World Market Specialized

China's share of the market sales and production machinery in our day all the time increases. And if today it is about 15%, the projected professionals by 2010 it could reach almost 50%. Chinese Politics authorities, aimed at increasing the growth of production capacities in the industry and low wages in China are important reasons for this rapid growth. In addition, increased production, for example, construction equipment due to the construction boom, which has recently been observed in China. Today, however, the domestic Chinese market is showing signs of overflow, causing a build-up of efforts to increase level of exports.

For the first time the growth of export sales of machinery from China, was seen in 2005, and in 2006 was recorded an increase in exports by 77% compared with the previous year. Today the Chinese specialized equipment occupies a large share of the Asia-Pacific market. China has to date more than 60 manufacturers of special equipment. Producers from China have mastered completely all areas of the market. There is a rich range of special equipment: backhoe loaders Ingersoll-Rand, road rollers from BOMAG, trucks Howo, as well as excavators from "Xuzhou Excavator.

In this area, except directly to Chinese companies, operates, and many joint ventures established in cooperation with the world experienced producers, such as Hyundai, Komatsu, Daewoo. Through such cooperation, and increased competition in China have found the application of advanced foreign technology and years of experience. Producers from China these days alter behavior strategy in the market and are gradually shifting from direct export sales of machinery to the development of joint ventures and subsidiaries of foreign enterprises. Tellingly, whereas before the main aspect of the increased demand for kitaystvuyu technique advocated a low price, (in truck prices were 10-20% lower than the European producers), today this increase is due quality improvement techniques, which fully complies with international standards. The reason for this phenomenon began as an increase in competition in the domestic Chinese market and the struggle for growth in export sales of trucks, trucks, front loaders and other similar techniques. Russian market first began to conquer the Chinese trucks. And today the sale of trucks, tractors and various rest road construction equipment from China is engaged in a number of large Russian companies. As a result, Russia has imported more high-quality equipment, better adapted to the climatic characteristics of various subjects of Russia. These organizations, in addition, apart from direct sale of tractors and other special equipment, offer services in the service quality level. It also leads to an increase demand for equipment from China. As a result, the various experts in the next 5 years is expected to increase in the proportion of specialized equipment from China to the Russian market will be about 5-10%.