Conflict My dear brothers, who the peace of God is always with you. My brothers if suffer the dilacerao from the soul, if he distresses if he suffers and he cries. If today you live in conflicts. They pursue if you. They humiliate if you. They calumniate if you they wound If you. They make if you to feel that you are not loved.

If everything that you make you are welcome has value. If it feels you alone. Aflito. Overwhelming. If you complain of and you cry. If your fights and pains, are not seen by your brothers. These conflicts These tears These pains.

It is a premise. It is an day for the evolution, and an arduous and austere way. It is the road of the knowledge Is the school of the indulgence and the pardon. It is the ascent for the agreement For the light. These afflictions nothing more are. Of what knowing. We harvest what we plant That we redeem in them of our errors. That we come back toward corrigiz them. If to suffer diverse pains, is because we spread thus it in another existence. We have you parents and incompressible mothers Are because thus already we have a carrying son of diseases is because yesterday We take somebody to commit the suicide, They have a husband or conturbada and sick wife, in them to demand us it infatigvel tolerance is because we abandon yesterday it. Everything that we pass here. Everything what we suffer here is the consequence of what we live yesterday, pains that we sow yesterday. We today harvest, the tears that we spill today Is what yesterday we made to fall the calumnies and hatred for spread us Let us receive today. By in such a way my dear brothers nobody is punished Nobody is Pursued victim of an injustice Damaged Nobody is victim and yes we are what we plant yesterday We are those that yesterday we cause pains and sufferings For we do not understand what the pardon is the love, the charity, the patience, the austerity, Humildade At last if today we pass for conflicts inside and outside of our homes is because yesterday we cause and all the cause and a reaction.

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Social Development

The exclusive exercise of the integral development of the person and the society is incumbent on neither to the State nor to the political parties nor to the diverse religious confessions. He is the human being and his free options that must of being the protagonists of their integral development. The imposition will always fit the cooperation but never that does not respect the freedom, brings back to consciousness, justice and the right fundamental to look for the happiness, because the human being has been born to be happy. And the happiness cannot prevail of form some. As the then Secretary General of the United Nations said, Perez de Cullar, " the social volunteers are messenger of hope who help to the people and the towns so that these help themselves ".

The General Assembly of the UN decided, in 1985, that each 5 of December the world celebrated the Day the International of the Volunteer by an Economic and Social Development like recognition to the people who scratch hours of their time to take aid, company and affection. Shared in common it comes from solidus, Roman currency of gold, consolidated and nonvariable. word solidarity talks about a reality signs hard and obtained by means of the assembly of diverse beings. Also of the responsibility assumed in solidum with another person or group. The people are united because they have brings back to consciousness of being people, beings abiertos to the others because they are encounter beings and nonmere isolate individuals. For that reason solidarity goes united with the responsibility and this one depends on sensitivity for the values. These do not prevail but they attract and they ask to be realised. Solidarity is only possible between people who in his bring back to consciousness feel the appeal of which she is worth the pain and bet for that reason.

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New Iphone Desata

Dispute in new iPhone: HTML5 and Flash Both formats, in summary much, come to be a method to show and to construct to pages Web. We can suppose that HTML5 stops with advantage, because is pure more and is the code with which the own Webs are written. Flash is an addition that allows that laas Webs show things that until recently HTML could not do like videos, animations and effects. HTML5 already is able to even do everything what Flash did, with a greater yield and efficiency, reason why it seems that it will end up prevailing. New iPhone in the beginning of a conflict the war began when Apple in 2007 presented/displayed new iPhone and said not to include Flash in new iPhone by battery saving and yield of the telephone.

It is certain well that Flash is a great consumer of resources, but Apple wants to impose another standard, the HTML5, that although does not belong to him yes that it is going to help to him to overthrow the majority use of Flash of Adobe. Adobe loses a battle with new iPhone HTML5 is outlined like the future at the time of visualizing videos and effects in the Web, but still it has left much route. Apple has bet hard in its new iPhone by the elimination of Flash and the war is ready. It is not very clear which are the intentions of Apple, but without a doubt the elimination of the hegemony of Adobe is an explicit interest. Adobe finishes losing a battle, because it will not make more development of applications of new iPhone with Flash. Nevertheless, Adobe is going to have the support of Google, that has announced that their moving bodies with Android will support Flash. The time will say to us who desire in this war of formats.

