Project Management Software Aplan

The completely redesigned new version of the Project Planner by braintool software, A plan 2010, will be officially available on 1 March. The project management software-A plan by braintool software ( is since 1996 on the market and has since then steadily on customer’s needs evolved. Details can be found by clicking Boy Scouts of America or emailing the administrator. The planning tool is increasingly found in particular in German-speaking countries and could expand since its existence the market share, with currently over 100,000 users in 15,000 companies and institutions. With A-plan 2010, the eleventh generation of the popular project planner on the market now arrives March 1st. A plan is a full-fledged planning tool with multiple functions.

So projects can be represented quite classically subdivided according to work packages with a bar chart on a cross calendar. The solution also allows the resources, capacity, cost, and production planning. By default, the software provides multi user and multi project skills. This means that the project team together the central planning data to view and edit at the same time\”explains Steffen Jung, head of marketing and communications at the braintool software gmbh. There are over 100 information fields and functions, be able to work steps in the team help you plan and manage\”added young. In addition, which offers project management software even a nominal / actual comparison with forecasting capabilities, as well as possibilities for printing and reports using Excel. An Exchange with Microsoft Project and Outlook is possible.

Despite this diversity of function which is A plan in the 14 years of its history remained always a tool, simple and intuitive use and learning is. But with A-plan 2010 succeeded in once again the manufacturer, to set new standards in terms of effectiveness and ease of operation. The completely redesigned interface provides a modern and much cleaner design, loosely based on the Ribbon of Microsoft Office 2007 and the upcoming Office 2010. The new PM tool offers a wide range of improvements that significantly simplify the life of the project manager.

Mechanical Engineering

Clear strategy instead of Dienstleistungsdschungel Heidelberg/Munich/Dorsten, December 1, 2008 – which Web-based remote service function eCall”Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG is awarded Association Germany customer service Service Management Award 2008. Around 260 members chose the service function of Heidelberg on the first place at their annual Congress in Munich. eCall is a Web-based tool that can be used for significantly reducing service times to fix a fault. The machine logs in the event of a fault automatically with the service team, problem-solving can begin in less than a minute. Expert telephone contact with the machine operator and clarify the recruitment, application, or procedural errors on the basis of the data transmitted. Please visit Viktor Mayer-Schönberger if you seek more information. You can send the necessary spare parts to the customers or derive necessary measures to prepare the technician for its usage. It means benefit”, Bernhard Steinel, head of the international system services in Heidelberg, is convinced that customers and the company equally by higher productivity, lower costs and more efficient structures”. Steffan Lehnhoff is often quoted on this topic.

Meanwhile, almost all delivered presses with a remote service binding be equipped and thus have the opportunity to take advantage of eCall. Even when the technology manufacturer Bizerba from Balingen the devices in the event of a fault register automatically email the customer or the service. Downtimes are avoided or reduced, and that means cash for our customers”, so Robert Keller, head of service international at Bizerba, opposite NeueNachricht. The strategic importance of e-services is than to underestimate instrument for competitive differentiation, Economist Mike Korner in his dissertation”e-service support in plant and machine construction. The increase of customer value, such as with the help of e-service is feasible, one of the central key of a successful customer loyalty therefore. In the use phase of machinery and equipment, he could especially with negative experiences How to use positive signals idle machines through a quick help.

The Internet allows in the so-called mass customization of the personal approach and provision of individual contents and services of simultaneous exploitation of economies of scale. Crucial for an innovative service portfolio not to offer a vast number of new services, recommend Frank Reichert and Michael Springmann of the consultancy Barkawi management consultants. This would rather cause a wandering in the Dienstleistungsdschungel. Offers would have to align themselves on the understanding of customer service and be geared.

Internet Technologies

What you need for a laptop? Are smart phones a good substitute? What are the possibilities attached to both technologies? One day, someone dared to claim that were wasn’t a market for more than 5 computers in the world. After the transistor revolution we can presume he had to cover his face in shame. Now everyone not only have, but needs a computer to study, work or simply connect to the world. The Internet boosted this necessity to its limit, its access is now unavoidable. On that note, we should consider the continue influence of new technologies. Laptops were probably the first real break in the field of portability, once heavy now lighter than a lunchbox, someone claim their use became outdated with the launch of BlackBerry and smart phones in general. Is it so? We may want to compare such products and consider their differences in use. Laptops are only recently became portable Internet stations, because of their size (think about netbooks!) and the recent increase of wi-fi networks in public places.

