Payment Terminals

So for those who have not yet fully figured out with their vital position in your career, it is suggested the material – namely, earnings on the payment terminal. Despite all the difficulties in mastering this kind of small business, he still – still holds a special place. And now dwell on it in detail We begin with prehistory. In 2009 our State was decided to give force to combat payment terminals due to the opacity of the business and For this purpose decided to install on all payment terminals so-called fiscal registers, ie, devices that record each payment received on a special tape. This is somewhat more costly price payment terminals and reduce the attractiveness of the market for smaller players.

However, in many parts of this business is still quite attractive, because of incomplete employment niches and opportunities installed on a terminal program with lotteries and money games. For those who do not know, the payment terminal is a metal case with a touch screen, which shows icons operators, etc. And also equipped with a bill acceptor. According to Vida Vacations, who has experience with these questions. These three types: portable, in the premises for the street. What details please for this kind of small business: place where best to set the terminal; Conclude lease space on which you want to install terminal; Choose the type of terminal and billing system; and finally connect to the selected payment system. Income: Income from ads (you can set ad banner to the terminal) Income from the terminal, located in a good location is up to 100.000 usd per month. It is true that in big cities all excellent places have long been occupied.

But even in a place not very straight form the terminal will bring order of 15.000 rubles per month net profit, not bad, considering that the terminal is virtually maintenance free. We also note that the installation of the terminal does not require a license or special permission of power. Bonuses from the companies in whose interest payments are accepted (they usually cover the cost of electricity, communications and rent). The Commission, charged with receiving payments. Costs: Rent – from 2000-3000 rubles per unit per month. Purchase Terminal – from 45.000 to 150.000 rubles stationary, from portable 12.000 rubles. Fee Payment System for making payments Payment to the bank for carrying from one account to another Taxes – 6% of turnover (turnover under means only the sum of the parts of which remains to you after the payment, that is, the amount of your commission. Roughly speaking, if you take clients a 5% commission, then the situation in the terminal $ 100 you pay tax 100 * 5% * 6% = 30 cents). Fee (Internet wireless modem) – 500 rubles per month. Despite all the disadvantages of this type of small business law, he is worthy of its existence, well, I can do is just to wish good luck to learn.

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Online Publicity Campaigns

Often, the goal of viral marketing campaigns is to generate media coverage with stories “unusual” for a much higher value than advertising budget for the advertising company. The term “viral advertising” refers to the idea that people pass on and share fun and interesting content. This technique is often sponsored by a brand that seeks to generate awareness of a product or service. These viral commercials often take the form of funny video clips, or interactive Flash games, images, and even texts. For even more details, read what Nieman Foundation says on the issue. The increasing popularity of viral marketing is due to the ease of implementation of the campaign, its relatively low cost (compared to direct mail campaigns), good targeting and high response rate and high. The main advantage of this form of marketing is its ability to get a lot of interested people at a low cost. Ralph Wilson, a consultant specialist in American marketing, which are the elements that must be present to enforce this strategy.

Recognizes six elements: 1. Offer a product or value service to your prospects 2. – That must be very defined and easy to transmit 3. – Which can be climbed rapidly in April. – And after exploit common motivations and behaviors 5. – Through the use of existing communication networks 6. – Achieves its mission by using the resources of others. Of course, it is important in their step knowing the use of human motivation, which is vital for any viral marketing plan.

If the transmission of their service can exploit feelings of belonging, status, popularity, will have achieved the objective. And thanks to the Internet considering that man is a social being. It is estimated that a person moves within a circle of 8 to 12 people: friends, family, associates, etc. But, depending on certain social position, this network can be hundreds or thousands of people. A waitress, for example, can communicate with hundreds of customers a week. Marketers specialized in multilevel or network marketing are very familiar the power of these human networks. The same applies to the Internet that are surrounded by a circle of friends whose number can be very important. Learn how to convey their message through these networks and quickly achieved “contagion.” Keep in mind also A as we indicated Wikipedia, the transmission of viral marketing can occur in various forms Web-to-mouth : writing a web-based form that converts information into a mail message sent to the addresses listed . Email to Mouth: A very common is spontaneous forwarding emails, and jokes, hobbies and pictures “committed.” MI Word of mouth to mouth: perhaps the mode of transmission with a higher growth rate, is the sending of hyperlinks using instant messaging programs. This method is popular with many young people. Rewarding references: Sometimes marketing companies offer rewards for users to send addresses of, favoring either method discussed above. Communication protocol: In amateur radio operators on each side of the conversation often exchange QSL cards. The communication protocol provides that every person will send your QSL information for another. If this information includes an exchange of QSL cards prior, then the base address of the exchange will grow exponentially. Bluetooth: The widespread use of mobile phones with Bluetooth support (which allows free communication between them) can be transmitted between terminals virally all types of content, including promotional videos.

