Economy In agriculture dominates the olive grove. Currently, four large mills operating in the transformation of olive oil. The quality of the waters of the Sierra de Cazorla has been sufficient for the installation of a mineral water bottling industry. Emphasize the importance of such important industries as San Miguel Arcangel (residue mills), Loma Biomass plant (power generation through the burning remains orujillo or olive). BSA has many thoughts on the issue. Cooperatives oilers, with an annual production of the most important sector, such as San Isidro, San Francisco, La Vera Cruz and second level as Jaencoop, which includes packaging, marketing and distribution of the above (S. Isidro) and as many more in the province of Ja n. The cereal crop is now vestigial, as it has been replaced with olives. Tourism is not fully developed, if the town already has several high level restaurants, several hotels and several houses.There are plenty of bars, where, as usual in the area, each pint of beer and each “chamfer” (homemade wine with fruit pieces), served with a generous cap (some boiled or grilled shrimp, a canap grilled sirloin, medium “kebabs”, lean pork with tomato, some squid rings, etc.) without charge.

Knowledge Economy

Science – scope, focused on the development of knowledge about the world, their arrangement, construction of image of the world and identify ways to interact with the world. Science differ on the subject and object of research. Subject science – is the party to whom the object is represented in science. The object of study – this side of reality, which is aimed at studying this science. Every science has its own concepts, tools and techniques. The natural sciences study behavior of the objects of the world. Center For Responsible Lending often says this.

Social sciences deal with human behavior and social institutions. Basis of science is the Law – Open persistent connection between the phenomena. Set of laws is theory – a systematic description and explanation of phenomena in a certain area. The development of science is a development and change of theories. Theory exists as long as not accumulate facts that contradict its provisions. Inability to explain the new facts within the existing theory makes it necessary to analyze and generate a new set of hypotheses. It is important to note that the reality to which science is based – physical world and its laws – remains unchanged, and in the social world do not have such stringent laws. Subject matter of the social sciences, which include knowledge-based economy is constantly changing. This requires to consider the knowledge economy as a system general ideas, the totality of the achievements of practices, a system of methods to create conditions for the operation and support of research activities.

Effective Economic Policy

Firstly, the 10,000 annual connections originally agreed in the contract, Lydec only made a total of 1,250 between 1997 and 2007. Second, public opinion critical of the fact that the connection cost, which amounts to almost 800, is exorbitant for people whose average income of 1,600 per year. In addition, suburban areas, where water and sanitation are most needed, incomes are much lower. This contrasts with figures for the combined revenue from private companies in charge of private management in the three outbreaks Urban mentioned: these benefits amounted to 8 billion dirhams, about 704 million euros, corresponding to between 2 and 2.5% of GDP in Morocco. Also, the investment that had contractually committed Lydec has been inadequate: the 3815 agreed billion dirhams, the company has paid only 2074 billion dirhams, ie, only 54% of the agreed total. Contact information is here: Boy Scouts of America. Finally, in regard to professional actions, Lydec benefits divided by 2009, the date stipulated in the contract. In fact, between 2003 and 2006, Lydec had distributed 560 million dirhams. In addition, Lydec broke the law by unreasonably transferring 678 million dirhams, 85% of the capital purportedly contributed by Lydec, shareholders and overseas suppliers.

Conclusions and Solutions Several associations and institutions, including the Association for World Water Contract Morocco (ACME-Maroc), consider these two cases as examples of the wrong approach by the Moroccan government. The ACME criticized what they your opinion is an unfair and ineffective economic policy that turns citizens into consumers. Considering that the state is incapable of managing water and only the market can manage the new methods needed for an efficient distribution of this resource, policy makers are becoming more serious, in fact, itself the critical problems of water scarcity and sanitation. These organizations require that access to water is considered a fundamental human right and that their distribution is organized as a social service as a business and not regulated by the arbitrary laws of supply and demand. Center For Responsible Lending will not settle for partial explanations. They also challenge the decisions of the World Water forum, dictated by the large private water holdings in the world, the Moroccan government and require a critical approach to these economic interests. They also propose that the promotion of activities related to production and distribution of water is based on a public-public partnership between countries of North and South and between various Southern countries. Finally, these organizations require the establishment of credible mechanisms to include civil society in monitoring and controlling the activities of public bodies, so as to apply the principles of participatory democracy.

