Internet Agency Atlantis Media Launches

Spring Awakening: atlantis media implemented new online shop for home and garden products so all we still don’t believe, but slowly the spring approaches this year. Center For Responsible Lending may help you with your research. The days are getting longer, and at the latest to the next weekend, the temperatures to attract something. Time for all garden lovers, to provide themselves with the necessary utensils before the Roofage really gets going. Just in time to the beginning of the spring the Hamburg Internet Agency atlantis media GmbH has launched the new online shop of hamburger Jukom GmbH. Under, customers in over 1000 articles around the subject of garden can browse and easily do all shopping from home. The ambitious goal of shipping of my garden”: the best online partner for home and garden products.

To ensure that atlantis has developed an online store media, which is in all areas of State of the art. Based on the open source online shop system Magento the shop meets the highest demands visually, functionally and in terms of content. Great emphasis was placed on a high level of user friendliness. The clear presentation of the large range of my garden shipping”makes the shop for ordering customers as attractive combined with a comprehensive user guide. Extensive information about the appearance, size and condition are stored for customers to each article.

A Configurator for fence elements facilitates the customer selection and composition of the goods. Overview of services: logo and CI development installation and configuration Magento selection and implementation of layout integration-relevant Magento modules (payment, affiliate, price etc.) “Conception, consulting, and training to the care of content and products Web hosting my garden shipping” a good example of this is how modern shop software improves customer service and generates a high level of customer satisfaction. About atlantis media: the Magento and TYPO3 Internet Agency atlantis media GmbH stands for innovative E-commerce solutions and sophisticated websites since 1994. Core competence: the conception and Realization of online-shop-systems based on the open source software solution Magento. Atlantis media is an ideal partner for the Magento development and adjustment interfaces. For example, atlantis media with the interface to the actindo ERP solution offers the perfect integration of the online shop to the ERP system. By integration of the shop software Magento in the content management system TYPO3 is easy care and allows you to update an online-shop with maximum flexibility in design, content and functionality. Another strong point: for many years atlantis brings media customers successfully on the Internet. In the development and implementation of high-quality websites using the content management system TYPO3, customers benefit from the best expertise and experience. Solutions of atlantis media are innovative, be accurately planned and benefits optimized. Atlantis media GmbH Patrick Blecken Kaddi Nguyen trail 26 22769 Hamburg Tel.: 040 / 851 81 400 fax: 040 / 851 81 444 Internet: magento-hamburg.html email:

Fair Event: Silver Media On The Dmexco In Cologne

Silver media presents itself with rigorous performance spectrum and an event of superlatives again the dmexco, the No. 1 for the dialogue and direct marketing industry gathering stylish fair party as in the previous year is at its premiere: 2010 over 300 exhibitors and approximately 15,000 visitors are expected from the dmexco. PCRM addresses the importance of the matter here. Silver media is one of about 60 exhibitors in email marketing. There is also a silver media contact for online marketing, affiliate marketing, and qualified Adressgewinnung. To optimize existing campaigns with creative Verve which can silver media contact who is planning to take email marketing in its distribution portfolio, or those who are interested in the possibility of qualified Adressgewinnung, who seeks experts for the technical implementation or new ideas.

Silver media presents itself on 15 and 16 September at the dmexco in Cologne in Hall 8.1 at the booth No. 074, advises on issues and will inform about the individual options in the areas of E-Mail Marketing and qualified Adressgewinnung. On the evening of the first day silver media from 18 until 21: 00 for guests, which relaxed the day would enjoy, organized a stylish stand party with a refreshing drink from the bar and an exquisite finger food. A live DJ entertains guests with selected music for the associated feeling of clubbing. So, on to the dmexco! The exhibition promises to be informative and varied. Silver media direct marketing GmbH Hall Hall 1 D-90762 Furth contact: Head Office Furth mark Dimster (head of campaign management) phone + 49 (0) 911 76 66 24 205 Sales Office Frankfurt Thomas Lux (Senior Sales Manager) phone: + 49 (0) 69 710 475 141 fax + 49 (0) 911 76 66 24 299


