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Creative Economy Seminar

Debate Round Creative Economy Seminar (Photo courtesy Sao Paulo Fashion Week) More details Debate Round led by Gra a Cabral in the second stage of the Creative Economy Seminar: Visions of the Future, organized by the In-MOD Sao Paulo Fashion … Continue reading

Bertrand Russell

Monocracia on the contrary, the Foundation is the will of the sovereign. With a wide field of history Graeco-Roman, Cicero comes to the conclusion that only the courts can do that the Government of the Republic. It is clear, however, … Continue reading

Good Choice

Virtual education as a concept has generated quite a few discussions on the educational social framework. Many have catalogued a teaching under fantasies, beamed, others argue the unique training over the Internet. To do this, first place raises the following … Continue reading


Encouraged to develop and apply modern methods of sampling to ensure the preservation natural stress state of the sample in the selection and transportation. Laboratory testing should include the identification module of the total strain of soil characteristics of the … Continue reading