People would have seen firsthand that good – the feeling of the Creator, the evil – it is the power of selfishness, the crisis – deadlock egoistic development, and the money – only the outer shell of living between us, a part of creation. But the transformation formula for life, the intricacies of the web that weaves a constantly self-interest, much more complicated, and people somehow not so far as to delve into the basics of Kabbalah, the once and all, taking care of their chadah, wonder why a reasonable word 'food' incomprehensible added prefix 'restoration,'. Knowing this, the Kabbalists of two thousand years ago formulated 'for those who do not,' and principles of the foundations of the universe in their daily lives. Using these, people by nature can make the world perfect. They are familiar to us, the formula 'is not a neighbor that is hateful to yourself 'and' love thy neighbor as thyself. " What does it mean – to love? What does it mean – as himself? Kabbalists define selfishness as 'self love'.

We find themselves all the time busy figuring out what can bring us pleasure and that – harm. All our actions and thoughts are directed only to have to have fun and reduce harm. This session is called love. That is, the transformation formula is to think and do the same with respect to neighbor. While selfishness mature and developed, these principles dragging away (each in his estate) and the religion of morality.

They bloomed in their gardens, bad color, people cram them strongly to each other with fire and sword. But the glow passions subsided, and that is come upon us now – the extinction of selfish civilization, threatening to bury us all, requires an ambulance – the use of these formulas, whose implementation into our lives become for us the way to salvation from death. Science for all, and one more thing. In both formulas is said about a 'close'. Who is it? The discovery that the creation of – a single entity, and us, its particles, separates the ego makes us understand that the neighbor – is each of the cells of the total organism, is, each of mankind. It’s believed that PCRM sees a great future in this idea. Thus, quite unexpectedly found that the Kabbalah – the science is' for everyone else. " Because, no matter how much it was people working in the good work, and whatever experts they are, it is valuable because it gives benefits to everyone else. And give the world a good thing can only when its fruits, knowing why, will enjoy the greatest possible number of people. But why should that has given the world of Kabbalah – a crisis of This is evidenced already in plain text. 03/03/2009

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Site Online

How to distinguish a second version of the 2nd? Alas, by trial and error … but preferably not their own. Scammers want to get the money and by all means try to do it. Amateurs firmly believe that they know everything and do not understand why the major online services are so expensive studios. Competitive advantages of both – low prices, and the result of "work" in both cases – wasted money and wasted time. Now competition scams and amateurs are very high. The most advanced invent such moves that would remove them before hat Ostap Bender. Trick "Children of Lieutenant Schmidt" seem childish prank, compared with multi-clever schemes! Dishonest optimizers are caught in a simple bait: "Any whim for your money!".

But the most interesting is that it works because people really want to believe that for almost a penny they get everything at once, beside the infamous phrase about free cheese in a mousetrap … And then they are ready to forget about security, about vigilance, and even the simple laws of logic. We encourage you to be cautious and recommend that in any case not to transfer money using pre-paid to individuals or unfamiliar companies. We publish several popular examples of online fraud. These are letters sent to customers of our online agency: Example 1. "Good afternoon. I have been promoting (where your site is created) and I would like to invite you to promote your services Site search engine Yandex in the first place. Price depends on number of and complexity of queries.

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Invention External

It is not once it was noticed that the hard and hungry periods of social development and state of activity, a jump of witches, magicians, soothsayers, and prophets, and sharply increases the frequency of various manifestations unusual and fascinating events, facts, discoveries, inventions, which should save the world. This is due to the fact that people in hard times of despair is gullible and prone to believe in all sorts of miracles. This also are enterprising leaders. Eliot Lauer has firm opinions on the matter. Politicians and government to divert public attention from social problems, and thoughts about rallies and other forms of expressing dissatisfaction, initiate a mass emergence of 'facts' contact with extraterrestrial civilizations or create myths about the external threats that make people united against an external enemy. Fraudsters offer immediately and make a lot of high-sensitive programs thereby once and for all solve all their financial problems (because work 'pyramid').

Churches and sects, taking advantage of the confusion and desperation of people fill up their number of adherents, and thus the donors. On Against these phenomena are already familiar with selfish undertones are reviewed and new technologies to lure the attention and interest in finance and faith in a miracle. People tend to believe in miracles and always looking for him. All would have cloth on the ground, seven-league boots, ride-on oven, magic wand, etc. So people arranged, that it attracts and allures 'BALL'. So, unfortunately, there money and power, the adventurers of all stripes do not deficit will be customer-victims … interesting example of the manifestation of 'creative' thinking in a crisis is the case with our compatriot, who in the summer of 2010, said of the final invention of the eternal engine.

