DKC Return

More adventures of this monkey that began like villain but who it became (we do not know if with some course of the INEM) to carry out one of the most well-known and successful sagas of Nintendo. And it seems, reason why it has been seen before the opening and reason why it is thought in the network, that the game is able to maintain the virtues of original of Supernintendo (with the DKC of Nintendo 64 there is more controversy) and all this with an improved image and a jugabilidad. Really, the monkey returns from the past with much class. It is not the unique case of Videojuego that revives of the past creating much espectacin since the past month also made the sprocket wheel blue Sonic that so famous was in years 90. They are two examples of sagas who return and who, in addition, return successfully. All the new one in the end is not what the attention can more call us, as we are verifying at the moment and day to day, has classic who when they return to see the commercial light can devastate equal or more than juevo new and present like she is happening with both examples that we have put previously and that so back they were..