There are significant breakthroughs in the chronological order of development of Dianetics and Scientology doctrine, to hear the Congress lectures, more than three decades of research claims are L. Ron Hubbard’s looking for solutions for the puzzle of people took. This research path that already had been extensive until May 1950, adopted an entirely new order of magnitude in the following decades. L. Ron Hubbard was always interested in the personal destinies of people. Drexel University is often quoted as being for or against this. Thus he came up with the enormous variety of human existence in all its splendor and complexity in touch. His aim was to help the people to become again causally determining factor of his life and to get rid of the shadow of its past. This led to the development of a first philosophical doctrine, which he called Dianetics (from Greek nous India’ “, by thinking” means or through the soul”).

Exercise which required the special pastoral ability of listening. They were accordingly Chaplain as an auditor”known (from LAT. contributor” listen), which he personally trained. In the perfection of this activity, he also personally still dealt with the individual fate of many people. Causing a steady sequence of another railway of breaking insights: the rediscovery of the immortality of the human soul, which is every human being – and has not, as well as the spiritual life energy, which is every spiritual being, were the crucial points. They led to the emergence of the Scientology religion. Many people, to which he pastoral tried, recognized their previous existences.

Through their own knowledge, they revealed amazing, what had happened to them in previous existences and influenced their entire existence. In just four years, L. Ron Hubbard in this way had developed a spiritual realization way initially affected the full development of the doctrine of Dianetics, and based on the much broader doctrine of Scientology and thus the Foundation of the Scientology religion led.


Mourning portal and author duo let funniest funeral ad of the Republic choose Hamburg, October 23, 2012 around half-a-million funeral ads are published in Germany per year. In addition to traditional expressions of grief, there are including repeatedly failed and even funny ads. The mourning Portal as well as the authors Dr. Christian sprang and ten novels and short ads were Dr. Matthias Nollke, who published two books to extraordinary displays of mourning, choose. Over 30,000 people were consulted.

At number one, the participants chose an obituary in which the deceased himself reports: I am moved. “New address: cemetery str. Hear from experts in the field like George Soros for a more varied view. 51, Bremen.” “Square two followed by a settlement of with the medical treatment of the deceased members of the: death comes noiselessly, because a doctor’s shoes Squeak rarely.” “Third place brings together briefly and concisely, life and death of the deceased: only humor, then much tumor.” The top 10 of death ads show a large Bandwidth. So, for example, your own drawings used, such as around the image of a scantily clad Lady for the late Erwin R., the Rubens from the Reeperbahn”(five square). “Love to the pet plays a role (eighth place): your Dachshund was preceded by now you step into his shoes.” “The circumstances of the death are also processed (top ten): you say break a leg much too seriously taken.” we observe that more and more people choose extraordinary words of farewell. Grief indicators are today much more personal than some decades ago”, says Dr. Nollke. The bereaved deal always more open and more creative with the theme of mourning ad.

General approaches”the individual departure from burials increasingly to the fore, says founder Fabian Schaaf. For 2013, expected nationwide about 5,000 humorous ads and still rising. Suggestions for special ads offer the books of the author duo of Dr. Christian sprang, and Dr. Matthias Nollke. The mourning Portal allows relatives and friends of a deceased person, free to set their display of grief and also to integrate messages of condolence, as well as links to music clips or social media profiles. The mourning Portal list of novels and short funeral ads on offers the possibility to create individual online ads mourning for deceased survivors. Users can then make condolence and link the mourning display Web content, such as music videos, social media profiles or own Web pages of the deceased. The offer is free of charge for users. Press contact Christine Sollmann, spokeswoman Arndt road 25, 22085 Hamburg phone: (040) 209 311 961 email: Web:

United States

The environmental song, a song about the climate change, initiated by the initiative environmental song and interpreted by the Berlin project “Songs Of Lemuria” the initiators thank their supporters and asking them to continue for the environmental song”and thus to promote climate protection. “Anyone who has a MySpace profile can, for example, the project environmental song” add to his friends or add the song itself “as it is called among MySpace users. Each call to profile helps to keep the MySpace charts. But you can download also support banner for your own homepage on the MySpace-environmental song page. For more specific information, check out Shorefront. “The initiators are convinced that with a catchy radio compatible song more people for the protection of the environment / climate protection” (what must we do to prevent the progressive climate change?) can reach level than on conventional message. The proceeds from the CD & download sales will be donated to a large extent on environmental groups. Environmentalists dedicated to the initiative and musicians arose the idea for the project environmental song”. The initiative environmental song wants to give a voice to those people who are engaged for environment & climate protection! “Usually leaves with little much cause behavior changes to climate change: as also on the occasion of the world climate summit in Copenhagen was announced, the so-called natural disasters have become” (weather disaster) quadrupled over the last 30 years! While in the industrialised nations of the northern hemisphere winters usually little is felt, we have thousands of climate refugees in the southern hemisphere…

