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These incidents are carried out, according to ' indignados' , by people other people’s to the movement that " they do not have any type of interest in this and they approach by food &quot free; , Pablo denounces. " Sometimes even they get to sell that food that has obtained gratuitamente" , it adds. In order to avoid to ' oportunistas' , the movement it is shuffling to restrict the feeding commission and to exclusively limit the distributions of food encamped and the members of the commissions and the work groups. Drugs. The narcotics also have arrived at #acampadasol, where cases of heroin sale, porros and ansiolticos have occurred, according to sources of the respect commission. " We have gotten to have to a woman with overdose " , they inform from this commission. Infrastructures. The encamped ones recognize the risk of the electrical wiring that are using and the necessity to look for an alternative the provision.

" We extinguish the generators when it rains, but is necessary to find soluciones" , it emphasizes Pablo Go’mez. Also bound to the electricity is the refrigeration of the donated food. " We cannot maintain perishable food with this calor" , they assure the organizers, that they continue requesting foods that do not require cold. Fatigue. After two weeks sleeping to flat the fatigue it begins to make notch. For this reason, some have proposed rotations to allow that the energies can renew constantly. " There is physical fatigue, but that is not reason to leave campamento" , it assures Maria, that she arranges the encamped one with the practices in a company.

Centralization. The encamped ones are conscious that Sun " &quot has become a symbol of the protest; but they indicate the necessity that with time the movement descentralice and extends to the rest of places. " The center of the fight is the assemblies, nonSol" , the encamped ones insist.

Drawings Of Houses

Drawings of houses procedure and enforcement rules. The planes are the most used documents which constitute the project and therefore have to be complete, adequate and concise, i.e., include all the information necessary to run the work scope of the project in the most concrete way possible and without giving useless or unnecessary information. Borgen Project is open to suggestions. The planes have to contain all the details necessary for the full and effective representation of the works. The planes must be descriptive enough for the exact realization of the works, to whose effects must be able to deduced from them auxiliary work or workshop drawings and measurements which serve as a basis for the relevant assessments. Dimensions at all levels, generally, dimensioned in meters and with two decimal digits. As an exception, the diameters of Armors, pipes, etc. are expressed in millimetres, placing behind the symbol the figure that corresponds. In the plans of workshop, furniture, machinery, etc.

dimensions are usually dimension in mm. You must be able to carried out, except in special cases, the measurements of all the elements without using more dimensions than the bounded. In particular, not to include detailed exploded view should be able to deduct directly from drawings, all geometric dimensions thereof, by means of appropriate notes or additional specifications that define them unequivocally. In terms of structures is concerned, shall contain, where appropriate: details of special devices, such as support or link. Indications will be equally on the against arrows want to establish in the formwork and execution processes. At each level you must appear at the bottom right of the same, a box with resistant concrete, and characteristics of the steels used in the elements that define this plane, as well as levels of control envisaged types of planes and their features drawings can be general and studied both for the execution of work in field and workshop equipment.


Time series study the evolution of a variable being observed over time. The main features of a series before putting it to a forecasting process, summarized in four: 1. Cualitativas: I.e. given its importance and characteristics, they have gone through a previous process of qualitative analysis and is has been managing to identify that they are susceptible to predict its behaviour in the future. 2 Temporary: Companies time series are usually expressed in terms of the calendar, i.e.

values that are predicted are assigned to specific dates (months, days, hours, etc., depending on the basis of time working each company) 3.Quantitative: Corresponds to the value in the variables that take to express the different variations. 4 Probabilistic: i.e. the reliability of the forecast value occurring in the planned horizon. Time series classification mainly depends on the volume of data that have thus: type A: Series are high-volume. They are pretty regular so that the methods statistics like those used by Forecast Pro work well. Usually high-volume series are important for companies, and the consequences of errors in forecasting can be significant. So if they are not many, should be checked carefully one by one, and even make adjustments if deemed suitable by experience. Series type B: are volume medium.

