Foundation Ovido Teixeira

To work with hipertenso was a sufficiently enriquecedora experience. They are anxious; they load a dense load very; they are worried excessively with everything and all, and very little with them. The group, then, had the possibility to learn to take care of of itself. I feel myself sufficiently satisfied for being able to have been facilitadora of this conquest of the other. To the end of this charming experience, what still I can say is that without the art I do not obtain more to act. Mine palco never more will be the same, therefore the art gained its space, and I eat coadjuvante of this great plot that is the life, I feel myself honored extremely in being able to work with it to my side, helping me in the conduction of the diverse processes of the beings that pass for my way.

to all they it very obliged mine!