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If somebody to love, without in turn awaking love, that is, if its love while love not to excite reciprocal love, if somebody through the vital manifestation while man whom he loves not transforms into loved person, is because its love is impotent and a misfortune. (MARX, 1970, p.235). The friendship between Lester and the Ricky young, take its authoritarian father to distrust that its son gets much money through a life homosexual prostitution. The supposed possibility to have a homosexual son who if relates with Lester takes the military man to ahead nourish a feeling of anger of the false revelation that it compels its son to make he accuses when it to get illicit money: ' ' where it got this money? I do not lie pra me I saw you with it! What it made you to make? I do not go to be motionless knowing that my son is one becomes wormy! ' ' When refusing itself to believe it its son, who the friendship between it and Lester does not involve no homosexual relation, starts to spank saying it it: ' ' I swear I banish that you from this house and I see never more you I prefer to see you dead of what one becomes wormy! ' '. This is the moment where the young sees the possibility of if seeing free of the yoke of its father and has lain: ' ' It swears it orders that me even so? It has reason! I charge 2000 dollars! I am optimum loving of this region father! ' ' This is the triunfal moment of the release of the Young that if fires to its mother and goes to the meeting of Jane for invites it to leave with it. At this moment the homossexualidade of to militate is extravasada in a spontaneous act and challenging when in full weather it goes to the meeting of Lester that in an act of fraternity and solidarity receives it and this, to the inquired being: ' ' where she is its woman? ' ' it answers it: ' ' it must be trepando for there with the prince of the property It wants to know of a thing? I do not bind! Our marriage is alone of faade, I is not imported with this! It is as an advertising, of as we are normal, but all little this! But you are tremendous, you need to take off this clothes! He says me what you need? ' ' The revelation of Lester and the manifestation of fraternity take the military man to a declaratory act.

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Anti-Drug Lecture

In November 2010, in one of the colleges of Moscow volunteers ANO * 'Criminon CIS' held a lecture revealing the truth about drugs and how they actually affect people. Thanks to the intelligent and open manner of communication as a lecturer and Criminon staff with the students, the students learned the truth about drugs and substances similar to them in action. Very accessible and clearly the guys talked about how harmful drugs affect not only the body but also on ability to think clearly, solve problems of everyday life, as well as how they are detrimental to the body and mind, even if it took several decades after taking these substances. Medical students College could appreciate the simplicity of presenting the data in the lectures, which served as an excellent complement to more usual for them to complex scientific approach. Here are reviews of students about the event: "The lecture was interesting and instructive. Learned many new and interesting, it seems to me that someone this lecture will help in the future free from bad habits. Thank you for such a good time. I realized that this dependence.

In fact, very sorry people who have strayed from the true path. It is a pity that the lecture was short, waiting for you again! " 'The lecture, in my opinion, was interesting. I learned a lot. I understand why people become addicted to drugs, alcohol and nicotine. I realized what was happening with the body in the use of these substances. Thank you so much for such an informative lecture. " 'Thank you very much, I really enjoyed it.

Before, I did not understand the meaning of 'Dependence'. And now I understand that it is very difficult and all important '. 'I liked everything! I myself have a very negative attitude towards drugs, and I like that in general there are lectures. After all, if people do not explain that the drugs – this is bad, they will use them! Thank you so much, we spent time with benefit! " 'I liked the lecture. I learned a lot about the impact of toxins on the body, the benefits of vitamins and vitamins are a group for which beneficial '. 'I like this Lecture by the fact that it is very informative. Very clearly shows the status of a person in the use of poisons. " 'Criminon' means 'no crime' and is an international nonprofit organization that is dedicated rehabilitation of offenders and crime prevention by educating people and helping them rebuild their self-esteem, to become ethical and productive members of society. ANO 'Criminon CIS' regularly anti-drug and anti-crime campaign and lectures and anti-crime drug education. With the new academic year the lectures on drugs and crime, organized ANO 'Criminon CIS' present about 8,500 people. Most of the students after these conversations leave positive feedback, which they often talk about his decision to "never try drugs" and "strive to reach their goals by legal means." As L. Ron Hubbard wrote in his book 'The Road to Happiness':' People who use drugs do not always perceive the world as it is. Brooke Harlow is often mentioned in discussions such as these. They really like 'not here'. Sooner or later the drugs will destroy them physically. " For more information contact: 8926154 55 54 or write to us at: * ANO – an autonomous non-profit organization.

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Amar Amando

Love is an act of the will. It is true, in some sense; but does not apply to sentiment, but to acts arising from an unconscious state that comes from the soul.?Love me!, why you leave do it?, wonder thirsty some couples. ?All believe deserve it and have reason, however, its worth is not related the genesis of the loving sentimieto of another, that is not source volunteer. Love can not be ask because it’s a gift. And the idea of gift arises from the heartfelt emotion of meeting.?Gift me when I find a special being, not when I found and I choose. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of on most websites.

