Environmental Ethics

Bioethics and environmental ethics. Bioethics. According to the Larousse dictionary, bioethics is the set of principles and rules that regulate human performance with respect to living beings. The theme of bioethics turns out to be extremely extensive and fascinating. The term bioethics is presented for the first time by American Van Rensselaer Potter, oncologist, in an article entitled Bioethics: the science of survival (Bioethics: the sciense of survival), in the journal Perspectives in Biology and Medicine, New York, 1970. Then, Potter raised the need for the emergence of a new science that deal with reconciling science with humanistic, to confront the continuous destruction to which the man submitted to the ecosystem. In 1971, Potter publishes his work Bioethics: bridge to the future, which outlines the necessary futuristic concretization of a culture of survival.

The word bioethics, has its etymological roots in the meaning of the words corresponding to two Sciences: biology and ethics; each of which encloses or covers the conceptual content of other sciences. Biology deals with the life; Physiology, reproduction, pathology, and everything related to the evolution of existence of living beings. Ethics is concerned with goodness, wisdom and legality of human behavior. From the papers of Potter, the term bioethics has been interpreted particularly by scientists, philosophers, and thinkers in general, have dimensioned theme by presenting it in different ways, at times even contradicting each other. At this moment, we consider understanding the meaning and the scope of the term bioethics, objectively analyzing what you mean biology and what is ethical.

Previously, we establish the purpose of a science. The Latin root of the word science means knowledge. A science what does is establish realities, define situations and facts, and give them character of perpetual law; Mathematics sets 2 x 2 are 4 and will be 4 forever. Science is concerned with the absolute knowledge, what is, not what could or should be.

The Country

Very significant is the reality of the number of SMEs that have ceased to operate and which still do not have support from the State to generate technological changes, operations s favouring him and be competitive. The national Government if he had that vision of integration of forces towards its objectives, that his revolution really favoured the country towards a fair, productive socialism, could never neglecting the role of the business sector and seek the way of how to integrate it in their economic programmes, in its new foreign trade policy so that the opportunity be incorporated into new markets on the basis of bilateral alliances has been doing Have no doubt, that the final opinion that says war over this reality cannot be ignored by those who really aspire for a Venezuela free, more dynamic, operational. Integrated positively in the opportunities that modern globalization presents in favour of those countries that maintain an active, innovative industrial park in favour of the country’s economy that belong. War tells us, this is the Venezuela that closes 2008 with a mediocre behavior of its industry, the main sector according to their contribution to the generation of the gross domestic product (GDP) and with a Government that chose to sacrifice domestic production to accommodate an importing maelstrom that now stands against the national employment. The domestic industry has been destroyed and today when currencies start to dwindle, Venezuela will pay a high price for a suicidal policy that pretending to endogenous development did the opposite. Yet we are confident, that the national Government rectify their economic policies, economic advisory teams, to have productive to measure the reach, the impact generated by having programs that know how to use industrial strength and support these new openings in function make it participate, giving way to many companies to activate its operation and guarantee income for the benefit of all Venezuelans to the country. original author and source of the article.

Humberto Munoz Zazueta

In this school year 2008-2009 the pupils of our school took advantage of all the benefits of ICT in the classroom of media, optimizing their use working with all the subjects of the three degrees by raising the quality of their learning, with access to technologies through the use of e-mail, educational blogs, educational sites, the portal of redescolar, among others. We support the educational process through the interactive use of computing and telecommunications in order to benefit a greater number of students and teachers of our school. We complement the projects of the curricula of the subjects Spanish II, geography, physics, civics and ethics, biology, Spanish III and chemistry through active participation in collaborative of redescolar, projects supporting two sections of the computer totally didactic purposes workshop promoting the exchange of views among students from other States of the Republic, that, with the enrichment of knowledge. In the secondary media classroom Humberto Munoz Zazueta, teachers took the opportunity and applied the methodology with the use of the technologies of information and communication in order to apply them to the teaching process learning as dynamic in this participation elements of our work as classroom Media Manager was essential since the annual up to manage resources and disseminate teaching material that serves as support to the teacher in the school community plan in their practice teaching. For this we were immersed in activities listed below: elaborate a regulation for the media, annual work plan classroom, where are considered activities that are performed in the Aula.Elaboramos daily working for assistance to the classroom hours.We review the portal redescolar at least three times a week to identify the firstfruits of the page and inform teachers about activities that could strengthen their teaching practice.We are looking for daily information on the Internet to support the themes of the various courses offered and support material to the teacher’s grupoRevisamos teaching materials to support teachers in their work in the group.We remained inside the classroom of media at work as support sessions to the teacher and the group.We train on a permanent basis in person and online using the options of CECOTED, forming Formators, UNETE and redescolar. .

The Child

It does not matter in what form (oral or written) will be organized this very conversation. Ability to speak absolutely no need for understanding speech. We did not ask the question: "And as a child to teach us to understand if he still can not write?" Simply put, the kid without a difference not only in what form (oral or written) will communicate with him, but then, what language (English, Russian, Japanese ) it will happen. The kid is able to master any language in any form, provided that the intensive communication begins at birth. So ordered nature. Conversely, if the child until seven years will be denied communion, but in future it will not be able to learn any human language in any form whatsoever. And the fate of more than 100 "child Mowgli" known to science are indisputable proof of that.

How can a child learn to read, if he does not know the letters? When the mother of 4-year old child brags that her child "knows all the letters, it is condescending smile. Even for one year old kid to learn 33 letters of the alphabet – this is such a trifle, with which it can handle up to 1 – 2 days. Children's brain is able to absorb information every day a thousand times more! In itself, knowledge of letters without the ability to read – a thing is absolutely useless. Teach children to read by folding the letters only after six years. But the most successful students with such training are waiting for years to come tedious work, before they can move from poslogovogo to scamper.

