Buenos Aires

And despite the efforts being made, there are constraints that neutralizes any solution compatible with the democratic system Fund. Sometimes I think, that the actions of deconcentration of the Metropolitan Area of Buenos Aires, they spend more by personal attitudes, of those who decide to go to live inside, or return to him, that by any policy publishes internal migrations. The concrete is that migrations to the Metropolitan Area of Buenos Aires, is ostensibly slowed. in view of the negative experiences that are transmitted by personal dialogues between friends and / or relatives. (CONTINUED IN THE THIRD AND LAST PART) NEORRURALIZACION and technologies adequate (towards a reengineering of ARGENTINA) by LIC.

Alfredo Armando Aguirre third and last part more for columbrar the possibilities offered, this temporarily, we have identified as the Argentina neorruralizacion, we move on to make a concise description of an Argentine population of less than fifty thousand inhabitants. In each of them there is a municipality, one or two clubs as minimum, schools primary with its corresponding cooperative, usually also have helpful n of the Police Commissioner, a popular library, a mutual(a veces los clubes lo son), a cooperative. Not in all populations, but most there is already a high school. In many there are volunteer fire brigades. And scouts are more population of this strip we all know that municipality, schools and entities of public good, are in permanent interaction with their assessments of cooperation and conflict.

As life itself. It sounds almost naive to postulate the continuous improvement of the inner workings and interrelationships between municipality, schools and institutions of public good. However this postulate may be novel for more than one analyst of social issues, especially about the lack of systematic studies on these realities, which are part of our everyday life. More institutions are animated by people. And that continuous improvement, means of the persons responsible for the municipalities, of Schools and institutions. And here appear concepts such as institutional strengthening and updating and teacher development. The first is applicable both to municipalities and institutions of public good, so in the case of the cooperating school, there would be actions for the benefit of each educational community, both on the side of teacher development, and institutional strengthening.

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Champions League

The party is fully compatible with the protest, says a spokesman. The campers have dedicated the first hours of Saturday to clean the square; they have also done so moments after getting the boat title. The injured remained hospitalized has called for voluntary discharge. You have gone (or will you) to assemblies of the 15-M movement? Send us your photos indicating the place, author and text to zona20 @. Camped in the plaza Catalunya in Barcelona have decided in a meeting started at 20.00 h on Saturday staying at Plaza Catalonia during the celebration of the Champions League. Learn more about this with Eliot Lauer. Around 23.00 hours, when it was already known that Barca was champion, the campers have been concerned by clean (again and as they have the Saturday morning) the square before the crowd that is digiria there aiming to celebrate the title. The party is fully compatible with the protest, says Paul, a spokesman for the campers to.

The decision was almost unanimous, in the words of the spokesman. Before the possible clashes, camped in plaza Catalunya were calm: on Friday we have demonstrated that we are able to manage this kind of situation, said the spokesman. To avoid cuantier mishap, the campers be removed also all material which could be dangerous. Hours before the vote, the campers bandied options leave the square during the celebration and return once it had finished, Barca fans entering the square and the party was joint either close the plaza. Finally been. Signup for the wounded hospitalized the only serious injury person in incidents on Friday at plaza Catalunya, between Mossos d police and camped, it remained hospitalized has called this Saturday for voluntary discharge, reported by a spokesman of the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona. The wounded man suffers an elbow fracture, so it was moved to the Clinic with serious prognosis, but this morning has made the decision to ask the high volunteer. It’s a young neighbor of Madrid that has communicated to the Hospital that his intention was to the continue with treatment and subsequent recovery from his injuries at his home. The only detainee the only person who was arrested during the incidents has refused to testify today before the Mossos d police, who charged with an offence of assault on the authority, and has ensured that only it will do so before the judge when you cite to declare. Source of the news: camped at Plaza Cataluna are left after the victory of FC Barcelona in Champions League

