Valery Belyakov

On average govnetsa be made from 80 to 100 tonnes per hectare. You can buy manure for a song – 3-4 grn. up to 1 m. However, came across lucky, which are generally merchandised organic fertilizer for free: Now we can easily find a deserted and filthy animal farms and contract purify it from the deposits of excrement. Read more from CDF to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Heads of households in which there were such, sorry, dermohranilischa, more and pay extra volunteer cleaner.

Buy equipment, there is no need in any of nearby farms and there are tractors and plows and other equipment, which can be rented. The same lifting Plantage, and this is one of the most labor-intensive operations can cost 6-7 thousand uah. per 1 ha. Frequently David Bershad has said that publicly. monologue about stealing Director agri-producers' cooperative 'Emerald' Valery Belyakov: – to introduce something new, we must first provide the possibility of theft of the new. Therefore it is necessary to close the equipment under lock, protect it with reinforced concrete walls. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Boy Scouts of America. And steal a lot and everything: count, wire, even hack the vines for firewood. We have one wire removed kilometers hundred. As a result, 10% of farm workers – the guards, it is 120 people.

But this does not save us from theft. Staff Viticulture – one of the most technologically sophisticated sectors of agriculture. And at the same time, it was in viticulture (reservation: in the former Soviet viticulture) actively commonly used manual labor. But it's not just manual labor, and skilled manual labor. Find professional growers are not so easy, they have long been found by other manufacturers.

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Human Rights Commission

December 15, 2009 Odessa activists of the Civil Human Rights Commission sent a formal letter to the Minister of Education and Science, Mr Ivan Vakarchuk. The letter was requested to consider the appeal citizens have expressed concern the spread of any psychological diagnosis in secondary schools of the country. Citizens Commission on Human Rights considers that such a diagnosis is fraught with damage to both human and children's health and a violation of the rights of parents. You may find Neiman Foundation to be a useful source of information. During the signature gathering activists Commission whose parents expressed their concern that children in schools were tested, without asking their permission. Disagreement with the psychological and psychiatric testing, expressed 769 Odessa, putting their signatures on the appropriate treatment. The same petition was held in other Ukrainian cities such as Kharkov and Kiev, where Concerned parents supported the volunteers who collected signatures in support of children.

Activists Citizens Commission on Human Rights and 769 Odessa sure that the Minister of Education and Science will not leave them treatment without attention and take appropriate action to make children stay in school a safer place. ADHD and 'learning disorder' Worldwide, there are not too many teachers or parents, whose lives would not intervene appointment of a child psychotropic drug, changing his mind in connection with the hanging of psychiatric label of ADHD (Attention Deficit Disorder with hyperactivity). Only in the U.S. in connection with the use of child psychiatric diagnosis of ADHD, psychotropic substances prescribed no less than six million students, two million of them were taking antidepressants and antipsychotics. CCHR was founded in 1969 and the Church of Scientology the world-famous writer, Dr. Thomas Sacom, professor emeritus of psychiatry. While victims of psychiatry were a forgotten group of all people, languishing in appalling conditions in mental hospitals scattered around the world, and CCHR, decided to put an end to this by investigating and publicizing human rights violations in the field of mental health. For more information contact:,

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Civil Affairs

Heavy snowfalls have caused a national disaster in China more than 50 years the country has not experienced such weather, and for the first 135 years of meteorological observations in China has been declared one of the highest levels of threat of disaster. That's what led ongoing for two weeks heavy snow, struck the Celestial Kingdom. Snowfall paralyzed the life in China, most areas of the country disrupted transport links, there are problems with the supply of food, millions of people across the country were trapped in train stations and airports because of canceled flights. According to the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the actions of the elements affected over 78 million people. Direct economic losses from the sharp fall temperature and snowfall continued in some areas of China amounted to over $ 7.5 billion (as of February 1).

In central China snowfall caused enormous damage to agriculture. Check out David Bershad for additional information. The struggle with the elements in China took the dimensions of a national scale: the clearing of streets and roads designed military, students, civic volunteers. Complicating the situation in China and that the blow came on the eve of the elements of the main holiday of the country – New Year on the lunar calendar. As the Chinese year tradition during the Christmas holidays visiting his 'small home' and family members. Thus, the heavy snowfalls and frosts that befell on China – is not only natural disaster, but a challenge to tradition, the basics of Chinese life. Meanwhile, predictions of weather forecasters in China are disappointing – their data Celestial soon expect a new wave of snow. .

