Reach Financial Freedom

The human being has undergone hundreds of changes throughout its evolution. He has been placed on every living thing in the world and has conquered space lands. Many have destroyed their brothers and others have helped build great civilizations. And apparently all share a fact that one way or another believe in his ideals and thinking that the work performed strongly that what they do is good. By this I mean the fact is relative and dynamic way of thinking of human beings. What for one is bad for the other is good and the end is one. Once a little boy told me why a cat barks, I correct it immediately and you will already be thinking as I said, son a cat meows.

And the little boy answered me and why?. That made me the same question myself, why?. And I thought, if the order of the language change would create a new language. And there precisely lies the key, first destroy and create the other side, and an ideal result. So it’s a choice between that and between destroy than create. Hundreds of people around the world move in these parameters and come to understand that regardless of the culture that has been raised to follow the established rules does not mean you can create others to improve my power in society. The rule is that if all I meow meows, and why?. If and why? So I gave myself the task of understanding what I wanted.

And it was Liberty. And note that the social system he belonged forced me to do things that they wanted to do. I began to think that my family was most important but I had no freedom to enjoy it. And I saw the money, ideal set by society was what limited me, enslaved. Then adjust my ideals and destroyed that way of thinking and started to create an attitude that would allow me to contribute to society with freedom. Note that many people thought (barking) like me and talking with them a note Tuesday morning were playing Tennis, others walked carefree on a Wednesday afternoon and told me that I did not make them. Emulating notice that their actions did business, but businesses in which they ran in a few hours in the week. Were Free! Thus started a paper, and plan, which began to walk, was not easy and eventually achieve my ideal. I understood the importance of employment, but my role in life was to be my choice Employer. Decide which side you want to be, lose the fear of Barking although it seems a cat and Free yourself, find your financial freedom.

Alexey Borisovich

Ask yourself, how many without air? Try to answer yourself. “Yeah ” I think, “So much for” Microsoft ” The idea is uniquely brilliant! Ecology is deteriorating every day, and, accordingly, the demand for these vehicles increases every day. ” I asked him: “Man ( way uncle was a nuclear physicist, a very competent) In a nutshell, say, a functional appointment and markets these devices? “. Says: “These devices are able to restore and maintain the parameters of air, as close to natural, in virtually any room within 24 hours. Term operation about 15 years Short and sweet. I say: “Got it! Thank you! “I was determined – it is – mine! Refer to him: “Alexey Borisovich (By the time I had already began to respect) Let’s move on to the economy Says: “Return to product 50%. (Think to myself – Excellent! 50% – a good margin!). I asked: “What a company, how stable? (Because I’m alone and the seller never liked the production, as for me – so pure golovnyak A lot of people, lots of problems Held hostage ).

Says: “Company in the market for 20 years. Continually investing in innovative technologies, 1 in its segment and is inaccessible to competitors, due to new technologies. “. I think: “Well sure” Microsoft “, only clean the air! That brought up I ask: “How to start a business with this company, I’m ready!” He answered: “Take your time It’s not all. There are several ways to earn with this company: First: You can earn on the sale of devices people in need of assistance, about 50%.

The Organization

As such equipment, a toy library sits on four pillars or requirements:-infrastructures: rooms or hallways conditioned as leisure spaces or classrooms of game. If not possible the installation of a playroom at the hospital, you can resort to the collaboration of ludobuses. -Educational project: endorsed by the hospital animation program and recognized and approved by the hospital. -Educational team: with volunteers and staff who share and review the action, so that they form continuously as equipment. -Resources and materials: playful, animation and fungible, material selected and adapted to its users. In turn, the centres must have objectives relating to the characteristics and type of socio-educational intervention that you can pursue and defend them. In this way, the objectives shared by any playroom might be:-promote communication and participation free and liberating from the game and its possibilities communication, participatory and creative.

-Defending cultures and cultural diversity rescuing traditional toys and games, collecting games and toys from other cultures, and disseminating them, empowering them, adapting them, etc. – improving the quality of life of children and youth, integrating social and educational values in the development of recreational activities. The Organization of the playroom at the hospital will adapt to the age of the children, the presence of family members, the situation of the room or space, the length of stay and the availability of volunteers and professionals in the hospital to give a stable coverage to the service. It will seek to combine visiting hours, that are developed in an environment more standardized as possible. The operation is based on the combination of the free game with structured activities (of animation, workshops, etc.) and other punctual as parties, shows or storyteller. The loan of books and toys can be performed following the rules of safety and hygiene usual without risk of infection.