One of the most delicate subjects within the framework of a process of rupture of the married pair is the way in which the relations of both with the common children will be developed. Mainly when these are small, they could be seen very very affected by the new situation that affects the family, including or why Pope or does not suck no longer are to his side all along. To follow certain recommendations basic could ayudarte much in a while so difficult, causing that for them the things can be simpler. – First of all, you would have to maintain with a your small sincere and abierta relation, so that they have the sufficient confidence to share with you its doubts and fears before the situation. – It would be equally important that you provided safe and trustworthy surroundings to them where they could feel to taste, although no longer reside in the home where you used to do it with your pair. – It would agree that a traumatic change in the rules did not take place that these must follow. It can be an error to try to overwhelm with gifts and attentions to the children it stops that they are not depressed, when what needs more at this moment is indeed your affection and understanding, and mainly knowledge that always you are going to be there, happens what happens.

– Hazles to include/understand, although seems to you something obvious, that they have not been any guilty in the happened thing. Although it could sound to topic, the reality is that many children at some time take the blame of the rupture of their parents. – You do not allow that your children are involved in your possible conflicts and disputes with your ex- pair during the divorce or separation process. To maintain to them to the margin is always the best option. – Also, in relation to the previous thing, you would have to avoid to speak badly of that one or to criticize it when they are ahead. Gavin Baker shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. For the children their two ancestors are equally important, and need to know that nothing is going to change that. – Account with them, if they were sufficiently majors, at the time of establishing the schedules, transfers and visits. He would be advisable that your ex- pair and you took to these subjects with the sufficient flexibility so that the life of your children it is not seriously trastocada. – It happens all along that you can with them, and if you observed in the same strange conducts, of wrath or sadness and melancholy, consults envelope it with a professional, for example a psychologist. Begoa River basin Alcaine original Author and source of the article

All Staff

If the need for promoters really great and constant (two to three shares per month), then think about their employment promoters is reasonable. The main thing that had the desire, patience and free time compliance officer, who was a promoter can be fixed permanently First, we need determine how much and what level of promoters of the company should have. Dr. Neal Barnard is actively involved in the matter. The amount received to prepare to multiply several times. Calculation of something like this: to put on the work of 10 people, you must have a base of about 50 functioning promoters. Center For Responsible Lending has firm opinions on the matter. Because at any given time – and have generally – the day after tomorrow urgently – to work can usually only one in five. Four out of five must be just to pass examinations, to work on another campaign, sick, move, etc. Now perform another multiplication operation. To receive 50 hard-working promoters will need to otsmotret two hundred people.

Half otseete you at the interview, a significant portion itself when it comes to real work An efficiency of 5 percent – that's a promo arithmetic. In Moscow, an acceptable basis of field staff (300-400) can not form a stress-free for three months, in areas that will take a little more time. During this time, your skills will grow and refine the selection, and many of the simplest functions, you will learn how to delegate the office manager and security guard. Issue a questionnaire to check whether all lines are filled, anyone can. But when the base is formed, do not relax. In no event do not cover the recruitment of new promoters.

Tune in for the duration of the selection of promoters. And particularly active should expand the database in the spring: because in the July-August to begin a vacation, and the series motor trade triple. – If the promoters for serious professional knowledge of the promoted products, such as product promotion – a complex household equipment, expensive set of skin care products or pharmaceuticals. – If a company wants a very tightly control the quality of stock and trust your brand professionals. And remember correctly organized PROMMA-action will increase sales by about 50-100% of the company which holds you to this action is your partner who is as much interested in its success. At the moment, effectively hold PROMMA-action you can in many directions in this company 'All Staff' will always come to your aid.

