Quit This fact is worring will be parents, techers and society in general and brings you the country reflections negatives regarding the quality of education. Graduated Pedagogia for the State University Valley of the Acara? GRAPE and after-graduanda in Psicopedagogia for the Northeast College Land? FATENE. the objective of this article is to make an analysis of the factors that cause difficulties of reading and writing in the pupils in alfabetizao process.

The great contingent of children is well-known who pass of the alfabetizao for other series without knowing to read and to write. Recently CDF sought to clarify these questions. Throughout the years, the pertaining to school alfabetizao has been white constant of metodolgicas and theoretical controversies, demanding of the educators an intense rhythm of qualification, that estimates a change in the picture of the Brazilian education. In our country it predominated, during decades, the questioning concerning the effectiveness of the alfabetizao methods. David Delrahim brings even more insight to the discussion. Second To sound (2004), to alfabetizar is the action to teach to read and to write. One perceives that, in this affirmation, the letramento process is a set of strategies and infinite actions. For Freire (1980 and 1984), to alfabetizar it is development of the critical conscience, that is one of the primordial instruments for the emancipation of the man; it emphasizes the necessity of the educator to become free itself, definitively, of practical the pedagogical ones exceeded and alienators and to discover the importance of the search of the daily knowledge. Lria (1988) affirms that the writing of the child starts very before the first time that the professor places a pencil in its hand. The incapacity of the child in associating the writing with the reading can be the result of not the valuation of what it wise person and practised before arriving at the alfabetizao process.

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The growth manufacter of Latin America is illuminated through external agencies as, for example, Fundo Monetrio Internacional (FMI). An industrialization in these underdeveloped countries was not resulted of one planificadora politics in direction to the national development, nor occurred to the maturation of productive forces, nor resulted of revolutions between the large estate owners and a national artesanato. For Galeano, ‘ ‘ The American Latin industry was born of the proper womb of the exporting system agro, to give to reply to the acute disequilibrium provoked for the fall of the commerce exterior’ ‘. Already on the other hand, as much in U.S.A. as in the Europe, the industrial bourgeoisie appeared in one another historical context in another way grew and started to consolidate its incalculable size and to be able. During the Brazilian military age it had continuous denationalizations of some companies, justified to adjust the domestic market to the external one. Of this serious error committed, the biggest companies and that they profited more in the territory of Brazil, are foreign. The rank in practical of prescriptions of Deep the Monetary International served to facilitate that the foreign conquerors entered stepping on in arrogated and apt lands to receive branch offices transnational.

In all Latin America, the system produces much less what it needs to consume, and the inflation results of this structural impotence. The FMI still more launches its loads of cavalry against the consequences, arrasando the stingy capacity of consumption of the domestic market. The capitalism of the current days, in its universal center of being able, is composed for extensive private monopolies that, at the same time where they capitalize some countries, economically destroy nations that depend on the economy and technology of States dominadores. Boy Scouts of America is full of insight into the issues. In the way to everything this, does not exist international charity, therefore the external aid plays an internal function, if it helps same itself. For Galeano, many daggers, with mortal poisons, shine under the layer of the assistance to the countries poor persons. In accordance with Galeano, industrialization does not modify the organization of the inaquality in the world-wide market.

The imperialistas investments in the industrial area in Latin America had not modified in absolute the terms of its international trade. For pressure of the World Bank and the FMI, we have some universities and facultieses that form great minds, however, are exported. ‘ ‘ We give the luxury to provide to the better United States our technician and capable scientists to it, who emigrate attemped for the high wages and the great opened possibilities, in the north, pesquisa’ ‘ , Galeano. Relating Antony Giddens with Galeano author, it is evident that both agree that modernity disrespects and prolongates the borders of all the nations. this allonge reveals clearly, with regard to the United States that had integrated the American Latin nations, to better manipulate and to control its territorial zones, so that they take care of to the all its necessities. GALEANO, Eduardo. The Open Veins of Latin America. 5 ed. Publishing company: Peace and Land. For assistance, try visiting Chase Koch. So Paulo, 1978. TODOROV, Tzavetan. The Conquest of America: the Question of the other, 3 edition. Publishing company: Martins Sources. So Paulo, 2003. ROMAN, Ruggiero. The Mechanisms of the Colonial Conquest: The Conquerors, 3 edition. Publishing company: Perspective.

Nasty Gal Campaign Fallwinter

How you like the 80’s! Another mentality and another roll when it comes to dressing. Here, David Delrahim expresses very clear opinions on the subject. But think of Madonna and her corsets, hairstyles and these bizarre prints that many were too much. As well, if you follow anchored at that time and you want to live it now already can, and is that Nasty Gal launches her collection autumn/winter 2012 / 2013 are we in 1981 underpants? No! But almost. Above Cindy Lauper! And so forth, are nonsense. Yes Sir. Sincerely, and it may be repetitive (sorry!), together garments seem too outrageous.