This allows even the optimization of resources through the Exchange or loan of material with libraries and centres existing in the environment of the hospital, always committed to explicit the responsibilities of each party. All toys will be registered and packed with instructions and their tabs, and can be selected from the rooms through exhibitors carts moving on the floor or laminated catalogues. From these centres is can also coordinate activities of leisure in the rooms (so have a connection with group activities) and the loan of carts of multi-purpose activities. The educational team not may neglect, therefore, maintenance, management of the leisure Fund, preparation and evaluation activities as well as monitoring of users and the service. In the ludoteca educator / entertainer acts as a mediator in the process of development of the child, since the game is the ideal way to develop skills and techniques of communication and social skills as participate, compete, collaborate and seek help, without placing emphasis on perfection. In addition, the toy libraries are an ideal place for observation and research of playful activity and its stimulators elements, their limitations and their potential, and in this case, centered in the hospital context.

Online Tarot

Gypsies have a longstanding practices in time and one of them is, of course, to divine the future through various forms, amongst them are the Tarot Online. Their culture gave way to a character type after humante and empathetic, hence the urgent need to earn a living through traditional tarot cards, and in this day and age, Tarot Online. Through them, access to the flow of people until they come closer, curious to know what masks are beyond the simple day to day. Over the years and the emergence of new technologies, consulting the Tarot Online means not just a personal meeting between a person who performs consultation and expert consultations carried out, but thanks to the Internet and specific web pages can access such as the Tarot Online with a safe and easy way to such information. Online Tarot is used to find information about things in the future in the professional field, the Online Tarot is often also basically asking about the future in all / these fields: the Online Tarot can help us questions about fortune or wealth economicaa This means that the Tarot Online is very flexible and it is therefore appropriate to consult, not just business as usual personally or by telephone, but with new technologies, through Tarot Online, via. We note that the Tarot Online, although similar in their objective, it is significantly different from other Tarots, basically because the consultant and the expert does not have a personal meeting.

Tarot Online with notice that it is also good for capturing these long-awaited answers. Not Just ask in person, but also through Tarot Online, in order to become one or more positive media / you know the future. Online Tarot gives us a way to meet our current and future / and analyze the doubts that essentially we care at this / as periods of bad economy running. It is undeniable that the questioning by Tarot Online, it offers us succor in a / as periods when the economy is giving many lurches and we need to buckle down. The Tarot Online is treated as a lifeline at a time due to its negative and availability surely find a light in the darkness that can come to attack us at any given time.


2 – Enhanced resale rights (MasterResaleRights – MRR) These rights give you the opportunity to sell not only goods for which you a resale rights, but also sell those rights themselves to other people. Moreover, you can sell these rights to the product itself, and apart from it – the choice is up to you personally. Ability to purchase resale rights of the species most often appears as a supplement to the product, but may look into a separate offer. The disadvantage of this type of resale rights is the lack of uniqueness of the large number of competitors, but a competent marketer can make non-unique product with resale rights unique specials. proposal from which it is difficult to refuse.

How do you know of a free e-course "The whole truth about resale rights to information products" () Less – lack of originality. Pros – high quality information, an additional income stream. The rights of such type are presented on the site. Only here for you can get 19 (devyatnadtsat!) information products with full resale rights at a very attractive discount. 3 – Pravalichnoymarki (Private Label Rights – PLR) These rights provide you with the ability to make unlimited number of changes to the product (eg, edit, and append the text of an e-book, change the format to make their data – the site address, etc.).

You can even tell yourself as an author of the goods. In short, you are not limited to modifying it. But at the same time, as a rule, you do not have rights to sell resale rights and the right personal brand for the product to others. This possibility must be purchased from the author of the original product separately. Plus – free use of the material. Cons – the most expensive form of rights, inaccessibility of the proposed acquisition PLR-publications. 4 – Rights of free distribution (GiveAwayRights – GAR) These rights give you the opportunity to distribute this or that product people are free, but illegal to sell it, others restrict its free distribution, as well as in any way modify the source was good. As a rule, these rights provided with one or another product to its maximum distribution to meet the challenges of promotion and advertising of their own business by using viral marketing techniques. 5 – Rights to rebranding (ReBrandingRights – RBR) These rights give you the opportunity to make their own product inserts, for example, to put it in their commercials, insert a pre-defined places for advertising your own website address and etc. But usually such products are transient in nature, ie demand at certain times and have a characteristic loss of its relevance. Plus – an additional income stream. Less – risk reduction in demand product. This completes our brief overview of the types of resale rights. By the way, as you've probably already realized, the use of products with resale rights – this is a great opportunity! So for you I prepared a special offer – – Set of 19 (!) e-books with full resale rights ResaleRightsProfits!

