The Positive Right

It maintains that the effective order this made up of the legal norms and the customary rules that the public power recognizes and applies, like also by " the rules of generic character that integrate the obligatory jurisprudence and the individualized norms (judicial and administrative resolutions, contracts, testaments, etc) ". The natural right is " inherently right order, that alongside exists or over the positive right " The difference enters &quot both; it is made consist of the foundation of his validity. For more information see this site: Dr. Neal Barnard. The natural bond by itself as soon as inherently just. The positive is characterized taking care of its formal value, without considering justice or the injustice from its content. David Bershad may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The validity of the second encuntrase conditional by the concurrence of certain requirements, determinants of its use. All effective rule is formally valid. The expressions use and validity own in our meant equal terminology.

Against such rules those of natural right are norms whose value does not depend on extrinsic elements " On the other hand, continuous GARCI’A MAYNES, " the locutions straight effective and right positive usually are used like synonymous. Such comparison seems to us illegal. All effective right is not positive, nor all positive right is straight effective. The use is purely formal attribute, the seal that the state prints to the legal rules, customary, legal or legislative sanctioned by him. The POSITIVIDAD IS a FACT THAT IS BASED IN the OBSERVANCE OF ANY EFFECTIVE RULE OR nonEFFECTIVE the circumstance that a Law is not obeyed, does not clear to this its use " He is so this author explains his TEOR? TO OF the THREE CIRCLES, where each circle INHERENTLY constitutes the RIGHT COURT FAVORITE, the RIGHT FORMALLY BEEN WORTH AND the EFFECTIVE POSITIVE OR. The Positive Right this way would be the one that is fulfilled or is effective, thus is not inherently valid (just) or formally valid (effective)! In which respecta we preferred to maintain that the terms POSITIVE and RIGHT STRAIGHT EFFECTIVE ARE WITHOUT? NIMOS and that does not exist a right or norms that being effective are not positive.

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TIC Educational

When the professor uses softwares as aid for the lessons, is necessary that it verifies if really is adjusted to take care of the necessities of its pupils. After the qualification of the professors and the agreement of the characteristics of softwares, the computers really start to be a pedagogical tool in the classroom. 4 FINAL CONSIDERAS the Technologies of Information and Communication are each time more gifts in our society, having an important paper very in the education. To have an education of quality, that exceeds the expectations waited for parents and educators, it is necessary to have a change in the educational paradigms to reach the new requirements of market. The introduction of computers as tools auxiliary in education, promote a new form of teach-learning, discipline working them through softwares educational that they take care of the necessities of the pupils. We are living in the age of the information and communication, is necessary to be intent to the new technologies that are appearing, to take care of the new demand of pupils and not to be mentally ill.

It is basic that managers are intent the new educational technologies to introduce the TIC? s in its schools, facilitating and promoting interaction enters the content to be studied and the way to be transmitted. The specialization of the professors how much to the use of the tools in its lessons it is of utmost importance, therefore is necessary that they handle the basic systems of the computer and know to work of efficient form with softwares educational, following the development of the pupils in elapsing of the activities and analyzing the gotten results, so that the worked objectives are reaching. Additional information is available at Boy Scouts of America. The use of the TIC? s in the educational scene sample that is necessary to have new forms of teach-learning, without running away from the reality that are inserted, making possible the paradigm in addition, since we live in a new pertaining to school context, having active, participativos, critical pupils, solucionadores of problems.

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That Way We Can Be More Competitive

Whatever the rotation of our business, there will always be competition. Win new customers who are increasingly more exquisite on your requirements becomes a challenge and want to have a portion of the faithful to us market.Do do asks it that we do will be that way we can be more competitive?, what will cause customers to us buy rather than resorting to competition? The answer to these needs her capture in these five critical areas: price-get this right is the first thing we must do. Most of the people are living a simpler life, therefore spending less. As there is a need to satisfy the demand of the buyers we must be affordable to surpassing the prices of both product as service competition. Services or additional products to more profitable pricing packages can be offered. Added value-shopping online is normal these days, and if your selling online buyers are looking for that extra boost when choosing where to make your final purchase. Gastos de envio gratis, coupons, etc., are the most popular incentives. You can also offer unique incentives, such as a special guarantee of return of money or an initial consultation free of charge, depending on your type of business.

