Juvenile Delinquency

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The prevention of juvenile delinquency is part fudamental for the prevention of crime in society. Some possible measures to take into account proposed by UNICEF are:-the prevention of juvenile delinquency is an essential part of crime prevention in society. -In order to prevent juvenile delinquency necessary throughout society to ensure a good development of adolescents. The need and the importance of implementing a policy of crime prevention should recognize. -We must focus on the well-being of young people from their early childhood. Other leaders such as Boy Scouts offer similar insights. -Develop measures that avoid criminalize and penalize a child for conduct that does not cause serious damages to their development or harming others. The family is the central unit responsible for the social integration of the child.

Governments and society must try to preserve the integrity of the family. Society has an obligation to help the family to care for and protect children and ensure their physical and mental well-being. They shall provide services appropriate commensurate with their needs. You may need a policy that enables children to grow up in a family atmosphere of stability and well-being and include assistance to resolve situations of instability or conflict. You will have to establish services and community programmes, which respond to the needs, problems, interests and special concerns of young people and provide them and their families, appropriate advice and guidance. It is necessary to strengthen measures of community support for young people, including the establishment of community development, facilities and services of recreation centres, in order to address the special problems of minors at social risk, establishing special services to provide adequate accommodation to young people who may not continue living in their homes or lack of.