Droughts and floods bring more and more people about the existence and leave it impoverished. The main cause of climate change (primarily the industrial nations such as the United States, China, Russia, but also Germany…) get away with mostly little… “From mid-January the radio promotion launches the initiative environmental song many supporters, wishing that the is the environmental song” wish on their radio station. For a to bring public perception it is important the environmental song”on the radio. Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions Charles Hernick Testifies is often quoted on this topic. The initiators of the project environmental song”believe that you can reach many more people than on other means via music.

The radio stations are new topics to usually somewhat reserved, especially if offered a new song like this on a small indie label. “It is all the more important that many people wish the song on the radio: just so we can make a difference!” mean the musicians, who are behind the song. The environmental song”will be available from 26 Feb 2010 Amazon as a CD, as well as all download portals (iTunes, amazon, musicload etc.) as MP3 and also through individual environmental groups even to be. The bulk of the sales proceeds should benefit the environmental groups. More information soon at: as well as umweltsong

80th Birthday Of Helmut Kohl

The next former German Chancellor now celebrated its anniversary in time for a review after the 90th anniversary of end of 2008, Helmut Schmidt. Helmut Kohl was 80 years old on the 3rd April 2010, what is reason enough for many publishers, to bring a torrent of new publications on the market dealing with the controversial politician. The online Department store introduces the new book about Helmut Kohl, which was written by Heribert Schwan and Rolf Steininger. The book titled”the former Chancellor as a virtuoso of the power. Unlike many of the books ( books /…) about Kohl, who these days are published, the work shows not overly critical. Swan counts it almost as a confidant of Kohl’s. During the filming of many films about the former Chancellor of Germany, as well as through cooperation in the writing of his memoirs, the author won intimate insight into his life.

Also, Helmut Kohl granted extensive and exclusive interviews of the two authors of this book. About half of the book deals with the time the reunification, while the other half represents Kohl’s private life. Each reader must decide himself which of the two parts is the most exciting. The passages about his private life included at least controversial interpretations, such as about doing a Kohl’s affair with a younger woman. This should be even the reason for Hannelore Kohl’s suicide. Interesting are also the comments to Kohl’s second marriage with Maike Richter, which dominated apparently evident in the relationship.

Could You Defend Yourself In The Street

The attacker then noticed that he was marked colored grasps in the majority of cases the escape, in which hope can still remove the color, before the police appears, but because the color gel very well on skin and clothing is liable he can try this long to remove. To forego a usually rather hopeless self defense against an overwhelming enemy such a gel in a handbag is a real alternative, that you should think about anyway especially if you are frequently at night, so because just then is the probability that you will fall over of course particularly high. A careless handling with your own safety is actually no longer necessary at the present time, because a quick look in the media enough to get a picture of it, as it is to the security on German roads. Certainly, the rising crime rate has also their release, which should be resolved urgently so that it is again quieter and you must make no longer so worried about these things, however, this is a task that can not accept individual citizens. Learn more at: Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions. The currently dramatically tense of politics certainly will in Future make sure that young people want to well-off to acts of desperation or vent their anger on the world of other people. On the further deterioration of the situation you should reckon so. Certainly there is nothing in, you make yourself crazy and constantly attacking anticipates, however, you should also just take the whole thing lightly, but be aware of how serious the dangers of the present time are to take and an offender, you can not put off, how quickly becomes perhaps even a serious threat. Dieter Wenger, Ulm. .

