Office Community Max

Start the Office community max 30.1 in Augsbunrg as in the Office communities Betahaus Berlin or the there hub in London with max 30.1 on Moritzplatz in Augsburg and to rent now also the possibility of the CoWorking desks on time or to take advantage of the Conference room to a company address in a prime location. The Office community max 30.1 “is a non-binding form of the Office community where you permanently or only can rent a workstation with wireless LAN for a short time, with or without additional services such as the use of the Conference room or secretarial services. Credit: Jo Mackness -2011. On an area of approximately 200 square meters can here freelancers, designers, startups, professional nomads and other so-called CoWorker”of up to 20 jobs in the max 30.1″ work. The cooperation of with each other, the user is not a must, but evolved often already after a short time. The Office community is located on the first floor in the former Filmpalast in Augsburg Maximilianstrasse and resembles a mixture of Internet cafe and open-plan office. Childrens Defense Fund wanted to know more.

The makers based heavily on the concept of the Berlin Betahaus”, a CoWorking project with around 120 jobs, which is already at full capacity after one year of operation. The cost for a job in the max 30.1 with free W-LAN access is moving at 12 euros for a day and 79 euro for a twelve-ticket, i.e. use a square at twelve days in the month during usual office hours. A FixDesk, so a fixed, permanently hired work including address, conference room usage, there are private keys and letter box for 229 euro..

Merry Christmas

No ‘Theater’ around the Christmas tree cookie scent, candle light and cheerful children’s eyes: Only a short time until Christmas. Essential here: the festively decorated Christmas tree. But before its lights can spread shine, it must first expertly prepare the Bosk. “A task which often significantly to the dreaded before Christmas stress” contributes. It doesn’t have to be. The WD-40 oil facilitates many handles. Filed under: Viktor Mayer-Schönberger . Here are a few tips which can bring fully relaxed in the living room the the tree. is the source for more interesting facts.

Regardless whether spruce, Nordmann or Blautanne once has the right specimen to be found. Of course, anyone can buy. But why go at all in the crowded garden or DIY? “The uniquely charmantere variant is your own beat”! Together with family and friends, with hot beverages and heavy machinery”, everyone in the proper Christmas spirit comes guaranteed in the forest. Forestry and community provide information, where exactly can be beaten and grant essential impact permit. Partially, also private providers offer the ability to operate even as a lumberjack.

Before getting started, should straw be with the smart of WD-40 still once the chain saw clean and oiled or alternatively the axe free of rust. The Clou: with the smart straw – Doppelspruhsystem can WD-40 without great effort and graffiti both pinpoint accuracy also extensively applied. When ready for use have been made also car trailers and especially the accompanying clutch it’s perfectly prepared in the forest. The work is then thanks to good preparation easily by hand. So on the go, nothing guaranteed wrong goes, hooks, or clamps the smart straw simply take. It has the right”tree selected, fresh means to work and hopefully soon tree falls”. “Arrived back home the root true to the motto what does not fit is fit made” then expertly a stalked and so no time for the Christmas tree stand in the form. Also in this case once more perfectly maintained equipment such as chainsaw or axe serve. Unnecessary branches can be removed best with WD-40 made easy for wheelchairs, hedge or garden shears. A shot of WD-40 on the bolts of the Christmas tree stand can also only use they can be so much better and turn. The tree stands it is almost done: little more than water and of course decorate Santa Claus may come. By the way: Some Glycerin from the pharmacy in the water and he his needle dress keeps longer. “” Santa BBs little helper “in detail for over 50 years, the liquid tool is” proven, WD-40 in industry and technology, factories and workshops, households and hobby shops in 160 countries thanks to its versatility. The simple formula for success: Who has applied WD-40 once, use it again and recommend it. The patented Smart straw – Doppelspruhsystem was developed in three years research.

