September Title

It is not necessary to have nothing fixed beforehand in the mind, of that way, we will even be able to observe other phenomena, like extensions of fingers, or zones of the hand where the aureole or fog has different thicknesses. Everything what we are perceiving and visualizing, we will have to take it like something natural, since he is instinctive in the human being, but who only in the childhood, we are able to remember, forgetting it when arriving at the adult age. For that reason, if in the first times we were not able to visualize the dawn, we do not have to be hopeless and if we really wished to visualize the dawn, with the practice we will obtain, it. The color of the dawn through the numerologa Can be known the color of the dawn that we have, without being far-sighted, neither to use the Kirlian camera, nor to learn to visualize it through the exercises before described? Then apparently if, and that is possible according to the students of the numerology which following a simple system that we are going to detail, serious possible to know the color predominant the dawn, through the date of birth.