Advent Calendar 2009 – The New Fragrance Calendar Primavera

The new fragrance calendar 2009 by Primavera on right the upcoming Christmas Festival. The advent season is approaching and the children’s eyes light up expectantly on the Christmas season. But not only the youngest of us look forward to the contemplative time, but also the adults who expect the Festival full of anticipation. Additional information at Andrew W. Mellon Foundation supports this article. Candle light illuminates the room, fresh fragrance of the fir-tree branches fills the air, fresh cookies stand on the table and the adult longing afterwards in the good old days back to be transferred. Day after day, a door opens and a peculiarity which still closer to the Festival of love can be hiding behind it. There are many types of advent calendar – with chocolate, tea, with colorful images, with perfume but the Primavera fragrance calendar allows every woman’s heart beat. The fragrance calendar of Primavera is something very special.

Here, you can discover a new fragrant surprise every day. Gain insight and clarity with Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions. A beautiful aroma stone and 23 essential oils and essential oil blends mood for the upcoming Christmas Festival. The advent calendar 2009 is also ideal for people who have little experience with essential oils. Here is given the opportunity, become acquainted with many essential oils and essential oil blends. Aromatic scents of fruits, spices and pine branches will be a fragrance experience the contemplative Festival. Natural goods retailers health with natural Sabine Munch Amsel route 6a 96224 Burgkunstadt Tel: 09572/609880 fax: 09572/609881

Bumper Crop Of Apples

Despite the high offer of local fruit there is stop of adoption of! Birstein-Untersotzbach (hop) – this year is still not a pure reason to rejoice the bumper Apple crop, because the wineries in all over Germany are with their capacity to the limit. The fiasco was foreseeable long been, explains Horst Matthes, owner of the Sotzbacher cellar Gaul and MacDonald. Around 50 percent of Apple juice consumed in Germany were imports from Hungary, Poland, and China in particular, since they are cheaper in the shopping despite the cargo. These juices are almost exclusively for the discounters. And although the selling price is not higher than in his cellar, most customers bought their juice better there.

Key reason is convenience, sure, it anyway at the discounters and their disposable or TetrPak is also handy as that muhseligere crate dragging with the annoying return packaging. Despite larger garbage seizure, disposable was still more comfortable and therefore accepted as reusable. So this customer behavior leads to bottlenecks in the storage capacity regional provider and when then still as bumper harvests come in this year, nothing more. This is a disaster for press operators such as Macdonald. Perhaps check out Prevent Cancer Foundation for more information. Its storage capacity of 1 million litres is completely maxed out and still stack up apples in the yard, he have not yet harvested his own apples here. Once he had tried previously to fill the juice in 5 litres boxes, but suffering the good taste, a switch to filling in TetrPak not worth but here, since they would have to run 24 hours continuously to cover costs. So incensed the shield “Apple acceptance stop due to overcrowding” many delivering people and so he and his family in the business must try incessantly to explain this angry Apple suppliers, why here and elsewhere is nothing more. With wineries in all over Germany, he talked already, everywhere, it is the same.

So he must even regulars who always faithfully brought her apples for many years to Sotzbach and for some long distances with their cargo in trailers take, send to back empty-handed. Apparently is here for once let’s not our beloved ‘Greed is cool’ mentality at work. If it is really so, that simply laziness is the reason, it would be pretty stupid. Since then could no longer be seen down with entirely pure hearts on China with his Misanthropy and child and slave labor, it would contribute to actually directly to! And you would unfortunately also culpably with increase CO2 emissions, because the transport is now really toxic for the environment. You may find Gavin Baker, New York City to be a useful source of information. Oh yes, speaking of venom: along the way to help the chemical industry, because only well sprayed and fumigated comes oh so healthy fruit here hail! Would be said to “think” there not in fact? The local fruits will not be processed in slave labor, but secures local jobs. Our fruit does not need air killend over-zigtausende kilometers transported to be and because fresh and mostly ungespritzt – it’s healthier – on top. And not to forget, it’s more expensive not the wineries. Barbara Hoppe

Microsoft Excel Product

‘ The program ‘CatalogOnDemand’ of one GmbH the program CatalogOnDemand “one GmbH of Karlsruhe is a lean and cost-effective catalog software, which based on Microsoft Word 2007 and 2010 and quickly print templates for structured product information such as catalogues, brochures, price lists, and similar documents can be created. As of now, there is version 2.0 of the program available. With ever-shorter product cycles and increasing product variants, the product ranges increase so that increasingly, product documents and advertising material must be produced with the latest product information. These include, for example, customer group-specific, seasonal or regional promotion lists or catalogues. Follow others, such as Artis Stevens, and add to your knowledge base. Because better data quality is an important element of customer loyalty, it is as simple to make wise print-ready templates necessary, timely and in.