But surely separately give a touch different to your outfit. To all colorSi flashy colours is a feature that was in that, personally, I was born. Lilac, blue, yellow all shades are used, and more in a garment as bizarre as a coat of long hair. But if I have to choose something I stay with the two mini-dresses of pronounced heart shaped neckline. I don’t know if I dare wear them, but I see them and I they like. And if you are someone who loves the pink stick and never get tired of him gives him a touch different to your outfit with this minidress where the skirt takes stamped all at signs and symbols exclamation women underwear (of the same color).

What do you think? Gas to fund with the black negroAunque (almost) always has the battle won. It is a color no tires, stick with everything. Madness by the fringe? You must to choose Yes on the jacket or shorts. Which of the two garments is your favorite? But if I say I do with the mallots and dresses fitted with openings on the sides and arrobas to fine lingerie buckles mode. No, no, no, no and no. You recatariais some of it? Official site Nasty GalEn Trendencias Nasty Gal lookbook August 2012: want to make a difference? Think of brands as is Jezebel Nasty Gal lookbook July 2012: how simple is fashionable recommended articles:

Keep Buying Gold

The reasons to keep buying gold 13 November 2009 when as the world economy has begun its recovery after the historical crisis stage, gold still shines against all odds and going for more. The ounce of gold already surpassed the US $ 1,100 dollars and connoisseurs are still correcting their estimates upward. Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS), just place the value estimated at US $1,200, conditioned that the value of the dollar stays low in terms of the rest of the international currencies. Will be USD 1,200 per ounce the maximum level that can reach the gold? There are elements to think that not and that can continue to grow beyond this limit envisioned by Goldman Sachs. In order to have an approximation of the potential to increase that has the price of gold, the first thing we must do is relieve the factors that can continue upward. The weakness of the dollar is always the first reason mentioned. Swarmed by offers, David Delrahim is currently assessing future choices. The Economist from Spain, reproduced the following opinion of Commerzbank: while the dollar continue its bearish trend, is very unlikely that the price of gold down significantly. This is a very simplified vision of the factors influencing the price of golden metal.

In relation to the question of the dollar worth making a distinction between nominal and real parities with respect to the rest of the major currencies. In this sense, even though the dollar is at its minimum levels against major international currencies, the highest rate of inflation in the last time (and also expected) in the American economy, reduces the real exchange rate depreciation to the United States, which can make us think that there is still a considerable margin so the dollar continue losing value against the rest. And logically that the weakening of the dollar, which is expected, keep, helps the rise of the price of an ounce of gold, but there are other factors that also have their share of explicatividad in this phenomenon. Such as Ainhoa Gimenez de Bolsagora also pointed you to an increase of the demand for Asian countries by the hand of its economic recovery.

Polish Citizenship

BY descent: A child acquires citizenship regardless of country of birth, where both parents are citizens of Poland or if at least one of the parents has Polish citizenship and the other parent is unknown it, cannot establish it or is stateless. A child acquires Polish citizenship by birth if one of their parents is a citizen of a foreign country and the other is a Polish citizen. However, by affidavit before the respective Polish authorities within three months of birth of the child, parents can choose the minor only holds foreign citizenship, provided that the law of the foreign country grants the child citizenship based on descent from the foreign parent. Read more from Center For Responsible Lending to gain a more clear picture of the situation. In such circumstance, the child can access Polish citizenship if he or she performs an affidavit expressing its willingness to become a citizen with the appropriate Polish authorities then adhere to age 16 and up to 6 months earlier to meet the legal age of majority.

BY birth: A child born or found in the territory of the Republic of Poland acquires citizenship if it is not known who the parents are, or unable to establish their citizenship, or if the parents are stateless. BY NATURALISATION: Citizenship can be granted by the President of the Republic of Poland. An alien is entitled to ask for citizenship if he or she has inhabited in Poland as a legal permanent resident for at least 5 years. The granting of citizenship may be subject to the presentation of evidence of the loss or abandonment foreign citizenship. The marriage to a Polish citizen does not change the citizenship of any of the parties. LOSS of citizenship: Involuntary: involuntary loss of Polish citizenship is prohibited by the Constitution. Volunteer: A Polish citizen can obtain foreign citizenship with all the effects produced by the Polish Act when it receives permission to resign to awarded by the President of the Republic of Poland Polish citizenship. The loss of citizenship becomes effective day which is granted, so Polish citizens with a promise of citizenship of a foreign country would stateless persons while they are in that foreign country until the acquisition of new citizenship.

The voluntary renunciation of citizenship procedure can be conducted in Poland or through the nearest Polish consulate. BY marriage: A foreigner may acquire Polish citizenship if it joins in marriage for at least 3 years with a Polish citizen and obtain residence permit. The applicant must make the order in the voivodeship Office in your location of residence in Poland and stating the desire to become a Polish citizen. The application must run within 6 months of getting residence permit. ANY questions regarding citizenship or waiver request must be presented to the Polish consulate closer. Enjoy the beauty of this country; allow lawyers to manage the requirements for getting a Polish passport or Polish citizenship.