Normally these series can be predicted with good accuracy by the methods of Forecast Pro. Since this group of items is not so crucial to the outcome of the company, it lends itself to predict them automatically. Type C: series are low-volume, and often represent more than 50% of the total of the series. Many of these series contain zeros with occasional sales 0 and eventually a big sale. The percentage of error in forecasts of the type C series is almost always very large but the consequences of this error are usually small. When forecasts type C systems appeared, they were almost never pronosticados. A prognosis is used by default (0 or) (1).


Travel to London need a previous preparation and it is also necessary to take some points into account, so that unexpected episodes will not occur. A_continuacion, you point out some tips and observations for your trip to London with greater success: prepares the following things before you travel to London: your documents: to) to be a citizen of the EU passport do not need to travel, although if you have to carry your ID card to London. However, it is recommended that you take both documents, as well as photocopies of each. It is also advisable to carry documentation in a place that is not baggage, as for example in your pockets. (b) do you have travel insurance? If it is not, it is recommended that you have one.

You can ask any of the many travel agency that there are for more information. (c) do not forget to bring your driver’s license. If what you want is to look for work in London, sometimes they will ask you if you have driving license. And it is convenient to have it on hand in those moments. d) in London, Spanish social security card is not used; However, the citizens of the EU can get free health care at a pretty good price by presenting the passport or the E111 form. To achieve this last you can go to your nearest provincial center of security and order. When you ask, don’t forget to mention that you are going to look for work and until you don’t find one, you need this document if something happens to you. Either way, once you’re working in London give you high on Social security beyond. On security in London: London is a safe city. There are many places cameras monitoring everything, as well as policemen watching and willing to help you when you have a problem. Continue to learn more with: Randall Mays, San Antonio TX.

Earn Money

I have this theory of income multiples, is that many people already are using here on the internet and make money. But this rather write it for those who are with the idea that perhaps, earn money on the internet is a good choice. By the same author: World Travel & Tourism Council. And in my case, I have months researching this and that I liked this theory that I call multiple income, i.e., is earn money by various methods or from various sources. And in this way I have found that there are already people who earn money and teach others, thats the way shorter, the other is to learn little by little, to draw certain conclusions and do certain things, i.e., into action. The other important point, determining diria yo, is financing. Because as well as in a traditional business, the money available to start and sustain the operation of a business is very important, so on the internet is not, because the techniques that better and more fast work, are those that cost, it is paid advertising, that is the truth. In that sense a business on the internet is very similar to a traditional one, it takes money to earn money. But it has its differences and the main is that when Spears something in your business over the internet, as these releasing to the world, everyone who speaks your language has access to what you’re offering, but of course, do it to reach thousands of people, costs money. It is as simple as this…do you want to earn big money? .necesitas lot of money, so easy expires you have to combine it with the correct way of doing this, it is the winning formula. Here you can meet more original author and source of the article.


Basically gaping due to THRIPS, of the regulations in the field of drugs and vital medicines they emanate, in addition to encompass genetically modified organisms Yes!, even life itself property is jealously protected under tight patent. The development of cutting edge technologies drag since the 1980s new demands for experts of the law, the need to protect intellectual creations obliges the making of complex treated as THRIPS. By concentrating a large amount of materials, objects, substances under unsanitary regulations. Cate MacLeod shines more light on the discussion. Priority is given to what it sells and what is not actually necessary. How? if, the best-selling drug in the world is used to fight cholesterol, followed by a powerful antidepressant, the industry is not concentrated in other deadly diseases, such as diarrhoea, malaria, tuberculosis, these people suffer, but not consumed. In other words, there is no solution without money, simple equation; your result: this death is not the only thing that should alarm us: there is a tendency growing to patent living organisms, in other words, genetic creations become object of property, small microcosmic monopolies. CBC is full of insight into the issues. Leading agricultural products, herbicides, fertilizer – Monsanto discovered the genetic code of rice in 2000, after the amazing epic authorities announced that they would share the fruit of its work with the international community, ten years later we hope this promise. Where are we going? What is property and what isn’t? Drugs, Cardinal discoveries, treatments and agencies for now if the are. Is it that they already patented life itself, and we do not fell in the account?.