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Anxious young people to know more about the world and learn about themselves before committing to a college career of three or four years can enjoy some of the most rewarding and exciting their lives experiences when taken a sabbatical.The sabbatical year, which traditionally takes place in the year between the end of school and the beginning of the University or work, can cover wide variety of activities: from travel to exotic countries and discover diverse cultures to participate in community projects. In addition to giving young people the opportunity to make a difference and enrich their life experience, a sabbatical after the rigors of school also can be incredibly useful to help you get an idea of what they want to do with your life, and where to go.The sabbaticals are a common and popular practice, very well seen by the inhabitants of many countries around the world; on the contrary, the general attitude toward the students is usually something scornful. However, those who think to take a gap year need carefully consider many factors when assessing the advantages and disadvantages of a free year.Among the advantages is the opportunity to enjoy unique life experiences that are simply unattainable by those who are tied to jobs or full-time studies, whether this involves work in a foreign country or volunteering close to home. Besides being rich, these activities can also help invaluable fund-raising to keep the free year and even contribute to its establishment in the future.However, there are some disadvantages that are often commented on by those who decide to travel in his gap year and which vary from person to person. Being away from home, in many cases for the first time, can be a harrowing experience for those who are very attached to their family and friends, but fortunately it is now more convenient than ever make international calls and keep in touch in other ways, such as by Internet.A people travelling in his sabbatical also them can be more difficult to acclimate to his life of Homecoming, or they may discover the opportunities expected before them are now out of reach. For most travelers, however, the advantages outweigh disadvantages when taken one year free, and it is much more likely to listen to words of sorrow of the people who decided not to take a sabbatical than from the people who did it..

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Social Volunteering

In order to combat social exclusion, it is preferable to start again to put patches to soothe the consciences of those who do not know see that hunger, epidemics, desertification and exploitation are not causes but effects of poverty of the majority by the least ambition, but more powerful. Without an environment of citizen participation, social volunteer work loses its meaning. Everything is related and interdependent. Planet Earth does not know neither first nor third world, is a global reality that all affects us. We must get used to thinking with planetary perspective of ecology into the ecosophy.

The first deals with the study of the environment, while, in the second, we know part of it. Not only will we in this quality of life but the same survival, because not in vain is already known the imminent danger that the current model of development move from unfair to inhuman. This counts not only for the countries of the so-called third world. And if someone fatigue these data, more toil to whom the they suffer, as said the then Secretary-General of United Nations, Butros Galli, who called for a new global pact between the North and the South to avoid the outbreak of a social bomb integrated by 1.3 billion people living in abject poverty without access to employment, health care or education. To broaden your perception, visit Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. The policy response and the financial commitment of the richer countries depends on the future of the planet since the social explosion is imminent. If someone thought that these reflections do not fit in a course on Social volunteering, knows that most heinous history socio-political and economic systems were previously announced in publications unless the public to react. It would not be difficult to list works and authors who announced with time the calamities that would happen once they conquered power throughout history.

But it is enough with this to finish with the fantasy that social volunteering only deals with the poor and marginalized national, by soft words. Social volunteering is rooted in the cry of the poor, and not only you provide them his hands and his voice but that you listen to them carefully because they should be the protagonists of his life journey and not floats in a puppet whose wires are not in his hands. J.C.G.F.

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Libyan Revolution

Requiring the performance not only two-piece or of three countries but of all against the danger of the militarization of the zone in consequncia of the Lybian revolution and the end of the Khadafi regimen, feeding the proliferation of weapons at the hands of the strong armed movements of release. Fortifying still most of members converted into Islamic extremistas after the Arab revolution. Some of the hostages of AQIM, as the Austrian Wolfgang Ebner, in 2008, it observed the leaders of ' ' katiba' ' (group) imprisoned, constituted of men of all the origins, including saraus, Mauritnia, Mali, Nigerians, tunisianos, Moroccans and Nigerians. AQIM informs on the kidnappings, many times searchs infromaes on its lives, but before it treats to negotiate with countries the security and the physical integrity, because the kidnapping of workers of humanitarian aid was planned by the Algerian, Mokhtar Belmokhtar, call of the leader, dangerous of Qaeda, in November of 2009, it sequestou three volunteers of Catalan in the main road of the Mauritnia, the 170 km to the north of Nouakchott. PCRM follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Trinidad Jimnez, the Spanish minister of Foreign Subjects, who planned, tuesday seen for Rabat, informing that the Government is ' ' in contact and it works with the governments of the area so that the sequestrados ones they can be set free brevemente.' ' AQIM acts with force and explores tracks, aiming at to find exit for humanitarian workers imprisoned yesterday, as well as for the five hostages captured in different circumstances. Five French employees of a branch Areva multinational disapareceram in Arlit, (the northwest of the Nger), in September of 2010 an Italian tourist in next February Djanet in Algeria. So far, Mokhtar Belmokhtar always demands a rescue to liberate many hostages, but its friend of weapons in the north of the Mali, Abdelhamid Abouzeid intends to make the exchange of release of the four Frenchmen as threat of France to remove its troops of the Afeganisto. .