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Internet Person

The second person involved – the company Autodesk. The victim, in my subjective view of 99% of its programs in the former Soviet Union are stolen, that is not downloaded legally. I myself tried to download, no problems, moreover surprisingly found a lot of interesting programs, movies …. absolutely free. But the Autodesk knew nothing of their own claims against, they are certainly welcome actions of the authorities and were pleasantly surprised – that's all. Who does not envy.

So this third person involved – the registrar of domain names RU-CENTER. On the one hand the prosecution did not have the right to close without a court order domain name, and the other do not want to quarrel with the "justice" how to do that would be the sheep and the wolves are safe enough to eat. Pitched brains, and can go to meet the victims (not free of course) and decided to suspend the delegation of the domain to determine circumstances, as if something was. Obviously they are not an interested party. The poor citizen, "Ivanov." A person having trouble with the law, who is likely to develop among law enforcers. Explicitly proposed to act on the principle of "You help us here, and we close our eyes there. " This certainly is not the most interested, and his would rozhlebatsya. Finally, the Moscow prosecutor's office.

Again, without court approval "was asked." Who better than the prosecutors know that such actions are not entirely legitimate. Once, for some reason, like to think that it's not free. They – prosecutors certainly not averse to earn the "left" money, but still, so to speak, "the law" to help some unfortunate and so not guilty, get out of a very complex, almost solvable, in their own words, deeds. But do not forget it's not about small or medium sites on the similarity, even thriving, as a multimillion-dollar There's no money small turn around, so if you can pay and risk a head, the more the risk is minimal, well, wrong with someone does not happen. Well, get fired, of course bad, but for a good bribe and be – everything has its price. In order not to bore the reader to sum Some of the results. After reading the above, we can make an unexpected conclusion: the only truly interested party in this case is a high-profile alleged victim Number of visitors to their site has not decreased and even increased, for what is now eagerly watching, respectively, and increased the amount of money that can be removed from the resource. In recent years, this is one of the most talked about news Russian-speaking Internet. Such large-scale advertising campaign would cost tens of millions of rubles, and now all is agreed with the prosecutor's office – finance is not commensurate. Yes, the "freebie" on the Internet does not eliminate, but to make a This is possible, and so the Slavs – and so well done!

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New Year

After this first day of New Year was seen as the first day of January. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Lawyer. Its name in January was named after the Roman god Janus, the two-faced. One face of Janus was drawn back to last year, the other – forward to the New Year. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Lawyer. In the New Year holiday Romans decorated the house and gave each other gifts and coins with two-faced Janus. Celebrations lasted for several days. At this time, slaves and their masters ate, drank and made merry together. The Romans are given gifts to their Emperor. Undertaking was voluntary, but over time it became mandatory.

Emperors demanded that rich tributes to the New Year. In the past, Persians New Year’s Eve gave each other eggs. This symbolized the continuation of the species. The Celts, the inhabitants of Gaul, celebrated the New Year at the end of October. Traditionally, the Celts decorated their homes mistletoe to banish the ghosts.

It is believed that the New Year spirits of the dead returned to earth. The Celts have inherited some Roman traditions, including the requirement of Christmas gifts from his subjects. New Year, usually gave gold and jewelry. In the New Year husbands gave their wives money for pins and other trinkets. And in China the New Year comes in February. In China, the country’s agricultural, celebrating the New Year attached great importance. New Year, which met at the end of winter, in anticipation of spring and, most importantly, the spring sowing, proclaimed the imminent revival of vital forces of nature. After the overthrow of the monarchy in 1911, when China introduced the European calendar, New Year’s traditional lunar calendar called Spring Festival (Chuntsze). Religious basis of Christmas festivities was the magic of Chinese fertility, designed to ensure the victory of life-giving heat of the deadly cold. Then the New Year will be celebrated in India, there will come March 22 1922. A little later, on April 13, the new year will come to Nepal, it will be 2057-m. Muslims meet its 1420-th year in the summer, on June 21. Jews celebrate the New Year 5761 on September 15. In Japan and Korea, the new year comes, as in Europe, 1 January, but the calendar will be completely different era. Finns celebrate the New Year January 1 was adopted in the XVI century. Before this year began after Michaelmas (21 November). Maybe not limit yourself pervoyanvarskim walking, and celebrate New Year in February – the Chinese, and in March – with the Indians, and in April – with Nepal, and in June – with Muslims, and in September – with the Jews?

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In North Ossetia

Suddenly a storm arose and the ship was wrecked. Survived only a merchant and a scholar. He saw a merchant, the scholar sitting prigoryunivshis, and said to him – that you feel sad? That I had lost all his wealth, and your all to you. – So let us drink to the wealth that you can not lose "" Sage asked: – Why friends are so easily become enemies, and here is to turn enemies into friends is very difficult? – But in the same way and destroy the house is easier than to build, – replied the wise man – and the vessel to break easier than done, and squander the money is easier than to earn them. I propose a toast to the fact that we create, not destroy. "toast each accompanied by a show of glasses and sometimes even execution of national songs and dances. In North Ossetia, for example, the first toast toastmaster asked to raise a Big God for the Holy George – the patron saint of men, warriors and travelers. The second toast toastmaster will ask for the raise of the house, his health for his family, for peace and harmony in his home.

