Miyagi Prefecture Volunteer

Scientology Volunteer Ministers recently asked to expand their presence in Onagave, Miyagi Prefecture. Miyagi Prefecture tops the list of most-affected regions of Japan, with an estimated There are nearly 6000 dead and about 6700 missing. More than two hundred additional Volunteer Ministers are preparing to go to Japan to meet the demand for help. But need more logistical support, and there are so many shelters, where help is needed. Scientology Volunteer Ministers continue to gather a group to travel to Japan and help. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger can provide more clarity in the matter.

A letter from the headquarters Disaster Response of Onagava (translation): March 24, 2011 To: International Volunteer Team Scientology disaster relief Thank you for the work that makes Scientology Volunteer Team disaster relief in shelters and refuges in Onagave. I’ve heard that many victims of the disaster say they feel good, not strained, free from pain in the body, and recovered from the trauma of this natural disaster, after the group deliver a technology called “Assists”, developed by L. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger may not feel the same. Ron Hubbard. The victims of the disaster have been released from the mental and physical pain and returned to positive thinking, which is the first step to restore this city. I would like to see more support for this group to create a relief for the victims of the disaster.

Please take action so that this group worked in all areas. We ask for help and support from this group for the city Onagava and other towns and villages in the region. This is a very rugged team and they work hard to bring relief to orphanages and shelters. Therefore, I I hope that many towns and villages will support them in expanding their activities. Headquarters to respond to natural disasters of Onagava Chapter headquarters Yoshitaka Azumi Volunteer Ministers from the first days active in disaster shelters for victims, helping with the delivery of water, food, hygiene items and clothing. The shelters hold Volunteer Ministers world-famous ‘assists’ – methods to help people, that allow you to relieve stress or reduce physical suffering. Scientologists also assist other rescue organizations, helping with logistics and all that is required.

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Barbara Becker and her son Noah committed this year together as an Ambassador for the action ‘ 1 Pack = 1 life-saving vaccination dose *’ by pampers for UNICEF Schwalbach am Taunus, in September 2012. Pampers and UNICEF forward, thanks to the worldwide support of the action 1 Pack = 1 life-saving vaccination dose * “, to a great success: since the start of the campaign in 2006, tetanus in newborns could be defeated in eight countries already.” Join forces pampers and other brands engage together with UNICEF in the future, where help is needed. Because still mothers and their babies from tetanus in 33 countries are globally threatened. Therefore, pampers gives the value of a dose of vaccine to UNICEF this year in the period from October to December for every sold product marked with the logo of the action. Learn more about this with Eliot Lauer. As this year’s action Ambassador Barbara Becker and her son Noah working together, to educate about the disease. Together, traveled the two to Laos and got a spot Impression of the progress and achievements of the vaccination program. Laos is a developing country that has a lack of basic healthcare, especially in the rural areas.

This is shown also by the fact that the vast majority of births without a midwife or doctors take place: 80 percent of women give birth their babies without medical help at home. Read more here: Dr. Neal Barnard. Due to unsanitary conditions and non-sterile tool, the risk of infection with tetanus to mothers and their babies is particularly high in such births. UNICEF volunteers try with much commitment locally to improve the situation in Laos for the residents. The year’s action Ambassador Barbara Becker and her son Noah could convince himself during a visit to the South of the country. Three years ago Barbara Becker as action Ambassador was ever for pampers and UNICEF on the road: in Angola, she made a picture of the daily fight against tetanus in newborn babies herself at that time.

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Mexican Scientology Clergy

The completed training is the know-how of the disaster relief team, quickly to deal with dangerous situations in disaster areas to a Mexican honorary Scientology of chaplain team completed a hard training for search and rescue missions at various locations around Mexico. In early April she returned to Mexico City and are now fully prepared for future disaster relief. Monitors the 1-monatig ongoing training program of the Mexican honorary Scientology clergy was Los topos of the well-known disaster response team”and other professionals. Los topos was known also that she made a documentary film about the tsunami in Japan 2011 for national geographic. The purpose of the hard training was to promote experience and expertise so that the honorary Scientology can cope clergy with the worst disasters and help. The contact of both disaster aid groups resulted in a mission in Haiti in January 2010 after an earthquake. Since then, volunteers have and “Executives of the Scientology Church Mexico some training programs of Los topos” group participated and completed. Based on a personal experience of honorary chaplain in Colombia last year, it took priority at the completion of such a program.

