As well as these there are too many examples showing how old ideas are obsolete. So our job is to become pioneers of paradigms, that way we can succeed and be always one step ahead of others. Many are asking, "So If I discover a new paradigm will fail?," The future is in the hands of those who discover the next paradigm? ", The answer is not and need not be the author of the new trends, just understand it is not necessary to be the forerunner of new ideas, just take advantage of them. Graham Bell was not the inventor of the telephone, but was the one that showed an opportunity and ran it, ie was not the precursor of the paradigm but the pioneer, did not invent the rules, but understand how to use them. Others ask, "With the uncertainty of the future, how it makes you a pioneer of paradigms to know that your idea is correct?" It's because it makes use of intuition, which is defined as the ability to make sound decisions with little information. For example, when we are driving by car to an unknown destination and decided to take a road that we believe will lead to a broader area known to be able to go home although we are not completely safe, and indeed it does, the decision to take that route little information was made with intuition.

No matter how good intuition, we will never have total certainty. And while the failure is a possibility, it be an obstacle, because in the long term, the gains outweigh the losses. But intuition alone is not a good item, it takes courage to carry it out.

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By the way, he stops not to be unjust, it only constructed a square in the city, and with this workmanship, it obtained its re-election for commands of the executive, as well as its posterity in the politics in other elective offices. If somebody asked to which its workmanships, it freed: ' ' – That I to construct the square, that I painted the square, that I placed banks in the square, that I ordered to install orelhes in the square, that made for the square etc.' ' its workmanships gravitavam around that one ' ' beautiful praa' ' nothing more I was enough to believe the naivety of that people, but wise person – inside of me – that still the concepts and rules of the politics of &#039 were arraigados; ' cabresto' ' , of the coronelista system, the sponsorships This so visible age that in all the electoral periods the city turned one ' ' zona' ' (not that one of electoral meaning, you knows) Of the night for the day the preference research could ' ' surtar' ' , ' ' desnivelar' ' , ' ' declinar' ' , ' ' to invert plos' ' etc., depended only on the force motor of the change (' ' bufunfa' ' , ' ' carvo' ' , ' ' poivinha' ' (powder), ' ' Money' ' , grana, ' ' tutu' ' , ' ' make-me-rir' ' , ' ' dim-dim' ' etc.). To summarize, a candidate slept elect, dreaming to sit down in the chair of the Executive, and woke up crying in the bank of the square, without eira nor side, ' ' moral' ' to choose substitute of the vice-president of association of quarter. I believe that some interior of this ' ' Brasilzo' ' still it is thus, one baguna Therefore, let us remember in conscience politics of tomorrow It votes with respect and dignity. It votes in that one that really has commitment with the society, and not with its personal interests. My sincere souvenirs its conscience..

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The Discovery

Always taking in account the tunning with the customer, placing it along with what it will go to occur in session and if it will be made use to follow or wants to change something. One works in set with the customer. It will have to be active in the process, therefore it is necessary persistence. For the work in group the structure of the individual one is not modified. Therefore, hardly the group will leave the focus of the definite work at the beginning. Even because the group already will possess an aiming of equality enters the gifts through the main complaint.

The work in group inside of the TCC will occur through the same procedures and techniques used in the individual attendance. The only difference is that, through the group, the customers will feel themselves more confident, therefore will be in a way who if are similar to its problems, since already transforming some beliefs disfuncionais regarding that with the others the things are better. Having as base the dialogue daily pay-socrtico, the group will learn, through its proper experiences, that each person who participates there will be facilitador. With the work in group one perceives that all the people assimilate one subject of differentiated form, that the speech of the other can assist in the understanding of itself and that the techniques proposals will be more fcies for ones e, for others, not. In such a way, the aid between the group will give to greater confidence so that the personal growth through a process is reached that involves the human being in its relations.

The work in group exactly emphasizes the discovery of itself through the others. One of the used techniques inside of the groups is ' ' task of casa' '. One is about a duty that the therapist will go to establish in set with the group so that she has the remodelling of the thought at that moment.

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Old Republic

These heads politicians almost always belonged to the republican parties, that had state character. Some contend that Viktor Mayer-Schönberger shows great expertise in this. As Boris Fausto observes, ' ' the democracy politics had a only formal content: the popular sovereignty significava' ' (p.16). Owner Berlarmina Tramontim Baptist with 86 years of age, 60 years almost lived in Ribeira in the room of supper of its house speaks of its experiences lived in 1930. Add to your understanding with Brooke Harlow. ' ' She had very I ruin here in the region, for where they passed went destroying. They had burnt sobrado there. They had broken bridges, not it bridge of the river Ribeira, pontinhas for there.

The soldiers for where they went passing destruam. The ones that had pigs they killed, the ones who had cattle they killed to eat. It passed soldiers sufficiently this way. I not yet liveed here, I liveed in the small farm. The city was defecated. Later that I passed the revolution I came here and some not yet had come back of where they had ido' ' .

