Story Products

This is achieved by vivid, memorable shots and loud slogans, background music and the well-established brand to the masses, a product which does not and can not be of the highest quality. However, advertising does the job: the viewer in When viewing quality advertising is immersed in the story clip captured the idea that this product will make him happy, and he just needed him. Advertising promotes a sense of scarcity of goods (often found: "Hurry up. The offer is limited to "), in fact, not taking into account the unlimited availability of this particular product on store shelves, substitute a sentence of more than enough. This approach introduces advertisers consumers in chronic stress, and not just because people have already decided to allocate some n-th number of funds to purchase promotional products and advertising believing that the supply is limited, afraid to lose their "bird happiness, "but also because many products have some kind of pictorial support, inflated in value, respectively, not everyone can afford it. This spurred a sense of inferiority and infringement, as result – depression. This is the depression builds up inside the individual and often spills over to those who can afford the same product.

Television advertising is not the only way to move product to the masses, there are also online ads, print ads, radio ads, etc. But do not be so demonized advertising. In the end, the decision to buy or not buy, carry or not carry the promise and tricks prerogative of the buyer. Advertising has many positive qualities. And cost is the engine of progress.

Some sensible to purchase grain on the screen become familiar product still exists. The firm, the company more reassuring if the image belongs to their products seriously and thoroughly. Hence the quality of advertising, and the package itself, and dare to hope that the product itself. Thus, the advantages of advertising: in the chaos of the market offers, goods and services just need a navigator who can guide the buyer to simplify the process of choosing between the two substitutes, it saves time and effort. You should not let out of account the fact that advertising sometimes has an educational coloring, thereby extending the review of the consumer. And the last is perhaps the most important argument against the acquittal of advertising – competition. Rival manufacturers are ready to literally "Break" each other for your attention to their products. And this is us (the consumers) – only to hand. Creating advertising – a complex and ambiguous process involving a considerable number of aspects – psychological, technological and information. Do not forget that advertising itself is not created and is initially booking producer who is interested in selling their products. Good advertising is not a guarantee of quality and longevity of the product, do not judge a book by its cover, in this case – the product of advertising. It should be a sober approach to the selection of a product, taking into account the image, formed over a period of time. Large seen from a distance, ie a really good thing "is not lost" in the chaos of new products and advertising. Finish the story by an unknown author would like the words: "What advertising does to people, it is not as important as what people do with advertising "