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This context of fragility makes not likely to think about a sustainable recovery in the value of the euro. As to the situation of the economy of the eurozone is concerned, the macroeconomic variables show a continuing deterioration. This has caused the economic confidence in the eurozone continue falling into a tailspin and its indicator is already located at 65.4 points, its lowest level since it began to be measured in 1985. The economies of the region have experienced a strong contraction of your product during the fourth quarter of 2008, but the prospects are even worse for 2009. Most of the projections anticipate a contraction of GDP for the eurozone that could exceed 2%. The weakness in external demand has been one of the determinants of the contraction of the economy in the eurozone. This weakness of the external front is reflected in the current account of the region who lost her position surplus and in 2008 closed with a deficit of 0.7% in terms of GDP. But not only the economies of the eurozone are affected by macroeconomic weakness, also are threatened by the situation which pass through the economies of Eastern Europe that can heavily influence the region.

In Austria, Hungary and Romania, the fiscal situation and the State of health of the banking system are fragile. From the major economies of the eurozone, has been guaranteed aid to avoid a crisis situation. It is not that Germany and France are countries so solidarity in these times think help the weaker economies only out of charity, but a possible collapse of them may imply a negative impact that ahondaria the recessive situation of the economies of the eurozone with them that there are close linkages (mainly by the financial sector). In this negative context, hope for the euro comes from us what can be done.

Anyone can create a Blog quickly and easily, likewise a good entrepreneur must have one or more blogs, since blogs are the fastest growing Internet tool, therefore form part of the so-called Web 2.0. To make a blog only you need a domain, although in honor the truth we can also do free blog using, or Google blogger platform, but if we want to have a professional presence on the Internet this is not recommended. At the computer level domains have multiple extensions (in simple terms, would be like the surnames). They are going after the domain name, followed by .com,. net, .biz, edu,. info,. etc. Examples:,,,,,, etc.

Government agencies use always the .gov extension (of the English government) .edu domain is a domain used only for educational purposes, either by schools or Government offices related to these. The .org domain is generally associated to organizations without spirit non-profit or charity. Other extensions are used for commercial, personal sites, or any different from the previous activity. You can not have or there are two equal domain names on the network. Each one domain name is unique. But if there can be two same names with different extensions, example: and

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Enemy Number One

Varicose veins affect nearly 50% of adults from the age of 40. The veins just under the skin are the most affected, due to the tremendous tension that must endure when an individual has standing long hours during the day. By being both while in this position, the pressure against the vein can increase up to 10 times more. Therefore, persons who by their work to be kept standing long periods, are that are most at risk of suffering from these disorders, among others: tired legs, edema, cold feet, hemorrhoids, phlebitis, thrombophlebitis, capillary fragility, Chilblains, etc. Women are affected more than men (up to 4 times more); obese individuals are at greatest risk; and the risk increases with age, due to loss of tissue tone, loss of muscle mass and the weakening of vascular walls.

Pregnancy can also lead to the appearance of varicose veins due to increased pressure on the veins in the legs. (Pregnant women and nursing mothers should not take Chestnut, but may substitute vitamin C with Bioflavonoids and routine). HORSE CHESTNUT TO THE RESCUE! Horse chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum) is a great venotonic (substance that improves venous tone, increased the potential for contraction of the elastic fibers of the venous wall). Relaxation of the venous wall contributes greatly to the development of varicose veins and, in particular, improves venous circulation of return to the lower extremities. It is your most researched active ingredient the Aescine (compound isolated from seeds) that acts as an anti-INFLAMMATORY, VENOTONIC, VASOPROTECTANT ANTIEDEMA, increases the resistance of LAS PAREDES CAPILLARIES and REDUCES your permeability (reducing the number and size of the small pores of capillary walls). How to take it is recommended to take between 50 to 100 mg of Aescine, in fasting, for a minimum of 3 months and then follow with a maintenance in the long term. To get 50 mg of Aescine, the active principle, must be taken between 250 and 300 mg standardized extract.

Considering the work that each individual carries through as a dedicated service to excessively, it is not permissible the exploration of man power of some and the supervaluation of the work of others. It must, yes, to have a rocking more just, in such way that the work of all is recognized. For example, a person who helps in the cleanness of the city and collects the garbage quick a so valuable service how much any another one and needs to receive a wage worthy. To create a sustainable strategy in this direction, it is important that the commanded one is conditional to the degree of sacrifice and effort that is necessary for the accomplishment of the tasks. Still, she is more than what just that, beyond the commanded one, the worker also receives part from the profit of the company, in accordance with its persistence and devotion. One of the positive aspects of the progress of the humanity is the increase of the collective will in the reduction of the poverty and the misery. Therefore, all effort is little so that the general conscience perceives the necessity of deep changes in materialistic vision currently in vigor.

A solution for this quandary comes of the thought of Bah' u' llh that it suggests the measure of participation of the employees in the profit of the company. It affirms the following one: ' ' In accordance with the divine law, the employees do not have paid for mere to be commanded. Not, in place of this, they must participate of the profit of all transaes.' ' 1 With certainty, the idea is to prevent the exploration of the employees, and for this the participation of them in the profit of the company is indispensable, respecting, clearly, the proportionality to the load of service of each one. In fact, the vitality of a company depends on the profit.