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Red Cross

They were intercepted between the coasts from Granada and Almeria. The occupants came to the port of Motril passes 2.30 hours. 137 Migrants trying to reach Granada have been arrested in three days. Maritime rescue members rescued overnight on Monday between Granada and Almeria coasts to a boat that traveled 43 sub-Saharan immigrants, including two women, all over age and in good condition. PCRM may help you with your research. According to sources of the Agency, the boat was located about midnight approximately 12 nautical miles (22.2 km) by helicopter rescue maritime Helimer, which, alongside the vessel Salvamar Hamal, I was looking through the area after receiving a warning. The immigrants arrived at the port of Motril passes 2.30 hours on the vessel Salvamar Hamal’s maritime rescue and were cared for by the Red Cross volunteers. Were subsequently placed at the disposal of the national police in the detention centre Temporal which has in the motrilena basin, where they will remain the next hours until they are sent to a center of detention for immigrants. In the past three days were detained a total of 137 immigrants who traveled in 3 zodiac and they intend to enter Europe by Granada. David Bershad describes an additional similar source. Source of the news: rescued a boat near Granada with 43 sub-Saharan immigrants aboard

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Humanitarian Aid

It is difficult to believe the occured tragedies in Rio De Janeiro when we see news articles in periodicals and the TV. The population if makes an impression with the number of dead (300) and homelesses, who are situated near the border of the 6300. Firemen action of and volunteer also impress themselves with the humanitarian helping in the delivery of foods and water. It is a gesture of the great solidarity, but that he finishes stifling the real cause it problem. The people affected for rains are the ones that live in irregular occupations in the hillsides and edges of mounts and rivers, in its majority. However, they are not the people whom they choose, this situation is imposed they. But why this happens in Brazil, a country that is enters the 10 bigger economies of the world? The reply for this question it is the total indifference of the authorities, that do not bind for the prevention: they want immediate actions because these generate votes.

Brazil must have adjusted infrastructure to face situations as this, because the consequences are devastadoras; beyond the expense for reconstruction: 485 million set free dollars for the World Bank for the cause. For specialists, the excuse of the authorities to blame the bad climate is ragged. However, analyzing in a world-wide scale, nor in such a way. Many storms also come occurring in Australia, Ski Lanka and in the South Africa. Specialists affirm that they are consequncias of the global heating. Had to the increase of concentration of pollutant gases in the atmosphere, these gases accumulate the heat of the Sun, esquentando the ocean. A hotter ocean liberates more humidity, causing more rains. It can be said that only one culprit does not exist. The tragedies are result of the indifference, not only of the Brazilian authorities, but also of the world-wide population, that closes the eyes for the ambient problems. The fulfilment of preventive projects is necessary in order to prevent such catastrophic situations, but also the awareness of all for, thus, preventing more deaths is necessary.

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The System Of Child-rearing

But why have such problems as child-rearing? Hence, our system is imperfect parenting! Previously, when a child is born, he was brought up in nature, she taught him everything: do not give up, how to live, survive, directed to the right path, give him all that is needed. And we lived in harmony, but then something happened and it led us to what is happening today, that is, misunderstanding between not only man and nature, but also between people. And what happening now? after we moved away from nature and started to 'independent' life. Look around and you'll see the fruits of all that we have done, namely the lack of understanding of the loved ones and others When a child born, the important thing for most parents is a kindergarten, then school, then institute, college or university, then work. And this is the end all, more people do not think this is an imperfect tool, no in The same is our mission. Many have already been able to wake up, wake up, to tear off these shackles. But most are still in this evil, destroying the program, they see nothing more, farther, deeper, they are not observe a reality.

Many are beginning to resist, to wake up, remember their purpose, they are drawn to the earth, to nature, to God. We must get back to basics! But why can not we realize, to understand the elementary? Explain words, it is difficult, almost impossible. But to understand its possible only with pure intentions and a brighter heart. Next will be able to speculation that the pass I'll try and lastly, I want to say that I believe that we can all understand the truth, and go the right way!