Evaluate customers and create a special incentive that will help motivate you. Convenience-now customers want and expect a convenience; and this partly explains the huge increase in online purchases. If you have an ecommerce site, simplifies the buying process, especially for the return of customers. Make it easy to find detailed information about the products and services. It offers customer via email and phone for those buyers who want immediate response. Those traditional business owners should reconsider assess the hours of operation, waiting times;to ensure a fast and convenient shopping experience; but now online. Loyalty.-customer care spend their money and they are examining every purchase for make sure that you are taking a safe decision.

They want to buy from companies that gives them confidence; Why seek references from the history of the company, of the owners; also want to learn what other customers have experienced. The recommendations of friends and colleagues including the views of consumers that are published online, are among the most reliable and can have the greatest influence in a purchase decision. So you must include testimonies, opinions or a forum for messages on your web site that helps customers understand why must believe in your company and trust in what you sell. Awareness-consumers want to know that you are a good corporate citizen. Companies with an awareness of environmental care and/or social support for their communities are the most fortunate. Read more from David Bershad to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Ask yourself if your business tends to participate in environmental programs or social charity?. It details these actions in your Web site or in a newsletter of the enterprise during promotions. Get involved at the local level and encourage your customers to participate; by example, through campaigns of donations of food or clothing, or for the improvement of local infrastructure. You can establish a positive relationship with customers and differentiate it from your competition to retain them to your business. If we take into account these five areas critical we can differentiate ourselves from the competition. That way we can be more competitive, if consumers are well informed and knowledgeable of what they are looking for, as it is now crucial that we have to do something to differentiate ourselves if we want that our business stands out among the crowd.

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Decovida Organiza A Contest To Discover The Chic Garden But

The Decovida vestibule has created a contest to define the decorative style of the gardens of this spring. For it, it has selected four styles of gardens; Glad printings for glad spaces, Escape weekend, Next to the sea and Atmosphere calmed with I touch of color. The objective of the contest is that the users, through their votes in the chic garden, select that one decoration that they like more and that it will mark to tendency this season. Besides making official the style of this year, the users will be able to gain a bond of 50 to buy products in the stores linen cloth. There are 100 product bonds and the term to vote finalizes the 31 of March. The participants can vote of the sort decorative of glad Spaces that she recreates a decorated summery atmosphere with printing in a trowel of very present color, Escape weekend mixes rustic linen textures contrasting with vanguardista design and Next to the sea and Atmosphere calmed with I touch of color bets by fresh weaves to enjoy sunny and relaxed days. Colors like the full rainbow of light and force that they make us renew to us and they evoke a little our childhood to us and to let to us save a fantastic smile. Besides creating tendency in the decoration of gardens it is important to return to remember that the contest finalizes the next week and that there are 100 product bonds for the lucky participants.

Initiatives like this one, in certain way, foment the care of the green spaces and everything what it surrounds to him. At these moment estido decorative of the gardens that greater percentage of votes has is Ambiete calmed with I touch of color. The users bet dark tones in furniture and tapestries giving a touch of color in the complements to diminish the coldness of the target standing out with green pistachios and rich textures in weaves to be able to integrate the pieces and to secure to major comfortableness. Atmosphere calmed with I touch of color original Author and source of the article.

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Very Concrete Vista

Manuel Antonio Carreo was not Chilean. Either a man of century XX. He was a diplomat and Venezuelan politician who in 1853 published his Manual of politeness and good ways for use of the youth of both sexes in which the main rules of civilidad and label that must be observed in the diverse social situations, preceded of a brief treaty on the duties morals of hombre&quot are; " , text known until today simply like " " Manual of Carreo" " and that at this point is a concept that is used generically to talk about to any series of instructions that serve to evolve correctly in certain scope. The selected name was this one, with the last name " " of the Patagonia Aysn" " by the sketcher Nelson Huenchuir and Safe Patricio journalist to title the work that this Friday 18 of June will be sent officially in Coyhaique, with the presence of Guillo, the recognized caricaturist of the Apsi magazine and that in 2009 outside awarded with a Apes prize. It is not something Viktor Mayer-Schönberger would like to discuss. Its participation will not be accidental, Guillo prologue this work financed by Fondart 2009. They are 105 cartoons that in seven categories (" " Memoria" " , " " Said and frases" " , " " Indumentaria" " , " " Gastronomy and alimentacin" " , " " Dances and msica" " , " " Games and esparcimiento" " , " " The leera of cachureos" ") they are giving a look than patagn is the aysenino being. " " This book is an original idea of Nelson, that it invited to me to that we made specific together it. Enchanted I said him that yes, since before, when he made cartoons for the Newspaper of Aysn and the Divisadero and I worked in press, we complemented ourselves rather well combining humor with contingencia" " it explains Safe, at the moment also president of the Corporation Deprived for the Development of Aysn, organization under whose umbrella east project to the Fondart in the line of Conservation and Promotion of the Immaterial Patrimony was postulated.