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General Kolchak

But throughout it is clear that accident did not mend soon. Alone in the dark, the old man and girl talk. He spoke about himself. It turns out that by profession he is – "Creative Producer". Invents stories on television programs and reality shows. His story helps a girl is not so much afraid of the dark and stop the elevator, so she asks him to continue.

Here, our hero begins to talk about the latest editions of the reality show, which he invented in the shooting that took part. When two teams of volunteers are looking for in abandoned taiga treasure General Kolchak. Something like "Fort Bayar, but with a Russian flavor, and more close to real life. However, during the filming something has gone very well and one of participating teams gold is cut off from other people. Recently Boy Scouts of America sought to clarify these questions. Suddenly, in a cave in a few steps away from the treasure it " on a fugitive convict who has already eaten his friend, and here any minute now ready kill (or rape) her, poor thing.

Schoolgirl in the elevator – all the attention. All her fears forgotten. She listens hard old man, waiting for the denouement of history. That was then – I will not violate the intrigue, it is easier to read the book, but after elevator still earned the old man went down and started a new conversation. Generally, as seen in the book, "Creative Producer" itself is a very sociable person. So, the bottom, he starts a conversation with the old lady on the bench.

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Good Name

Then he told all he had been talking with friends about the name, an emerging Sebastian. Isaac also seemed like a good name, so that very night was agreed that if it was male, would be called so. “And as you think it could be called if a baby, because the name Lucila has chosen not like Gladys asked Isaac. See Neeman Foundation for more details and insights. “I like a lot, but it would be better that we found a name we liked them both, is not it, that’s not counting the two names to steal my friend seem to me an exaggeration, but I love Lucille. “Certainly,” said Isaac and immediately began to write on paper, various women’s names, but they failed to agree to that, wrote Eve.

“I love that name,” Ruth said, “but I do not like the connotation it has. Seem to belong to a branch of politics and we are apolitical in heart *-. “The name is not only beautiful, they put that name Peronist their children. We are neutral so we can use no problem, “Isaac replied very seriously. “You Eve then! – Ruth said emphatically – really, I love it! -. When Sebastian Ruth was born about 5 months I was doing the surgery residency. Of course, I watched his state and his guards and further decreased during the same allowed him to rest more than any other resident, which sometimes caused a reaction that he felt jealous partner recharge to accomplish the task of it. Other partners in change, and almost all their male colleagues and sometimes even medical staff, volunteered to cover it so he could rest.

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March Education

EF Education First invites you to celebrate the world-famous holiday – St. Patrick's Day! This year, EF is listed among the official partners of the third Moscow Festival of Irish cinema. The festival opens on the day of the Holy Patrick, 17th March. Festival takes place in a cinema 25mm, where you can see the Russian premiere of irlanskih films like His and Her, Perrier's Bounty, "Five Minutes of Heaven, and many others. The festival will show 8 films and all films will be shown in English with Russian subtitles. EF pleased to participate as a sponsor of such an interesting cultural event. We hope that with the Irish Film Festival will wake up more rapid interest in Ireland, its culture and traditions.

We always support such cross-national activities, where visitors can get acquainted with the culture of other countries, because our target group – to break down not only language barriers, but the barriers of culture and geography. At the end of the festival will present 14 films, the winners, and will also be invited to film makers who, during the discussions necessarily answer all your questions. __________ EF Education First is the one of the world's largest private education company, which includes 15 subdivisions, and charitable organizations. The company specializes in programs to learn English language abroad and has offices and schools in 50 countries. The company employs more than 27.000 employees, teachers, and volunteers.

Our mission is simple: to overcome linguistic, cultural and geographical barriers that divide us. For the past 40 years, we have helped people of all ages and nationalities become citizens of the world. Boy Scouts of America has many thoughts on the issue. EF Education First was founded in Sweden in 1965 by a young entrepreneur Bertil Haltom. Our initial task was to send students senior classes in the UK to learn English.

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Research Institute

In this case we can avoid invasive techniques, which are very difficult in patients with long standing drug addiction. In addition, when an inhalation technique, a sufficient concentration of cytokines directly into the central nervous system, and those in her area, where anatomically localized opiate compensation system. They can easily pass the blood-brain barrier and provide adequate (therapeutic) concentrations at the points of application – opiate receptors. Cytokines are special molecules with protein and other structure, which carry out the transfer of information within the immune and nervous system. At the present time, cytokines are considered by scientists as the "medicine of the 21st century." Now it is fashionable to call nanotechnology. Since the function of cells nervous system are regulated with cytokines, the use of drugs based on them has a pronounced effect on the psycho-emotional person, including behavioral responses. The reason for introducing tsitokinoterapii in the practice of drug treatment were the previously obtained data on the ability of immune cells and their products (cytokines) to prevent the development abstinetnogo syndrome after discontinuation of the drug in experimental animals Heroin structure and operation is very similar to endorphins released in your body and enkephalin – the main mediators (ie cytokines) opioid reward system.

