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Labs System

SolarEdge Leistungsoptimierer cut test better than leading strand – and micro inverter Munich, July 30, 2013 according to one from PV evolution Labs (PVEL) ver-shadow study conducted of the national renewable energy laboratory (NREL) exceed the strand leading SolarEdge-Leistungsoptimierer – … Continue reading

Western Europe

The new English coat of arms was a place both warring colors. But breeders have successfully brought the damask roses form Versicolor – a colorful variety, sometimes called York and Lancaster, in which the one branch has white, pink and … Continue reading

Site Online

How to distinguish a second version of the 2nd? Alas, by trial and error … but preferably not their own. Scammers want to get the money and by all means try to do it. Amateurs firmly believe that they know … Continue reading

Internet Person

The second person involved – the company Autodesk. The victim, in my subjective view of 99% of its programs in the former Soviet Union are stolen, that is not downloaded legally. I myself tried to download, no problems, moreover surprisingly … Continue reading

In North Ossetia

Suddenly a storm arose and the ship was wrecked. Survived only a merchant and a scholar. He saw a merchant, the scholar sitting prigoryunivshis, and said to him – that you feel sad? That I had lost all his wealth, … Continue reading