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PDF/A tool open source Office software supports and extends its capabilities to replace fonts Berlin – now users who work with OpenOffice, convert your documents to PDF/A can of pdfPilot. software has expanded the capabilities of his flagship of product according to callas. pdfPilot 2.2 supports all OpenOffice’s own formats, as well as the other formats that can be processed with the open-source Office software. Thus, it can convert to all texts, tables or presentations created with the various programmes of OpenOffice, PDF/A. While pdfPilot fixes 2.2 automatically possible, which may result in the generation of PDF/A compliant files from Office applications. In recent months, Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions Charles Hernick Testifies has been very successful. In addition, software has expanded the font substitution in pdfPilot callas. This function is used when fonts that will later be embedded in a PDF/A document is no longer available. The user has now significantly more possibilities at hand.

A PDF/A file can be now within a process automatically from all PCs create regardless of whether all fonts are installed on the computer, which were used for the creation of the document. Since pdfPilot on the market, software has continuously expanded the PDF/A tool callas. Support for OpenOffice now widen the possibilities of pdfPilot on platforms such as Linux and Solaris. Now, even users who do not work with Windows and Microsoft Office, can make rule-compliant PDF/A files from their documents. We allow all users regardless of the operating system – the ability to use a secure archiving format and to keep their written information available for the distant future”, explains Olaf Drummer, Managing Director of callas software.

Thus, users are not only independent of the platform, but also by the format. Because pdfPilot 2.2 handles not only the OpenOffice’s own formats of the various Office programs for OpenOffice writer for the Text processing (ODT) or OpenOffice Calc for spreadsheet (ODS).