Current Organizations

Thus, the conflicts are not necessarily negative; the way as we deal with them is that it can generate some reactions. The world today lives a transistion moment that if it reflects in the constant search of the competitiveness organizacional, what it represents a necessity of the quality. It is crucial to the organizations to think about sedimenting its abilities and potentials to hug the new concept of work, as well as the inherent challenges it. For in such a way, it is essential to speak in quality of life in the work, standing out itself, always, the boarding of this subject as question of organizacional competitiveness. The search for the total quality before directed only toward the organizacional aspect, already return its attention for the quality of life in the work, leading to a bigger participation on the part of the employees; decentralization of decisions; safe and comfortable physical environment; chance of growth and personal development. The worker can itself always be motivated, creating an environment of participation, integration with superiors, fellow workers, leaving of the understanding of the necessities of the employees..

General Services

I noticed that cafezinho was weak has two weeks and all in my floor had also noticed nobody commented because Owner Maria was a likeable person very and made time that was in the company and perhaps it was with some problem. The hour of cafezinho already was not more the same one, did not have more stimulates to give one paradinha for that coffee. – Isc what this happening with the coffee? This horrible one! – I do not know, I find that the Owner Maria this with some problem, this is one chaf! – You wise person who one xicara of taken coffee moments before its next meeting increases the power of its mind for about 45 minutes. – Serious! Not wise person, but this coffee of the skill that this of the belly ache in 10 minutes. Dr. Wood our director comes passing to a meeting and comes to drink a coffee, it places a little in xicara and when drinking it makes a face of those and it asks. Gain insight and clarity with UNESCO.

– Vocs does not find that to this coffee this horrible one lately! Soon after the Dr. meeting Wood orders to call Owner Maria and said for it: Owner Maria, what horrible one had the coffee this? It will be that it unlearned! Its coffee was so good! I had that to interrupt the meeting why I passed badly! – Not Sir! Its Coast of the Department of General Services was its that asked for so that in them we placed the half of the coffee dust and still changed the mark of the coffee. It said that he is because of the crisis and that this age to save money. this happens in all the floors? Yes, and it looks at doctor the coffee this all sobrando nobody here complained, but in the other floors It ordered to call its Coast and it asked: – Coast took coffee today? Only volume tea. Then we go to more still save, of now in ahead only Chaf. Coast made a meeting and everything came back to the normal one, how much we save I do not know, but knows that the Coast now controls wastefulness on the contrary to cut the costs moving in the one in quality. My name is Z Iscritrio, Isc for the friends, and taste to write on what it happens in the world of the offices. Peter Pablo Morales pedropaulomorales@

Victor Hugo

Who remains in me, and I in it, this of the much fruit; because without Me nothing you can make. Evangelho de JESUS according to Joo, CAP. 15:5. Somebody for richer than either can live without air, water, food? That is impossible in this Planet where the water, air, the food is indispensable to the human organism. From there if it perceives that the miserly wealth is pauprrima. All person who together idle good is leaving to die thousand of children, young, velhinhos and adults.

Somebody, then, says: Problem of them! I fought to obtain my richness. All good: However, if God who supports your lowermost life thought thus, you would not exist and nor you would have the chance that It gave to you to enrich to the cost of its goods the holy ghosts. If not to start to copy Mr. Deus who had the Charity to create you, you go to arrive of the other side without housing and empty pocket. The choice is yours.

' ' The Life surprises us it all through the vehicle of the death, that in them invites to another dimension of thought and life, when the conscience, exempts of imposing the cerebral ones, awakes in totum for the understanding of the being that somos' '. Victor Hugo? Writer. TO BE ABLE INTRNSICO power takes an internal you to feed itself, to hear, to walk, to be dressed, to sing, to coexist in society. This is the Power of the Spirit The holy ghost placed in the interior of the beings bred. Not if turbe your heart, you believe in God, you also believe in Me. Evangelho de JESUS according to Joo, CAP. 14:1. EVERYTHING WOULD BE CONSUMED Without the Love of the Celestial Father, not it would have nothing. Everything would disappear of the map, due to continuous action. Here it is that I am with you every day until consumption of the century. Evangelho de JESUS according to Mateus, CAP. 28:20. Without the GOD presence, JESUS, nothing it would leave the invisible plan. The Power of the Charity made to become visible the Planet that we inhabit and everything what in it has.

Express Profit

1 INTRODUCTION Since that, in century XVI, the Portuguese Crown instituted in Brazil the collection of tributes as the tenth, fifth of the gold, the special tax and the feint, many taxes, taxes and contributions had been invented, nor always having as counterpart a service or one I benefit given for the State. Of the field of the Tax law, more necessarily of the connection it enters some justinian codes with the Express in the Great Letter, is that the subject of the present monograph emerges: Incident federal tributes on the invoicing in the legal services of companies optionees for the profit vain; This research if uses of tools and arguments many similar times to those used in the legal branch. However valley to stand out that the accounting is used of these information to play its functions. Destarte, the quarrel how much to the necessity of the applicability of the brought innovations since the accounting must demonstrate the situation of the patrimony and the year-end results of clear form and needs, stops on these other item, to use as taxable income in the verification of taxes. 1,1 SUBJECT AND 1.1.1 PROBLEM Subject the praticidade, flexibility and agility have been emphasized in all the areas due the requirement of a work market each time more competitive, being thus, to organize and to disponibilizar information relative to the tributes due of one determined classroom of professionals becomes excellent to join the information in an only manual. Incident federal tributes on the invoicing in the legal services given by companies optionees for the profit vain. This study it can be applied to all the offices of law of the country, a time that the chosen sphere is the federal one and whose taxation is for the profit vain. 1.1.2 Problem the media and diverse agencies of accompaniment tributary in Brazil have affirmed, frequently, that the tax burden is raised, representing a significant part in the invoicing of a company. .


It starts to observe the prominence people its return, & ldquo; iluminados& rdquo; you go to certify yourself that its decurrent of Perspiration and very little decurrent abilities are of Inspiration. Therefore, transpire and either curious and an anxious one in learning, transforming useful information incredible knowledge and make the difference. 4 & ndash; They value the people and the relationships He has few years, a General Director of a company decided to interrupt its activities (does not have notice if it is in another institution or if & ldquo; he hung chuteiras& rdquo;). For assistance, try visiting PCRM. Which was its last decision? It decided to visit all the units operational and if to fire to each collaborator. In its speech, it he systematically mentioned the basic importance of the people. To the end, I had chance to demonstrate pra it interesting quo considered this focus. it said: & ldquo; it can be certain of this and it can bet that this is caminho& rdquo;. Perhaps one of the most important advice has been this who already have received.

I have been able to prove that it was certain. It is well possible that, at some moments, has that to be pleased a price for valuing people and relationships, but this price will not pass of something of & ldquo; shot curto& rdquo; , fast temporary e, more the front goes to perceive that the penalty was valid. To work the relation with the people, the attention of quality to the fellow workers is an investment. We cannot forgetting in them that, independently of the conjuncture, who it makes (produces) or who leaves to make (to produce) is the people. 5 & ndash; They do not tolerate the imperfections, before search corrigiz them of the next time: Imperfections always will happen. This is fact. No matter how hard in them let us perfect, no matter how hard let us search the excellency or let us calibrate the level of the autocobrana, them go to appear.