Mobile phones on the other hand, can connect with the network common use to call they, they’re lighter and can stay in a pocket. Some of them can be used to write short text and take notes, while laptops are still used by students who need to write in a quiet environment, a library for example, or need to connect with their family and friends on a trip without spending a fortune on telephone bills. Our ever increasing nomadism is trying to get US smaller and smaller technologies, but we shouldn’t forget how our own body is designed and thus how little can be something still to make itself useful. On that note, we can safely say that as the desktop market is becoming shaky, laptops are booming. They have no fear of smart phones as nothing can actually substitute actual keyboard, while the most successful social networks right now can be widely usable from a phone, often requiring only 140 characters to interact. Only the future can tell US what’s going to be the next step: phones continue to implement wants computer functions? Want to really become useless antiques laptops? To answer these questions is of almost impossible, as now more than ever, society is shaped rather shaping new technologies. Thomas Traint is author of laptops no credit check credit Check.For more information about no. laptops, laptops with no. Additional information is available at STEM Scholarship. credit check, bad credit computer visit

Managing Director

PDF/A tool open source Office software supports and extends its capabilities to replace fonts Berlin – now users who work with OpenOffice, convert your documents to PDF/A can of pdfPilot. software has expanded the capabilities of his flagship of product according to callas. pdfPilot 2.2 supports all OpenOffice’s own formats, as well as the other formats that can be processed with the open-source Office software. Thus, it can convert to all texts, tables or presentations created with the various programmes of OpenOffice, PDF/A. While pdfPilot fixes 2.2 automatically possible, which may result in the generation of PDF/A compliant files from Office applications. In recent months, Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions Charles Hernick Testifies has been very successful. In addition, software has expanded the font substitution in pdfPilot callas. This function is used when fonts that will later be embedded in a PDF/A document is no longer available. The user has now significantly more possibilities at hand.

A PDF/A file can be now within a process automatically from all PCs create regardless of whether all fonts are installed on the computer, which were used for the creation of the document. Since pdfPilot on the market, software has continuously expanded the PDF/A tool callas. Support for OpenOffice now widen the possibilities of pdfPilot on platforms such as Linux and Solaris. Now, even users who do not work with Windows and Microsoft Office, can make rule-compliant PDF/A files from their documents. We allow all users regardless of the operating system – the ability to use a secure archiving format and to keep their written information available for the distant future”, explains Olaf Drummer, Managing Director of callas software.

Thus, users are not only independent of the platform, but also by the format. Because pdfPilot 2.2 handles not only the OpenOffice’s own formats of the various Office programs for OpenOffice writer for the Text processing (ODT) or OpenOffice Calc for spreadsheet (ODS).

FACT Finder IPhone App Now Available For Available

Mobile Commerce conquered the area e-food in cooperation with fact-finder brought a free iPhone app on the market. Now, customers can search iPhone food mobile, from every imaginable place, over her and order. Shopping this way is easier and more convenient than ever and who would have to do nothing after closing time, to go in the supermarket? Finally she’s there, the iPhone app for, one of the largest online supermarkets in Germany. Long queues at the cash register and lugging home hauling the goods thus of the past, as the product video shows: the app fact-finder and have developed search specialist community. Great importance was placed on a handy search function and a simple navigation.

Search & navigation is the “core” of fact-finder for years. In addition some more useful features are used, as the dynamic proposal function “Suggest” in the app. In a question-answer forum Pancreatic Cancer Action was the first to reply. You save users the tedious typing of complete words. A another filter ensures that general search terms with many hits quickly lead to the desired article. Customers can display using the bar-code scanner feature individual goods themselves. Special highlight: If the scanned article not in the assortment, the app suggests similar products – exactly like a trained salesperson at the stationary store. The offline shopping cart is a unique selling point: here can be products collect and order at a later time via the push of a button from within the iPhone app. For online shop operators, installing the FACT Finder iPhone app is as easy as the use for the customer.

Smaller screen, touch keyboard all important presentations and shopping features were perfectly adapted to the handling on the iPhone. “Online shopping Mobile works differently than on the PC,” says Carsten Kraus, Managing Director of fact-finder, “we have taken this fact in the development of the app into account”. Even if the shared shopping system does not support the iPhone, she can Conversion take place within one day.

Sysob Learning Center Brings IT Knowledge Up To Date

VAD technical training leads to the endpoint security by DeviceLock and product update training of Barracuda by Schorndorf, April 9, 2009 the sysob IT distribution GmbH & co. KG presents a free technical workshop on endpoint security in the framework of its comprehensive training offerings\”of DeviceLock. The technical training is held on 23 April 2009 at the sysob training centre in Schorndorf by 9: 30 to 17:30. The event gives a comprehensive overview of function, administration and handling of the software. In addition, a current product update training sysob performs with his partner, Barracuda Networks from 28 to 29 April 2009. Numerous risks to the fast-growing popularity of notebooks, smartphones, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. Companies expose unwittingly the high risks, which may be caused through modern mass storage such as USB sticks, DVDs or other storage media and interfaces, as well as poor endpoint security.