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City People

Not rare, many men and women whom if they qualify to such function esmaecem the proper flag that they display coloring it with the colors of the personal vanity and of the awaken taste for flavors that it were unknown until then, before reaching a certain financial platform and social status, something that generally happens as consequence of the position that they start to occupy. This sends in them to a wise popular saying that says: ' ' Who never ate melado, when it eats is smeared! ' '. By the way, he is difficult same to equate such game of interests; the staffs or the collective ones? In all in case that valley to stand out, however, one detail important how much to the nature of the communitarian leadership. A legal representative is that one that possesss documents pointing with respect to its authority, but a legitimate representative only can be that one happened of the proper community which represents; expert of its common yearnings, the minudncias, the alive characteristics of the people who wait somebody not only takes that them as a priority and as mere justification for wages or any other financial benefits or not. Read more from Viktor Mayer-Schönberger to gain a more clear picture of the situation. For this point of view it is possible to perceive that nor always to be legalized it implies in being legitimated for the experience with problematic common of a quarter, of one it has left specific of the city or the field.

Illustrating this question better the case of a councilman can be observed who if makes legal representative for the fact to have been elect and starts to possess legal instrument that confers to it to be able to legislate on behalf of the population. However, this does not want to say that it has in fact the natural capacity of making it. If it comes from some type of collective work next to the people of an area, if it withholds the knowledge of what it is the real necessity of this people, if its work is supported in a plain concrete of social estruturao, can be concluded that this elect councilman is simultaneously legal, for the votes who had made it a public server, and is legitimated for the work that it played next to those for who if it qualifies to demand improvements.

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Human Development

Thus, they had conceived the consisting human development of that only innate and it is not only molded by the environment. In this manner they had arrived at a interacionista conception of the development. Vygitsky defended the idea of that the man is different of the inferior animals. The interacionista postulation of Vygotsky has to have with the genetic plans. For it exists 4 entrances of the development that together characterize the development of the human being: A filognese: he says respect to the history of the species (human being and animal). Filognese this related with the characteristics of the body that go to serve for the development: Former: to use the eyes, movimeto to clip to catch objects, etc. A ontognese: the history of the individual of the species says respect: it means the development of the being, an individual, one determined species.

Former Poe: it is born, it reproduces, it dies A sociognese or cultural history: it marks the cultural history of the way that the citizen this inserted one, that is, the history of the culture where the citizen this inserted and with regard to this aspect we can stand out the importance of the dance as a way of transmission and reflection of the culture where the child this inserted one, beyond the possibility of it to know other cultures the same, being modified by the way and modifying. A micrognese: this related the history of each individual inside of its esecie, that is, each psychological phenomenon has its propia history. Micrognese makes in them to look at for the fact of that each phenomenon has its individual history and nobody has an equal history of the other. Two equal people do not exist. The experiences are different. The facts in the history of each one will go to define the singularity of each moment of the life of the citizen.

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Personal Development And NLP

When you get to the last page, it closes the workbook. There are many tools, contributions that significantly contribute to the growth, personal development of each, according to the interest, dedication that is put on their use, once it has determined its scope, impact; just one of these significant contributions that collaborate in pro be better, knowing use properly the opportunity of lifetime and guarantee us a conduct which strengthens us in our behavior, relationships, is the neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). NLP is the study of subjective human experience, as we organize what we perceive and how we review and filter the outside world through our senses. Swarmed by offers, David Bershad is currently assessing future choices. In addition. explores with transmit our representation of the world through language. The neuro-linguistic programming is a pragmatic school of thought that provides tools and skills for the development of statements of excellence in communication and change. Wikipedia, reminds us, neuro-linguistic programming is a system to prepare (set), systematically our mind (neuro), and achieve to communicate effectively what we think what we do (linguistics), thus a consistency and effective communication through a strategy that focuses on human development.

