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The process of development of social politics in the direction to guarantee inclusion, equality and diversity initiates from the wakening of the conscience of all the social citizens. These, must understand that a country with social justice without joint efforts is not constructed and without participation in the quarrels of the proposals for the improvement of the education. To go deep regarding this axle, demands a look for current the practical politics on the part of the federate beings and also for the form as he is being developed in the scope of the pertaining to school context the lines of direction for formal education in the perspective of the inclusion, equality and diversity. Taking in account the situations ece of fishes when if it speaks of the reduction of the inequalities, politics of educational development and others, we infer that it is needed to construct an education system that is beyond the given project in view of that if it cannot say that we possess a conjuncture that in fact is guaranteeing the minimum criteria of educational quality. The relation of the lines of direction of the CONAE and its implications in the pertaining to school culture.

To argue regarding the implementations of the educational politics, specifically in Brazil, imply to inside point out them in the scope of the culture and the practical pertaining to school of a historical panorama of these categories. The process of educational elaboration of the plans and projects and its execution if recharge of several other questions that are given in other instances of the social relations gifts in all the acts practised for the human beings. When developing the dialogue enters the politics of the document of the CONAE for education in Brazil and the context of the practical one and the pertaining to school culture is necessary to problematizar the linking between education and society being evidenced the factors that make possible such linking, as for example, the agreement of the paper that the education plays in such a way in the vision of the population in general as in the vision of the legislators and executors of the lines of direction of I teach.

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