Feudal Standards

Control of process improvement, by making the necessary adjustments, by means of a constant monitoring. Continuous improvement means raising standards, establishing at the same time, higher standards, by which once established this concept, the maintenance work by the administration or by the person responsible for the process, is ensure that the new standards are observed. Lasting continuous improvement, is only achieved when the staff works to standards higher, thus, the maintenance and improvement are an inseparable cufflink. For this reason, when improvements in processes, these ultimately lead to improve the quality and the productivity, avoiding, concern for the results (Fernando Fernandez Maurino; frequently do not have a specific structure and enough to devote to the analysis and improvement of the processes being key optimization of resources to the maximum. For this it is essential to work in a systematic way, organized there is a series of steps to follow to work productively. Firstly, it is needed a general mapping of the company’s processes, allowing you to clearly identify the main processes and support.

Then, you need to make an inventory of all processes (significant, that affect to the quality), order of the mapping performed. Managers, teams, priorities for analysis shall be defined then. It is the key to working with a timetable clearly establishing deployment times and the people who will be involved in this. All this is documented in an array that must be followed by the responsible of the project management processes, providing the support that is necessary. Another key element is to establish the methodology to be used, both in relation to teamwork as the tools of analysis, improvement and process documentation.

Train the personnel involved in these tools will be essential (Roberto Auliso, John Miles, Isabel Quintillan.) There are several factors that impede the expected results of the improvements I have here some of them: A new paradigm for the industrial manufacture of the 21st century. It’s believed that CBC sees a great future in this idea. Passivity among senior executives and managers; those who evade responsibilities. People who think that everything is going well and there is no problem; they are satisfied with the achieved status and understanding of important aspects are missing. People who think that your company is the best. Let’s say that they are self-centred. People who think that they know is the best way of doing something and the easiest. People who rely on their own and enough experience. People who think only of themselves or in their own division. People imbued of seccionalismo. People who do not they have ears for the opinions of others. People yearning to stand out, always thinking about themselves. Despair, jealousy and envy. People who do not see what happens beyond their immediate environment. People who know nothing about other divisions, other companies, the external world or the world in general. People still living in the Feudal past. These include the person dedicated solely to commercial matters, managers and workers in line with no common sense, and doctrinados members. (Marisol Perez campaign) Conclusions definitively, management should be very careful about the behavior, achievements, results generated with the processes that have been put in place, if these really guarantee efficiency, productivity of agreement a. indices established, benefits they entail that the objectives are achieved, for this purpose, and not to neglect the continuous improvements that are demanding and proceed to make the necessary corrections are required, reengineering is needed and strengthen them.

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It is very important to optimize the time when a project is carried out. It is something that distinguishes the enterprising people of success.According to the Pareto rule, 80% of our results are obtained with 20% of our time dedicated to it. And in many cases, 90% of results achieved with 20% of the time spent for this purpose.I.e., that if we work 10 hours a day to get something, in fact, only two hours from those 10 hours are really productive, the rest of the time will be on tasks that provides very little added value to obtain the expected results.In factories, one of the ongoing struggles of the production manager is to make low value added activities decrease in relation to which Yes bring value. It is there where the difference between obtaining significant results to differentiate us from the competition.Let us take an example in real life, it is not true that we are almost always put the same clothes 80% of the time with 20% of items that we have in the closet?Now that we are aware of what stands in our business the lack of manage in the proper time, is time to implement measures.You should test what activities best results provide. Segra Stadium often addresses the matter in his writings. For a time it works by introducing a change, studying differences brings and then add another change.

In this way changes become one by one in order to identify what is the factor that determined the change in results. Although in our everyday activities does not lack apply mathematical terms. Surely that we already know are the priority tasks and those that are less by our experience.Write a list of the tasks of the day according to the priorities can be of great help to not divert us from our objective. It may seem easy to maintain the plan, but in day to day it is difficult to not be carried away by distractions. For example, the call of someone who keeps us half an hour to the phone knowing that with 2 minutes it would have been sufficient to manage the issue.Planning your activities written at the beginning of the day, which in principle could look like losing 10 minutes, will now become a priority for you. Perhaps, those 10 minutes it depends that 80% of your time will be productive, with what you’ve earned quadruple results at the same time.