Something special emerges identification, the combination that delights of two personalities in contact; not of the uniqueness of the human being making for being so exceptional. Click D. Brooke Harlow for additional related pages. She loves neither motivated by the virtues. You can have them all a person and do not give rise to any new State. Is love a nascent State, says Alberoni.?It is a transcendent linkage; does one who lives it transforms of by life.?I already found you and decide to love you not It implies the correspondence. On the contrary, many times the tragedy of love is living secretly in the singular?Still, it is worth suffering it.

Are the sorrows of love much sweeter than all the other pleasures, said the poet Dryden.? Like a charm, at the beginning it is unconscious, uncontrollable. Madness of two or one later it is only voluntary, I want to love you but it hurts because it intoxicates the senses. Do you loves voluntary, but freely.?Who loves must be very aware of this, because if it obliges the correspondence, they will end up leaving him hopelessly. It can not be ignored, the freedom is part and the essence of love. For this reason, which owns doesn’t love truly. Which cela either; you express too, or the listless blind to the need for the other.? Which needs not loves, needs that they love it. Love is giving, but not tablespoons encased of whatever comes in win.? To love is to give oneself with the consciousness of being able to not be taken at the time, and not to offend if it is not reciprocated. ?The wait is not reciprocity; an obligation of being would be printed as. Is the waiting to make another and appropriate as it wants.? Do while there is roundtrip make more intense existence, shall dwell love hearts.?Spaces are unnecessary. Feel, think, imagine, invent, Act.., to light and the spell of love. It is the same sense of love.?It seems easy; the problem is the language. Each person has their own language to express it and not everyone understands it from another.? It loves, loving. There is no shortcut. Original author and source of the article

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Excluded Solidarity

Personhood is the ability to give to others and knowing part of the whole creation. Traffic in human beings person is that attitude radical create meeting spaces and environments of solidarity, fruit of a coexistence aware that communion is the highest expression of human nature because it supports in a willingness to take the most authentic reality. Nothing is further away from the uniformity and individualism which rely on a selfishness ballasting by confusing the means with the ends, instrumentalizing everything for the sake of interest or utility as the only valid criteria to succeed above others. Personal happiness has to do with the perfection of the whole of humanity and the maturing of what exists with that attitude towards life that encourages us to live modestly and think with greatness. Shift powers seek to impose on us doctrines that threaten to suffocate the freedom of choosing, be and share. Do not allow even the right to be wrong. But fortunately, every day we are many more the We share the fate of the others in the conviction that men are brothers and that we participate in a common project. It is necessary to join efforts to fight for the human condition that demands dignity as guarantee of a genuine freedom.

No freedom to starve. Thus we will be able to tune in with those millions of people who suffer from hunger, misery, pain, marginalisation and loneliness. It is a mistake to consider that social volunteering that we exercise in our communities is not inextricably linked to the fate of the poorest in the world. Losing sight of the true nature of social volunteering and we run the risk of reducing it to a charity that perpetua and becomes complicit in the structures of injustice that our society suffers. These structures are the cause of underdevelopment, which is not a stage on the road to development but a byproduct of the same based on a consumptive, opulent and profligate society at the expense of the exploitation of peoples impoverished South. It is urgent to extend this movement of solidarity to all men, starting with the closest, why they are just around the corner, that live beside us unless we become aware of his indigence, their sadness and their isolation while we remain blind to the hands that extend towards us and call us. More than sent, must consider us called a solidarity work. Finally, after all, nobody not can give freedom but it will conquer every day.

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Parliamentary Center

When a volunteer enters a Penitentiary Center for the first time, in the Penitentiary Module of a Hospital, in a plant with serious patients or a Center by day for majors with dementia, it is normal that he undergoes an emotional impact. He is something new and outside the normality concept to which we are customary. In few days, this impact will be cushioned by the custom and will happen to be part of our new scheme of normality. If this does not take place and the impact it continues we will live our voluntary military service as a estresante situation and is worth the trouble to reframe itself why it happens. The best thing will be to speak with the person in charge of the service and to think if it is due to change of voluntary military service. Another important emotional aspect talks about to the common confusion between voluntary military service and other forms of sentimental relation. The volunteer does not have why to be friend of the beneficiary. This affirmation so politically incorrect and so uncomfortable to realise is very necessary at many moments.