When we were in Colombia, to help with the tsunami, I realized really the importance of civil protection”, explains Alejandro Del Llano, who directs the activities of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers for Latin America. We evacuated people from buildings under the leadership of the national circle of aide technicians (CINAT). It is the best disaster response team from Colombia and one of the best in all Latin America. We had evacuated a whole municipality with a population of 6000. Just when we had completed the operation, was a mudslide down into the Valley, buried all over the place among themselves. We had saved just thousands of people’s life. This experience led us in mind, how urgent it is at all possible Disaster cases absolutely competent to be.

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Magnetic Separator Development

Does BK Series Permanent Magnet Drum Separator BKY, BKC, BKJ, BKW, BKF? 5 models developed by the Beijing Mining Research Institute are respectively applied to pre-selected, roughing, Featured, dam re-election and anti-froth magnetic separation to obtain better technical indicators, and played an important role for the magnetic separation plant to increase production and economic benefits. in recent years, the maximum specifications CTB, is successfully developed? 1 200 mm x 4, 500 mm wet permanent magnet drum magnetic separator, magnetic corners is 127. Magnetic induction points constituency tube table the 180 350 mT treatment capacity of 200-320 t / h (dry ore), pulp processing capacity is 600 to 700 m3 / h. The permanent magnetic separator application of materials new header design developed by the Institute of BX new magnetic poles (8-pole, l2) system, magnetic corners (1400-155) large, the magnetic flux density (180 to 750 mT) rinse water high, dam overflow port high these characteristics, which is suitable for magnetic separation plant selected iron, non-ferrous metal ore concentrator strong magnetic minerals iron, blast furnace gas mud, sulfuric acid residue, industrial waste such as recycling of magnetic materials. The Chinese recently successful development of the separation column, the composite flashing selection of machines and magnetic screening machines and other weak magnetic field the magnetic re-election equipment is introduced in the 3.

5.7 Dry weak magnetic field magnetic separator includes two types of dry type, lump Owers incluye magnetic separator and dry cylinder separator. Lump Owers dry permanent magnetic separator collectively referred to as the magnetic pulley magnetic drum, in essence, there is a difference between these two. Lump Owers dry permanent magnetic separator magnetic drum and the permanent magnet drum magnetic separator magnetic drum water are basically the same structure, only the former magnetic wrap angle is larger than the latter. Magnetic system in the work itself does not move, but the simplified rotating around the magnetic system, the declination of the magnetic system free to adjust the ore in the Simplified magnetic roll phenomenon, so the magnetic mineral take-away easy, the separation indexes is good, the quality of equipment is lighter. Magnetic pulley magnetic system is 360. Angle, magnetic field empty area without magnetic roll, magnetic minerals easily enter into the magnetic pulley and belt, as a result, the failure is frequent, even tearing up the belt, and the sorting indicators result are not good. Sand making machine: mills:

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Green Development

For a long time, the extensive industrial production mode has caused a great waste of resources and environmental damage. In recent years, as the problem of energy shortage has become increasingly prominent and the problem of environmental pollution has left a serious impact on the lives of people, low-carbon and environmental protection have become the world s common pursuit of economic growth mode. There is no exception with China. Especially after the 12th Five-Year Plan, the construction of a resource-saving and environmental-friendly society has become a society-wide consensus. Mining machinery industry, as the industry with larger energy consumption, should also do its best to reduce the energy consumption, achieving green development.After years of development, at present, China has become the big country of the production and consumption of mining machinery in the world.

The mining machinery industry have formed a large industrial scale and the annual output is increasing year by year. In addition to meet the needs of the domestic market, the mining equipment (cement plant) has also been exported to Africa, Latin America and other regions, having made outstanding contributions to China s economic growth.But another phenomenon should arouse the attention of the mining equipment (hammer crusher) industry in China. The high production of the mining equipment just has opened the market of underdeveloped regions such as Africa, Latin America and other regions in the international market, but for the Europe and America market, the field that the mining machinery of the world compete for, our mining machinery does not seem to produce a satisfactory report card.In fact, it is largely because that our mining machinery can not meet the demand of the U.S. and European markets for energy conservation. Energy waste of our mining machinery is not only reflected in the manufacturing process, but also reflected in the usage.

