In the practical a distribution of products he is analyzed under different functional perspective for the technician of Logistic, a side, and for the staff of marketing and sales. The specialists in logistic of nominam physical distribution of products or resumidamente physical distribution the operational processes and of control that allows to transfer the products since the manufacture point until the point where the merchandise is finally delivers to the consumer. In general, this end point of the distribution> physics is the store retail, but she has many cases of delivery of product in the house of the consumer, situation this observed mainly with voluminous products heavy and/or. Thus, the responsible ones for the physical distribution operate specific elements, of predominantly material nature: deposit, vehicles of transport, load supplies, equipment and discharge, among others. (NOVAES, 2007p.123). 3. METHODOLOGY With intention to detail this research, was created a basic methodology that is structuralized in 5 stages (To see Figure 1). In the first stage it will be necessary to constitute a bibliographical referencial, through definitions of canals and the relation between them.

The second stage mentions the characterization to it of the company. Parallel the third stage aims at to the qualitative and quantitative research where it will become the survey of the type and the current conditions of the suppliment canals and distribution. Still in this section the boarding method will be of intensive direct comment where two techniques are carried through: the participant comment and the interview next to the competent members of the company, in order to get the same positioning of the front to the existing operational conditions. The fourth corresponding stage the analysis of the logistic net and the factors of logistic performance. Finally, the fifth stage will be of conclusive character, where the analysis of the gotten results will present of reduction of impacts favorable to the future expectations for optimum logistic flow in the company of this study.