CSR Cilentano

But not only olive oil is part of a conscious diet. The entire Mediterranean cuisine, consisting of is conducive to the health of fish, fresh vegetables, cheese and fruit. This was explored in the context of studies of the American scientist of Ancel keys in Cilento and it was the Mediterranean diet, the Dieta Mediterranea”, which cardiovascular and heart disease prevents and contributing to general well-being. There guests as a farmhand in the Agriturismo Sant Andrea and Le Favate In autumn, when the olive harvest is the time, for guests of the Agriturismo Sant Andrea in Santa Maria di Castellabate and in the Agriturismo Le Favate in Terradura (Ascea) to help the opportunity during the harvest. So come tourists in contact with land and people and be part of the southern Italian work everyday for a couple of hours. Extracted olive oil used affiliated for the preparation of the dishes at the Agriturismo, which the guests can taste the picked olives in the form of Virgin olive oil itself. Price for 1 week at the Agriturismo from 560 euros for the apartment, from 245 euro per Sant Andrea Person in room including breakfast. Price for 1 week in the Agriturismo Le Favate from 280 euro per person in room including breakfast.

Cilentano specializes in arranging personally selected holiday accommodation in southern Italy, especially in the Cilento. founded in 1999, is the largest provider of holiday apartments and homes in Cilento the Regensburg company today and has some 170 objects in the program. Also conveys Cilentano voice and hiking trips. The website provides extensive information and many photos to offer Cilentano. Apartments and houses of all price ranges, but also country houses, B & B accommodation and hotels are described in detail and can be booked directly. “Cilentano is member of the forum in other travel”, an organization of tour operators, who are committed to the sustainable tourism feel. Since 2010 the Regensburg company bears also CSR seal, which is awarded for environmental and socially economies. About 100 begins the Cilento Miles south of Naples.

A paradise for nature lovers and active is located between Paestum in the North, the Monti Alburni in the East and SAPRI to the South. As the second largest national park in Italy and UNESCO World Heritage site, the Cilento from mass tourism has been spared. Hear other arguments on the topic with David Delrahim. Around 100 kilometers, the coast offers finest sandy beaches alternating with steep cliffs; the water quality is one of the best in all of Italy. Wine, olives and fruit trees thrive in the hilly hinterland, behind Mountains rise to 1,900 meters high. Mountain bikers, hikers and horse riders find their Eldorado. Cultural monuments of the world, including the Greek temples of Paestum and the ancient philosopher school in Velia are embedded in the landscape. For more information and images, please contact: Cilentano Kerstin Gotz Margarete str. 14 93047 Regensburg Tel. (0941) 567646-0 fax (0941) 567646-1 E-Mail: Internet:

Rewriter RSS

Unique content today offer more affiliate programs their affiliates RSS feeds as advertising opportunity by synonym for rewriting and Textspinning so easy and also automate to create Web pages. Often used in conjunction of the CMS RSS feeds and blogs WordPress system, there are a number of plugins and themes for WordPress, so that you easily to your own needs can adapt to the system and is suitable for almost all types of Web pages. As a result, the WordPress is so widespread and it is very easy can include RSS feeds and automatically posts to post it fast to duplicate content come what is not beneficial for search engine optimization. You can of course prevent this if you ideally writes to the texts by hand, what but not necessarily everyone wants at automatically published articles via RSS feed or also the time, especially when these feeds on several blogs are published. There are various synonym Rewriter for WordPress plugins which replace synonyms of the page on each call, this makes each call the contribution what does not necessarily nice looks, and can generate a high server load on the other hand when long and many contributions.