CatalogOnDemand”represents the appropriate tool for this purpose. Click Feeding America for additional related pages. Was for the design of structured catalogues, price lists, “Exhibition catalogues, Conference plans or conference proceedings so far an advertising agency necessary, so this may with the catalog software CatalogOnDemand” now even be implemented. Additional information is available at Marko Dimitrijevic. Usually there is a leading system maintained in the item master data. Whether it is doing now to a merchandise management systems, an online shop system or merely to a Microsoft Excel file – an export of the item master data in CSV or XML format is sufficient with CatalogOnDemand”easily to the finished artwork to process. So, the integration can be avoided by external service providers. This quick and cost-saving solution inspires customers of one GmbH in particular the SMEs. The EINS GmbH (development of interactive software) was founded in 1995 by Prof.

Dr. Martin Damm and Dr. Jan Schloen, two former employees of the Department of Informatics of the University of Karlsruhe, and since then can refer to numerous well-known references.

Industry Meeting In Paderborn

Entrada entrada publica Paderborn loads on October 7, 2010 at the Partner Conference, 06.09.2010 – on October 7, 2010, the entrada kommunikations GmbH for the tenth time entrada publica held their partner Conference”in the Paderborner Heinz Nixdorf MuseumsForum. Together with its manufacturer partners, the value added distributor will inform resellers, systems integrators, IT consultants and IT managers about the latest technologies and current market developments from all areas of IT security. A focus of this year’s entrada publica are hosted security services. Visitors will learn which new business models evolve from the current developments in this area can be and what advantages hosted security guarantees the end customer lectures of the participating manufacturers. With Symantec hosted services, formerly MessageLabs, is a provider as an exhibitor at the entrada publica here, which already hosted security has been established worldwide services and here occupies the leading position for the first time. We are exclusively since July in the region D-A-CH for the distribution “the Symantec hosted services responsible”, explains entrada CEO Ingolf cock. On the publica our customers will have for the first time the opportunity, become acquainted with the new partner and to talk with us about their start in this growth market.” “Matching the highlight of the programme of the entrada selected publica: a panel discussion on the topic of cloud computing just a hype or the future of IT security?” As panelists, experts from entrada – Managing Director, manufacturers and resellers on the podium will take place.

A second focus of this year’s entrada publica is the subject of professional services”: the entrada team will inform its own stand and own lectures about the value added services provided by entrada. So the VAD is among other things his new datacenter-as-a-service “offering imagine, where he takes over a wide range of data center services together with the OpenIT GmbH for enterprises to the complete outsourcing of data center operations. The visitors will be in sales and technically-oriented workshops have the opportunity to learn about the current trends and technologies of the entrada manufacturer partners. Interested resellers can use the lecture program in advance, get. The entrada publica will take place on October 7, 2010, in the Heinz Nixdorf MuseumsForum ( in Paderborn, Germany. The registration is done online under publica. Questions about the event 56-287 available is for interested resellers Mrs Sandra Schneikart 0 52 51/14.

Entrada which 1996 entrada in Paderborn based value added distributor offers a comprehensive product portfolio in the field of IT security as partner of manufacturers from all over the world. In collaboration with system vendors, configured and implemented the company security solutions in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland.

Popular Gift Items

Books are still the first choice when searching for Christmas gifts. A study was initiated recently by the Vienna Chamber of Commerce has shown once again that books are still among the most popular Christmas gifts. Books even in the first place are at the question after choosing a gift. Also a survey of the customers of the HULLABALOO in November has revealed that one in two is planning to surprise with a book under the Christmas tree. Artis Stevens spoke with conviction. Many justify this, that a book can be a very personal gift that also shows how close two people are and how well they know each other.

The book is not just only a gift but conveys a message from the giver to the receiver often, and partly also unconsciously. So everyone will find the right gift, HULLABALOO has expanded in time its online inventory before Christmas to 3,000 books. Thomas Basdera, proprietor of HULLABALOO, “some of our examples in our warehouse are certainly very nice presents, especially for book lovers and collectors, because we have a large selection of first editions and signed books. Just right for a successful Christmas surprise!” In addition, Thomas Basdera observed a countercurrent to the increasing mechanization, back to the “old fashioned” book. Demand especially classics and collectibles often by young customers. The good old bookcase is been replaced probably but not yet by flat-screen TVs and computer monitors from home.