You know the scenario, but if you're a doll, which the lead. Do not stop, do not turn It is impossible to say who is to blame. We fight, boring us live in peace. Specially created a situation for quarrels. It is surprising that during an argument, we really only hear yourself! We throws anger that kopim inside.

A second person allows us to do it! Yes, it authorizes. Quarrel – a performance of two actors. And each plays a major role, but does not understand this! In any case, I am not guilty, and another! How can I get it nitpicking! She is not happy all the time! Wants to focus on myself as I tired He did not pay attention to me, perhaps, today, sex is not We so appreciate himself, so cherish themselves, that we do not even have thoughts that other people also appreciate themselves. We are always offended by something the other does not see we are what we see ourselves. We look at the world and others through the prism of their own beliefs and scenarios, and we do not know, that others also have their own world. And this world does not have to revolve around us. – Do you love me? (I know not!) – I love you. (Begins Again!) – And why you telling me this so rarely speak? (Just find yourself another!) – Honey Do not start! (Nachalos!) Everyone gets what he wants.

We disagree, because I was tired to be correct, do not want to look for new solutions. We get used to each other, and we no longer need to build relationships. We sought reciprocity, and when achieved, it seems that they no longer need to exert effort. And love is a flower that should be watered two or he dies. – You love me? – More than anyone in the world! (Tseluet.) – Why do you so rarely telling me this? (Smiling) – I do not have enough words to express how much! And I'm afraid of being banal. Sorry. – And forgive me

Communication Act

Formulating Debate Nowadays in my dear mother country Ecuador lives an intense debate on the approval on a new Communication Act some we think that it is a right exit to the mediocrity and corruption of the press but there are others are very few and that respond only to economic interests generally that think that this is going to be a law jaw. Apparently the journalists at the moment do not realize of which to speak of but several problems at national level can be generated the law does not look for the control inpositorio of the contents, rather what looks for is to give responsibility to the signaller than is saying, so that obvious bad it has not understood and mainly that everything appears with tests what the emitter denounces since in this country the signallers have dedicated themselves to parcializar their content or by economic or political interests. Another one escusa that puts mass media is that the law which looks for is to alienate the thought of people which I can respond to this is that is theoretical and practically impossible with the implantation of a new one Communication Act so that the human mind is an own world of each person and every one must right to think and to express its thought with responsibility to this is called freedom to him of expression something that some journalists or forgot or they studied never it because the truth is that the great majority not even has a title of journalism and communication. With this I mean to the citizenship that takes a little but from protagonism in this debate and only discuss with responsibility this in its houses districts and to other as well as some we do it people by love to our country. With love to the revolution Jorge E. Wool C..


Leaders need to develop communication as a fundamental competence in the exercise of his role. The success of his leadership depends on your ability to communicate effectively. The development by the leader of the competence of communication will allow you to improve your ability to connect with the people, effectively share their ideas, plans and vision, give instructions and define expectations in clear and precise, way to ignite the passion in the heart of collaborators, influence and organize meanings shared in the Organization andthus aligning people to a shared vision. Given leadership roles which the leader plays in the Organization, it needs to dominate some communicational roles that contribute to its effectiveness in the conduct of the company or institution. These communication roles we can group them into four essential functions: the leader is the forger and Communicator of vision: vision is a fundamental trait of leadership.

The leader is the forger of the vision for excellence. But if the vision is not communicated effectively remains trapped in the borders of the leader, and loses its function directional and inspiring. The leader needs to convey a clear, coherent and credible vision. That the members of an organization share a vision, take responsibility and commit to it, depends on the effectiveness with which it is communicated. How they communicate visions effectively? Do you get that people line up around the fundamental objectives of the Organization? How communicates the vision by way of inspiring people, in order to generate actions that lead to their achievement? How are called upon resources emotional and spiritual people, their values and commitment, in order to produce identification with the vision of the Organization? The answers to these questions have in the ability of the leader to effectively communicate the vision to the rest of the organization. The leader is fundamental organization spokesman: the leader has the responsibility of favorably influencing opinion and image of the Organization, both in the team of the Organization itself and outside it, to attract the required cooperation, favourable image and promote the exploitation of the opportunities in the environment.