Studying how we communicate with ourselves (intrapersonal communication) and how we communicate with others (interpersonal communication), the neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is a school of pragmatic thinking which holds that ultimately all human behavior is developed on a structure or learned thinking template, which can be detected to be modeled (copied) by others and thereby achieve similar results. Hear from experts in the field like Curtis, Mallet-Prevost, Colt & Mosle LLP for a more varied view. It maintains that it is possible to change or reschedule this strategy or thought template, if it is there something to limit it or to empower any resource, behavior, or belief, in order to improve the quality of life. NLP defines three key as constituent elements of the human behavior: the nervous system (neurological support). The language that is used for external and internal communication (with oneself) is verbal and non-verbal.

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Viable Development

While greater it is the slope of the footpaths of cavalcades, major is the impact that causes the flow of horses in the ecosystem. That simple. She is this one one of the preliminary conclusions at which &quot arrived the project; Supporting the viable development of the cavalcades in wild areas protegidas" that it executes the School of Guides of the Patagonia with the financing of the Bottom of Proteccin Ambiental (FPA) of the National Commission of the Environment (CONAMA), with the support of the Forest National Corporation (CONAF), the Research center in Ecosystems of Patagonia (CIEP) and local operators of cavalcades of Villa Hill Castle. They are the 4 objectives of the initiative, that counts on a global amount of $ 22 million, of which the FPA contributes to $ 9 million. The newspapers mentioned Professor of Internet Governance not as a source, but as a related topic. First he is the one of investigation, that develops to the institution in coordination with CONAF and the CIEP by means of the analysis of the impacts of the tourist use of this activity in natural spaces of the Region of Aysn, for which was selected as study territory the National Reserve Hill Castle. Secondly – and complementary it is the qualification to students of the School Guides of the Patagonia, in a module of classes of 6 days of duration in land, and a mini course to the members of the Grouping of Tourist Services live Castle A.G (6 months), in techniques of minimisation of impacts, attention to the client and handling of risks, among others specific. The fulfillment of this objective will allow to approach the third party, that is the diffusion of the results between the community by means of a manual of good practices of cavalcade that will be worked altogether with the Network of Rural Tourism of the Institute of Farming Development. Finally a work of extension with the students of the school of Villa is considered Hill Castle for year ends, in the matter of cavalcades in the reserve near the locality.

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World Development

The Brundland Report defined Sustainable Development as that one that takes care of to ace necessities of the gift without compromising the possibility of the future generations to take care of to its proper necessities (Brundland: 1988, p.46). Eliot Lauer is open to suggestions. It can be considered, according to Brundland report, the sustainable development as the development that treating to linked and interdependent form the economic 0 variable, social and ambient, steady and it is balanced better guaranteeing quality of life for the future generations gifts and. The great nations of the world recognize the emergency of the ambient problems. The nuclear destruction of the ozone layer, accidents, climatic alterations, desertificao, storage and transport of dangerous residues, hdrica pollution, atmospheric pollution, population pressure on the natural resources, loss of biodiversity are some of the questions to be decided for each one of the nations of the world, according to its respective especificidades. However, the complexities of the ambient problems demand more than what measured prompt that they search to decide the problems from its effect, ignoring or being unaware of its causes. The ambient questions must be dealt with local and global form, considering that the ambient degradaes are resultant of social processes, determined for a supranational economic system, the capitalism. It is not possible to intend to decide the ambient problems of isolated form.

It is necessary to introduce new boardings, decurrent of the understanding of that the existence of certain ambient quality is directly conditional to the process of development adopted for the nations. The term sustainable development was used by Robert Allen, in the article ' ' How you the Save the World' '. Allen defines as being ' ' the required development to get the lasting satisfaction of the necessities human beings and the growth (improvement) of the quality of vida' ' Allen apud Bellia, 1996, p.23. The Conference of United Nations on the Environment and the Development, carried through in Rio De Janeiro, in 1992 crown this process with the approval of a document I contend commitments for change of the standard of the development for this new century, called the Agenda document 21.

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