The third toast toastmaster asked to remember all those who do not have a festive table, the one who untimely passed away. The next toast can be toasted for his friends and friendship. Required toast for the children and grandchildren as a kind of followers, as well as customs and traditions of the family and his people. Then the sound toasts Homeland and their mothers. A special honor and respect to provide visitors the guests. While they would not get up from the table, nobody has the right to leave the feast.

And as a guest to drink insanity is a shame for the owner. And most importantly – that toastmaster himself in any case should not abuse alcohol! Caucasus – a place with ancient cultural traditions, including traditions and feasts, and the residents themselves Caucasian countries are very jealous of their conservation and execution. Now this tradition, with minor changes, moved into a feast of other nations, and the ancient rules for Caucasian Toastmasters will help greatly in our day. And if you want to successfully carry out your holiday make it memorable, or you hit the Caucasian feast – this guide is for you!

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Evolution Of Humans

The evolution of human beings and should not be made to the technical control of the external world, physical and mental levels are not far-reaching that evolution (as in the past century as to the mechanistic-scientism), these developments, it now rests on Comprehensive and spiritual levels of being. Knowledge within us is the starting point of processing, is the awakening of the inner self, based on comprehensive learning, is that we call evolution of thought in the second degree. The meditative practices allow us to initiate a process of discernment of our true nature, to recognize and differentiate beyond the illusory forms, our true self, the "I" real and genuine, meditation allows us to go fighting, obstacles, fears and prejudices to awaken the true intelligence. An important factor is the development of our attention span, is the insight that leads us to recognize the unity of the individual and the universal. Spiritual intelligence.

Spiritual intelligence is the superior intelligence of humans, is the power with which to successfully face the problems of meaning and meaning in our lives. Is the capacity to overcome suffering, to address the conflict, the dilemmas and give a comprehensive response. Eliot Lauer: the source for more info. Lighting is the will, that brings us to the transpersonal level, the spiritual plane. It alone allows us to be able to act ethically. It alone makes us honest, so is the center of all true education, an education that promotes spiritual understanding is a simulation, a work surface that will not achieve significant changes.

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The Toy Library

Provide children with toys that have been chosen according to their tastes, abilities and possibilities as well as being something recreational power autonomy of them. – Educational Feature: The game is an innate learning mechanism, the Toy Library's mission is to harness this natural impulse to guide a comprehensive and positive development of the individual. Checking article sources yields Boy Scouts of America as a relevant resource throughout. As children's entertainment activities mainly related to the game and toy, in ways which encourage learning, promote positive values and healthy, contributing to the integral development of children. – Socio-economic function: Currently, very few people can afford to use particular level of gameplay that offers a toy library, and not only in material but also of spaces and playmates that enables Playroom. As such, it is important to educate the parents in connection with the purchase of toys to suit children. Source: Nieman Foundation. – Civil Community: The Playrooms have emerged as points of leisure information on the phenomenon, a resource for other groups, and must be part of the community environment in which they are located to develop its role education.

How to promote the game in groups with peers of similar ages, fostering communication and facilitating social integration and standardized school spaces by involving children and their families in activities organized by the monitors outside the Playroom (hiking type cultural, natural areas, etc.).. – Role of Research: The Toy Library is the real testing ground over there for all the games into it. For this you need to analyze these materials and emerge as a bridge between consumers and producers, ensuring the quality of intervention tools.

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They are the first agents of this right and duty, and the school, society, will contribute in this task. The role of the family in the socialization of children is vital. The areas in which a child receives all learning are undoubtedly those in which it operates and in which day-to-day related. They are: family, school and society. And education must come through these three channels. The man born into a family that transmits values, roles, patterns of action, attitudes, information … And unwittingly, unintentionally, so vicarious.

At first the family was the only agent of socialization, it was learned to live and coexist with the other members of the tribe. Pera was professionalizing society, human relationships more complicated and was no longer possible to transfer all knowledge to the next generation. It was becoming necessary to prepare people to fulfill the role played by the family before and so there is the school. Today this is an institution established to further contribute to the family in the right to educate their children. Many families want, they can, but sometimes not able to pass the learning needed for life. Sometimes they want, they know they can not, and in others, do not want or can not know. And the school must be in all respects to satisfy the right to education of every human being. Socialization is a internalization of norms and values, beliefs, behavior patterns, and the assumption of values, attitudes, beliefs, takes place largely through emotional and effect of living.

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