Sonthofen Tom

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Decoration: Mint and Preseved, served in a Silver Cup ORIENTAL OLD FASHION ingredients per person: 6 cl Averna 2 cl sugar 2 cardamom capsules 1 sprig of Rosemary preparation: mix Averna with two cardamom capsules and a sprig Rosemary. Then crushed pour ice into a wine glass. Spray with Ginger Lemongrass Espuma. Decoration: sprig of Rosemary STRONG CHOCOLATE ingredients per person: 3,5 cl Averna 3,5 cl Sailor Jerry rum 2 cl Mozart dry 1 dash grapefruit bitter preparation: mix all ingredients in a glass and short flame off with Absinthe. Serve with ice cream. Decoration: Preseved and star anise, herbal cocktails by Andre Voelkel (Alto bar, Berlin) and Tom cyanide (cyanide bar, Berlin) AMBRA ingredients per person: 2 cl Averna 4 cl Stolichnaya 2 dashes TBT Orange bitter fill with Thomas Henry Ginger Ale preparation: fill Averna, Stolichnaya and ginger ale in the glass. With two splashes, topped TBT Orange bitter. At Nieman Foundation you will find additional information. Serve on ice.

Decoration: Preseved VIA SAN GERANNO ingredients per person: 2 cl Averna 4 cl old Overholt rye 1 dash Maraschino 1 dash Angostura preparation: Averna, old Overholt Mixing rye, Maraschino and Angostura with lots of ice in a mixing glass. Serve in the tumbler on ice. Decoration: sprig of Rosemary GIARDINO SICILIANA ingredients per person: 4 cl Averna 4 cl orange juice 10 slices cucumber 1 bar spoon Freckle balsamic vinegar preparation: slices of cucumber, Averna, orange juice and chili balsamic together shake and fine strain into glass on ice. Decoration: cucumber slices of herb Godfather and junior Walter Florian Kaufmann: A multiple personality disorder and Krauterzirkler of the first hours. Restaurant trade master, barista, DBU section chief, CEO and owner.

A rested organizational talent, well networked with always good mood and someone you can confide in without risk. Speciality: isn’t, can’t. Or also okay! “.” Bavaria Bar Catering, Highway 9, 87527 Sonthofen Tom cyanide: as indoor bar gardener, flavors Distiller Absinthproduzent there and in Berlin probably no better Godfather than the man in the yellow coat, which he rarely pushes.