Anyone can create a Blog quickly and easily, likewise a good entrepreneur must have one or more blogs, since blogs are the fastest growing Internet tool, therefore form part of the so-called Web 2.0. To make a blog only you need a domain, although in honor the truth we can also do free blog using WoprdPress.org, or Google blogger platform, but if we want to have a professional presence on the Internet this is not recommended. At the computer level domains have multiple extensions (in simple terms, would be like the surnames). They are going after the domain name, followed by .com,. net, .biz, edu,. info,. etc. Examples: comerciando.com, pepitoperez.com, benitabueno.biz, actualizate.edu, senado.org, universidaddelavida.edu, etc.

Government agencies use always the .gov extension (of the English government) .edu domain is a domain used only for educational purposes, either by schools or Government offices related to these. The .org domain is generally associated to organizations without spirit non-profit or charity. Other extensions are used for commercial, personal sites, or any different from the previous activity. You can not have or there are two equal domain names on the network. Each one domain name is unique. But if there can be two same names with different extensions, example: pepitoperez.biz and pepitoperez.com.

Also signs, dots or letters can be used to distinguish a domino of another; example: pepitoperez.com, pepito-perez.com, pepito.perez.com, pepitoperez1.com, etc. After purchasing the domain you must find a Hosting, which are companies dedicated to lease sites to host your Web page. There are many options so you can choose. The hosting of a domain is cancelled in monthly payments and their cost also depends on the chosen hosting company. Although there are sites that let you have your free Web page, the advantage of rent it among other things, the storage capacity of their servers, a good Hosting company has unlimited capacity.