According to Thompson, speech of the past can awake painful memories that in turn, despertam intense feelings. (1998, p.272). The bombings had been intense in the small city of Ribeira as it describes Belarmina Tramontim Baptist. ' ' Many airplanes. All day had two, three. In the Revolution of 1930 it more than lasted four months of battle here with sulistas' ' CONSTITUTIONALISTIC REVOLUTION OF 1932 For Thompson, all historical source derived from the perception human being is subjective, but only the verbal source allows us to defy this subjectivity. To unglue the layers of the memory, to dig deep in its shades, the expectation to reach the occult truth. (1998, P. 197). How to point out Ribeira in the context of the falling of trees of the Old Republic and the ascension of Vargas? In accordance with Lakatos is interesting to determine with clarity the research object, the formularization of the hypotheses facilitates the research.

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Holland or the Netherlands attract many tourists each year. With this report, we present the history of some Dutch cities. Holland or the Netherlands holds many interesting and beautiful places for you. With photos, maps, and clues we provide such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Leiden, Haarlem, Alkmaar, Groningen, Makkum, the Hague etc. before. You can print like this map of Holland or the Netherlands is to better prepare your Holland trip. You can send free this card card to so many friends and family as you like.

Map Holland – country map Netherlands Holland map print (click here!) A little history to some of the most famous cities in the Netherlands. For many visitors to Holland, Amsterdam Amsterdam is the flagship of the Netherlands. Already before the 13th century, settlements were very swampy area. Before the 13th century A.d. a large dam on the site of today’s old town “built, which provide the Amstel River with a lock” by other waters separated. “The name of Amsterdam was born.

The first buildings of Amsterdam could be built in the Moor land only because of many poles. “Historians here see the old Amsterdam song founded: Amsterdam, the beautiful city is built on stilts.” 1369 ad, Amsterdam was a member of the Hanseatic League. Thus emerging trade replaced the previous main source of income of the city, the fishing. Around 1580 A.d. Holland became the naval power and sent to India very successfully more and more ships to trade. 1602 was then with the “established Oost-Indisiche Compagnie” a trade organization founded which made Amsterdam a wolhabenen town at the end of the seventeenth century. In 1672 A.d., the Netherlands led a war against France and England. This war ended in 1679, all important trade routes were cut off to Amsterdam. Amsterdam turned in the following years by a trade to a financial center.

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The Club

To try out in practice, helping at an early professional orientation. “Carolina Bohm: we bring together therefore, schools and businesses.”In the last year alone 20 cooperation agreements concluded with companies, which provide students with internships, operational days or even presentations on industry issues. An important element to set promising course for the professional journey of discovery, see the SPI consult GmbH in the cluster. This is based on the analysis of promising sectors of the economy and employment in the region of Berlin and Brandenburg. Boy Scouts of America has many thoughts on the issue. Professionals, the requirement is therefore primarily the health economy, energy technology, mobility, logistics, information and communications technology, media and creative industries as well as optics – and micro system technology, as well as in trade and services, as well as traffic. To bring diverse professional profiles young people, works in a different way. F there’s no schema.

The individual winners and schools use different modules”, white Carolina Bohm. With a total FORUM vocational training cooperates ten integrated secondary schools and high schools in various districts of Berlin. The Club employs various thematic workshops and methods depending on the grade level and education. So made a short film on the subject of career choice”for example the Georg Werth school. For each student, the individual search shall be according to the appropriate professional goal in the foreground. “But there is still a side-effect,” finds the Marie Krause-important: the workshops to encourage at the career choice to be aligned the interests, strengths, and talents and to look around versatile “FORUM vocational training such as offers the possibility to get to know different exciting professions (Charlottenburg str. 2, 10969 Berlin) every Wednesday at 17: 00. On 5 August 2013, the next training start again at FORUM vocational training. More information at training (Adrienne Kommler)

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Atlantic Alliance

The Taliban say having downed a Chinook troop transport helicopter. Barack Obama has lamented the incident but has assured that they will continue fighting for the safety and to protect EE UU. Thirty-one soldiers from EE UU and seven Afghan died last night in the center of Afghanistan to crashing his helicopter during an operation against the Taliban, who said having knocked down the appliance. This has been the bloodiest incident for U.S. troops deployed in Afghanistan from the start in 2001 and the invasion of the country, where they continue present some 133,000 soldiers of the Atlantic Alliance, the majority of EE UU. The Afghan President, Hamid Karzai, sent his condolences to his American counterpart, Barack Obama, and also to the families of the victims of the event. The device crashed overnight in the province of Maidan Wardak and as a result of the accident killed 31 soldiers of the special forces of EE UU and seven Afghan, announced in a statement Karzai he helicopter, a Chinook of double helix, crashed in the Saydabad district, within the framework of an operation against the Taliban during that eight insurgents were killed in total, said a provincial spokesman, Shahidula Shahid.