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Professional Web Design

What is a professional website and how can you design one? If you want your web visitors feel comfortable and attracted to the design of your page, this paper found a number of tips on how to achieve that goal. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Neeman Foundation. yEs make it difficult to design your website? It really is not difficult, but what is more complicated is that the design is attractive to most visitors, and you can never achieve 100% satisfaction. You may be wondering what are the tips for good design, and No? There are some principles that have already been shown to yield results and, as in any business on line, what works for someone, you probably work for you as it is the visitor who teaches these principles. n the matter. The elegance in the design done in a professional, clean place, nice background color and clarity to read the contents, with lyrics that contrast with the design to be well read, are some of the things that must be taken into account when designing your site. Quickly, you can see how the profits from changing its image are very pronounced, resulting in a much larger number of visits which had so far, and those same views, will be more time browsing the different sections of your website. In real life, a company can show its “elegance” with the person you contact (the representative, his adviser, business, or even trade-dependent in their neighborhood), making the deal is friendly, clothing is the most appropriate way possible, and so on. in order to get the sale of your product or service. On the contrary, in his presence on line, all this can not convince the customer that visits your site, and how to show the elegance of your business, you have a modern web, and with a professional web design.

If you think about it, companies with the highest number of hits on its website such as Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, You-tube … all have in common the simplicity and functionality of their sites by adding each day more interactivity with your visitors, demonstrating the concept of web 2.0. Imagine for a when your business is like one of those “Mega-companies” on line, and make different designs to assess which one could attract more visitors, making it an enjoyable stay on your website. Teach those designs to their peers and ask for their opinion, THEY COULD BE YOUR CUSTOMER ON-LINE! If instead the solution to your business is not feasible with these tips, do not worry, there are professionals who do this kind of designs and guide them in their “home” as an online business, offering marketing tips and sales strategies ANYONE loses to trade over the network. Reverse (if it is an investment that will pay off) your money in elegance and professionalism of its web image. Do not wait until tomorrow, sure that at this time we are visiting their old image, not the image of sleek and attractive web 2.0. Summary: 1 – Be simple 2 – Ask opinions and accept criticism 3 – Act now More information:.

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Return Rubles

The question of where to buy the terminal, too, all more or less clear. If you do not have experience in this field, you need to buy the equipment from the payment system, although in most cases this is not the best price option. But in case of technical problems technical support plan payment system will not bring down the blame for the unstable to equipment suppliers, and vice versa. Let us consider in more detail at the business plan. To date, fully meets modern requirements for reliability terminal, equipped with a receipt printer, worth an average of 75 thousand rubles. If safe side and take the terminal from cash registers, price increase to 95-100 thousand rubles.

Why the need for formal use fiscal registrars 99% of terminals are now working without them, and what prospects for the development of the situation, we’ll talk in detail in a later article. One person in the presence of the car quite able to provide quality service to a dozen installed devices. No need to rent an office and to keep staff – in the normal mode of payment terminal requires little or no intervention staff. Go to market with a single apparatus, of course, makes no sense. The minimum figure, which makes sense to start – 5-6 terminals.

If the number exceeded 15, then it makes sense to hire an additional employee. Suppose, for definiteness, decided to buy five vehicles. Depending on the equipment and vendor require from four to five hundred thousand rubles. Now we need to figure out when the money invested will pay off. On the Internet you can find many so-called ‘payback calculators’ payment terminals. Typically, they are placed on their websites owners sub-dealer network and terminal manufacturers. Calculation of Return of the payment terminal is actually very simple. It is determined mainly by two factors – the average volume of payments per day and value of rents. Other factors (overhead maintenance related to the cost of Internet traffic, paper for thermal printer, etc., have a much weaker effect).