Insignio presents an eMagazine with social functions which was eMagazine yesterday, today is SocialMag. Insignio corporate publishing presents a completely new medium allows companies and their target groups to communicate effectively. Bildstark and with social and multimedia elements to the SocialMag attracts even the most discerning reader from the reserve. Communication in all directions. “The Insignio team shows the advantages in a prerelease version: the own customer magazine selection” is incorporated in the SocialMag format. First implementations for customers are in work. With SocialMag, we aim at the heart of our readers and invite them to the dialog.

We are already looking forward to the first reactions,”says Christoph Elbern, Managing Director corporate publishing the Insignio group. The Insignio team combines the competencies editorial concept and technology. We know the issues of our customers and have developed the new format itself. Now, we develop solutions for this valuable new customer loyalty tool for customers. It is ideally suited for the communication with customers, employees, and distributors.” These features distinguish the SocialMag: extraordinary pictorial language: with impressive images, SocialMag clicks right in the heart of the target group: large, animated photo galleries, photo galleries and videos invite the reader to discover. The result is a completely new image and style. Optimally matched to virtually all digital channels.

Direct dialogue through social media: SocialMag opens up new channels of communication with selected target groups. Everywhere where it makes sense, invites the editor become active. So can, for example, comments, initiated a vote or provides recommendations on a particular topic. Readers can upload their own files and to provide to others. Can be used with mobile devices: SocialMag is not a native app! The magazine is shown in the browser. This has two advantages: the Publisher can update at any time and the user must provide no storage capacity. Sophisticated Staging, simple edit: Even if the SocialMag boasts a sophisticated magazine dramaturgy, the editorial staff is relatively easy and can be changed with just a few clicks. Thus updates or additions can be performed at any time. Agency and corporate communications to remotely create and edit pages. More information under:

Marco Hopp

Still, many policyholders decide to sign their contracts with the local consultants, who can provide information about the most important terms and conditions. What is a legitimate life insurance, annuities and disability insurance, if necessary, is however not necessary for traditional insurance contracts. These contracts require no long explanation, because they occur in any case, if a third person was injured. The private liability occurs here in the private sector, makes the horse liability, however, if the insured person horse caused an accident has. In these cases, the insurance will promptly clarify the cause of the accident and that the question of guilt. The fault clearly demonstrated, the amount directly to the party concerned will be transferred. Can, however, be pointed that the horse not to blame is, the insurance will repel the existing claims.

Because the horse liability insurance is easy to understand, nothing is to be against a degree on the Internet. Such contracts can be arranged online. In addition to the name and address of the owner also some important data about the horse shall be noted. With sending of the insurance application, then complete insurance protection exists. You should not sign however the contract first insurance, which receives front positions in the search engines. It is better to use a comparison site that compares the costs and scope of services of various policies. After entering the main data policyholders find out at a glance where a cheaper contract is possible. Also the amount of the sums of insured for persons, damage to property and pecuniary can be obtained.

To note, in these cases, there is always the height of excess. It ranges from 0 euro up to 200 euro, which must be taken over by the horse holder per insured event. High deductibles may reduce the monthly insurance premium, but provide high costs in the event of an emergency. Here each horse owners can decide for themselves which variant is requested and completed.

Future Obtained

It is precious little treasures, which can certainly offer a very high winning number. Collectors, who have committed themselves on coins, postage stamps, and also old clocks, perfectly good cards can exhibit in the future. After all, it is ensured that the different products at the current purchase will have still quite much value in the future. Especially collectors who have bent on old clocks, can get small profits, if they really have idea of their collectibles. Collectibles search and targeted use of collectibles can be found in different areas. Even at the flea market or in the Internet, foreign products can be obtained. The goods offer is for any person, who would like to save a little extra income.

