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Michael Talbot

Knowledge is not just knowledge. There are yet other sources in addition to the logical mind knowledge. BSA is often quoted on this topic. All people, an Octopus keeps the world in breath. Is that not interesting? He might not … Continue reading

Dealership Salami

1 Venue of the nationwide over 80 Turnire is a special event with the “OPEL FAMILY CUP” has been launched. Since football is played and lived, unites and separates it generations, friends and families. The idea to unite parents, children … Continue reading

Buecherde Profit Game Week

For all bookworms buecher.de celebrates the world day of the book with a great contest in 1995 established the UNESCO for reading lovers, authors and culture lovers a holiday a, is celebrated as the World Book Day this year. Dating … Continue reading

By Due To Silent Night

Busy at the Detektei Lentz group of contemplation, love and harmony. Christmas will be more and more to the Festival of jealousy, mulled wine Geknutsche, colleague sex and broken heart. An unmistakable indication: The detectives of the Detektei Lentz group … Continue reading

Telematics Award 2013

Telematics award 2013: The highest award a telematics provider in the German-speaking countries can achieve the bidding ends on 10 July 2013 ceremony of the Telematics Awards 2013 in this year at the IFA Berlin takes place. Hamburg, 19.06.2013. The … Continue reading

Treasurer Plans

Piech plans beyond his death Ferdinand Piech, Chairman of the Supervisory Council of the Volkswagen Group, plans the future of the company beyond his death. To know his investments in the companies future in safe hands let go over this … Continue reading

Economic Foundation

COPLANNER IN numbers: the first half of Graz was promising, September 2012 the 2012 CoPlanner Halbjahr results exceeded the forecast expectations in several ways. For the first time in the 20-year history succeeded to bring revenue from licensing and maintenance … Continue reading

German Children

German children’s charity supports and the German children’s charity supports children with a subscription of Tollabox continuously for over a year has 1setzen in his campaign! Away together for education”about 500 sets to the game and learning support to children … Continue reading

Scientology Volunteer

” The training of the Volunteer Ministers began in March 2012. The first week took place in a hospital, which was the assessment and treatment of medical emergencies in the foreground. These included identifying and evaluating different degrees of severity … Continue reading

Mexican Scientology Clergy

The completed training is the know-how of the disaster relief team, quickly to deal with dangerous situations in disaster areas to a Mexican honorary Scientology of chaplain team completed a hard training for search and rescue missions at various locations … Continue reading