Positive Side Effect

Only the school press, many students is no longer enough. You want to build the Foundation of the language in the classroom, but in everyday directly apply what you learned. A normal language stay abroad does not suffice many students. You want to supplement the lessons with a volunteer or internship and thus equally provide a social service or gain work experience in an international environment. Only the school press, many students is no longer enough. You would can build the Foundation of the language while in the classroom, but in normal life situations directly apply what you learned. A volunteer work or internship abroad offers the ideal mix of language and culture. After a monthlong course at the school, the internship at a not-for-profit institution starts effective social missions.

These are mostly in social areas, in education, active in animal or environmental protection. Supervise the volunteers, for example, children in an orphanage in the voluntary work, care for animals, or help maintain a nature reserve. The projects are often located in Latin American countries such as Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica and Ecuador. There are also internships in Australia, Canada or South Africa. International work experience In the resume make good especially in the globalized economy of time spent abroad. Especially if you could collect first international work experience.

The BOA Lingua internship programs combine language courses with an internship in the United States, Canada, Australia, England or in France, Italy and Spain. Students can usually be at companies in various industries such as fashion, marketing, promote tourism or law. With the help and the good network of partner schools by BOA Lingua, a suitable company can be found within a very short time. Boa Lingua – work & study can you dive deep in the culture, is in close contact with the local population, can apply the foreign language daily and achieved great progress.

Magnetic Separator Development

Does BK Series Permanent Magnet Drum Separator BKY, BKC, BKJ, BKW, BKF? 5 models developed by the Beijing Mining Research Institute are respectively applied to pre-selected, roughing, Featured, dam re-election and anti-froth magnetic separation to obtain better technical indicators, and played an important role for the magnetic separation plant to increase production and economic benefits. in recent years, the maximum specifications CTB, is successfully developed? 1 200 mm x 4, 500 mm wet permanent magnet drum magnetic separator, magnetic corners is 127. Magnetic induction points constituency tube table the 180 350 mT treatment capacity of 200-320 t / h (dry ore), pulp processing capacity is 600 to 700 m3 / h. The permanent magnetic separator application of materials new header design developed by the Institute of BX new magnetic poles (8-pole, l2) system, magnetic corners (1400-155) large, the magnetic flux density (180 to 750 mT) rinse water high, dam overflow port high these characteristics, which is suitable for magnetic separation plant selected iron, non-ferrous metal ore concentrator strong magnetic minerals iron, blast furnace gas mud, sulfuric acid residue, industrial waste such as recycling of magnetic materials. The Chinese recently successful development of the separation column, the composite flashing selection of machines and magnetic screening machines and other weak magnetic field the magnetic re-election equipment is introduced in the 3.

5.7 Dry weak magnetic field magnetic separator includes two types of dry type, lump Owers incluye magnetic separator and dry cylinder separator. Lump Owers dry permanent magnetic separator collectively referred to as the magnetic pulley magnetic drum, in essence, there is a difference between these two. Lump Owers dry permanent magnetic separator magnetic drum and the permanent magnet drum magnetic separator magnetic drum water are basically the same structure, only the former magnetic wrap angle is larger than the latter. Magnetic system in the work itself does not move, but the simplified rotating around the magnetic system, the declination of the magnetic system free to adjust the ore in the Simplified magnetic roll phenomenon, so the magnetic mineral take-away easy, the separation indexes is good, the quality of equipment is lighter. Magnetic pulley magnetic system is 360. Angle, magnetic field empty area without magnetic roll, magnetic minerals easily enter into the magnetic pulley and belt, as a result, the failure is frequent, even tearing up the belt, and the sorting indicators result are not good. Sand making machine: mills:

Green Development

For a long time, the extensive industrial production mode has caused a great waste of resources and environmental damage. In recent years, as the problem of energy shortage has become increasingly prominent and the problem of environmental pollution has left a serious impact on the lives of people, low-carbon and environmental protection have become the world s common pursuit of economic growth mode. There is no exception with China. Especially after the 12th Five-Year Plan, the construction of a resource-saving and environmental-friendly society has become a society-wide consensus. Mining machinery industry, as the industry with larger energy consumption, should also do its best to reduce the energy consumption, achieving green development.After years of development, at present, China has become the big country of the production and consumption of mining machinery in the world.