It should be specialized on a range, in order then to be able to bid on collectibles. These are then of course keep at home for many years with him, and safe to store, so that they do not fade in their quality. After the retirement age has been reached and the time a clear piece of advanced is, may be trying to sell the stored products. The sale itself is especially easy if the purchased product was already old at the time of purchase several decades. Is not sure of course that some collectibles are still in demand. Coins, which are made of gold or silver, the rising prices but are a significant security that good amounts for the coins can be obtained. Gold prices of the past 100 years should be looked at is, to ensure that this really is a reliable and high-quality source, which can be used. Who would like to learn more about the pension and co of subject of will find under the following page helpful tips and news:

Emergency Loans

Emergency loans – or the dream of financial flexibility in all walks of life? Emergency loans are designed to provide quickly and unbureaucratically financial flexibility. At best, in all walks of life. If unemployed, insolvent or housewife, promising advertising words swear by the great wealth within a few days. But it can be so easy as consumers quickly and without great conditions to achieve the dream of independence? Emergency loans are really there. Which may thus be nothing contrary to. However, these are usually not so easy to get, how many consumers think. So certain conditions must also be, as in a normal credit, met, to find the money within a few days on the account. Beneficial noted anyway, that emergency loans available actually faster than normal loans.

So borrowers must neither seek bank branches, discuss with bank employees. All application paperwork be done online and through the mail. How is it done Allocation of an instant credit? Basically, the borrower can learn online about all conditions of emergency loans and a corresponding request in favor of a bid. This application includes questions regarding the personal data (name, date of birth, place of birth, residence, telephone) and questions about the personal circumstances (profession, family, breadwinner, regular monthly charges like rent, electricity, etc.). Itself agrees that all information must be truthful! After completing the borrower usually receives a 24-hour response, which is concluded on the basis of the inputs made, however not mandatory should be considered. Should it be in the immediate response to an immediate assent, the applicant is given the opportunity, the corresponding application forms to the (these are already filled out with the information given), down download runter laden sign and mail to the selected bank send.

(No printer exist, the application forms can be sent to also) Once the completed and signed application forms at the respective credit institution are made, these will be verified by the employees. Until now, there can be a binding commitment. That is the borrower via post the contract documents, which must be again seen through and signed will receive. Then these are together with a PostIdent coupon (serves the verification) sent to the branch of the Bank and the payment will be made within the next few days. What should you when the Sofortkrediten there are basically at Sofortkrediten to note as much as in regular installment loans. As a comparison of the emergency loans should be prior to the conclusion of a credit agreement always, which shows up in particular the differences of in interest rates. There are some banks, whose Zinsen are up to three times as high, as is the case with other banks for emergency loans. The interest rates decisively on the redemption amount of the Affect emergency loans should be no secret. In addition, the emergency loans, also considering the repayment period should be compared. Of course it is good for the consumer if it has a long time to pay off the full amount, but should be borne in mind also that also the redemption amounts sharply can increase.


As Ribeiro (1998, P. 93), … with the discovery of techniques of irrigation and adubagem of the ground, the generalization of the use of the plough and vehicles of wheel, as well as of boats the candle, diverse peoples had revolutionized in its capacity of food production, having caused the first sprouting of cidades' '. With the Renaissance, it was inaugurated modernity, walking opposing to the savage, the ignorance and the nature. &#039 was necessary; ' domesticar' ' the human beings not to act as animal. Second Oak (2002, p.41) the civilizador process gave itself with the advent of the cities.

The city, counterpoint of the wild nature, then if presented as lcus the word locus (plural loci) means ' ' lugar' ' in Latin of the civility, the cradle in the good ways, it taste and of sophistication. To leave the forest and to go for the city were a civilizatrio act. The people created in the city were considered more educated than those that lived in the fields. The nature, had then as the Other of the civilization, represented a threat to the rising order. The human being, leaving the nature, could then call a civilized being more and not being part of it as wild. This civilized being started to be part of another territory, being ' ' longe' ' of the nature. The human being to remain itself in the city started to spoil the environment removing of it all the necessary resources for its survival. The abundance of natural resources allowed the belief in the infinity of the same ones. The concentration of the population demanded the necessity of consumption of foods, clothes, remedies, etc. No longer century XVIII, with the expansion of the bourgeoisie and the commerce of diverse products the exploration of the work force was basic for the expansion of the industrial production.