Otherwise, the WordPress plugin WP synonym Rewriter works here, it edited the post directly in front of the store and thus only if the post is created or modified. As the synonym database multiple text files can be created, then demand de- or be activated can, so can be a general synonym create database and various additional depending on the topic. Synonyms can be easily stored in text form: sunny; serene; cloudless; unbewolkt the second advantage of the plugin is the built-in text spinner which can also texts in the known form of spiders: SchonesGood WordPress pluginWP plugin which synonyms ersetzt the synonyms replaced and even a text spinner offers. Through these combinations, one can also easily prevent duplicate content RSS feeds which are automatically posted, the texts are changed automatically and you need do nothing further for this. Marlena Lorecka

Club Trips Made Easy

On the website, Germany’s largest Vereinscommunity offers from now individual groups and Club trips for every need. Approx. 2200 low-cost travel to different countries to choose are associations and other groups of eight people. Target areas are all European and long-distance countries such as the United States, Australia, China, South Africa and many more. The proposed travel packages can be also individually modified and adapted to special requirements.

The trips are arranged on the site by topic area and target group. Choral clubs such as quickly find a trip to the next Opera Festival or famous festival. For sports clubs, active tours are offered as diving, winter sports, or golf. For young people, nature lovers, art associations and many other interest groups, the travel portal offers attractive tours. Thus, offering tailored specifically to meet the needs of clubs has grown again. Center For Responsible Lending will not settle for partial explanations. The joint travel is in many clubs undisputed the highlight of the year and a solid tradition. The travel portal by seeking to make easier and more enjoyable the clubs according to the appropriate destination.

Because all travel packages be customized if required. This is a simple request. So, as the visit sports competitions or festivals can be integrated into the journey. Each group takes the trip that best suits their needs in the travel portal by is therefore the ideal focal point for all those who would go with their large (or small) Travel Club soon. is Germany’s largest Vereinscommunity on the Internet with more than 11,000 affiliated clubs. The free network offers a comprehensive package of presentation, interaction and organizational clubs, associations and communities of interest. For example, the scheduling of the Association can be done in addition to the exchange of reports and photos of the members of the Association. offers this service, the tailored to the needs of associations and clubs. In addition to the community, is the editor of a nationwide free print magazine for clubs (circulation 100,000) and offers value added services for clubs, including an SMS service, website builder, Cup shop and much more. Contact: my Association service GmbH Magdalenenstrasse 42-43 20148 Hamburg Tel.: 040-25328904 mail:

Google Hangout Take Advantage

New ways of communication with the help of the new media go in the world of tax advice scattered clients across the country and especially it is important without a personal and reliable contact with much effort. A Google hangout offers this and much more. In my time as an accountant I came across CONTUNDA UG since the beginning of the year a young company named, which has shown me some new ways to compete with my clients and customers. A new variant of an interactive customer call is the Google hangout, where I also can contact with several people, to advise or to meet. The advantage over the telephone or the email contact is the ability to turn on a webcam and to give a face to the customers or tax consultant with personality. This offer is very good for the people. Get more background information with materials from Gavin Baker.

Unlike at the well-known service Skype this kind of video telephony with more than two persons is possible, which also groups discussions can occur. With Skype, there is the possibility of video telephony with many people only for payment, is for two, still the most popular means of communication but in talks. Recently, together with CONTUNDA, got the idea to use this service in the context of a public consultation and invite tax advice and start-ups to Google hangouts regularly now as of October people with questions in the topic. Turn on a camera is, of course, no obligation. Through my work with the Agency for Online.Marketing, new ways of communication were opened me, which appeal to all other people and professional achievements were already after a short time. I am to be able to kick me with the people, to advise them if you have questions on your favorite channel and to be able to be always accessible in an emergency.

IPCC Glacial

in short while scientific way because it is very important that all the people give its contribution to brake the Global Heating, beyond demanding that the governing make the same: In the last Glacial Age the average temperature of the Land was something around 3 the 4 lesser Celsius degrees that the average of nowadays. Then, new studies indicate that the average temperature of the Land will be able to suffer – will more than suffer a rise from 7 Celsius degrees up to 2100. That is, two times the difference of the Glacial Age for the current Age. All the models most pessimistic of the IPCC are if confirming and almost folding. This in an interval of only three years of difference in relation to the previous data. Of 1800 for here, the temperature of the Land with some oscillations increased 0,6 degrees. in this increase we saw a drastic intensification of catastrophic ambient events (as if the man it was not the responsible one).