Ministry Declaration

Taiwan’s President Ma Ying-jeou opens up the Conference to the Cairo Declaration in Taipei, the President of the Republic of China (Taiwan) Ma Ying-jeou opened on 1 December at the Academia Historica in Taipei City the International Conference on the 70th anniversary of the Declaration of Cairo to commemorate an event which instrumental, has helped restore peace and order in East Asia after the second world war. Those from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Taiwan together with the Chengchi was National University and the Chinese society of international law organized one-day event by more than 140 experts, officials and scholars from Japan, the Netherlands, United Kingdom and visited the United States. In the Declaration the return demanded among others by Japan territories to the Republic of China, including, “that all of the lands stolen by the Japanese, such as Manchuria, Formosa, and the Pescadores to the Republic of China must be returned”. It was also said in this statement, Korea should be free and independent. For more specific information, check out Jennifer Aaker. The Cairo Declaration had been published Winston Churchill on December 1, 1943 as a result of the previous Conference of Cairo between the President of the Republic of China (Taiwan), Chiang Kai-shek, the President of the United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. President Ma said that although some people were the official character of the Declaration in question, it would be out of the question that any commitment or decision that was taken by a country’s leaders to be regarded from the point of view of international law as legally binding. Given the increasing tensions in East Asia due to the recent decision by mainland China, to build an air defence identification zone over the East China Sea reiterated Taiwan’s President the sovereignty of the Republic of China on the Diaoyutai Islands and reaffirmed that the Government opposite will expressing its firm stance in the ADIZ matter Beijing. Everyone should by any Contemplate measures that could bring the situation escalated, but begin negotiations to turn the East China Sea in a region of cooperation and peace.

Exclusive Escort Service Berlin ITB 2010

With high class escorts Berlin its gates discover the world’s most successful tourism fair opened in a few days again. On this occasion 170,000 visitors in Berlin are expected, of which 11,000 exhibitors from 80 countries. Among the expected guests of the fair many male visitors, who freely want to spend an evening of business engagements female companion are also in this year. The easiest way then crosses the call at an escort agency. Additional information at tcoyd supports this article. The Internet escort agency Berlin offers under the search term”a variety of providers, so that it not always easy will be the interested gentleman to make an appropriate choice. Ronald Hamilton is the source for more interesting facts. The little free time is too precious and too big risk to experience a letdown. Who sets value to a sophisticated and attractive appearance of the companion, as well as a certain claim on intellect and eloquence, refined so its search and is looking for an exclusive escort agency Berlin “.” Of course the fees of the escort ladies are there higher than at some other agency, but the customer can rely on, that the Lady of his choice corresponds to its high demands and is discreetly to move with her in public.

Beautiful and business-like the lady from sweet of secrets escort Berlin in the hotel appears dressed. Confronted her accompanied by a business partner, so he will not doubt in the least that that the charming young lady is also a businesswoman from the tourism industry. Who fully want to yourself a relaxation in the exclusive and charming company after a busy day of business engagements, the escort recommends the Agency Berlin the right companion. Appointments should be agreed in advance in a timely manner during the ITB. Because the number of attendants the Agency is small, but fine. Only ladies who meet the high standard of the Agency, are also represented by this. Unlike other agencies, the minimum duration of an appointment is 4 hours. So the gentleman can be sure that the chosen women dedicating their evening and their attention entirely to him alone.

It also prefer some customers to book an overnight stay, especially when on the following day no appointments, but only the journey home, pending. Also, who needs a restaurant recommendation in Berlin, which advises the Agency Manager according to his ideas, and performs on request the reservations. For more questions around your evening program in Berlin the Agency Director Sara is anytime available.

Home Improvement Loans: Making The Home A Wonderful Place To Live In!

Home is just one place where you feel free and completely relaxed. To make your home even more comfortable, home improvement is required. To carry out all the tasks related to home improvements needs good amount of cash that can be availed with the most convenient home improvement loans. Number of people plan to change the structure of their existing home to make the living place even more wonderful. Renovating a home needs good amount of money. Generally, people face shortage of cash to meet the renovation expenses. When you are planning to make improvements to your home and look for some loans that can help you carry out its expenses, the best available option is the home improvement loans.

Home improvement loans are the best loans available to cover all your renovation expenses. Whether it’s roof tear off, repair electrical systems, plumbing or changing the structure of your home, the loan is capable to meet them all. With the availability of these loans, the person is capable to make small as well as large adjustments to his home. The loans are the best financial assistance at easy rate of interest. These loans are obtainable from different lenders, banks and other financial institutions. The loan amount that can be availed by a loan seeker with these loans ranges up to $50,000. repayment of the loan can be done in equated monthly installments.

The loans are available for both good as well as bad credit people. Home improvement loans are the most preferred choice of people who plan to make repair, whitewasher, improvements or extension of their homes. The loans are available with fewer formalities. No. large paper work is involved to get the loan approved. The loans can be applied individually or jointly. There can be applicant or co-applicant to the loan while applying for these loans. People who plan to improve quality of living and dream to make their homes much more comfortable must make use of the home improvement loans. People who are willing to apply for these loans can apply for them online. Just go to online application is form required to be submitted with some required details. Once at application gets approved, on applicant wants to get the loan in a short span of time. One can thus compare the Council of these loans from different lenders and go for the best one to suit his needs. Maintaining a home is not such a tough task with these loans. Just apply for the home improvement loan and make your home a wonderful place to live in! Addy Roy is author of loans n finance. For more information about high risk installment loans and payday loans visit