Internet Ads

To my surprise, recently became convinced that many users of the web bezkrayney still have no idea what a virtual bulletin board. And yet with great difficulty they realize what good boards can to bring in advertising goods and services. Bulletin board – so to speak online newspaper, where everyone can post their ads free of charge. Also, a bulletin board is a website that is just as other sites on the Internet indexed by search engines and Internet users are invited, as a list of sites on its keyword. How can advertising on a billboard on the Internet to be useful in advertising a product or service? First of all, read the announcement visitors. We understand that when they came to this site for a specific purpose – namely to find needed services or goods.

Here is an example of one of the most practical: Rostov classified ads to sell cars, where you can buy or sell new or used car. Someone came to serve an ad, but may notice and your – interested, write, call, or visit the website of your company, where he can see the proposals in more detail and to order a product or service. But the visitor with message boards, 'who came specifically to read the ads' (so to speak), and may notice your ad – it is only a small percentage of the number of responses to your ad. The main 'stakeholders' to come on the key demands of the search engines. That is, we need only one add announcement on the site, and over time it will continually find its readers – your potential clients.

Plush Teddy Bear Collection

One of the most popular children's fairy tale characters is a teddy bear Teddy in a series of toys me to you. Question – when, in what country and under what circumstances did this wonderful toy, and to this day remains open. On the "homeland" of the character claimed by me to you the two countries – Germany and America, and each has its own story of the emergence fairy bear. We will tell the American version of the appearance of a bear cub that has become a way of goodness and charity. In 1902, the president of the United States at that time, Theodore Roosevelt, with his subordinates went to hunt. However, the head of state was worthless hunter, and then his subjects caught the bear and led him to Roosevelt, tying the animal to a tree that Roosevelt saw him.

But the president did not want to kill a defenseless bear, the animal was sorry and told him to let him go. Since that day more than a century has passed, and bear me to you with those been considered the epitome of generosity and kindness. His name "Teddy" was just a teddy bear in honor of the President – Theodore. Several years later, Teddy bears are actively sold in many countries in Europe and Asia. Plush animal me to you is widely known, became a symbol of England, earned the love of collectors around the globe. There are even special clubs fans fairy bear. Teddy lived in each child and gift shop. This gray bear with kind eyes and a blue nose appeared on postcards, T-shirts, backpacks, became the top seller in stores soft toys. Teddy bear cute me to you was the best gift for the day Birth loved and loved ones. Many collectors in England, Germany, the United States and other countries in Europe and is still regularly participate in the auctions, trying to buy a new model for me to you.

Codeco Nutrilife

Smart-Releaser-Pro Codeco Nutrilife grouped in a natural product to a group of amino acids that are considered conditionally essential amino acids, since under certain conditions, the body does not produce them in quantities that would be requiring them, requiring his external input. This is why he created the Smart-Releaser-Pro produced under strict quality control measures, and with a few appropriate concentrations that would enable it to help stimulate immune function as the production of thyroid hormones and growth. Smart-Releaser-Pro amino acids are extracted from plant Mucuna pruriens is an annual plant, climbing shrub with long tendrils that enable you to reach more than 15 m. Their beans are white, lavender, or purple; flowers and pods covered with hair Orange, causing severe swelling and allergy if they come into contact with the skin. Beads are black or brown shiny. Found in tropical Africa, India, Caribbean.

The amino acids that compose it are: L-Arginine is considered an essential amino acid conditionally, since it can be synthesized by the body but not in quantities sufficient for what it is necessary to supply it, used for disorders of the heart and blood vessels including congestive heart failure (CHF), chest pain, high blood pressure and coronary artery disease. L-Arginine is also used for recurrent pain in the legs due to arteries that are blocked (intermittent claudication), for the treatment of the decrease in mental ability in the elderly (senile dementia), (DE) erectile dysfunction and male infertility. L-ornithine is considered a non-essential amino acid because our body produces it from L-Arginine. Ornithine is essential to extract nitrogen and ammonia from the body, eliminating toxins.L-ornithine is used by the body to synthesize Arginine, PROLINE and other amino acids. L-glutamine is classified as an amino acid conditionally essential, this means that under certain circumstances the body can synthesize sufficient L-glutamine to meet the physiological demand. However there are some moments in which the body can do this work, as in oxidative stress, burn, infeccione, being fundamental that this amino acid has been provided in sufficient quantity. It is a very versatile substance that is involved in many biochemical reactions.

It is important in the regulation of acido-basica, serve as respiratory substrate in the production of energy in the enterocytes and lymphocytes, is considered an inmunonutriente. L-tyrosine is one of the 20 amino acids that comprise proteins. It is an amino acid not essential but necessary in the production of neurotransmitters including the dopamine and adrenaline. L-tyrosine also seems to have a stimulating effect on the nervous system. L-tyrosine also helps optimize the good state of mind, concentration, productivity and levels of hormones produced by the thyroid. Glycine is one of the amino acids that make up the proteins of living beings. It is a non-essential amino acid, molecularly the smallest of all. Important in the synthesis of collagen, also in the hemoglobin. Benefits of Smart-Releaser-Pro Trauma. Cancer. Infections. Stimulating the immune system. Burns. Liver regeneration. Recovery from hypoxic cells after heart attacks. It improves the quality of sleep and insomnia. It helps to manage stress levels. It lowers cholesterol levels. Premature aging of the skin. Osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, deterioration of cartilage and tendons.