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Environmental Ethics

Bioethics and environmental ethics. Bioethics. According to the Larousse dictionary, bioethics is the set of principles and rules that regulate human performance with respect to living beings. The theme of bioethics turns out to be extremely extensive and fascinating. The … Continue reading

The Country

Very significant is the reality of the number of SMEs that have ceased to operate and which still do not have support from the State to generate technological changes, operations s favouring him and be competitive. The national Government if … Continue reading


Then, the basic rule is that all entities of public administration have active legitimation to start a contentious-administrative proceeding against a tortious action of public interest and the legality, still thats requirement that this faculty is planned in an authoritative … Continue reading

Humberto Munoz Zazueta

In this school year 2008-2009 the pupils of our school took advantage of all the benefits of ICT in the classroom of media, optimizing their use working with all the subjects of the three degrees by raising the quality of … Continue reading

The Child

It does not matter in what form (oral or written) will be organized this very conversation. Ability to speak absolutely no need for understanding speech. We did not ask the question: "And as a child to teach us to understand … Continue reading

Olympics Competitions

Games of the competition will be held from June 29 to August 16, 2010 and most of their programs – 30 species of 44 – will be held on arenas of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region. In the 14 sports … Continue reading

Internet Ads

To my surprise, recently became convinced that many users of the web bezkrayney still have no idea what a virtual bulletin board. And yet with great difficulty they realize what good boards can to bring in advertising goods and services. … Continue reading

Plush Teddy Bear Collection

One of the most popular children's fairy tale characters is a teddy bear Teddy in a series of toys me to you. Question – when, in what country and under what circumstances did this wonderful toy, and to this day … Continue reading


Everything flows, everything changes, and we decided not to violate the law. Here is a new face and a new website design company "Souvenir Media." We offer you a new identity while retaining some of the old theme of the … Continue reading

Codeco Nutrilife

Smart-Releaser-Pro Codeco Nutrilife grouped in a natural product to a group of amino acids that are considered conditionally essential amino acids, since under certain conditions, the body does not produce them in quantities that would be requiring them, requiring his … Continue reading