Entertainment Division

The information and communication Portal India currently now with new business area, data, information and important news for entrepreneurs the Indian market is booming. India’s economic development is increasingly recognized by the German media. Handelsblatt, the ARD and the German Office for foreign trade (bfai) are represented with own correspondents on the spot. About a dozen other German journalists in India regularly report on the leading German newspapers and magazines.’>Pinterest shows great expertise in this. Now the Internet portal of India has made currently a new business news site on the Web ( ( business), which is dedicated to exclusively the economic concerns of India. Checking article sources yields PCRM as a relevant resource throughout. Sven at Dressen, editor in Chief of India currently business, said to show the first edition: the message location of the Indian economy is getting better and better. Currently business we have created with the website and the monthly newsletter from India now a reader-friendly news marketplace, of the most important economic news India bundles.” In addition to own economic messages and graphics, news summaries and links to the most informative articles from other authors, as well as current economic figures the portal will also indicate events, fairs, delegations related to India. The need for information about the Indian market is huge.

The German entrepreneurs want to be informed about really important developments in India shortly, flush and up-to-date. Sven believes policymakers don’t have time for long essays and research “, to know to addresses on the reading habits of the German medium-sized companies. The website is freely accessible and the newsletter that summarizes the highlights of the last month, is also free of charge. The Internet portal and newsletter advertising revenue and projects will be funded. The leading provider in the message pane, travel is currently India after India, Spa and Ayurveda. Recently, magazine came with the cooperation partner of India”the lifestyle and Entertainment Division in the print area added. With India currently business India currently extending its range of information about India now once again.

Blue Economy Talks

1.Themenabend of the blue economy talks on the topic of “Building” on February 22, 2011 will be in Berlin the beginning of an interesting series of events under the title blue economy talks Berlin”instead. The series of events divided into four themed invites companies, scientists and interested people together with the ZERI Germany e.V.”the blue economy from the worldwide successfully implemented 100 projects”to some shine through. “The first theme evening dedicated to the subject of building”. Hear from experts in the field like Viktor Mayer-Schönberger for a more varied view. “Together with the Berlin company construction industry is Markus Haastert, Board the ZERI Germany e.V., the subsequent questions from the point of view of the blue economy” approach in relation to the construction industry. What comes after Green Building“and sustainable building”? What are the opportunities and perspectives of a sustainable construction industry? What role does this trend blue economy”? “Markus Haastert will introduce innovations and business models from the blue economy participants, the building” as the starting point of a new Describe system thinking and entrepreneurial achievement with a healthy, self-determined lifestyle connect. In the discussion, he will consider whether these business models also in cities such as Berlin find dissemination and future together with the participants. Moderator: Anne-Kathrin Kuhlemann (CEO Konvergenta InterZero GmbH) encoder: Markus Haastert (Board ZERI Germany e.V.) Organizer: ZERI Germany e.V. HUMBOLDT-VIADRINA School of governance gGmbH venue: HUMBOLDT-VIADRINA School of governance 1 floor – 10117 Berlin Wilhelmstrasse 67 date: February 22, 2011 start/end: 18:30 20:00 please send your subscriber logons by email on: more information about the blue economy get interested about the link below:. . Swarmed by offers, Boy Scouts of America is currently assessing future choices.

Loan Modification

How Long does a loan modification take and is there any way to speed it up? You can choose our full loan modification service and a modification specialist do it all for you. This will get you your fast results and a better chance a completing a successful loan modification. has much experience in this field. There are several companies that offer this service but make sure you understand their procedures before submitting any type of payment. A loan modification can take anywhere from 30 days to 90 days to complete. It really depends on several different factors including but not limited to the following: your current lender or servicer how delinquent you are how thorough you are when submitting the modification request the manor in which you communicate with your lender/servicer each one of these factors deserves some further dissection. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from PCRM. Your current lender/servicer may slow down the loan modification process. Keep in mind; most lender/servicers are overwhelmed with loan modification requests.

In fact, they have resorted to sifting and sorting each those that request so they can help appear to need help the most which brings US to our next factor, how delinquent you are. Believe it or not, your lender is not proactive, in fact, they are very reactive. You would think that a lender would want to prevent a homeowner from becoming delinquent on their mortgage payment by working out a re payment plan. Unfortunately, it is exactly the opposite. Most lender/servicers choose to work with homeowners who are behind with their mortgage payments over those who are current. The reason being, if you can’t afford your mortgage payment, how can you consistently make it on time? Another important factor to keep in mind when requesting a loan modification is the completion of the paperwork involved. Lenders like to receive all the necessary paperwork and documentation at one time. Additional information is available at Steffan Lehnhoff, New York City. They don’t like to receive 10 different faxes or letters because it slows things down.