Tax Justice Network NGO

Global offshore tax evasion exceeded 200 billion dollars, spread over more than 3 million companies, foundations, or private individuals, according to calculations by the Tax Justice Network NGO (not the American billion). That amount of money would cover ample form the objective of the UN of reducing poverty by half by the year 2015. Switzerland has blocked the accounts of dictators that they deposited in their banks fortunes stolen in their countries of origin. It has also restored part of those funds to the States that were extracted. It is a step forward. The Swiss State has taken the initiative, but in the world operate with total impunity and without any scruple more than 70 tax havens, which moves one quarter of world GDP. Gibraltar has an area of 4.5 square kilometers and a population of 30,000 inhabitants. The number of companies and societies in their territory amounts to more than 28,000.

Almost one per person. Only in Luxembourg, banking institutions manage assets that they exceed the GDP of many States. Liechtenstein has twice as many companies than inhabitants. Similar examples may be found in Monaco, Jamaica, or in the Solomon Islands. According to its academic definition tax havens are those territories or States characterized by little or no taxation to that subject to certain persons or entities which, in such jurisdictions are coverage and amparo. They themselves described it as countries of low taxation or privileged taxation.

Indeed are mafias, dictators and companies money washing tunnels. Traffickers of weapons, drugs or people, mercenaries of war, political corrupt, or large multinational visitors are more frequent in such countries. The stream of money flowing through their banks is estimated at ten-digit numbers. This reduces money entered by States through taxes and it is destined to the education, health or public safety. Also public figures and celebrities choose tax havens. It is the case of the former champion of the world of racing, Fernando Alonso, who insures have been moving to Switzerland to avoid the harassment of the press. His predecessor Michael Shumacher and his successor Lewis Hamilton van not far behind in this aspect. Boris Becker and Steffi Graff are no strangers to this fashion. Bono, U2 singer charitable taxed earnings in a Dutch tax haven. Until recently Banco Santander offered its customers with largest fortunes the possibility of moving their money to these havens. White collar offenders accumulated their wealth in tax havens by insignificant tax collection, and above all, bank secrecy, which prevents you to discover to the holders of the accounts. The client has the anonymity and confidentiality, both its name and the movements that you make to your account of the origin of their flow rates. In all of them there is a restrictive standard that prevents the lifting of bank secrecy. Large multinational companies use more sophisticated financial engineering to undertake their tax avoidance. Main assessments, such as Deloitte and Ernst & Young, where they arrived to work current figures of politics, are more than legal corruption gear part. What would happen if all people who pay taxes moved their savings to these Offshore banks? The Emir Sader Brazilian claimed that liberal globalization requires tax havens as the traditional family institution to brothels, as compensation to the indissoluble marriage and escape route of needs unmet by the wife. Perhaps the problem then do not file tax havens, but the economic system that allows them.

Five Movements

A basic component Chinese medicine is the image of the five elements, that unites each of the organs of the body to one of the five fundamental elements: water, fire, wood, Earth and metal. Each of these elements are viewing of the five skills of energy in the universe. They manifest equally in men and women, and unite our environment energy cycles, as the stations or the succession of hours, day and night. The way in which we respond physically and emotionally to the forces of nature depends on much of the balance of the elements that compose our body. The fire, to get an idea, is also the element of warmth, summer and delivery in the relations of human beings. Each item is related to a taste, to a station, an emotion, an organ or an entrana. Thus, the physician of East not only cares about the revelations of the patient, but that to confirm the trial may want to know the favorite flavor of the sick or disturbances of the time they improve or worsen its status.

In the universal image of the universe that keeps the Eastern concept, everything is connected. If you intend to adapt this theory to a person’s body, Chinese medicine declares that the liver, associated with the entrana gallbladder, is the organ that controls the dissemination, and corresponds with wood, which enlarges and expands abroad. The heart, implies that possess the function of tempering and linking to the intestine thick, corresponds with the fire. Spleen controls transport and variation, is associated with stomach and refers to land, which means seed and harvest. The lungs, attributed to the small intestine, refine, and are consequently linked with metal, which works in exchange transactions for purification, interiorization and retraction; also the kidneys, which correspond to the bladder, regulates fluids and are governed by the water that humidifies and filters down. If you want to know more, you can click here and get the most complete information Publishers sign collections

Installed Capacity

Installed Capacity MB . The Heart Institute offers 193 beds in hospital, transplant center and neonatal critical care, pediatric and adult. It offers preferential service hospital comprising 12 single rooms and 3 suites. . . .. To guarantee quality in the provision of health services, the Heart Institute, Cardiovascular Foundation of Colombia is working on prevention of nosocomial infections, a safe practice that relies on surveillance systems. In 2008, the hospital infection of cardiovascular programs was 2.1 . The mortality rate in adult cardiac surgery was 5.27 and 6.11 for pediatrics. In the past year, the Heart Institute cardiovascular surgeries performed in 418 adults and 394 children.

