Polish Citizenship

BY descent: A child acquires citizenship regardless of country of birth, where both parents are citizens of Poland or if at least one of the parents has Polish citizenship and the other parent is unknown it, cannot establish it or is stateless. A child acquires Polish citizenship by birth if one of their parents is a citizen of a foreign country and the other is a Polish citizen. However, by affidavit before the respective Polish authorities within three months of birth of the child, parents can choose the minor only holds foreign citizenship, provided that the law of the foreign country grants the child citizenship based on descent from the foreign parent. Read more from Center For Responsible Lending to gain a more clear picture of the situation. In such circumstance, the child can access Polish citizenship if he or she performs an affidavit expressing its willingness to become a citizen with the appropriate Polish authorities then adhere to age 16 and up to 6 months earlier to meet the legal age of majority.

BY birth: A child born or found in the territory of the Republic of Poland acquires citizenship if it is not known who the parents are, or unable to establish their citizenship, or if the parents are stateless. BY NATURALISATION: Citizenship can be granted by the President of the Republic of Poland. An alien is entitled to ask for citizenship if he or she has inhabited in Poland as a legal permanent resident for at least 5 years. The granting of citizenship may be subject to the presentation of evidence of the loss or abandonment foreign citizenship. The marriage to a Polish citizen does not change the citizenship of any of the parties. LOSS of citizenship: Involuntary: involuntary loss of Polish citizenship is prohibited by the Constitution. Volunteer: A Polish citizen can obtain foreign citizenship with all the effects produced by the Polish Act when it receives permission to resign to awarded by the President of the Republic of Poland Polish citizenship. The loss of citizenship becomes effective day which is granted, so Polish citizens with a promise of citizenship of a foreign country would stateless persons while they are in that foreign country until the acquisition of new citizenship.

The voluntary renunciation of citizenship procedure can be conducted in Poland or through the nearest Polish consulate. BY marriage: A foreigner may acquire Polish citizenship if it joins in marriage for at least 3 years with a Polish citizen and obtain residence permit. The applicant must make the order in the voivodeship Office in your location of residence in Poland and stating the desire to become a Polish citizen. The application must run within 6 months of getting residence permit. ANY questions regarding citizenship or waiver request must be presented to the Polish consulate closer. Enjoy the beauty of this country; allow lawyers to manage the requirements for getting a Polish passport or Polish citizenship.