Prosperity Pays Attention

To the my view people more prosperous in the world are children, and smaller, more prosperous are. Mature people make efforts to be prosperous, to behave in a certain way, but children are thriving in a natural way. This is the topic of the article prosperity Los children have reason first part, published on 01 March 2011, on the web site:, which is one of my blogs. Today I’m going to tell you a sad story. Jerry Clipp is actively involved in the matter. Not for get sad, but to learn something to do and something you should never do. Two things you will help to be more prosperous and live with more joy. in the matter. Sometimes you have to be sad (but only a little bit, not you you fall me on the barrel of melancholy for a whole week, please), to understand better, to savour the joy.

You’ve fasted ever? I will say that after a week of eating only vegetables, when you going to eat a steak, you’re going to suck fingers. It is the same. When I was 7 years old, my sister had only 3, and walked to the nursery. Read more here: Childrens Defense Fund. My father we picked up the two, first let my sister to daycare and then to me at school. I liked go first into the nursery to let my sister, because the nursery was the same where I was also and now gave me a sense of nostalgia seeing other children went to nursery, but I was now big because you walked to school. Someday has come new guy with his father, but something seemed to go wrong, the boy cried, didn’t want to stay in the nursery for nothing, the said non-stop Pope I do not here, I want to with you, and that was in part because it was his first day, and as I do not know anyone, the place is seemed strange, and why cried with sobs.

The father of the creature looked occasionally shooting clock, it was clear that he didn’t want to take on the job. Practical exercise: 1. identifies a child in your family or a friend’s family and study it seriously, you have to be convinced that children people are more prosperous on the planet. Add to your understanding with Randall Mays. 2 Imitates their behaviour, Ponte for 10 minutes each day in the shoes of a child, conduct yourself as if you were a child, sure you will have fun a lot. 3 Meditates 10 minutes on the child which you took as an object of study, try to see the world through their eyes. 4. Clear, try to do those things in your House, because if your friends, your neighbors or your co-workers will find you will be the laughing stock of the month. At the end let me a comment on this article, your opinion is very important to me. Thanks a lot. Toader Matei video how to reprogram your mind to be the leader of your MLM business get click and download it now! Original author and source of the article

Painting Oil

Man in their constant development, has been developing skills and tastes by many things that do see their tendencies and their sensitivity, allowing to explore new fields of great beauty and between those beautiful activities that man has made that have allowed to develop his sensitive side, displayed art in its different forms, that their variety and beautiful samples of good taste have won a great place in society. Referring to the art speaks of a large group of activities and techniques, but among all these excellent ways of doing art excels the painting, which thanks to the beautiful shapes that are reflected in the works of art easily captivate the eyes of many people. It is worth saying that between painting, several useful techniques were found to carry out the boxes, which locates in the oil painting, which thanks to the ease with which has this technique has become the most ideal way to perform various paintings. Speaking of the oil painting, is this referring to the use of certain kinds of oils to be combined with other substances are Gets as a result an excellent product that is highly effective for the realization of paintings, thus becoming the oil material suitable for the realization of the paintings, still so much the importance of oil in the realization of the paintings that came a moment in which the term oil ceased to be just a reference for material but it also refers to the painting itself. The oil painting is well known since times that date back to ancient times, because he was very widespread among a large number of artists who saw the beneficial properties of the oil when making paintings. So the oil painting had great presence in the middle ages, time in which the oil painting was widely used by combining this technique with tempera or fresco painting. The mixture of these materials was used largely time of retouches to works that had been made in plaster, which was contributing to the drying process was much more rapid. With the passage of time and the ongoing processes of improvement of the technique of oil painting, best mixtures based on oil which allowed better results in the realization of the oil painting were developed. Among the materials most used to obtain oils useful for the realization of the oil painting, stood out the flaxseed, to be combined with different materials, obtained oil paintings with a specific color; It is worth clarifying that the flaxseed was one of the materials of more use becoming a general reference, without however was very present in the society of painters that each had their own combinations and materials when making the oil painting. Among the advantages offered to the oil painting for artists, found, the possibility of making the painting with greater peace of mind to be able to dispose of more time and so be able to realize the oil painting slowly and without any effort, also appeared in the painting to the olea the advantage of being able to perform enhancements to work every day or change aspects of the painting to the oil as the composition, colors and many others.