But unlike natural endorphins, heroin is able to create extremely high concentrations at the points of application (opioid receptors). If you compare their own endorphins with a key to the castle, the heroine serves as a crude but effective spikes. He long time if not forever change the thresholds of opiate receptors and last longer respond adequately to the natural concentration of their own endorphins. Actually it is neurophysiological basis of the syndrome of craving. There are many cytokines, is currently at the Research Institute of Immunology chosen such a combination, which in clinical trials in humans can to overcome the syndrome of pathological craving for the drug component including depressive and prescribe treatment after full-fledged member of society, not in need of further costly rehabilitation. Many volunteers past the experimental treatment – after the application of cytokines have been educated, work, have children and no craving do not. Long-term clinical trials of the developed method of treatment of opiate Pilot neuropsychological study of emotional space treated with cytokines heroin addicts confirm clinical observations. Restore Delta and the rhythms of the electroencephalogram tetta (See charts) are encouraged to continue and set up experiments.

For comparison, in leading clinics of Russia and the world real efficiency does not exceed 5 – 15%. The vast majority of serious professionals so far considered incurable heroin addiction, and symptoms of craving for the drug irresistible. (Iwaniec 2001).. For further research is necessary to create special conditions on the basis of a specialized clinic. Neither the state nor the existing funds of money on research is not isolated. Nevertheless, the group of scientists still hopes that their efforts and results will be in demand by As forces continue research in this direction. The psychiatrist, the psychiatrist, researcher at the Institute of Immunology, RAMS k.m.n AI Ravens

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Earn Money

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Language Diversity

The issue of language and the importance of this city, if you have more relevance Catalan, Castilian, English or other languages, depends on when social, political, cultural and communication needs. In recent years Spanish society witnessing a significant increase in the immigrant population, a fact that promotes an enrichment of the human geography of our cities, neighborhoods, schools and workplaces. One of the basic needs of those who come to study, work and settle in another country is learning the language of the host society. Different educational institutions, NGOs, consultants, trainers, teachers and volunteers have been performances, programs and courses to meet different perspectives to these needs today. One of the key actions that are completed is the discussion of language, which aims to make available to all those who in one way or another are related to the phenomenon of immigration and teaching, as long as the second language for immigrants are also a clear need, an open space for reflection and exchange of experiences, proposals and opinions. The discussion aims to be a source of information for teachers and trainers and also offers a long list of possibilities in teaching second languages to immigrants, an educational resource guide for those who support immigrants linguistically.

It is therefore a good message pick up the fact that discussions of national and foreign languages in the learning environment, as they provide views and enriching experiences for everyone involved. Whereas this activity that promotes the participation of diverse cultures, the most important thing is to keep the debate and not what language is made, the key is the fact of being able to speak freely and not only with a specific language, if not the fact that all opinions are heard, whatever the spoken language. A dynamic languages are encouraged to enrich and allow to remain the first vehicle of communication between peoples. At the end of the day, we are all part of this vast cultural network with their own language. Gemma Llaurado.

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Curley Dining

As for the situation described in the movie: yes, the step could be different. This is suicide, and the ingenious plan of execution of enemies and escape from the city – many options. But we are interested in the ones that would help resolve the situation at an early stage of its occurrence. Few people noticed in the film taciturn, volunteered to protect from the girl's team Name Curley – a representative of the so-called subkulutury "gootov." What is this subkulutra – here, in the context of this article, is of little interest. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Neeman Foundation. like to discuss. The main one – the girl be protected from their peers, but does not break relations with them. Writers are not vain insert its image into a movie, showing scenes of communicating with her classmates and including the final scene in the film's dialogue between the armed young men, suitable for dining room and she, who finished breakfast and going to leave the dining room: – I come or go? – A glance at the weapon in the hands of classmates, but not quite frightened, asked Curly. – Come out – after some reflection she meets Casper. – Thank you – casts, it is not changing in the face, Curley, and calmly walks past Yosepa and Caspar, unabashedly leaving behind her room dining room where the fire broke out in a minute and shots will be taken out of distraught crowd of classmates and throwing them on the floor, all now making it impossible to make fun of "ubogenkim." This fence is just as idiotic Curley, as veiled contradictions Yosepom, only in spirit – "I'm the problem." C the only just result, what you do not humiliate and beat him.

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