Moscow State University

Which, apparently, by this time, too, with divided Circassia, I do not know really how. Zalikhanov deputy and his supporters seem to know … And the Congress Adyghe social organization, where condemned such separatist plans, suddenly voiced the idea of widening the Circassian regions into a single republic. Is that "our response to Curzon"? What are the initiators of the best proponents of the "independent Balkaria"? Not would be advisable to first all in this schemer map to explore and think about how this will be done, and even preferably without bloodshed. Think about how you divide large multinational city be? By the way, do not would be advisable to have Russian, too, their opinion to ask. Nieman Foundation shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. I recall that in Kabardino-Balkaria, for example, two areas Prohladnensky and May, with a predominantly Russian population, the capital of Nalchik – multinational.

And if Prohladnensky and May also choose to areas of the Stavropol Territory to be asked, tired of "sitting on a powder keg" or "sleeping volcano"? And really do not have to humor – then we have the North Caucasian Wahhabis caliphate build collected, some MPs – a separate "Balkaria", some public figures – "Great Cherkessia." What multinational Russian Federation has already died? No like, write this on June 12, just a day public holiday the Day of Russia. Or Moscow to these plans would react favorably, according to the authors? As for the words "supporting the policy of consolidation of Russian Regions", then the sponsors Circassian Olympics obviously disingenuous. Vladimir Zhirinovsky, for example, generally offered to "enlarge" Here every one of the North Caucasian province. You is the "integration" should be? In conclusion, I want to remember about a wonderful guy, whose memory is rightly revere the same Abkhazian volunteers. On Naurzhanove Ibrahim, who was the first volunteer from Kabardino-Balkaria, was killed in Abkhazia during the 1992 war. . I studied with him at the same rate then of History and Philology KBSU in before my departure for Moscow State University.

I only on the philological, and he – the history department. The military department in the same platoon were. Ibrahim was a good student, keenly interested in the history of his people. That he is the author of the thumbnail recreated a modern Circassian flag with 12 stars and three crossed arrows. Ibrahim loved sports, I remember calling all along the climb to Mount Elbrus, but he was totally alien to some narrow-minded nationalism. I, Russian guy, he is invariably called a friend Olezhka. However, our generation in general, the disease of nationalism have been infected. It is now something "friendship of peoples deteriorated" in the apt definition of Mikhail Zadornov. In Abkhazia Ibrahim then went on Naurzhanov desire to protect the soul akin to the Abkhaz people. I do not think that he now would have approved of any actions that could split the republic, to plunge the entire North Caucasus region in ethnic conflicts. He knew, what this means!

Elaboration Rio

The unevenness enters the contribution areas and of the soil erosions significant and when it is not worked of form adjusted it tends to promote moments in the regolito for force of the action of pluvial waters. Consideraes Final the urbanization modifies the landscapes, ground, geomorfologia, hdrico regimen, fauna, flora and even though the micron climate, and new landscapes are formed in the process of installation of infrastructures as waters, sewer, energy, houses, asfaltos and etc. For Guerra and Maral, (2006, p.28). Fast growth cause a significant pressure on the urban environment, having the varied consequences more, such as atmospheric pollution, of the ground and waters, landslides, floods etc. The increase of the urban populations was characteristic of the Brazilian cities of great, average transport and small, however the processes of urbanization in many cities are developed great ambient problems as occupation of risk area, areas of ambient preservation in end inclined areas the great catastrophes ambient human beings and, as the notified ones in the of the state of Rio de Janeiro coast, with great movement of mass due to rains and occupation of risk area and volunteer. The formation of soil erosions in the Quarter Garden of the Buritis, and an example clearly of bad urban planning, the area in question is an area of permanent preservation, with springs and trails and lagoons delinquents of the river San Francisco. The planning lack stops with pluvial waters and torrents formed in the quarter high are another factor, determinative for formation of the soil erosions in the quarter garden of the Buritis, it has seen that the volume of waters generated by the quarters is enormous, and the formation of erosions and only one transference of the problem of torrent waters.