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Chico Xavier

The film we inside brings autobiografia of one of the personalities of great importance of the world-wide scene, ' ' Chico Xavier' ' a man who through its faith in God on the basis of the espiritismo, revolutionized the vision … Continue reading

Social Mobilization

This summary displays the two first chapters of the book ' ' Communication and Strategies of Social&#039 Mobilization; ' , (SIMEONE, Mrcio. Communication and Strategies of Social Mobilization. Belo Horizonte: Authentic, 2004.) The first chapter of the workmanship is called … Continue reading


With this agreement the group of Guetu theater of the UnirG looked for to show some controversies on questions on the negligenciamento of the cultural identification of the Tocantins, of breaking divulges of intelligent form, musical authors and its workmanships … Continue reading