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After disastrous fire protection planning and their chaotic implementation on construction sites, such as at the airport of BER in Schonefeld, which had believed any more: Berlin can fire! For the 3rd time is therefore Eberl-Pacan architects + engineers fire protection in cooperation with renowned partners and renowned speakers from the Berlin fire protection technical discussion. Event time and location: 12 September 2013? 09:00 17:00 Clock in the Spree store? Stralauer Allee 2a? 10245 Berlin (Oberbaumbrucke) registration the participation of the Berlin Senate in person of Ephraim Gothe, since 2012 Secretary of State in the Berlin Senate Department for urban development and environment, shows that the Berlin fire protection technical discussion has developed in two years to the most important annual Berlin fire event. His greeting is addressed to all those who want to support in tackling their fire protection tasks Berlin and its partner State and show their commitment by taking part in the event. Other partners and non-profit carrier of the event are Fire Trutz-Verlag, the Association of fire Planner e.V. (VdBP) and the Association fire (WVB).

A day of fire protection expertise in Berlin goal this training and briefing is professionals and interested parties competent information and suggestions on important issues of fire safety to offer, to impart knowledge to specific fire protection issues and to promote the exchange among experts about individual fire protection considerations. Congress is again accompanied by a special exhibition on the manufacturers and service providers to present their products in the field of fire protection. Four lectures, a four eye meeting and a panel discussion offering in-depth analyses, the edits of concrete examples and answering burning questions; comprehensible and practical assistance for the implementation in your company. Fire protection in buildings the 3rd Berlin fire protection technical discussion is devoted in a special way the fire protection in industrial buildings. This is a large task, the continually changes and Further developments are subject to. At the event the latest trends and insights for a safe and efficient fire protection in buildings are shown, which are marked and distribution or storage of products or goods and industrial production, treatment, recovery of the world of work.


War Contrary to what everyone thinks I believe that war is possible. The bravado have the truth at the bottom. This student misapplied military academy has in its memory the old teachings of Colombia as the enemy, now enhanced by the wall that embodies the neighboring country to their desires for expansion “revolutionary.” And will give you around, if there is another president other than Uribe keep with him a short honeymoon and then return to their old ways as it has done with Obama. If Uribe is still the possibility closer. Meanwhile patiently waiting their toys arriving from Russia is armed to the teeth, dreams of mercenaries to accompany you on the adventure. The war is possible, but is likely to be different, not open, as is likely to also fight elsewhere.

Honduras, for example, is a “thorn in the heart”, as the old bolero, and the “singer” Zelaya holds still another interpretation. Friday: All Judas wash their hands, waiting to be no cheering for them and applaud the government decisions. All “come flor” raise their prayers to heaven for the “dialogue”, for harmony, for harmony with the government, for conduct “civilized” to the armed gangs that attack. All trade calculators are so decent, polite, understanding and fraternal. Celebrate, like mindless, lack of competition, lower, and the monopoly of the nominations. Cowardice identify it with democracy, its irritating lack of courage in harmony, its peculiar style of adaptation to the dictatorship in moderation, its provided money worshipers of God with understanding. Saturday: The Jews rest is Shabbat.

There are Jews who do not rest on Shabbat. Sunday: Resurrection? The country is negated, the country Engracia, the country is pissed, the country is shaken, the country warns, the country assumes its destination, the country is shaking the ashes of the phoenix and flew. The country looks at the results and wondered how he could fall back into the same trap. The country loose a slap, the country begins with the closest, by those who said they were at his side. The country decided, the country assumes the speech country, addressed the country, the country is falling and clean table. On Sunday we rest, they think of Christians, unless they revive. The construction of the world did not end on Sunday, returned to life on Sunday, began on Sunday. On Sunday, the last day will be the first of the new history. On the third day he rose again. The country raised on the third day. Y Easter began. Sunday is the third day. This calendar goes wrong, the calendar is no longer red, fades calendar to place on the third day the imprint from the start.

Maximum Money

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If you cannot complete it, will not receive payments, so if this situation repeats itself is better to abandon the site, or will never receive money for their work. But not everything is the fault of the polling. Many times people do not complete their profiles, obviating place personal information when you register. The problem is that this information is vital if send you the polling or not Forms. If your profile is not complete, the company deemed that do not qualify for most of the surveys and will be not sent them, with what they will lose their commissions. Following these simple recommendations you will prevent the frustration of non profit and will enjoy the benefits of filling out paid work from home surveys.