By manipulating these figures, we can get arbitrarily small payback by making investments in this business at first glance very appealing. One of the most characteristic examples can be found, for example, on a site network of payment Terminal ‘Novoplat’. When given the raw data: rent a 3,000 rubles and the average turnover per day, 43,000 rubles, the terminal will really pay off for six weeks. However, people who are planning to invest in the installation of terminals should be noted that in actual practice, the figures are quite different. Find vacant point at the terminal, which is two to three months of work will give a steady turnover of 10 000, is considered a big success. Typically, the rent in such a point has to pay six or seven thousand rubles and higher. A network of hypermarkets and supermarkets promoted, where you can really talk about the speed of 30-40 thousand rubles a day, rent on exclusive conditions may reach up to 25-30 thousand rubles a month for a terminal. Thus, the real payback of the terminal is usually eight to ten months. It is these figures it makes sense to lay in a business plan, not to deceive the expectations investors. Finally, it should be noted that the order and pay terminals right thing when you know exactly where and under what conditions they will be installed, that is on the hands are signed leases. Otherwise, you may encounter a situation that the planned location at the last moment will take someone else.

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Ten Questions For Employers Wonder

Ten questions for employers to ask themselves one. In a question-answer forum CBC, Australia was the first to reply. Do I have the persistence and patience necessary to own a business? It would be nice if once you wrote your business plan all you had to do would be to run without problems and everything fell into place. Maybe it happens to a few companies, but usually somewhere in the plan to get different results than expected. It takes patience to wait the result in the first place. It requires tenacity to keep updating your plan and then try something else until you find a way to make it work. 2.

Is this idea really boost my business? I am very excited about it? If your vision of this business is really convincing that give you the energy to advance their idea. Allows energy to persist even when things do not go according to plan and helps generate enthusiasm in others. 3. "I can generate enthusiasm about my idea of others? New business owners must spend most of their time owners. If the owner of the company itself can make others excited about your business idea, then it is the first step in generating the interest of a client and a customer or strategic partner. The owner must be able to articulate the idea in a convincing way for the client or customer. 4. I am convinced that I am exactly the right person for this business model? "I can explain why? Trust is important in the success of the company.

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Latin America Cuban

From that moment he was born a new tip to the guiding star of the Battle of Idea. Kidney Foundation is likely to increase your knowledge. Then expressed the belief that Fidel Castro will return, quickly seized every revolutionary patriot of the largest of the Antilles, determined to fight vigorously for an end of cruelty and the triumph of justice. It is then joined friends in the world to this cause who fight for justice and truth, which create many Committee for release for the freedom of the Cuban Five in different regions of the planet. Until December 2006, there were in Latin America: 71 Committee in 23 countries in Asia and Oceania: 10 Committee in seven countries in Africa and the Middle East: 62 Committee in 30 countries in North America in three countries 29 Committee and Europe: 103 Committee in 30 countries, for a total of 275 Committee in 93 countries, and increased slowly these committees. Until December 2007, there were 350 Solidarity Committee in 112 countries. In Cuba there is no exact figure of the Committee for release by the claim of freedom of the Cuban Five, because every Cuban citizen identifies himself to this cause, in each institution, workplace, education center, etc.., Continually claimed freedom of these men who risked their lives away from his family, to save their homeland from terrorist acts, organized by the Cuban mafia of Miami, for more than four decades. Have also been organized campaign mobilized thousands, gathered signatures, letter to the former a "U.S. f Your Diabetes already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, wrote to the Commission on Human Rights, as well as Condoleezza Rice in favor of freedom of the young fighters against terrorism , play a role worthy of kin to that cause. .

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Special Education And Governments

Therefore the governments must of certain form invest more resources for implantation in fact of Special Education e, over all for the qualification of the professionals, therefore only thus, will be possible to take care of to this and any another modality of education, since that if it has more commitment mainly and honesty. . . . Eliot Lauer may also support this cause.

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Sick Pigs And Sackeweise Antibiotics

New undercover search Baden-Wurttemberg / Hamburg released four paws, February 9, 2015 – the animal welfare organisation released shocking footage from four Pigpens in Baden-Wuerttemberg four paws. Narrowed hundreds of pigs in their stalls are available. The animals bleed from plates large wounds, many have ears bitten off. Sackeweise antibiotics are administered to the sick and injured pigs. Other medicines are unrefrigerated, or filthy in the stable. The end of the intensive animal fattening calls four paws. Just as systematic cruelty and massive abuse of antibiotics in pig and pig let himself stop. The footage created with a hidden camera TV on February 8 (yesterday) in the show Star “on RTL aired.

