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You know the scenario, but if you're a doll, which the lead. Do not stop, do not turn It is impossible to say who is to blame. We fight, boring us live in peace. Specially created a situation for quarrels. … Continue reading

Personal Communication

Interview with Robindro Ullah, head of HR marketing and recruiting South Deutsche Bahn AG has discovered the PR staff communicate for themselves. “PR versus HR: who has the license to the personal communication?” was the title of a forum of … Continue reading

Communication Act

Formulating Debate Nowadays in my dear mother country Ecuador lives an intense debate on the approval on a new Communication Act some we think that it is a right exit to the mediocrity and corruption of the press but there … Continue reading


Leaders need to develop communication as a fundamental competence in the exercise of his role. The success of his leadership depends on your ability to communicate effectively. The development by the leader of the competence of communication will allow you … Continue reading


Insignio presents an eMagazine with social functions which was eMagazine yesterday, today is SocialMag. Insignio corporate publishing presents a completely new medium allows companies and their target groups to communicate effectively. Bildstark and with social and multimedia elements to the … Continue reading

Marco Hopp

Still, many policyholders decide to sign their contracts with the local consultants, who can provide information about the most important terms and conditions. What is a legitimate life insurance, annuities and disability insurance, if necessary, is however not necessary for … Continue reading

Future Obtained

It is precious little treasures, which can certainly offer a very high winning number. Collectors, who have committed themselves on coins, postage stamps, and also old clocks, perfectly good cards can exhibit in the future. After all, it is ensured … Continue reading

Emergency Loans

Emergency loans – or the dream of financial flexibility in all walks of life? Emergency loans are designed to provide quickly and unbureaucratically financial flexibility. At best, in all walks of life. If unemployed, insolvent or housewife, promising advertising words … Continue reading


As Ribeiro (1998, P. 93), … with the discovery of techniques of irrigation and adubagem of the ground, the generalization of the use of the plough and vehicles of wheel, as well as of boats the candle, diverse peoples had … Continue reading

Basic Sanitation

The basic sanitation involves the collection of the garbage, the treatment and the water supply for the population, the handling of waters of rain, the collection and the treatment of the sewer, and several other subjects come back toward the … Continue reading