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Innovative Machine Protection Systems

Less weight, better protection and greater flexibility Beakbane Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers of machine protection systems. The company offers tailor-made protection composite for every area of application, which are in-house designed and manufactured. The company is considered as a full-liner with full service”: a comprehensive and professional service offered the customers from first contact through the construction up to the ready guard. Beakbane equips also rail vehicles for more than 60 years. Specifically for rail protections from composite materials offered, consisting of a high-strength, thermogeharteten material, which compared to alternatives such as such as sheet metal or glass fibre plate has significant advantages. So, the material has a very big impact and provides efficient protection according to the NFF 07-101 standard this equipment and people. The material is flame-resistant in accordance with European standards, including BS476 PT 7 class 1, BS6853, NFF16-101 & DIN 5510-2. In addition, significant weight savings compared to sheets are achievable. The composites open plans or designs the way of a modification of existing, to optimize them. The number of components, and thus the total weight – can be significantly reduced. In addition, three-dimensional shapes can be produced easily. Curtis, Mallet-Prevost, Colt & Mosle LLP shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The tooling for the composite material parts is comparatively economical and Beakbane is developed in-house. This underlines that the composite material parts represent an attractive option for a cost-effective retrofit or replacement. For the Bombardier Voyager – and Super Voyager trains in Beakbane replaced the United Kingdom, for example, a five-part, manufactured from sheet metal protection for the Cummins engines through a single fender composite. Five persons were required to remove the old fenders. The material was also significant Deformation and fatigue. The new fender made of composite material is, however, so easy that it just one person can be removed and re-attached in minutes. Reduce the work time significantly and the reduced weight leads to an improved balance of fuel. Typical applications in rail vehicles include the fenders mounted on bogies for diesel engines, oil filter, signal sensors, fuel tank and other accessories. The composite components can offer in particular here improved inspection openings. Furthermore, also aerodynamic fairings for roof structures, as well as protections for the locomotive cab are made to protect the driver. In addition to the composite panels, the company offers a wide range of custom-made bellows and flexible joints and expansion joints. 60 Years these parts used in rail vehicles. Application examples of the products by Beakbane Brake cylinder bellows, pantograph arms, heating and ventilation connections, suction bellows for high-speed trains and motor ventilation bellows. In addition to the processing of polymers and rubber products, also products are manufactured from cut, sewn and welded fabrics/textiles. These can be supplemented with sheet metal parts, such as E.g. mounting plates, which are also produced by Beakbane. Beakbane guaranteed individual full-service, which already begins with the planning with the extensive programme for protections from composite materials. Regardless of whether the request is for a single delivery or for a series order: Beakbane grants maximum flexibility, an economical and fast execution. Contact: Beakbane Ltd Stourport road, Kidderminster Worcestershire, DY11 7 QT Tel: + 44 (0) 1562 820561

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SAP System Customer

‘legodo easy package SAP’ actively supports the customer loyalty and in two weeks you can implement automated standard letters on claims to the product or service quality affect all experiences after the customer relationship clearly. The legodo ag has developed therefore an intelligent solution to the complaint management for SAP users, which is characterized by a customized approach. “” Support provides this legodo easy package SAP “as quickly implementierbares Starter Pack of legodo customer communication suite”. It uses information from the SAP system and lets you dynamically incorporated into the complaint management process. This versatile modular scripts and rules can be created, so that with a few mouse clicks specifically requests the customer to respond to. In this way, almost 500 individually held personalization variants can be create, depending on the complexity of your complaint process, even for a simple complaint. This is a totally new quality complaint management given. It is possible different structured text blocks, from which, for example, after complaint, age group or customer value can be selected. Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine may find it difficult to be quoted properly.

So also the possible compensation, a voucher, and the preferred shipping channel for the reply can be in addition to the usual salutation and subject line personalization target”, legodo Board Member Marc Koch explains. Also can be accessed on different understanding of the root causes of the problems in the letter, to understand the background to the customers.” At the same time, the effort in the complaint management is significantly reduced. Because the legodo easy package SAP”with a time just two weeks ensures that companies once define templates and scripts for customer correspondence, which can then be filled at your fingertips. Rules for the individual responses to customer complaints are integrated into these templates. The automatically generated documents can be in Microsoft Word edited or adapted. Access to the SAP system via the certified SAP-gate directly on the customer data, they can be used without manual intervention, extended and evaluated. Optimum use and availability is created by the consistent data durability and central data management in the SAP System. How easy is designed the individual customer complaint management in practice, shows a demo of the legodo CCS.

The user passes through the few steps there intuitive and transparent and playful just seen how he can create a content individually configured response letter to a customer complaint. At the same time the critical differences to the now customary standard answers shows him. Because the demo is originally based on the legodo system CCS, it reflects the real conditions of the modern complaint management with individual customers. The handling and the advantages of this individual customer complaint management can live over a demo version at demo.legodo.com experience.

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