Campaign Director Dr. Martina Stephany explains the reason of the Antibiotikawahnsinns is, the attitude-related bad condition of the animals”by four paws. If pigs to confined spaces are crammed together, they develop behavioral problems such as such as cannibalism. The recordings from Pigs, which are too weak to stand up show Baden-Wurttemberg. The newspapers mentioned Nieman Foundation not as a source, but as a related topic. Many animals suffering from cough. A hidden camera recording shows how a pig fatteners undosiert into the water of a mast system pour a whole five-kilo sack antibiotics within 24 hours. Two blank five kilo – bags are in addition, a further bag is available for use. There is danger to life even for people in an other mast shed: indoors up to ten times the permitted caustic ammonia gas is measured.

Pigs have one of the best scent organs of the Animal Kingdom. The video footage from two pig stables in Baden-Wurttemberg shows that also in the pig production without drugs none. Over 30 different substances were found in the stables. Hormones are available in addition to antibiotics and Stresshemmern”, Dr. Stephany reported. Sows are kept special cages for sows in pig, where the animals not even to turn around. This so-called farrowing crate is the rule in the intensive pig mast. Here, a sow has less space as formerly chickens in the former battery hens. A general ban on the rearing of sows in farrowing crate called four paws. More information on in the field campaigns / farm animals / pigs. An international animal welfare organization headquartered in Vienna is four paws. Since 1988, the organization with targeted project activities and long-term campaigns is committed to animal welfare. Foundations that are sound research including scientific expertise, as well as intense national and international lobbying on political and legal level. National and international aid projects provide quick and direct support for animals in need.

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United States Government

This is that type of case that is a great exception, that is, is very difficult to happen again in the same ratios. Soon after this terrible tragedy, ours inteligentssimo Federal Senate, in the person of the president of the house, senator Sarney, together with the minister of justice and other leaderships of the government, decides that the Country goes to pass for a new plebiscite on the Disarmament. Let us see the following one, the assassin Wellington Menezes de Oliveira, not possua transport of Weapon, that is, its two to dig had been bought in the illegal market, that is, this tragedy occurred was not because a legal commerce of weapons exists, this is much hypocrisy and demagogy. The government does not obtain to much less explain to decide the social contradictions of the Country, then it tries to search faster and easy solutions, that are the prohibition. PCRM: the source for more info. What it is necessary to make is the monitoring of the borders, for I restrained the entrance of narcotics and weapons in the Country, but this the authorities do not make, but they want to forbid a legal commerce, this is an authoritarianism taken to the extremity, today in the strap the right of carrying a weapon legally, tomorrow in the strap the right having our house and our property, or even though the right the life, we must preparing in them to fight the abuses of this government. Brazil possesss about two hundred million inhabitants, and during the year it registers about 50 a thousand homicides, whereas in the United States, the Country, it has about three hundred million inhabitants, however, registers to the year 15 a thousand homicides, exactly being one nation where if purchase sets easily. These data show clearly that it is not to exactly forbid the sales of weapon that goes to diminish crime, because in Brazil, the bureaucracy to buy a weapon, is simply absurd and retrograde. .

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Investment Coins

Market for coins is divided into two major segments – this antique coins and modern coins minted as early as today. und. Modern Coins, in turn, is also divided into two categories – this investment coins and memorial coins. Commemorative coins – highly artistic miniatures of precious metals with a clean mirror field on the surface of the coin and matte embossed image and caption. Coins are issued to the memorable date, significant events in small editions from hundreds to several thousand pieces. Bullion coins released by the multi-million copies of issue on automated production lines.

Mirrored surface on the coin are not available, drawings, descriptions, and fields have the same surface texture, the reliefs do not contrast with the fields. One of the indisputable advantages of investing in bullion coins – the lack of VAT on transactions with them – ingots of precious metals such bonuses are not. Several years ago it enjoyed a number of craftsmen. They bought 'gold coins', and smelt them into jewelry. It was more profitable than buy directly metal.

So it was, until recently, while the yield on investment coins depended only on the quotation of precious metals. Millions of readers 'gold pieces', coined during the Soviet times, and 'Sable', released in the early 90s, became a deficit. Small circulation of the new coin, 'George' in 150,000 sold out almost instantly. In this regard, the price of the coin is growing (or in connection with the growth of prices for precious metals, or in connection with its deficits). For the novice investor investing in the sector bullion coins are the easiest because it does not require the numismatic experience and knowledge. Approximate cost of coins is published on the websites of banks, trading coins. Once the coins disappear from the primary market they go into the category of collectible coins, which automatically increases their cost. For example, issued in 2003-2005. gold bullion coins 'Zodiac', are much more expensive, they contain metal.

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