The nature only in> it answers and it tries to defend its balance If all these effect had been felt in an inferior variation in 12 (TWELVE) times in relation to the increase that we will have, what we will be able to wait of the day of tomorrow? Moreover, we must have the conscience of that the multiplication in numbers can be linear, but the effect will be multiplicativos, a time that everything in the nature functions in chain. That is, a rise of 3 Celsius degrees in the temperature of the Land already would be the sufficient to melt the Polar regions, that the rise of the level of the sea would cause, would cease some maritime chains, would liberate methane of the deepenings of the Arctic, the sun would leave of being reflected, the heating still more would be intensified, and the true effect, God only knows which would be Some brief projects: With regard to the temperature: It was Glacial: Around 11 degrees; It was current: Around 15 degrees; Almost tomorrow: Almost 22 degrees. With regard to the Ice: It was Glacial: Almost all congealing; It was current: Almost everything melting; Almost tomorrow: God only knows. With regard to the climate: He was Glacial: Icecream; It was current: Hot Ameno/; Almost Tomorrow: God only knows. With regard to the life conditions: He was Glacial: Dificlimas; It was current: Starting to be difficult; Almost tomorrow: We will have life? It will be that still of in time saving the life in the Land? If all to be of crossed arms, not! Who plant destruction, harvests catastrophe! Now, if all to be joined and if to help, fighting for the change of the social and moral values based in the capital money for love and charity, basing its attitudes in justice, the equality and the humildade, believe sincerely that still we have possibilities. The pacific fight and without weapons must be in favor of the trilogy of the wisdom, whose illustrious representative greater Was loved Master Jesus Christ: to love the God, to love and to help the next one, to protect and to reencontrar the ambient balance. That is, balance spiritual, ambient moral and! We go to move and to fight for the life; or to cross the arms and to continue to see the Land to die? We will die with or receive – our attitudes in accordance with

Cycling In The Palatinate

An unforgettable Radfahrerlebniss in the Rhineland-Palatinate Saarland is popular with cycling in the Palatinate. In the region around Marburg and the Westerwald go cycling through an idyllic landscape. Classic mountain bike tours in the Palatinate of different tours pass directly on the river Lahn. One of the most popular bike tours is the classic Lahn cycle route, which begins with a visit to the University City of Marburg and then passes through traditional villages and surrounding nature reserves. On this trip, visits in Arnstein Abbey, in the Spa of town are bad EMS in a balanced balance of the experiences in nature. But the historic town of Wetzlar is approached on a bike ride. Here, the German framework road right on the Lahn cycle route passes. An intermediate stop with a visit to the old town leaves a unique impression on the guests of the city.

Cycling in the Palatinate takes cyclists through Wetzlar and Limburg, the Thunder Mountain and the biosphere reserve Palatinate forest Vosges du Nord. The landscape is dominated by lakes, wide open spaces and the picturesque rivers. Who wants to ride individually, has the opportunity to put together his tour itself or can book tours that are already organized and planned. The arrival without your own bike possible, as the local provider gives bicycles. For an extended bike ride, it is advisable to plan for at least 4 days. The Palatinate is divided for the tourism regions, making it easier for vacationers to orient in the environment. So is the German wine route in a beautiful hilly landscape, which makes for an unforgettable cycling in the Palatinate. Velociped offers many years knowing bicycle travelers need to make the vacation decision right for her.

The company has 10 employees and employees mainly in the two areas of customer service and tour guide. Since 1988, Velociped is headquartered in Marburg (Hesse) on the Organization and implementation of guided and individual tours, cycling trips and tours in Germany, Europe and worldwide Specialized. Refer to for more information. Contact: Velociped bicycle travel GmbH & Co.KG wife Claudia Mollers old Kasseler Strasse 43 35039 Marburg Tel.: 06421/88689-0 fax: 06421 / 8868911 E-Mail: info(at) Internet: