exists only four suppliers? Living creature, Clearly, TIM and Oi? he is beneficial for the consumers, therefore the sector of mobile telephony is in frank growth. But, if the sector will not be competitive, the consumers does not have no benefit. (Example: the sector of airlines, where the four participants? Varig, Tam, Goal and BRA? they do not compete between itself e, consequently, the consumers do not have no advantage. qConcorrncia: It is characterized for to have many competitors vendendo one definitive product (or service) with many similars, which can easily be substituted. E, in this in case that, the competition favors the consumers, with products of quality and lesser prices each time. (Example: the Extract sector of Tomatoes, Xampus, Mass, Biscuits, etc.) Therefore, when the Manager will be thinking about the specific conditions of the market of one determined branch or about the individual behavior of the consumers, is in this aspect of the Macroeconomic Theory who it must be intent, a time that the industries produce the amounts that take care of to the demand, to a price of balance based on the structure of the competitive market.