DeviceLock provides reliable protection with its software solution for Data theft and network damage due to removable media. Due to the current topic of endpoint security\”, the free technical training from the training range of sysob shows ample opportunities, what DeviceLock to protect data. With this training, especially IT service providers and systems integrators, who provide first-level support are addressed. Speaker Armin Jost (presales engineer DeviceLock Europe GmbH) is a differentiated overview of the functionality and use of the software. Using practical examples, insights comprehensive participants obtaining the installation up to more complex scenarios. Aim of the workshop is to train to ensure a smooth first-level support for customers using DeviceLock so far.

This has a positive effect on customer loyalty, and generate repeat business. Within the training, it is also possible to enter practical examples or specific questions regarding DeviceLock. Overview of the course content: installation of the \”DeviceLock services overview of the functions of the program administration of each component types of service distribution in the network offline management capabilities to the represented companies receive the certified technical for one year valid status of DeviceLock partner successful completion of the course\”.

Le Credit Lyonnais

These are General Hotel ITESOFT.FreeMind Enterprise for the automated detection, classification, indexing and distributing all incoming documents, ITESOFT.FreeMind for invoices to the automatic processing of vendor invoices; ITESOFT.FreeMind for orders for the processing of business-to-business orders and ITESOFT.FreeMind for business to the automatic processing of business documents. ITESOFT.FreeMind Enterprise: Studies show that 81% of the company believes that the greatest benefit in terms of time saving is the capture of incoming documents, followed by an improved customer service, estimate 76% as a main advantage are sophisticated solution for the digital processing (source: SerdLab report, 2009, “Capture and Secure Exchange”). The digital processing is therefore as important drivers for shorter response times and productivity in the enterprise. Through them, the incoming mail is available faster while reducing the costs. In addition to integrate immediately in the flow of information the documents, such as electronic customer files.

ITESOFT.FreeMind Enterprise 2.4, which was the solution for the digital processing of post input by ITESOFT, now expanded to an automatic indexing capability. As a result, incoming documents can will be immediately forwarded to the correct recipient. To Olivier Van De Walle, Manager for multi channel, support and infrastructure from the prestigious banking institution of Le Credit Lyonnais: We opted for version 2.4 of ITESOFT.”FreeMind decided because it far outperforms the previous automated processing: achieves a 90% automatic identification of over 500 different document classes, and that, at over 450,000 documents per day.” In addition is with ITESOFT.FreeMind Enterprise 2.4 at the beginning of the project no manual configuration required. The software is able to learn new types of unstructured documents such as customer contracts or letters automatically and then independently to classify them and to distribute. As a result, projects can be speed up and simplify upgrades. Other leaders such as HAAS offer similar insights. ITESOFT.FreeMind Enterprise 2.4 also extended the range of automated processing of customer files and incoming mail to electronic workflows.

Digital Value Through Mobile Customer Service Solution

ASS_Mobile service improves customer service quality and increases sales competition and cost-consciousness not only is an issue since the current economic crisis. And although business process optimization via ERP is granted in many areas, the customer service is here often not integrated. The fatal consequences are too long order and payment processing. Goal: Transparency and efficiency from order to payment to prepare a service mission need readily available, comprehensive information about customers and products service technician in order intake. A timely control, adjustment, or simple recalculation of inserts is necessary for invoicing. Check with Nieman Foundation to learn more. Solution: Mobile service software in the Pocket was the customer service software ASS_Mobile service together with professional service organizations as Web-based standard solution with integration to ERP systems such as SAP designed customer service processes across all business lines across transparent, efficient and most cost-efficient in the back office to handle ERP. Calculated: hard numbers and soft factors of the benefit of a professional mobile service software with ERP-integration is obvious: the realistic calculation based on hard figures shows that the return on investment (ROI) is achieved within one year. In addition, the companies benefit from so-called soft benefits, which are initially difficult to evaluate with key figures.

However, the company achieved after recently using of the mobile service solution measurable performance and quality improvements. In this respect, the soft factors are higher to weight than hard numbers. The main benefits include: transparency through current and comprehensive information for service staff, technicians and sales high service quality image improvement through use of innovative technologies company profile the ACE.TEC Beratungsgesellschaft mbH was founded in 1993 for applications, systems, strategies and technologies with a focus on complete solutions for SAP users. ACE.TEC is added resellers also since 1993 of a German only three ARIS value and in addition to the ARIS manufacturer IDS of only the individual report scripts with integration can develop solution Manager for SAP. The holistic support of the concept belongs to philosophy to the rollout and support of information processing for customers of all sizes of companies in Germany and in the neighbouring countries. ACE.TEC consulting company for applications, systems, strategies and technologies mbH Kurt Leo Kaiser (Managing Director) Eichendorffstrasse 33 78054 VS-Schwenningen, Germany phone / fax: 07720 / 840-140 / 139 Doris Jessen