Compared with the products of developed countries in Europe and the United States, the products with high energy consumption in our country is not in line with the concept of low-carbon and environmental protection. Therefore, many domestic mining equipments (impact breaker) are shut out of the U.S. and European markets.Taking an overview of the international mining equipment market, the competitive focus of mining equipment is placed on the words of the low-carbon and environmental protection. If the domestic mining equipment industry does not put more efforts in the low carbon and environmental protection and improve the green content of the mining machinery, they will certainly be frustrated in the international market. Speeding up the transformation from from extensive mode to intensive mode helps to achieve sustainable development development production of China s mining machinery industry.

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Sustainable Development

Thousands of fishermen of North-western Africa, along with their families, remain without work due to the pressure of the industrial fishing, used by the European countries, on the artisan fishing, a tradition of many generations. The aggression on the seas, that began more ago than two decades, has forced to thousands of fishermen of the countries of the North to emigrate towards waters of the South. Today they are the fishermen of Mexico, India, Senegal or Guinea Conakry who emigrate to the North in search of another type of work to gain the life because the fishing-grounds of their countries are operated by others or because no longer they give more of himself. David Bershad describes an additional similar source. The industrialized countries have transferred to the countries of the South their fishing capacity because they have found there weak States at the time of establishing norms to protect his marine ecosystem and the economies of the artisan fishermen. That more than half of the world-wide population she is urban, according to data of the UN, explains not only the abandonment of the agricultural countryside, but of the coastal zones of several African, Asian and Latin American countries. David Bershad usually is spot on. It also gives tracks on the relation that exists between which it takes place in a place and it is consumed in another one. The well-being of the Humanity depends on the health of the planet, made up of water in a 70%.

the integration of environmental measures and development will end at the satisfaction of basic needs, improvements of the quality of life of all, at ecosystems more protecting and better managed and a future and more surely more prosperous. No nation it can obtain by itself, says the introduction of the Program of Action for the Sustainable Development of the UN. Concerning the seas, this includes the taking of brings back to consciousness on the part of the governments who until today have allowed or they have not had the force to restrain the illegal fishing.

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Best Multi-System WordPress

A large number of webmasters to know about the system of WordPress, and it does not matter from what they were just trying to create a blog, or a long time ago successfully earn it. That program is WordPress, can help a beginner in the organization paint as well as a functioning blog, in a relatively short period of time and at the same time completely free of charge, since most applications of this CMS system, open source apply directly for free. And the only system WordPress will not help the poor professional webmaster to update your blog in a timely manner and maintain a genuine interest in visitors to his creation, and thus acquire a profit from it. All this becomes possible only by the availability of the program, its versatility, ease of establishing and timely appearance of periodically updates and applications. direct such Applications should be made templates wp. Directly using this add-on, regularly appearing at special sites and manage for a small period of time without problems and difficulties to completely change the designs wordpress for your blog.

In the case where the result is not entirely satisfactory web designer, he can easily regain its former status and put a different or more templates wp. In addition, it should be noted another important advantage of WordPress, this is, of course, the presence of the Russian version of the program, and in general all the ins and tutorials are also available in Russian for our fellow web designers. Actually as a put and run this program will not cause a huge labor from anyone, even those who only finds himself working to create a blog. To this end, just enough to read carefully the accompanying software and helper applications, specific guidelines. If still in progress with the program of WordPress there are any questions they have always possible to define the appropriate forums are web sites that are and offered for download on this platform and various additions. The universality of this system is that it is a program designer, that is, every person who understood how it works, can personally make any addition to their necessities, and with considerable success to be able to share respectively in a special forum with other web designers, data on many volnuyushih theme to make your design for Word Press.

