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Philosophical Doctrine

A window for which the people see the life. The foundation of all the espiritualidade is the word of God. To practise the good. To love itself. The Espiritismo, in turn, cannot be defined simply as a religion. It is … Continue reading

The Positive Right

It maintains that the effective order this made up of the legal norms and the customary rules that the public power recognizes and applies, like also by " the rules of generic character that integrate the obligatory jurisprudence and the … Continue reading

Industries Work

The city of Recife has a population currently de1.462.966 inhabitants, spread for 94 quarters and a 219 area of km. Osndices of alfabetizao, life expectancy and per capita income ficampouco above average of the country and are below of the … Continue reading


The monarchy had setornado unpopular. ' ' Some thinkers politicians between the moderate catholics jhaviam started to demand a form of constitutionalism more traditional e, therefore, little absolutist. This meant that already they began you question it pretensions absolutists of … Continue reading