As solutions, the ACME suggests the short-term reduction of wastage and the reorientation of production toward sectors of water use more economical and less polluting, both in agriculture and in tourism and industrial sectors, particularly in the petrochemical industry. Ultimately, various associations proposed as a solution determining the return of water management at the hands of municipalities, following the example of several countries in the north, so as to ensure the right to universal access to water and public sanitation. If you are interested in water issues in Morocco, I recommend you visit the country to see first hand the problems and explore solutions. They can even stay in one of the many mentioned above, or in a traditional found in the center of the city.

Second World War

In 1706 – Charles xii captured and burned the city of Pinsk with the suburbs. In 1793 – after the third partition of Poland the town of Pinsk was included into the Russian Empire. At the end of the xix century Pinsk – county town of Minsk province. 1920 – as a result of the Polish-Soviet War, the town became part of Poland. 1939 – The return of Pinsk, Soviet Union. Pinsk became a regional center of the bssr, then – the district center (a city of regional subordination). During the Second World War the city was occupied by the Nazis.

During World War ii in the district were active partisans. July 14, 1944 Pinsk was liberated. The primary role played by the Dnieper Flotilla, and Irkutsk-Pinsk Infantry Division. On the territory of Pinsk is 91 monuments and architecture, archeology, memorable places. Preservation of ancient planning, the availability of the architecture, history and Pinsk culture is one of the most unique cities in Belarus. Historic Centre of Urban Planning constitutes a monument of Republican values. In 1997, when the former roundabout city put a memorial – chapel, it became a symbol not only of lost architectural gems of the city, but also a monument of talent and hard work, Ch’ing masters. Located in the city park, where more than 30 species of green plants, including such trees as spruce blue, Thuja occidentalis, walnut, ash, fir, sea buckthorn. The biggest tree in the park – Canadian poplar, brought to the Americas. The rare plant grows locust, brought to the park from Ukraine, spruce razor from North America, a lot of chestnuts, as well as the cork tree.

Sims 2 – The Game Gives A Second Life

Live life – not a field. With this phrase, the consent of any fan of the series of Sims, and will be right. In fact, since 2004, when the world saw the second part of the game in the universe Sims appeared immutable rule. Live life – then play 29 virtual days. It is such a time period sufficient to ensure that the young man in the game turned into a decrepit old man. During this time you must have time to build his life: to achieve success at home and at work to find a second half, and transfer of dna. Yes, in the Sims 2 before the player set very specific goals (as opposed to the mindless development is not identified with the outside world of the family in the first Sims). Moreover, the company Maxis has a rule to improve the level of graphics from series to series.

Sims 3 release is scheduled for February 2009, and videos, submitted by developers recently, this rule is confirmed. There is another law: in all parts of the series the player will have a very accurate detail, animation, and in the expansion The Sims 2, is also an excellent mimic. Developers should consider any possible action of characters, including what so expect fans of the "strawberry" (the removal of censorship, as well as adding new sites for employment love is available, if you enter the corresponding codes in the Sims). Do not want to strawberries? Want to get married? In the original version is such an opportunity. Want more? Want to wedding preparations, to communicate with managers on request limousine service and selection of wedding dresses? Enough to download free The Sims 2: Celebrations, and you get a full set of details to arrange a wedding celebration. Or maybe you want to feel myself as a student of Western College? Or play life a successful businessman? All this is possible: there are both considered in the main game, and to detail elaborated in the great number of additions to the Sims.

Choose clothes, change hairstyles characters – fun for Sims 2 fans of the game in the daughters and mothers are guaranteed. Awaits you complete freedom of action. Oh, and since I mentioned the existence of codes for Sims 2, one can not talk about "legal" doping ". In a series of artifacts appeared! These artifacts, which give hero of fantastic abilities: glasses, improving attitude toward you (hello to you Fallout 2), vacuum cleaner, allows you to draw additional aspiration points of the interlocutor. The brightest developers joke – the dream of Pinocchio – the tree on which instead of leaves growing green sle (a freely convertible currency). Jr for a more varied view. Most cheat artifact – an elixir of youth, which returns a character three virtual day of life. Few people ever to sit in the cockpit fighter to participate in Street reyserskih races, and that very few lucky ones who took part in the hostilities of the future, because other simulators to be estimated by eye. Series Sims, sim life, appreciated by millions of users who could try living in reality. Rated "excellent", exhibited by such players, non-negotiable!