The mining machinery industry have formed a large industrial scale and the annual output is increasing year by year. In addition to meet the needs of the domestic market, the mining equipment (cement plant) has also been exported to Africa, Latin America and other regions, having made outstanding contributions to China s economic growth.But another phenomenon should arouse the attention of the mining equipment (hammer crusher) industry in China. The high production of the mining equipment just has opened the market of underdeveloped regions such as Africa, Latin America and other regions in the international market, but for the Europe and America market, the field that the mining machinery of the world compete for, our mining machinery does not seem to produce a satisfactory report card.In fact, it is largely because that our mining machinery can not meet the demand of the U.S. and European markets for energy conservation. Energy waste of our mining machinery is not only reflected in the manufacturing process, but also reflected in the usage.

Compared with the products of developed countries in Europe and the United States, the products with high energy consumption in our country is not in line with the concept of low-carbon and environmental protection. Therefore, many domestic mining equipments (impact breaker) are shut out of the U.S. and European markets.Taking an overview of the international mining equipment market, the competitive focus of mining equipment is placed on the words of the low-carbon and environmental protection. If the domestic mining equipment industry does not put more efforts in the low carbon and environmental protection and improve the green content of the mining machinery, they will certainly be frustrated in the international market. Speeding up the transformation from from extensive mode to intensive mode helps to achieve sustainable development development production of China s mining machinery industry.

Video Surveillance System

CCTV systems are divided into simple and complex, multi-chamber, with different image processing. Simple CCTV systems are used for the primitive, momentary monitor the situation at the facility in real time scale. For sufficiently strong demands for control of the protected object in several zones apply multi-chamber system of surveillance, equipped, for example, multiple cameras, connected through the quad, multiplexer or video recorder for one or two video monitor. In such cases, use is usually up to 16 surveillance cameras, as more difficult to work a camera operator on monitoring the situation in each area of surveillance. The optimum observation of an 8-camera one operator. A simple surveillance system consists of two elements: the camera and video monitor connected a communication line to transmit the signal from the camera on a video monitor. Such a system is a basic element for video surveillance systems, video surveillance and video surveillance of any complexity. Video system can be colored or black & white (B / W).

The vast majority of applied color video. The most important characteristic of video is its resolving power, ie, the ability to display the finest detail. Ordinary resolution is 420 TV lines. The monitor should have a higher resolution, so as not to degrade the overall system resolution. It is advisable to choose a monitor with a resolution of 600-800 TV lines. The most important quality television systems for the protection of objects is the possibility of recording and documenting long-term surveillance of events occurring on protected objects. For this purpose, video on specialized recorders or other recording devices that can operate in continuous mode and recording mode on a regular schedule or event, with a mandatory record current time and date. Thus, systems of video – this is video surveillance systems with video have a great help the security services in an objective assessment of the situation at the facility, identifying control objects, as well as allow the quality of operators.


In the practical a distribution of products he is analyzed under different functional perspective for the technician of Logistic, a side, and for the staff of marketing and sales. The specialists in logistic of nominam physical distribution of products or resumidamente physical distribution the operational processes and of control that allows to transfer the products since the manufacture point until the point where the merchandise is finally delivers to the consumer. In general, this end point of the distribution> physics is the store retail, but she has many cases of delivery of product in the house of the consumer, situation this observed mainly with voluminous products heavy and/or. Thus, the responsible ones for the physical distribution operate specific elements, of predominantly material nature: deposit, vehicles of transport, load supplies, equipment and discharge, among others. (NOVAES, 2007p.123). 3. METHODOLOGY With intention to detail this research, was created a basic methodology that is structuralized in 5 stages (To see Figure 1). In the first stage it will be necessary to constitute a bibliographical referencial, through definitions of canals and the relation between them.

The second stage mentions the characterization to it of the company. Parallel the third stage aims at to the qualitative and quantitative research where it will become the survey of the type and the current conditions of the suppliment canals and distribution. Still in this section the boarding method will be of intensive direct comment where two techniques are carried through: the participant comment and the interview next to the competent members of the company, in order to get the same positioning of the front to the existing operational conditions. The fourth corresponding stage the analysis of the logistic net and the factors of logistic performance. Finally, the fifth stage will be of conclusive character, where the analysis of the gotten results will present of reduction of impacts favorable to the future expectations for optimum logistic flow in the company of this study.