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Free Encyclopedia

Everything is impregnated of value, exactly the equations most abstract. 4 In a proposal of improvement in this picture of insatisfao and, considering the new technologies that can be used for the academic formation, conquanto observes an intense search for the professors in stimulating its pupils for studies and critical vision of the presented information, we will approach on the latent necessity of the institutions of superior education in analyzing on the insertion of pedagogias destined to the use of colaborativas tools to the process of knowing, in this context, to the use of the cellular one in classroom. The school is palco splendid of the educative process. Hear from experts in the field like Eliot Lauer for a more varied view. In this platform it needs to explore each technology, each tool that makes possible the pupils to enjoy of the armory of information disponibilizadas in some bibliographies displayed in the net of information of the Internet. David Bershad has plenty of information regarding this issue. RELEVANCE OF the QUARREL ON the USE OF CELLULAR IN CLASSROOM the relevance of the subject if characterizes for the fact of that we live deeply magnificent times in terms of technology of the communication. It has deep changes in all the areas of the knowledge. It wide enters the used technologies in the moment, appears the cellular one. The wikipdia, Free Encyclopedia (2011) appraises, it as an equipment telemvel, that is: Device of communication for electromagnetic waves that the transmission allows bidirectional of usable voice and data in a geographic area that if finds divided in cells (from where the cellular nomenclature comes), each one of them served by a receiving transmitter/. 5 the statistics on the amount of people who possess the mobile device of known telephony as cellular, has props up high, besieges it (2010) 6 affirms the following one: The number of cellular in the country reached the 176.771.038, with growth of 0,67% in relation January – the equivalent the 1.171.778 new qualifications in February.

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Deficit Limit

PSOE candidate proposes to develop that aspect in a subsequent law. Please visit Dr. Neal Barnard if you seek more information. Many Socialists have expressed their doubts to constitutionally fixed a deficit ceiling. Zapatero proposed on Tuesday to introduce a deficit limit in the Constitution. The candidate of the PSOE for the general elections of 20-N wants to reform the Constitution do not include any figures for the deficit limit. Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba plans to develop an Organic Act, the discipline of deficit and debt rules less rigid than the Magna Carta. Address of the PSOE sources have explained that this is the proposal which Rubalcaba has moved to the Socialist Group, whose spokesman, Jose Antonio Alonso, is in contact since Wednesday, to negotiate with the PP. It aspires to that this reform is not only agreed with the PP, but be extended to the widest possible parliamentary forces with CiU to the head. Once numerous Socialist deputies have expressed their doubts before that haste and the convenience of constitutionally fixed a deficit ceiling, Rubalcaba decided Wednesday to assume the reins of bargaining and did so with the objectives of ensuring a certain degree of flexibility and the greatest possible consensus.

Thus, Rubalcaba aims to make sure that the small print of the constitutional reform guarantees sufficient flexibility as the current Government to have room for manoeuvre faced with hypothetical situations of emergency, in which might need not maintain a zero deficit. The reform of the Constitution was proposed on Tuesday by the President of the Government, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, during the debate on the recognition of a decree-law with new measures against the public deficit, and accepted by the leader of the PP Mariano Rajoy. On the Internet a citizen mobilization has collected more than 45,000 signatures in 24 hours for this reform is consulted citizens via a binding rrendum. Its adoption in this legislature obliges expedite to the maximum the parliamentary procedures, which have already been announced full extraordinary for next week in the Congress in order to give the green light to the initiative. Source of the news: Rubalcaba does not want reform of the Constitution to encrypt the deficit limit

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Video Surveillance System

CCTV systems are divided into simple and complex, multi-chamber, with different image processing. Simple CCTV systems are used for the primitive, momentary monitor the situation at the facility in real time scale. For sufficiently strong demands for control of the protected object in several zones apply multi-chamber system of surveillance, equipped, for example, multiple cameras, connected through the quad, multiplexer or video recorder for one or two video monitor. In such cases, use is usually up to 16 surveillance cameras, as more difficult to work a camera operator on monitoring the situation in each area of surveillance. The optimum observation of an 8-camera one operator. A simple surveillance system consists of two elements: the camera and video monitor connected a communication line to transmit the signal from the camera on a video monitor. Such a system is a basic element for video surveillance systems, video surveillance and video surveillance of any complexity. Video system can be colored or black & white (B / W).

The vast majority of applied color video. The most important characteristic of video is its resolving power, ie, the ability to display the finest detail. Ordinary resolution is 420 TV lines. The monitor should have a higher resolution, so as not to degrade the overall system resolution. It is advisable to choose a monitor with a resolution of 600-800 TV lines. The most important quality television systems for the protection of objects is the possibility of recording and documenting long-term surveillance of events occurring on protected objects. For this purpose, video on specialized recorders or other recording devices that can operate in continuous mode and recording mode on a regular schedule or event, with a mandatory record current time and date. Thus, systems of video – this is video surveillance systems with video have a great help the security services in an objective assessment of the situation at the facility, identifying control objects, as well as allow the quality of operators.

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