Secretary General

These messengers scratch hours of their time to take to the most needed our society helps, company and affection. We have already assumed that the exclusive and main exercise of the integral development of the person and the society is incumbent on exclusively neither to the State nor to the political parties nor to the diverse religious confessions. He is the human being with his family and his friendly, in his surroundings with his free culture and its options in he brings back to consciousness that, must be the protagonists of their integral development. The imposition will always fit the cooperation but never that does not respect the freedom, brings back to consciousness, justice and the right fundamental to look for the happiness, because the human being has been born to be happy. And the happiness cannot prevail of form some. If to be happy, in last instance, it is to be able to do what one wants, the way happens to want what one freely it does. And the happiness, of any way we conceive that it, tends to the projection of the potentialities of the human being in a sensible development of which they approach to him most possible the fullness of his being like person.

Shared in common, etymological, it comes from solidus, Roman currency of gold, consolidated and nonvariable. The word solidarity talks about a reality signs hard and obtained by means of the assembly of diverse beings. Also of the responsibility assumed in solidum with another person or group. The people are united because they have brings back to consciousness of being people, beings abiertos to the others because they are encounter beings and nonmere isolated individuals, like accurately needs Lopez Fifth in their commentaries to Libro of the values. For that reason solidarity goes united with the responsibility and this one depends on sensitivity for the values.

These do not prevail but they attract and they ask to be realised. Solidarity, continues our author, it is only possible between people who in his bring back to consciousness feel the appeal of which she is worth the pain and bet for that reason. For that reason solidarity implies generosity, loosening, participation and strength. When we were united shared in common to others we see arise in our interior an unsuspected energy and a special joy that origin gives, generates, valuable ways of unit, scopes of freedom, understanding, cooperation and justice.