A spokesman said taliban, Zabiula Muyahid, the Afghan agency AIP that his militia launched a projectile against the helicopter and that killed 38 foreign soldiers, although the Taliban tend to exaggerate the extent of their actions. In the afternoon, the NATO mission in the country (international security assistance force ISAF) remained without specifying the cause of the event or provide a count of victims. Our information indicates that there was activity of the enemy in the area, said the military organization, which said to be analyzing the facts in his terse note and said that his forces were busy on the appliance recovery tasks. NATO soldiers have cordoned off the site of the incident and not let us come closer, said Shahid. .

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Cautious Investor

To if launching in the market of values if it makes necessary to get knowledge, after all are investments, that cannot be changedded into repentances. They have that to learn to buy action and as to make to increase the quotation of its money in the future. Basically they do not have difference of any another type of investment that is. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger may also support this cause. The phrase ' ' the eye of the owner fattening boi' ' if it applies this way. Investments in knowledge to always make courses, recycle them, on the mundias market, stock exchange, etc. To make use of simulators of the stock market, at last, knowledge never is excessively! Politics of responsibility if makes important, to be of eye in the warnings and to investigate them, understanding where if it is and for where this everything will go to lead, that broker to choose is importantssimo, of how much capital will go to make use (the ammunition) and to investigate lies on the Stock exchange. To be meticulous, calculating and to understand where if it is, not hearing its corrector only, but understanding its dialect, also preventing the vanity, very common in these ways of many maken a mistake.

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Altjessnitz Support

Cycling hero of the country road with support from the economy of Dresden. (wei) On Sunday, September 9, 2012, Lobnitz is environment for the second time in the character of cycling. At the second Heath wheel Cup fight on September 9th cycling enthusiasts over three distances of 40, 70 and 140 km to victory and the courts. The M4Energy e.G. the cyclosport-race held by the Sportfreunde Neuland Lake association with many volunteers and leading through the districts Nordsachsen, Wittenberg, Anhalt-Bitterfeld and Dessau-Rosslau also supported in this year. Dr. Neal Barnard is actively involved in the matter.

The meander through beautiful river and Lake landscapes through idyllic forests and fields and routes crossing historical places like Bitterfeld-Wolfen, Altjessnitz and pouch. Chief organiser and Club Chairman Henrik election city pleased with the renewed support of the energy M4Energy e.G.: of course we think it is great that the M4Energy e.G. is our main sponsor this year. The company is from the very beginning and has with us from the beginning on a Event, without knowing how the event unfold, is embedded. This is a great prospect for the future and shows how committed M4Energy Inc. for the region and supports us as a club.” The readiness to act for such a race as the main sponsor, is for the Chief Executive Officer of Maik Junker expression of solidarity with the State and the support of voluntary commitment: it belongs to the self-image and the basic ideas of our energy cooperative to promote togetherness.

Social responsibility and interest in other people are as well. We therefore support so much enthusiasm, as the New Zealand cycling friends put it on the day, very fond”. Press contact: Press & marketing agency for integrated communications Ines further man Salame Street 4 14532 Stahnsdorf Tel. + 49 (0) 3329 69 18 47 fax: + 49 (0) 3329 69 97 34 E-Mail: Web: background – about M4Energy Inc.

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Ecological Management

Worldwide, cooperatives create 100 million jobs. The cooperative idea: We join forces to facilitate self-determined action. Help to self-help to individually and collectively to make a difference. Cooperatives serve more the interests of their 17 million German members and identify this region, although they are locally structured. Always long term benefit the respective regions in which the members live. Cooperative members are not at the mercy of profit-oriented private interests by such as stock gamblers. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The members are also partners and even jointly decide their future. People such as Eliot Lauer would likely agree. Sure, a small village shop which will be reopened, because for example the for-profit EDEKA AG & co.

has abandoned him KG, is a cooperative of EC (eingetragene Genossenschaft). Then owns the villagers in the legal form of a cooperative. The villagers can be active then also volunteers here. Farmers can their regional products in the village shop ( offer. The Edeka group is the largest system in the German retail trade since 2005 through the acquisition of spar and trade company. Partners of the Edeka group are cooperatives, in which independent retailers have joined forces. Regional companies are responsible for the wholesale business and supply the independent traders such as the branch offices that belong to the Group about the regional companies or the Edeka headquarters AG & co.

KG or cooperate with her. 302 000 employees (2010). Turnover: 43.5 billion (2010). In 2011, more than 50 cooperatives were newly founded in Baden-Wurttemberg. In previous years, there were 34 or 42. A young Genosenschaft supplied with software such as the global automation industry. Others sell travel on the Internet or offer graphic design as a leading agency. Again others generate solar electricity or provide local heating networks. Citizens invest their capital and thus understand their energy transition on their own initiative. Many doctors concluded become cooperative performance networks together. People and businesses joined together, because they can reach to their common objectives more easily without having to give up their own independence.

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