Green Development

For a long time, the extensive industrial production mode has caused a great waste of resources and environmental damage. In recent years, as the problem of energy shortage has become increasingly prominent and the problem of environmental pollution has left a serious impact on the lives of people, low-carbon and environmental protection have become the world s common pursuit of economic growth mode. There is no exception with China. Especially after the 12th Five-Year Plan, the construction of a resource-saving and environmental-friendly society has become a society-wide consensus. Mining machinery industry, as the industry with larger energy consumption, should also do its best to reduce the energy consumption, achieving green development.After years of development, at present, China has become the big country of the production and consumption of mining machinery in the world.

The mining machinery industry have formed a large industrial scale and the annual output is increasing year by year. In addition to meet the needs of the domestic market, the mining equipment (cement plant) has also been exported to Africa, Latin America and other regions, having made outstanding contributions to China s economic growth.But another phenomenon should arouse the attention of the mining equipment (hammer crusher) industry in China. The high production of the mining equipment just has opened the market of underdeveloped regions such as Africa, Latin America and other regions in the international market, but for the Europe and America market, the field that the mining machinery of the world compete for, our mining machinery does not seem to produce a satisfactory report card.In fact, it is largely because that our mining machinery can not meet the demand of the U.S. and European markets for energy conservation. Energy waste of our mining machinery is not only reflected in the manufacturing process, but also reflected in the usage.

Compared with the products of developed countries in Europe and the United States, the products with high energy consumption in our country is not in line with the concept of low-carbon and environmental protection. Therefore, many domestic mining equipments (impact breaker) are shut out of the U.S. and European markets.Taking an overview of the international mining equipment market, the competitive focus of mining equipment is placed on the words of the low-carbon and environmental protection. If the domestic mining equipment industry does not put more efforts in the low carbon and environmental protection and improve the green content of the mining machinery, they will certainly be frustrated in the international market. Speeding up the transformation from from extensive mode to intensive mode helps to achieve sustainable development development production of China s mining machinery industry.