It is clear that the relation between volunteer and beneficiary can change. Why voluntary military service cannot be the beginning of a friendship? Why cannot be produced a sentimental connection beyond the voluntary action? He prevents it to nobody, but the volunteer must know that change has taken place and that the rules of the game change. In the daily life a labor relation, for example, can lead towards an engagement, but the implied ones must know that when is discussed by the pay or the schedule it is not necessary to mix loving jealousy nor sentimental questions. The voluntary military service is a thing and the friendship is another one. The volunteer does not have either to show to pity nor pain by the beneficiary. It must be placed in an equality plane and this supposes in many occasions to be firm and to know how to say that no. To show pity is not good a revulsive one for the beneficiary of a voluntary military service program.

On the other hand, to be firm and to say that to anybody in many occasions it does not mean to demonstrate to him that you consider adult, intelligent and preparation to him to assume this answer. Condescender always to everything is not positive. All this fits without contradiction some in a respect and amiability climate. In anyone of cases, if the implication takes beyond a logical point, the continuity of the service can be seen affected and what tries to be a responsible commitment becomes a load that, taking advantage of any excuse, many volunteers will loosen immediately. Or they will confuse the norms of the voluntary military service with those of another activity that is in force by different parameters. It is necessary to put limits to avoid that the excessive implication, in anyone of the spoken senses, does not harm the continuity of the voluntary action and does not leave in the volunteer the sensation of frustration, deception or impotence.

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Spanish City

Cusco a the Mundoo navel, as it is known to one of the most important tourist cities of Peru, both for its meaning in the past and present, is also one of the most visited cities in the world and one of the poorest. Despite its importance, little or nothing has been done by the indigenous people of Cusco, which have not yet been lifted out of poverty and ignorance and living long. While it is true that many families through tourism revenue they can get into Masomenos accommodated in the city, also there are many villages around the city, which has them so to speak almost forgotten. It is not unusual to see them working the streets of the city, trying to sell a candy for a tip in return. The problem is due in large part to the need for indigenous families and those that are not a priority that their children have an education for a better future but rather it is to spend every day and survive the best way possible . These children are mostly vernier with a high level of illiteracy and, as usually parents and family members. While in Cusco there are many organizations since Anios working to combat and cope with this reality, however it should be mentioned that not enough and give aid and who is always very good way, is not enough .

Aid organizations in Peru are mostly based from abroad from which it receives most of the aid. Apart from these large sized organizations aid, is also common to see small groups of tourists who mostly gathered by a school of Spanish in the city of Cusco organize activities help with these Nini. These groups of volunteers in Cusco (soziale Arbeit in Cusco) work mostly for a short time, which is the time that these tourists are in town, then it is temporary relief. Not only tourists are those who could help these villagers also close to the city that have better luck. Support for I mean not only economic aid, which reality is that in the end less aid, but rather a spiritual aid, aid to transmit the most valuable thing a man can have that never loses, The Knowledge!. Teaching is one of the noblest ways to show our solidarity and will always be welcome.

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Knowing Insurance

If you Car repair manifest latent defects and damage will be greater, the insured will have to take the rest. So if you are not sure that it is able to accurately assess the extent of damage, call the traffic police. – These improvements make significant changes to the work of insurance companies. Is everything ready for you to move to a new system? – Knowing that the direct settlement in demand worldwide and, ultimately, life is easier for customers, two years ago, we were the first company in Russia, who volunteered to policyholders by CTP, the victim in an accident, go directly to ROSNO. For a nominal fee our customers can purchase an additional policy "Euroservice" relieving the victim from having contact with "foreign" by the insurer. So our company can reaffirm its commitment to this work. Although, of course, to the new system work effectively, is important the absolute commitment of all stakeholders. – What new types of liability insurance of car owners you are planning to offer its customers? Vitaly Knyaginichev, director of comprehensive insurance "Ingosstrakh": – "As above, so now we recommend that in addition to the policy issue CTP policy of voluntary motor insurance.

Additional coverage of $ 500 thousand cost, For example, a client of "Ingosstrakh" in 900-1400 rubles, depending on age, driving experience etc. It's not so much money compared to potential harm. As for new programs to hull, then last fall "Ingosstrakh" has launched a "Autoprofi", which is designed for experienced drivers who prefer a neat style of driving. Buying a policy "Autoprofi" in Moscow and branches "Ingosstrakh", the motorist will save 20% or 36% of the insurance risk of "damage". In the first case, the policyholder chooses the form of compensation for loss, including after the accident: the payment of repair of technical centers and authorized dealers the world's automakers, or cash payment.

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