There are significant breakthroughs in the chronological order of development of Dianetics and Scientology doctrine, to hear the Congress lectures, more than three decades of research claims are L. Ron Hubbard’s looking for solutions for the puzzle of people took. This research path that already had been extensive until May 1950, adopted an entirely new order of magnitude in the following decades. L. Ron Hubbard was always interested in the personal destinies of people. Drexel University is often quoted as being for or against this. Thus he came up with the enormous variety of human existence in all its splendor and complexity in touch. His aim was to help the people to become again causally determining factor of his life and to get rid of the shadow of its past. This led to the development of a first philosophical doctrine, which he called Dianetics (from Greek nous India’ “, by thinking” means or through the soul”).

Exercise which required the special pastoral ability of listening. They were accordingly Chaplain as an auditor”known (from LAT. contributor” listen), which he personally trained. In the perfection of this activity, he also personally still dealt with the individual fate of many people. Causing a steady sequence of another railway of breaking insights: the rediscovery of the immortality of the human soul, which is every human being – and has not, as well as the spiritual life energy, which is every spiritual being, were the crucial points. They led to the emergence of the Scientology religion. Many people, to which he pastoral tried, recognized their previous existences.

Through their own knowledge, they revealed amazing, what had happened to them in previous existences and influenced their entire existence. In just four years, L. Ron Hubbard in this way had developed a spiritual realization way initially affected the full development of the doctrine of Dianetics, and based on the much broader doctrine of Scientology and thus the Foundation of the Scientology religion led.