Stiftung Collective

Test results of the Rurup tariffs Stiftung Warentest the Rurup pension considered retirement and tax shelter in one. It was introduced especially for the self-employed, but also advisable workers can benefit from it. A Rurup pension test by independent shipping belly er magazines helps finding replaced the appropriate fare but definitely not a personal consultation. Rurup pension 12/2011 of the magazine were test in consumer magazines in the output total 62 classic offers and 24 unit-linked Rurup rates investigated. Stiftung Warentest could not make out a real winner in the unit-linked Rurup pensions.

5 Offers performed well with the classic variants. So Warentest tested Stiftung as basis for the test served a 40-year-old model customer, who paid an annual fee of 6,000 in the Rurup pension over 25 years. Special attention in this Rurup pension test was on the characteristics of the product, such as the cost of insurance during the accumulation phase, the value of the guaranteed Pension factor, the provider option, as well as the transparency of the insurance offer. Test winner of the classic Rurup pension insurance companies were in this test the best sellers for the classic Rurup pension elected: collective “BA3? by Debeka collective “E-R1B” of Europe collective “RB4F” from Hanoverian tariff “BRAGT24? Reviewed by Huk24 collective “BRA” by Huk-Coburg was also in terms of flexibility. Here, it must be mentioned that the Debeka received in the Rurup pension test 2011 only the note satisfactory and the Europe of the note sufficiently with the characteristic flexibility.

Read here more evaluation criteria and test results of individual insurers. Rurup pension disadvantages of strict legal regulations of the Rurup pension test could also not over it fool, having the Rurup pension with strong law to fight. For self-employed are the disadvantages of the Rurup pension on the hand: a termination is excluded, the Rurup pension will be paid out as an annuity and the borrowing and legacies are impossible. For whom is the Rurup pension? Even if at a Rurup pension test the disadvantages be made clear or not clear test winner is found, the Rurup pension for the self-employed, but also advisable workers makes sense. Who’d like to play it safe, is well advised to take an independent insurance agent at hand. On the subject of pension contributions over a period of time will be applied and should from the outset be adapted to your own needs.

Helper Shall Be Liable Also In Volunteering

Stiftung Warentest tests cover of volunteer dedicated to Stiftung Warentest to test in the current issue of the journal 03/10 the insurance protection of volunteer leaders. Already a little carelessness can cause expensive damage contracts or events, what Board members and their deputies personally in the liability. test informed about risks of volunteering and gives tips for safeguarding. This refers to the insurance package of Association German VOLUNTEERING e.V.. To Hans Hachinger, Board German VOLUNTEERING e.V.: “we advise clubs over ten years of experience in tax, legal and technical issues. With our Association protection letter, we offer a complete protection against personal liability risks all authorities of the Association and in addition they receive a legally sound advice at any time through a lawyer or tax advisor.” Package solution guarantees complete insurance protection that idealism does not protect against legal consequences, is the Stiftung Warentest with examples and court rulings. Is expressly noted that Honorary Board members of a registered or non-registered association, the responsibility for the proper management and guide this club wear as full-time Board members are exposed to personal financial liability risks.

The new legal regulation since autumn 2009 exclusion of liability in negligence – attacks only under certain conditions. Are generally in practice difficult to separate slight and gross negligence. What is certain is that clubs need special insurance. In addition to the liability of a club, an asset liability insurance for purely financial damage, any event liability, or a service framework insurance is if not the actual purpose of the Association correspond to events such as an Easter fire when helpers are needed with your own car. It is easiest to access, for a club to the package solution of the German volunteer to have a complete insurance coverage in case of necessity. The German voluntary work Association cares for over ten years to the legal, tax and insurance technical protection of volunteers dedicated people. The membership provides the seal protection against liability risks ‘ and thus extensive protection against personal liability risks. The seal stands for the legal, fiscal, financial, and personal protection by club directors in relation to their volunteering. Members can be all clubs, associations, foundations and communities of interest and benefit from the many services including bylaws reviews, event and property damage liability insurance. Rosemarie Nohbauer