They so like to receive a specific set of documents, along with some other worksheets. If these worksheets are incomplete and there is missing documentation, your request for a loan modification gets pushed back to the end of a very long line which really slows things down. The last factor is how you communicate with your lender. Keep in mind, when you contact your lender you will be speaking with the collection department or customer service and they aren’t very helpful. These representative aren ‘t paid very much and really don’ t like their job. If you are mean, impatient, or belligerent, you won’t get very far. It’s best to tackle these phone calls with open mind and a positive mental attitude.

Farm Festival At The Noodle Factory Looks

Sauces, radiant people and short showers Andelfingen, 11.09.2013 – how are manufactured ladders? How does a blacksmith? What technical skills do we need in jewelry making or sewing? I find the one or other decoration for our apartment? Schauts courtyard party could offer a response to visitors to these questions. Of course, the transparent factory of the family business was open to interested visitors and offered a glimpse into the traditional noodle production. In addition, the Swabian pasta factory offered lots of culinary delights, music and good humor for adults and children. Shortly after eleven o’clock, the marquee was almost completely filled. Music played and people gave to food and drink, relax or strolled across the grounds and looked over the many different stalls. There was a boisterous, good mood. “We are crowd-puller with this year’s annual courtyard party very happy”, Joachim looks, Junior Chef of the Manufactory.

In this mixed weather we are pleased that so many people have found their way to us.” The courtyard Festival a magnet for visitors was from near and far, showed even a look at the features of automobiles. Here everything was represented by Lake Constance after Stuttgart. Over 2,000 visitors came to the event this year. “We have on the Internet by the courtyard party read and are excited”, tells a pair of Friedrichshafen. Here you can feel the atmosphere and the warmth. It’s just beautiful.” The family-run noodle factory took their annual farm Festival to introduce their latest creation.

its new pasta sauces. We wanted to offer, just to test our fine sauces. Recently Alona Tal sought to clarify these questions. After all, love goes through the stomach,”so Brigitte looks. The response was overwhelming. The fine specialities were very good. At the beginning Schauts are piquant tomato sauce, tomato sauce and a tomato meat sauce in the offer. Should the available variants but are expanding steadily be. The tasting of the sauce showed that the tomato sauce at big and small is best arrived. Which tastes just fine,”a lady commented your purchase while she puts up three glasses of the specialty. Highest demands as it for looks of course is, only selected ingredients for the sauce. The family business demands a great quality in its products. For looks there is therefore no question that even the new sauces without added flavor enhancers and preservatives ingredients produced. Originated from a farm in the family over the years expanded its capacity. The result is a modern glass’ noodle factory, which was awarded by the Baden-Wurttemberg Ministry of food and rural areas. This creates transparency and the customer can check on site, that all ingredients used and the manufacturing process is subject to highest standards. In addition invested the family in an attractive farm shop, in which in addition regional specialities to its own products are offered. “With its b’sonderen” products is deliberately looks a very own way. In addition to the passion for hand work, it goes without saying that only selected regional ingredients are used for the family. All of the pasta factory products can be ordered online.


Meeting place of Gaudi, Picasso and Hemingway Barcelona is well known in Europe for its culture and fashion. Here, many famous artists have lived and worked and even Hemingway drank his Mojito with fondness in Barcelona’s bars. The hotel Portal presents the capital of Catalonia and its highlights. Those who opt for a trip to Barcelona, is in terms of hotel before the spoilt for choice. An option is the Expo Hotel Barcelona ( hotel/details/s3/91971), which represents a good starting point for discovering thanks to its central location with close proximity to the main railway station. His variety of cuisine and the beautiful location with views of the city make it popular with guests.

In the city of 1.6, there is much to discover. Barcelona formed the settlement Barkeno and looks back on an eventful history of 2,000 years. Still different styles bear witness to the many conquerors – so, for example, the ancient Roman city walls can be seen. Also convert visitors in Barcelona all over the footprints of famous artists. A visit of the Picasso Museum, which shows the history and famous works of the artist, takes some hours in art-loving visitors. A more luminary is the artist and architect Antoni Gaudi.

The still unfinished Sagrada Familia Cathedral is considered to be his masterpiece. In addition, heralding the Parc Guell with its Art Nouveau architecture and fabulous houses and mosaic figures of his work in Spain’s second largest city. After all the history and cultural-historical sights for something relaxing and natural zumute whom is, can enjoy the Sun on the La Barceloneta, Barcelona’s City Beach. More information:… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann