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Secretary General

These messengers scratch hours of their time to take to the most needed our society helps, company and affection. We have already assumed that the exclusive and main exercise of the integral development of the person and the society is … Continue reading

Red Cross

Intervention with students, which will be conducted in their homes, will begin at the time in which the family sought home care, which will provide a medical report in which home recovering from the student is justified by never less … Continue reading

Organizing Kitchen Space

Kitchen – this is the place where we spend a large enough portion of his time. Therefore, we must very carefully to the choice of kitchen design. In the beginning of the century, it was noted that, above all, the … Continue reading

International Organization

Amongst these changes, some have focus in the worker, the example of the improvement of the work conditions (physical structures of the organization and tools of work), programs of health (mental, ergonomic, etc) of the employee and the personal and … Continue reading